English Corner

This page introduces the English Corner at SKH Lam Woo Memorial Secondary School. You can find out about the resources available and learn more about how the English Corner is run.

2019-2020 COVID-19 Opening

Starting from 7 October 2020 (Wednesday). the English Corner will be open every school day during first recess and second recess for borrowing (books, movies, music CDs). You can also chat to the NET teachers and check out the other resources that you can use when school returns to normal.


Music - Pop, Rock, R&B
Sheet Music & Activity Books
Sheet Music
Music – Japanese & Korean

About the English Corner

The English Corner at SKH Lam Woo Memorial Secondary School is a place where students can drop in at lunch or after school to play games, watch movies or chat with friends. They can also borrow movies, music CDs, books, manga and magazines.

English Corner
A wide variety of activities are available

The English Corner, or ‘Eng Con’ as it is called by students, is normally open every school day at lunch (1:10 – 1:40) and after school (3:45 – 5:00). It began operations in September 2006 and is  run by a team of approximately 20 to 50 students from Forms One to Five.

A fun and attractive environment

The English Corner has been successful in helping create an English-rich environment at the school. In past years, we focused more on lending out items like music CDs, books and DVDs, with students borrowing more than 8,000 items per year. However, are now focusing more on things like games and activities.

A place to relax and be with friends

We have a wide range of resources—movies, music CDs, books, magazines and manga. To encourage students to broaden their horizons and develop interests in other cultures.

A place for cultural exchange

In the English Corner, students also express their feelings in several notebooks and sketchbooks. You can see some of their comments and sketches on this blog: No One Beside Me


This is what the English Corner looked like during a typical lunchtime (The video was taken using a toy camera—the Digital Harinezumi 2).


To see more images visit our English Corner Photo Gallery or view our English Corner Slideshow.


  1. Hello ,my name is Kitty .I am a form 1 student who study in Lam Woo this year .I love English Corner very much.I am interested of the books and games there.I almost go there everyday lunch time.I am now a English Corner helper too! You can see me there ever tuesday .I think English Corner is a good way to learn English,we can improve our speaking by talking to the net teacher .We can also play with many interesting game and watching films in there .I can have a great fun there that’s why I am always in the English Corner. I hope to know more friends there !!!!

  2. English Corner is a great place to learn English because we can borrow English books and movies there. We can also talk with the teachers and classmates using English so that we can improve our speaking skills. It is also a fun place as we can play games such as chess and poker. Also, we can play the dolls and custume in the English Corner and draw on some drawing books. I always go to English Corner with my classmates when we are free since it is really a good place.

  3. I like Despicable me2 very much. The minions are very cute and funny. And the plot is very good too.^^

    1. This year,I study in lam woo as a form 1 student.Before I went to the English Corner,I did not like English since I thought that it was extremely boring .However,after I have watched some books and films in English in English Corner,I beame a English lover.Also, I quickly found that English Corner is a wonderful place for us to learn English in a easy way.Therefore,I successfully became a helper of it.I really had a great fun during this few months.Yeah!!!^^

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