Haiku, Diamond Poems and Acrostic Poems Inspired by the Happy Prince, the Nightingale and the Rose, the Star-Child and the Selfish Giant by Oscar Wilde

The following poems were written by Form 2 (Grade 8) students at SKH Lam Woo Memorial Secondary School as a language arts activity. Students were asked to write poems inspired by the novels and short stories covered in English class: Matilda (by Roald Dahl), The Canterville Ghost and Other Stories by (Oscar Wilde) and Oliver Twist (by Charles Dickens). This page features poems inspired by the stories of Oscar Wilde: The Happy Prince, The Nightingale and the Rose, The Star Child and The Selfish Giant.


The Nightingale and the Rose

Red rose or white rose?
Which one symbolizes lover?
She prefers jewels.

~ by Eunice 2D (2016-17)


The Happy Prince

Jewels are removed
And no longer beautiful
But he is smiling.

~ by Celine 2D (2014-2015)


The Happy Prince Cries

Cold and snowy night
Ugliness found everywhere
Tears fill up his eyes

~ by Yanty 2D (2016-17)


The Happy Prince

People shout and cry
He gives love to the poor
They now smile warmly

~ by Annie 2D (2016-17)


The Giant’s Garden

Defeating the frost,
Children’s laughter welcoming
The blooming flowers.

~ by Jenny 2D (2016-17)


Diamond Poems

The Happy Prince
Altruistic Philanthropic
Helping Empathizing
Love Hope Selfishness Ruthlessness
Destroying Ignoring Snatching
Mercenary Egocentric
The Mayor

~ by Yanty 2D (2016-17)


The Happy Prince
Kind Helpful
Assisting Aiding Loving
Altruism Benevolence Selfishness Vanity
Judging Criticizing Quarrelling
Mean Abominable
The Mayor

~ by Mandy 2D (2016-17)


The Nightingale
Sweet Hopeful
Singing Loving Sacrificing
Love Songs Science Books
Reasoning Grumbling Unloving
Cynical Heartless
The Student

~ by Eunice 2D (2016-17)


Helpful Sympathetic
Flying Singing Asking
Song Hope Desperation Disappointment
Crying Sighing Lying
Emotional Helpless

~ by Holly 2D (2016-17)


The Nightingale
Considerate Sweet
Singing Helping Bleeding
Song Love Rode Textbook
Waiting Studying Lying
Clever Depressed
The Student

~ by Christy 2D (2016-17)


Acrostic Poems

Tears filled up my eyes
How come this city is so brutal?
Every day,

Hunger afflicts the poor.
And, so
Please don’t ignore them.
Please help me to send my rubies to them.
Yes, you lovely swallow, you’re the one.

Panic would be substituted by love if the
Rich who were wealthy are willing to help
Instead of deserting and giving a cold shoulder to the poor.
Nice, affable and tender faces.
Can change change anything
Endless blessings and happiness could be found everywhere.

~ by Yanty 2D (2016-17)


Never stops singing
Intensity of love
Giving it’s own life to others
Heartbreak for the student
Tears flow down its cheeks
Its blood flows from its heart
No regrets
Glowing rose in the night
Aiming to let true love fulfill itself
Last song has been sung
Everything is silent

~ by Katy 2D (2016-17)


Thee woodcutter found me.
He brought me to his home.
Each of my friends thought I was the

Son of a star.
They usually followed me
And adored me. I
Really enjoyed playing tricks on others, so being

Considerate was no an objective of mine.
Huh? She was my mother?
Leave me alone! Stupid beggar women!
Don’t touch me and get away!

~ by Christy 2D (2016-17)


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