Poetry & Language Arts

Enjoy these creative efforts by our students.


Free Verse: Featuring poems by Kate Kwok, Sandy Lam and Carson Chu.

Haiku: Featuring short poems by Ashley Chan, Cerry Wong, Natalie Choi, Sherry Chui, Sandy Lam, Caleb, Sabrina Lau and Anson Cheung

Diamond Poems: A poem by Sandy Lam, with more poems on the way.

Haiku about our School

Poems Inspired by Class Readers

In a language arts activity for Form 2 classes, students were asked to write haiku, diamond poems and acrostics poems inspired by the novels and shorts stories covered in English class: Matilda (by Roald Dahl), The Canterville Ghost and Other Stories (by Oscar Wilde), Oliver Twist (by Charles Dickens) and Mysteries of the Unexplained. Here are some of their poems.

Haiku, Diamond Poems and Acrostic Poems Inspired by Matilda

Haiku, Diamond Poems and Acrostic Poems Inspired by the Short Stories of Oscar Wilde

Haiku Inspired by Oliver Twist

Acrostic Poems about Mysterious Places

Language Arts Activities

A Birthday Card for Scrooge (F.1)
Works by Winsome Wong and Chong Cheuk-nam (2007-2008)

My School and I (F.1)
Form 1 students describe what they like best about their new school (2007-2008)

My Favourite Scene (F.3)
Form 3 students describe and draw their favorite scene from their class reader (2007-2008)

Extend Your Life (F.3)
Form 3 students create advertisements for imaginary products that guarantee you a long life.

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