Before you Begin: Non-destructive Editing

What is non-destructive editing?

Digital video editing software programmes make use of what is called non-destructive editing. This means that no matter what you do to your videos in the editing programme (e.g. add effects, cut video clips, change the sound volume, etc.), the original videos remain unchanged. The editing programme doesn’t change your videos, it simply gives intructions about what should be done for your video.

How does this affect the way you work?

Before exporting the files from your camcorder, you should first create a folder where you want to store all of your files related to the video. Within this main folder, you can also have separate subfolders (e.g., one for video clips, one for photographs, etc).

Once you start editing, it is important to keep all the files in the same folder and to keep the file names and folder names the same. If you start changing file names or moving folders the software will no longer be able to find the videos, and the editing program may crash or may simply present you with a ‘media offline’ graphic rather than your videos.

If you want to bring your work to school or to a friend’s home, you will need to bring ALL the original files in their appropriate folders and locations.


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