Toy Story 3: Movie Report

Film: Toy Story 3
Report by Tiffany Ho (2E)

After many years, Andy becomes a 17 years old teenager and he is ready to study in the college. He has to leave home and live at college. Before he leaves, he is tidying his room.

Woody, Buzz and other toys feel like they have been abandoned because Andy has not played them for a long time. Andy decides to take Woody to college only. The others are put in the attic. However, his mother misunderstands Andy and put those toys into rubbish bin. Finally, these toys escape and end up in Sunnyside Daycare with Woody also.

All of them think this must be a paradise for them. The toys are very nice and a pink bear with a strawberry scent called Lotso introduces the facilities and environment to them. However, the children are not as tender as the toys had expected; the children tear the toys and treat them unkindly every day. To make matters worse, Buzz accidentally discovers the toys living there are bad guys. Unfortunately, Buzz is captured, so Woody and his friends try hard to rescue Buzz and leave the Sunnyside Daycare.

When I was young, I watched the Toy Story and the Toy Story 2. Therefore, I’m quite familiar with the characters in the movie. This time, when I watched this movie, I felt a sense of geniality.

This time, Andy has grown up. The plot is really fresh because in the last two movies, the story happened in the time when Andy was young. Also, those toys had a new adventure.

They met a lot of toys in the Sunnyside Daycare. All toys are very pretty. I love the pink teddy bear Lotso. Although he was a bad bear, I loved his appearance. IfI really can have Lotso, I must treat him nicely. However, his characteristic in the movie made me feel disappointed.

I always appreciate the friendship between Woody and his buddies. They never wanted to leave each other, just like Woody. Woody was the leader of those toys. When Andy only wanted to take him to college, and although he loved Andy very much, he couldn’t forget his good friends. Eventually, he decided to leave Andy and go to the Sunnyside Daycare and along with his friends, he tried his best o rescue Buzz, no matter how dangerous things got. The toys could understand what a real friendship is. However, in the real life, it’s difficult for humans to find a real friend and hold a good friendship for many years.

The Toy Story movies are classics in every child’s heart. For me, this movie, it helped me to call up many memories in the past. When I was small, I loved playing with toys also and always needed to sleep with my lovely dolls. However, I am a Form Two student already and have not played them for many years. Now, they are living somewhere in my house, but I’m not sure where. After watching this movie, I felt regret that I abandoned them. They were all the angels and my good friends in my childhood. They were the angels which have given happiness to children. However, they cannot get any repayment from me. Therefore, I have decided to donate them to the orphanage and continued their mission–to bring happiness to children.

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