Assignment 2: Planning and Writing the Script

From our Sample Storyboard
From our Sample Storyboard

In this second unit of work, your are required to select a theme for their video, write a short script and create two storyboards (if you have have more time, you can try to create a storyboard of your own. The assignment requirements, brainstorming tasks, samples of scripts and storyboard and marking criteria are here:

Download PDF File

Here is an storyboard for an entire short video (a two-minute ad promoting academic honesty): Video Project: Sample Storyboard. Here is a script (and two storyboard scenes) from another of our groups. This one is on the theme of “Favourite Places”: Video Project: Sample Script.

As we are just dealing with the creating a very short non-fiction video, you do not need to worry about how to create and structure a story (e.g., using elements of plot such as equilibrium, rising action, climax, resolution etc,). Also, we are not following the standard professional screenwriting format, which has lots of extra requirements about things like font face, font size and margin size as well as details about whether a scene takes place inside (INTERIOR) or outside (EXTERIOR) and at DAY or at NIGHT. To learn more about these things, visit The Writers Store website and read: How to Write a Screenplay: Script & Screenwriting Tips

You can make use of the sample texts to discuss formatting and language. For example you can consider the following questions:

  1. Why are the character’s names written in uppercase letters?
  2. What tense are the actions normally written in and why?
  3. How can you use text formatting to distinguish between action and dialogue?

Check your Answers

Storyboard Drawing by Tiffany
Storyboard Drawing by Tiffany


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