Essays & Debates

The Lure of Tutorial Schools (PDF file)
In this one-sided argumentative essay, Wong Wai-yu (6H,08/09)writes about the advantages regular schools have over tutorial schools.

Debate Speech (PDF file)
Naomi Nip (6H, 08/09) argues in favour of the motion “Getting access to internal blogs and social networks will do students more harm than good. ”

An Ideal Eco-friendly School (PDF file)
Kau Ming-yiu (3E, 08/09) describes his ideas for making the school more environmentally friendly.

About Study (PDF file)
In this essay, Maggie Tong (2E, 08/09) writes about why studying is important.

Diary Entries & Informal Letters

Crystal’s Diary (PDF file)
Crystal Tai Chung-yee (1E, 13/14) describes day spend hiking, eating and shopping in the New Territories.

My 2E Classmates
Jessie Lo (2E, 08/09)introduces her classmates.

Letter to a Pen Friend (PDF file)
Clement Cheung Hoo-chun (1E, 13/14) introduces his interests.

Creative Description

Sense: Three Short Passages
Descriptive writing by Sandy Lam (2E, 11/12)

Fan Fiction

An Adventure in Mario World
Fan fiction by Amos Kwok (3E, 12/13).

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