English Department Homepage

Welcome to the website of the English Department of of SKH Lam Woo Memorial Secondary School. On this site, you can find learning resources, work by our students, photos of our activities and a lot more.

Let’s Discuss: An online discussion forum for students. to discuss current affairs; give their opinions on school issues and write about their favorite songs, movies and books. (Active Topics; Closed Topics)

Photos: Photo galleries of activities organized by the English Department and EAS, the student organisation responsible for promoting English language and culture at school.

Student Work & Publications: You can read a wide range of writing (short stories, comics, book reports, film reviews, etc.), listen to performances of original songs and cover versions and watch choral speaking performances.

English Corner: An introduction to the English Corner and a list of resources available. The list of movies is linked to the imDb website and the list of books is linked to the GoodReads website, so you can see ratings and reviews for movies available in the English Corner.

Portfolio: Guidelines and handouts for the English portfolio.

Competitions, Media and Learning Ressources: Links to important media sites and useful language learning sites

English Department Staff

Our staff members and their departmental duties are listed below (please note that many of the staff members have other school duties that are not shown here).

Ms. Champagne Hung Ching-pan (HCP)
Faculty Head, English Department Head, Senior Forms Coordinator

Ms. Cheryll Chan (CCL)
Junior Forms Coordinator, English Builder Coordinator, Junior Forms Portfolio Coordinator, EAS Advisor

Mr. Curtis Ho Seung-kwok (HSK)
F.6 Coordinator, Newspaper/magazine Subscription Coordinator, EAS Advisor

Ms. Amy Lai Sui-ching (LSC)
F.4 Coordinator, Short Story Coordinator

Ms. Christine Lo Mun-yin (LMY)
F.3 Coordinator, Class Library Coordinator

Ms. Annie Lee Yu-yan (LYY)
F.1 Coordinator, Language Across the Curriculum (LAC) Coordinator, Workplace Communication Coordinator

Ms. Lan Duyen (LDN)
Senior CNET, English Corner Advisor, EAS Advisor

Ms. Kitty Pang Hok-man (PHM)
EAS Coordinator, Speech Festival Coordinator, Remedial Class Coordinator

Ms. Grace Sze Fung (SFG)
F.5 Coordinator, Poems and Songs Coordinator

Mr. Stephen Richards (STR)
NET, Language Policy Coordinator, I. T. Coordinator, F.2 Coordinator, English Corner Co-ordinator, EAS Advisor, Junior Forms Portfolio Developer

Ms. Joanna Yim Choi-wan (YCW)
SBA Coordinator

Mr. Joey Yu (YJY)
Assistant Teacher, Budding Poets Coordinator, English Debate Club Advisor

Staff Pages and Websites

  • Website of our NET Teacher, Stephen Richards: longzijun.wordpress.com (music, video, photography and writing projects)
  • Pages introducing our former Chatteris Native English Speaking Teachers (CNETS): Tim & Hattie

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