Video Quote Assignment

In the assignment for Stage One. Students work in pairs to create a thirty second video (using Windows MovieMaker) featuring: a quote on a given topic, one photo or drawing, background music and credits. The main aim of the assignment is to help students develop the ability to find audio and visual materials to use in their video work while respecting copyright.

Sample Video (by STR)



a) Create a 20-30 second video featuring:

  • One quote (make sure you attribute the quote properly)
  • One image (that you have the right to use)
  • Background music (that you have the right to use)
  • End credits giving details of the image and music
  • Choose one of the following themes

Friendship, Trust (trusting), Sincerity (sincere), honesty (honest), empathy (empathetic), Responsibility (responsible), Punctuality (punctual), Respect (respectful), Kindness (kind), Sharing (being sharing), Self-control (having self-control), Tolerance (being tolerant), Acceptance (accepting, being accepting) Appreciation (appreciating other), Optimism (optimistic), Positivity (being positive), Hope (hopeful), Care (caring), Courtesy or Politeness (being courteous or polite), Forgiveness (forgiving), Generosity (generous), Gratitude (grateful), Lack of envy (not envious), Modesty (modest), Open-mindedness (being open minded), Persistence (persistent), Reliability (reliable), Confidence (confident), Sensitivity(being sensitive to others), Selflessness (selfless, not selfish), Sympathy (being sympathetic), Self-esteem (have high self esteem)

b) Give details of the quote, music and image used and write a 50 word paragraph describing the reasons for your choices Hand it in a text document.

Example of Part b


Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead. Don’t walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend. By Albert Camus

Photo by Dynablast (Downloaded from: Terms of Use: Released into the the Public Domain

Love Vs Time by Longzijun ( Terms of Use: Though not published with a Creative Commons License, according to longzijun, the music can be used for free for non-commercial purposes if attribution is provided.

Not only is the quote meaningful, but it also creates a nice visual image: two friends walking side by side. To match this imagery, I chose a photo of people walking along a beach. I wanted some gentle music to accompany the photo, so I chose a short and simple piano song.

Student Submissions: Class 2T

Here are the videos produced by class 2T. They can be viewed as a YouTube Playlist at:
















Student Submissions: Class 2L

Here are the videos produced by class 2L. They can be viewed as a YouTube Playlist at:











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