We Made It! Video Project

Storyboard Scene
Storyboard Scene

In this project, students in Form 2 (Grade 8) at SKH Lam Woo Memorial Secondary School in Hong Kong developed communication skills through video making. At the end of the project, students produced a two-minute video on one of three themes: My Favorite Thing, My Favorite Place or an Ad for a Positive Character Trait

The project, carried out during the 2012-2013 academic year, consisted of four stages with students completing an assignment for each stage. in the first stage, students learned about copyright and how to find images and music to use in their videos. The second stage involved storyboard creation and script writing. In the third stage, students were learned about and practiced using various film techniques. The final stage involved the production of the video.

Stage 1: Finding Resources & Understanding Copyright

Students worked in pairs to create a thirty-second video (using Windows MovieMaker) that features: a quote on a given topic, one photo or drawing, background music and credits. The main aim of the assignment was to help students develop the ability to find audio and visual materials to use in their video work while respecting copyright. Here you can find assignment guidelines, sample video and student submissions.S

Stage 2: Script Writing & Planning

Stage 3: Film Techniques

Students had to produce a video of between thirty seconds and one minute demonstrating a film technique (e.g., different kinds of shots, camera angles, camera movement, slow an and fast motion, etc.) The purpose of this assignment was to help students become familiar with some basic film techniques and give them practice using a video camera.

Stage 4: Final Videos

Student presented their videos to the class.

Resources and Technical Help


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