Haiku, Diamond Poems and Acrostic Poems Inspired by Matilda by Roald Dahl

The following poems were written by Form 2 (Grade 8) students at SKH Lam Woo Memorial Secondary School as a language arts activity. Students were asked to write poems inspired by the novels and short stories covered in English class: Matilda (by Roald Dahl), The Canterville Ghost and Other Stories (by Oscar Wilde) and Oliver Twist (by Charles Dickens). These are the poems inspired by Matilda.



Gazing at our new home
And smiling with dimpled cheeks
Her hands held in mine.

~ by Frances 2D (2014-2015)


Matilda is Reading

Sunlight through window
Shines on her book and her face
Slowly paints them gold

~ by Athena 2T (2013-2014)


Diamond Poems

Sensible Humble
Reading Pondering Practising
Intelligent Kindness Discipline Monster
Roaring Shouting Tossing
Tyrannical Notorious

~ by Melody 2D (2016-17)


Intelligent Mature
Reading Learning Revitalising
Justice Scholar Barbarian Brutality
Punishing Threatening Torturing
Abusive Sadistic
The Trunchbull

~ by Clarisse 2D (2016-17)


Shrewd Studious
Reading Asking Thinking
Books Library Choker Hammer
Throwing Bellowing Forcing
Brutal Crazy
The Trunchbull

~ by Claudia 2T (2013-2014)


Smart Brave
Reading Calculating Playing
Pranks Superpowers Chokey Hammer
Punishing Throwing Terrorizing
Strict Horrible

~ by Brian 2B (2013-2014)


The Trunchbull
Enormous Grumpy
Growling Abusing Terrifying
Bully Predator Genius Books
Smiling Tricking reading
Brilliant Precocious

~ by Amy 2B (2013-2014)


Miss Honey
Nice Weak
Punishing Caring Smiling
Encouragement Laughter Whimper Punishment
Demanding Torturing Grunting
Cruel Strong

~ by Belle 2D (2014-2015)


Miss Honey
Mild Sympathetic
Whispering Teaching Comforting
Virtue Angel Barbarian Nightmare
Stomping Snorting Snapping
Gigantic Formidable

~ by Yoyo 2D (2014-2015)


The Trunchbull
Fierce Violent
Throwing Shouting Marching
Menace Torture Comfort Warmth
Helping Teaching Smiling
Mild Sympathetic
Miss Honey

~ by Gigi 2T (2013-2014)


Acrostic Poems

Tall bulky figure tramping down the hallway
Ruthlessly pushing children out of her way
Urgently trying to find out who was behind the prank on her
Never giving up until the culprit is found.
Children keep their heads down as she walks past,
Hoping they won’t be accused of the crime.
Barbarously she grabs a little girl’s pigtails and
Unceremoniously throws her through the air.
Lying nor crying will work on her
Loathsome, vicious, brutal Trunchbull

~ by Belle (2D (2014-2015)

Terror at the schoolyard
Running over you, making you as flat as a card
Unhappy children she locks in the chokey
Never showing a tiny bit of mercy
Children are beaten and hurled through the air
Her snorts and yells can be heard down the corridor as she
Bullies students in the hallway
Unending energy every day
Large, strong and violent
Lucky that she is fictional

~ by Ken 2T (2013-2014)


And genius
Talented little girl
Intelligent but naughty
Loves to play tricks
Delight and charming
A smart girl

~ by Celia 2D (2016-17)


M is for making things float
A is for the ability of a genius
T is for teacher, Miss Honey is he tutor for life
I is for insisting to fight against unfairness
L is for her love to learn and explore
D is for diligence
A is for an amazing life of a genius

~ by Ariel 2D (2016-17)


M is for Mathematician, keen to calculate lots of equations
A is for ability, able to learn on her own
T is for texts, reads lots of books and gains knowledge
I is for intelligence, smart as an owl
L is for luck, discovering her talents and meeting Miss Honey
D is fro degree, as clever as university graduates
A is for amazement, amazing others with the use of her extraordinary power

~ by Alvin. 2D (2016-17)


Maybe she is a liar in her father’s eyes
Actually she is a child genius
Taking a mug of hot chocolate while reading books
Is something worthwile and enjoyable to her
Leaving for Miss Honey’s cottage every day
Day by day, they become great friends
A wonderful life begins

~ by Gigi 2T (2013-2014)


Ms Honey’s beloved student
A smart an intelligent genius
The tricks that she plays
In school and at home
Let everyone know that
Deep in her heart, she is
An independent soul

~ by Yumiko 2T (2013-2014)


M is for Meticulous, careful with details
A is for Adroit, always coming up with intelligent ideas
T is for Tenacious, never giving up
I is for Inncoent, purity and goodness
L is for Lionhearted, a brave soul who fights back
D is for Diligent, conscientious in duty
A is for accomplished, endowed with talent

~ by Natalie L. 2T (2013-2014)


May be a small girl,
Actually has a large mind
Tricked her parents who
Ignored her all the time
Literally has superhuman powers to
Defeat the demonic Trunchbull
A strong and sweet girl indeed

~ by Ingrid 2D (2016-17)


Magic power in her eyes can
Alter the world
Tough heart and her
Incredible talent cannot be
Looked down on.
Don’t try to laugh
At or mess with her!

~ by Sunny 2D (2014-2015)


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