Tim’s Page

Hi everyone, my name is Tim. I’ll be your CNET over the 2014-15 school year.

What’s a CNET I hear you ask? It stands for Chatteris Native English Teacher. My job is to promote an English learning environment within Lam Woo, while making it as enjoyable as possible. Most of you may be familiar with last years CNET – Hattie. I have heard plenty of stories about Hattie’s amazing cooking classes, sadly however, I am no maestro in the kitchen. But perhaps you can teach me a thing or two over the year.

As a little Biography about myself, I come from a little country called Australia. Although there is about 23 million of us, about one million are abroad at any given moment, so I’m sure you’ve meet a few! More precisely, I come from a city called Brisbane.

I have lived in Brisbane for most of my life. However, I have had the opportunity to undertake two exchanges whilst in university. In 2009 I studied in Copenhagen, Denmark while a few years later studied in London, England. Although Asia is quite close to Australia (closest place besides New Zealand and other pacific island states), I have never been to Asia.



Apart from studying abroad, I studied at the University of Queensland (UQ). My major was Economics and Statistics. UQ reportedly runs the world’s longest continually run experiment, The Pitch Drop Experiment. You can watch a live feed here http://www.theninthwatch.com/.

I have been enjoying my time while living in Hong Kong (for what has now been almost one month). I said to myself before I left I was looking forward to the busy and exciting pace the city has to offer and it hasn’t disappointed thus far.


I’ve still got more to add – so please keep an eye on this thread!

In addition, feel free to add me on Facebook, you can find me under “Timothy Varday Chatteris”

Cheers, Tim



Our Previous CNET: Hattie

At Hattie's Farewell Party
At Hattie’s Farewell Party

Hattie Clarkson was our previous CNET teacher. You can find her page here: Hattie’s World.


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