The Past

Slither to the ledge like a snail
taking out the thick old book
that seems like a fairytale.
And I decide to take a look

Wipe the dust of the cover
Leaf through the pages
A ton of photos emerge
All of a sudden, my mind is purged

The first photo reveals a girls in a pink dress
Holding a doll, a princess
Beaming with pleasure
With a smile that can’t be sweeter

On the next page,
A girl is holding a piece of paper
Painted with a lot of gorgeous colours.
And the sentence: “I love my mother.”
The girls is smiling
Though her t-shirt is stained with colours

An idea flashed across my mind
Totally unforeseen.
I am already thirteen;
How much I miss the girl in the photo.

~by Sandy Lam (2E)

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