Welcome to the staff page of the English Department at SKH Lam Woo Memorial Secondary School.

Front Row: Annie Lee, Kitty Pang, Christine Lo, Grace Sze, Jasmine McNulty, Amy Lai, Joanna Yim
Back Row: Patrick Yu, Jonathan Thang, Curtis Ho, Cheryll Chan, Stephen Richards
Front Row: Joanna Yim. Cheryll Chan, Curtis Ho, Champagne Hung. Stephen Richards, Kitty Pang
Back Row: Annie Lee, Jonathan Thang, Patrick Yu, Grace Sze, Jasmine McNulty,
Christine Lo, Amy Lai

Staff List

Ms. Champagne Hung Ching-pan (HCP): Department Head
Ms. Cheryll Chan (CCL)
Mr. Curtis Ho Seung-kwok (HSK)
Ms. Amy Lai Sui-ching (LSC)
Ms. Christine Lo Mun-yin (LMY)
Ms. Annie Lee Yu-yan (LYY)
Ms. Jasmine McNulty
Ms. Kitty Pang Hok-man (PHM)
Ms. Grace Sze Fung (SFG)
Mr. Stephen Richards (STR)
Mr. Jonathan Thang
Ms. Joanna Yim Choi-wan (YCW)
Mr. Patrick Yu Wan-yui (YWY)


Academic Coordinators

English Faculty & Department Head: Champagne Hung
Senior Form Coordinators: Champagne Hung & Curtis Ho
Junior Form Coordinator: Cheryl Chan
Language Across the Curriculum Coordinators: Kitty Pang & Christine Lo
SBA Coordinators: Joanna Yim & Patrick Yu

Form Coordinators

F.1: Annie Lee
F.2: Stephen Richards
F.3: Christine Lo
F.4: Joanna Yim
F.5: Kitty Pang
F.6: Patrick Yu

Teams & Clubs

English Award Scheme (EAS)
Teacher-in-charge: Kitty Pang
Advisers: Cheryll Chan, Curtis Ho, Jasmine McNulty, Stephen Richards Grace Sze & Jonathan Thang

English Debate Club
Teacher-in-charge: Kitty Pang

English Corner
Teacher-in-charge: Stephen Richards
Advisers: Jasmine McNulty & Jonathan Thang

Creative Media Studio
Teacher-in-charge: Stephen Richards

English Culture Club
Teachers-in-charge: Jasmine McNulty & Jonathan Thang

Staff Webpages

CNETs’ Page: Lamwoo CNETS
Met our Chatteris Native English-speaking Teachers (CNET), Jonathan and Jasmine, as well as our former CNETS, Tim and Hattie.

NET’S Site:
A website featuring the music, video, photography and writing projects of our Native English-speaking Teacher (NET), Stephen Richards.