Self-directed Learning Plan

This is an optional activity for our English Portfolio and is suitable for advanced Junior Form Students. It would go in the teacher-approved activities section of the portfolio. For this activity, you will need to:

  • Select one area of English you would like to improve
  • Draw up a plan (see the worksheet in the handouts)
  • Carry out the plan during the school term
  • Show some evidence that you have completed the plan
  • Evaluate your progress at the end of the term (there is an evaluation form in the set portfolio handouts)

Try to choose an area of English that you are interested in and/or have a strong desire to improve. To see how such a plan would work, you can look at the following example:

Sample Focused Learning Activity

Part of the Plan Example
Choose an area of English they would like to improve “I want to improve vocabulary by learning English idioms.”
Decide on objectives “I would like to learn 20 idioms.”
Come up  with (and carry out) a plan “I will write down any interesting idioms I come across in movies, in books or even when walking in the street.  I will write the idiom in a notebook and then find out its meaning from a dictionary or from the Internet. I will review the definitions once a week.

After I find five idioms, I will write one to two paragraphs that include all five idioms.

At the end of the term I will ask one of my classmates to prepare a quiz for me on 25 of the idioms I found. I hope to be able to correctly match at least 20 of these idioms to the correct definitions.”

Submit evidence of the plan This will include the Idiom Notebook, the paragraphs  and the completed quiz.
Evaluate the success of the plan In the given example, the student would write about how many idioms they were able to answer, any difficulties they had and any ideas on improving the plan

There are five more examples below. These examples are only for your reference. Feel free to come up with your own plan). The important points to remember are:

  • The objectives should be clear and measurable.
  • The process or (or procedure) should be related to the objectives.
  • There is some way to provide evidence of your work.
  • There is a way to determine if your objectives have been met.

Sample Plan: Grammar
Area to improve: Better understanding of prepositions
Objective: Reduce the number of preposition errors I make
Method: Do two prepositions worksheets each week
Evidence to submit: Completed worksheets
Evaluation method: Comparison of performance in before and after preposition quizzes

Sample Plan: Reading
Area to improve: Reading speed
Objective:  Find the most suitable method for improving my reading speed
Method: Search for information about 3 different methods. Try each method at least 4 times
Evidence to submit: Summary of methods tried & log book showing when each method was tried and how many word could be read in one minute
Evaluation method: Able to identify the strategy that could help me the most

Sample Plan: Reading
Area to improve: Speaking
Objective: Improve fluency
Method: Chat with friends in English only for 15 minutes twice a week
Evidence to submit: Recorded conversations (mp3 files)
Evaluation method: Compare the number of pauses, fillers and false starts I make in the first and last conversations

Sample Plan: Listening
Area to improve: Listening
Objective: Be able to better understand the news in English
Method: Once per week, I will listen to English language news on the radio. I will take down all the information I can on the first three stories in the news. If I am having difficulty, I will record the news and before listening to it, I will read related newspaper articles
Evidence to submit: My listening transcripts and any related news articles
Evaluation method: The number of words and sentences I am able to write down should increase throughout the term

Sample Plan: Speaking & Culture
Area to improve: Joke telling skills
Objective:  Be able to tell jokes and make people laugh in English
Method: Do research on different types of comedy. Imitate comedians on YouTube. Create my own original jokes in different styles and post the best three on YouTube
Evidence to submit: Summary of different types of comedy, four audio recordings of me telling a real comedian’s joke, one video of my best three jokes
Evaluation method:  Feedback from viewers



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  1. I want to improve my English speaking and writing skills this year so.I will communicate in English at least twice with my family every day.I hope I can improve my English in this academic year.

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