News Comments

Due to copyright restrictions the original news articles have not been included for most of these example. Also, samples of student work done before the 10/11 school year, do not contain all the required elements of the new portfolio (e.g., vocabulary definitions and discussion questions).

Mother’s Day Misery (PDF file) by Veron Hung (2E 08/09)
Veron provides a good analysis of a complex situation (mothers who do not have right of abode in Hong Kong, while their children do).

Just What the Doctor Ordered (PDF file)by Maggie Tong (2E 08/09). What I particularly like about Maggie’s reflection (about the prevalence of fake medicine on the Mainland) is that she gives specific suggestions for government action (e.g., to identify authentic medicinal products using high-tech labels).

Fare Critics Round on Deal (PDF file)by Rita Mak (3E 05/06)
Rita discusses the pros and cons of a planned return-trip bus fare payment scheme.

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