Video Project: Sample Script

This is the script produced by Marco, Alvin, Kenneth and Brian for their video.  This is the second assignment in the class video project (Planning and Writing your Script) . Accompanying the script are two storyboard images.

Opening Title

At the beginning, our title ‘Our Favourite Places’ fades in. After 0.5 seconds, the main theme – ‘One Can Always Find His Dream at His Favourite Place also fades in underneath the title with a smaller font size. All words fade out 2 seconds afterwards.

Scene 1: Front Gate of Lam Woo

MARCO, BRIAN, KENNETH and ALVIN are standing at the front gate of Lam Woo.

Scene 1
Scene 1

MARCO:        Lam Woo is our beloved school. (pointing his hand towards the school name) It is just like our second home.

KENNETH:   And after a year here at Lam Woo, all of us have found our favourite places in the school.

BRIAN:         Most importantly, we’ve all found our dreams in our favourite places.

ALVIN:         (excitedly) Well, then let’s get moving to visit our favourite places!

(Scene fades away suddenly, with a ‘ding’ sound.)

Scene 2: English Corner

(Another ‘ding’ sound, and the scene shows ALVIN inside the English Corner.

MARCO, BRIAN and KENNETH are s playing games and chatting in English.)

ALVIN:          Oh! My friends are there! Hey! (Waving at them) Here in the English Corner, there are many items for our fellow schoolmates to borrow. (pointing at the card game they are playing)

(KENNETH gets up and walks toward the shelf of books and CDs.)

ALVIN:         Dear me! I forgot to tell you guys that you can also borrow books and CDs here. (Indicating  the shelf) (Camera zooms in to show the shelf closely) See, the English books varies from fiction to non-fiction, science to psychology. (Taking a few books from the shelf and flipping over them.)The books really get me interested in the English language. That’s why I want to study English literature when I grow up.

BRIAN:          What! You want to study English Literature! I’d rather be a scientist. I’m very interesting in science – thanks to the IS lessons.

MARCO:        Then your favourite place must be the IS lab!

BRIAN:          It sure is my favourite place! Why don’t we pay a visit to the lab now?

KENNETH:    Cool! Let’s go!

(The boys walk to the IS lab. This is done in fast motion.)

Scene 3: IS Lab

BRIAN:          (inside the IS Lab) Ha! Here it is! (walking around excitedly) Where should I start…   Ah!(spotting the Bunsen burner) We always use the Bunsen burner during experiments. I love experiments! (spotting a pot of plant and picking it up) Oh! That reminds me of photosynthesis! We’ve just learnt about it a few months ago, right!

ALVIN:          Yeah! And do you guys remember the photosynthesis song? We laughed our heads off that time! (Everyone roaring with laughter)

BRIAN:          Be serious! Anyway, I would want to be a scientist when I grow up, so as so to invent useful things for the whole world!

MARCO:       You want to invent things? (waving his hand) Nah, nobody would dare to buy your product. Anyhow, my dream is to be an athlete! And surely, my favourite place is the gym!

KENNETH:    Then let’s pay a visit there! Come on!

(The boys walk to the gym.  Fast motion is used.)

Scene 4: Gym

KENNETH:    Well, we’re now at the gymnasium! Let’s do some sports!


BRIAN:         Let’s see who the fastest in running is! ALVIN you stand there, KENNETH there, and I’ll stand here. (BRIAN points to the floor as he speaks. The three boys get into position.) Ready! Steady! Go!

(The 3 boys start to run in circle around the gym) (Camera switches to Marco)

MARCO:        My favourite place is the gymnasium. I like to do sports, and I always enjoy mye time in the gymnasium. My favorite sport is table tennis, and I will practice it with my teammates at the gymnasium every Monday. (play scenes of MARCO playing table- tennis)I’d like to be an athlete in the future. Also, playing sports can strengthen our body and help us relax from stress. The gym is a wonderful place for everyone, so I’d like to recommend this place to all of you.’ (Switch camera to BRIAN)

BRIAN:          Phew! That was tiring! (sound of grumbling tummy)

KENNETH:    You guys must be hungry! Let’s go to the Home Economics room! I’ll cook you guys a delicious lunch! (Scene fades away)

Scene 5: Home Economic Room

Scene 5
Scene 5

(Camera focuses on the room for few seconds, then focuses on KENNETH)

KENNETH:    Wait for 5 more minutes, and the dumplings will be cooked!

BRIAN:          I can’t wait! Umm…It sure smells good. (sniffing loudly)

ALVIN:          You sure will be a good husband in the future! You are such a good cook! (everyone sniggers)

KENNETH:    Well, the dumplings seem to be cooked! (looking awkward and embarrased)

(KENNETH peeps in the wok and pours all the dumplings on a plate and puts the dish on a table)

KENNETH:    Help yourself! (show close-ups of the dish of dumplings)

MARCO:        That is the most wonderful thing I have ever tasted in my whole life! (Licking his lips) You sure will be a great chef when you grow up!

KENNETH:    (cheerfully and excitedly) I really love cooking! That’s why my favourite place is definitely the Home.E Room. I really get hungry when every time I walk passes the Home.E Room. I enjoy my time here as I can cook with different food and utensils. It also gives me a chance to improve my cooking skills and creates new dishes! I want to be a chef in the future! I love the Home. E Room!

BRIAN:          Why don’t we call it a day – we’ve visited everyone’s favourite place already!


(Scene changes to showing BRIAN, MARCO, KENNETH, and ALVIN walking away from school.)

Conclusion: The shot fades away. The words ‘We’ve found our dreams at our favourite places? What about you?’ will fade in and fade out after 3 seconds. Credits will be provided for cameraman and actors to conclude the video.


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