Free Writing: An Adventure in Mario World

From the day I was born, I never imagined that I would actually like my sister, Heather. She is still the same old Heather, and still has the same attitude, same personality and even the same lip gloss. However, after what happened last Sunday, everything changed, and I actually started appreciating her.

It all started last Sunday, after I bought a home video game console Wii and the game “Super Mario Bros.”, which was the thing I had dreamt of buying for so long. On my way home, everything suddenly seemed so beautiful. The trees were waving at me, and the birds were all singing to me as I walked past them. It seemed like they were telling me, “Congratulations, you have just bought the best game on earth!” The joy in my heart is really hard to express.

When I arrived home and opened the door, again, my nightmare appeared. My blonde sister, Heather, was lying on the sofa, with her cell phone in her right hand, and her pink lip gloss in her left hand. She was wearing her tiny hotpants, with her long legs stretched out of the sofa. She was talking loudly on her phone, and didn’t even know I was there.

“Hello, Lydia. Did you see Courtney today? Those leggings she wore were so silly!” she said on the phone.

I tried to ignore her and played the game. After 30 minutes, the TV started to crack, the floor trembled and the game console started to break.

“What’s going on here? I am so going to tell mom about this, little brother!” Heather shouted.

Suddenly, my sister and I fell on the ground and couldn’t see anything at all. When we could open our eyes again, what we could see standing before us were green hills, narrow streets, and a princess with blonde hair.

“Hi! I’m Princess Peach! Who are you guys? You don’t look like one of us!” The Princess asked.

“I don’t care who you are! Just tell us where we are and how we can get back home!” Heather shouted, while taking her lip gloss out of her pocket.

“Sister, be patient! We are in Mario World now. Don’t you get it?” I asked.

“Is it just me or is everyone here crazy?” Heather said, with her arms crossed.

“If you guys are from planet Earth, I know the way back there,” said Princess Peach.

“Tell us now!” cried Heather.

“Just walk along the road for about 20 minutes…”

“20 minutes?” cried Heather, “I am going back home by myself! I will never walk for that long!”

She ran away before I could stop her. However, she was smart and strong, so I believed that she could handle things by herself at that time. Then, Princess Peach and I went the other way.

Princess Peach and I were walking along the road when we suddenly heard Heather screaming from far far away.

“Is that Heather screaming?” Princess Peach asked.

“Probably. I guess she had just used up her lip gloss,” I said.

“Maybe we should check it out,”

“OK! But we should be fast,”

Therefore, we went back to find out what had happened. When we arrived, we saw Heather being captured in a cage, and was being put on a truck which was marked “Bowser”. Then, the truck drove away quickly. We ran and ran, but still, we couldn’t catch up the bus.

Suddenly, grey clouds appeared above us. Thunder could be heard throughout the Mario World. Finally, it rained.

“I should have stopped Heather from walking away on her own,” I said, while my eyes were turning red.

“Never mind,” said the princess, “we will save her. But that may also be good for me,”

“What do you mean?”

“Bowser has captured me for thousands of times, and it’s always Mario who comes and rescues me. I’m bored. This time, Bowser caught the wrong girl, and now, I can sense danger coming. This is going to be exciting!”

“Just tell me how to save her,” I said.

“I’ll lead the way,”

Finally, we arrived at the town where Mario lived. We saw Mario, fighting with a few KoopaTroopas, while helping himself to some delicious mushrooms. After a while, we came up to Mario and asked if he could help.

“Of course! But wait for me, I’m going to pack up some tools,” said Mario, speaking in his Italian accent.

After a while, Mario came out with a huge bag and Yoshi, the cute green dragon. There’s a few huge mushrooms and some special flowers inside.

“I’m ready now, how about you?” asked Mario.

“Ready for what?” I asked.

“Ready for the battle, new guy,” replied Mario.

“Are you kidding?” I said, “I haven’t even finished level one yet!”

“Don’t worry! Here’s a “flame flower”,” replied Mario, while giving me the flower.

“Just fight Bowser like you did in the game,” said Princess Peach.

“I’ll show you the way to the castle. Let’s go!” said Mario.

“What castle?” I asked.

“Haven’t you heard about the Castle of the Evil Bowser?” asked Mario.

“It’s the creepiest place in the entire Mario World,” said Yoshi.

Finally, we set off to the castle. As we walked along the path, the trees we saw became uglier, darker, creepier and they were absolutely not the ones we saw in fairy tales. When we arrived at the front door of the castle, I was frozen in fear at once. The door looked like a gigantic grave stone, which was broken in half. The cracks on the door were obvious, and the sculptures on the door were looking down on us. It seemed that we were food in their eyes. The castle looked like hell to me, and what made me more worried about was Heather.

When we entered the castle, the first thing we saw was Bowser, sitting on his throne.

“Let Heather go, monster!” shouted Mario.

“Heather? Who’s Heather?” asked Bowser, with his evil smile.

“You have noticed that you got the wrong girl, haven’t you?” asked Princess Peach.

“Indeed! She is more beautiful and she is my kind of girl,” replied Bowser, “by the way, you should retire! Your skin is getting wrinkly! The new girl would be a perfect heir!”

“Enough! Just show us what you’ve got. We’re ready for you!” cried Mario.

Suddenly, the floor trembled, and an army of KoopaTroopa rushed out from everywhere! We were surrounded! While Mario and Yoshi were fighting with the KoopaTroopas, Princess Peach and I ran away, and tried to reach the dungeon. “Bang! Bang!” Bombs blasted, and fireballs were all flying from here to there. Princess Peach and I tried not to look back at the battlefield and rushed down the stairs to free Heather. However, we didn’t notice that a few KoopaTroopas were following us.

“Bang!” A bomb which was on fire flew across our heads.

“Ha ha ha! We’ve got you now,” said one of the KoopaTroopas.

Princess Peach turned back and punched one of them in its face. It fell down and she kicked it away.

“I’m stronger than I look,” said Princess Peach.

Then I also threw fire at the other two KoopaTroopas, and they all ran away. We went down the long stairs and finally reached the dungeon.

We defeated the prison guards and took the key to open the prison gates.

After we got the keys, Mario and Yoshi came to us and told us that Bowser had fled.

“We’ll get him next time,” said Yoshi.

Finally, we opened the gate and saw Heather, who was standing with her arms crossed.

“What took you so long? Fools!” she said.

Though Heather was still that mean and bossy, I ran to her and gave her a big hug.

“Siser, I’m so glad that you’re safe!” I cried.

She smiled, and her eyes also turned red.

I knew deep down inside her heart, Heather was not as mean as she seemed to be.

Lastly, Mario, Yoshi and Princess Peach brought us home safely.

Since then, I treasured every single second with my sister. No matter how mean she is, no matter how loud she speaks on the phone, she is still my sister, and will forever be my sister. And that Sunday will also be the strangest yet amazing day in my entire life forever.


~by Amis Kwok (3E, 12/13)

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