Old Photos

Behind each photo
There is a unique story
About you and me

~ by Ashley Chan (2E)


In the Woods

Wandering the woods
Searching for a flash of light
Finding a way out

~ by Cherry Wong (2E)


Summer Times

A summer morning
Birds chasing one another
One lands on my arm

~ by Natalie Choi (2E)


Biology Lesson

Lovely grasshopper
being sacrificed for science
Ha frightened someone

~ by Sherry Chui (2E)



Oh, grasshopper, please
try to escape from the lab
So cruel, aren’t we?

~ by Sandy Lam (2E)


The Grass

The grass on the ground
Dancing in the gentle wind
Stops when the wind stops

~ by Caleb (2E)


Large Cotton?

Without a fixed shape
Appear in different colours
Change with the weather

~ by Sabrina Lau (2E)


Sorrowful Day

Walking in the park
Whoosing sound of the strong wind
Which pierces my heart

~ by Anson Cheung (2E)


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