Music: Japanese

Music - Japanese & Korean
Music – Japanese & Korean

The following music CDs are available in the English Corner.

9mm Parabellum Bullet Greatest Hits J-Rock
9mm Parabellum Bullet Dawning J-Rock
Abingdon Boys School Abingdon Boy’s School J-Rock
Abingdon Boys School Abingdon Road J-Rock
Ai Otsuka Love Honey J-Pop
Ai Otsuka Love Fantastic J-Pop
Aimer Best Collection: Noir J-Rock
Aimer Best Collection: Blanc J-Rock
Alan Japan Premium Best & More J-Pop
Amazarashi World Convergence Two One One Six J-Rock, Indie
Amazarashi Seasons die one after another (single) J-Rock, Indie
Amazarashi speed and friction (single) J-Rock, Indie
Angela Aki Blue J-Pop
Angela Aki Tapestry of Songs (Best Collection) J-Pop
Angela Aki White J-Pop
Angela Aki Life J-Pop
Aya Kamiki Greatest Best J-Pop, J-Rock
Ayaka History 2006-2009 J-Pop
Band-maid Daydreaming / Choose Me (EP) J-Rock
Boom Boom Satellites To the Loveless J-Rock, Alternative
Boom Boom Satellites Exposed J-Rock, Alternative
Boom Boom Satellites Shine Like a Billion Suns J-Rock, Alternative
Brilliant Green, The Enemy (single) J-Rock, Alternative
Brilliant Green, The Stand By Me (single) J-Rock, Alternative
Brilliant Green, The Ash Like Snow J-Rock, Alternative
Brilliant Green, The Complete Single Collection J-Rock, Alternative
Chihiro Onitsuka Syndrome J-Pop
Cocoroauction (ココロオークション) A Midsummer Night’s Dream (夏の夜の夢)( J-Rock, Alternative
FictionJunction Everlasting Songs J-Pop
FictionJunction Yuuka Destination J-Pop
FictionJunction Yuuka Circus J-Pop
Flumpool Monument: The Best 2008-2014 J-Rock, Alternative
Flower Flower Mannequie (single) J-Rock, Alternative
Flower Flower Shiki (Colors) J-Rock, Alternative
Flower Flower Fruit J-Rock, Alternative
Funky Monkey Babys Best J-R&B, Rap
Galileo Galilei Greatest Hits: Sharin No Jiku J-Rock
Galileo Galilei Parade J-Rock
Garnet Crow Best Selection 2000-2005 J-Pop
Garnet Crow All the Lovers) J-Pop
Greeeen All Singleeees and New Beginnings J-Rock
Greeeen Imamade no A Men, B Men Desuto!? J-Rock
Hanako Oku Best: My Letters J-Pop
Hanako Oku Birthday J-Pop
Stand By Me (Single) Evergreen J-Pop
Hata Motohiro Evergreen J-Pop
Hata Motohiro Hitomimibore J-Pop
Indigo La End Crying End Roll (通常盤) J-Rock
Indigo La End Shiawase ga Afuretara J-Rock
Indigo La End Aiiro Music (藍色ミュージック) J-Rock
Hiatus Hands of Gravity J-Rock, Alternative
Hiatus Keeper of the Flame J-Rock, Alternative
Hiatus Trash We’d Love J-Rock, Alternative
Hiatus Anomaly J-Rock, Alternative
Hyde Greatest Hits J-Rock
Ikimono-gakari I J-Rock
Ikimono-gakari Fun! Fun! Fanfare! J-Rock
Ikimono-gakari Newtral J-Rock
Ikimono-gakari Hajimari no Uta (single) J-Rock
Ikimono-gakari Life Album J-Rock
Ikimono-gakari Member’s Best Selection) J-Rock
JuJu You J-Pop
JuJu What’s Love J-Pop
JuJu JuJu & She Sings J-Pop
Kalafina The Best ‘Red’ J-Pop, Anime
Kalafina The Best ‘Blue’ J-Pop, Anime
Kalafina Far on the Water J-Pop, Anime
Kalafina Consolation J-Pop, Anime
Kalafina After Eden J-Pop, Anime
Kalafina Red Moon J-Pop, Anime
Kana-Boon Origin J-Rock, Alternative
Kana-Boon Time J-Rock, Alternative
Kana-Boon Doppel J-Rock, Alternative
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Nanda Collection (なんだこれくしょん) J-Pop
L’Arc-en-Ciel Kiss J-Rock
L’Arc-en-Ciel Quadrinity: Members Best Selection J-Rock
Love Psychedelico The Best Special Box J-Rock
Love Psychedelico Love your Love J-Rock
Love Psychedelico In This Beautiful World J-Rock
Love Psychedelico This is Love Psychedelico J-Rock
Man With a Mission 5Years 5Wolves 5Souls J-Rock
Man With a Mission Beef Chicken Pork J-Rock
Man With a Mission The World’s On Fire J-Rock
Mika Nakashima Dears J-Pop
Mika Nakashima Tears J-Pop
Miwa Oneness J-Pop
Miwa Delight J-Pop
Miwa Guitarium J-Pop
Miwa Guitarissimo J-Pop
Miwa Little Lady (single) J-Pop
Monkey Majik Best J-Pop
moumoon Ice Candy (Best Collection) J-Pop
moumoon Love Before We Die J-Pop
moumoon Pain Killer J-Pop
moumoon No Night Land J-Pop
moumoon moumoon J-Pop
moumoon chu (single) J-Pop
moumoon Spark (mini-album) J-Pop
moumoon 15 Doors J-Pop
My Little Lover re:evergreen J-Pop
My Little Lover Akko J-Pop
My Little Lover Identity J-Pop
My Little Lover Sora no Shirushi J-Pop
Namie Amuro _genic J-R&B
Namie Amuro Feel J-R&B
Namie Amuro Uncontrolled J-R&B
Namie Amuro Best Fiction J-R&B
Namie Amuro Play J-R&B
Namie Amuro Past<Future J-R&B
Namie Amuro Checkmate! J-R&B
Nana Kitade Eighteen J-Rock
Nana Kitade Berry Berry Singles J-Rock
Nana Mizuki Ulimate Diamond J-Rock
Nana Mizuki Impact Exciter J-Rock
Nico Touches the Walls Best of (ニコ タッチズ ザ ウォールズ ノ ベスト) J-Rock, Alternative
Nico Touches the Walls Passenger J-Rock, Alternative
Nico Touches the Walls Who Are You? J-Rock, Alternative
Nico Touches the Walls Aurora J-Rock, Alternative
Nothing’s Carved in Stone Silver Sun J-Rock, Alternative
Nothing’s Carved in Stone Parallel Lives J-Rock, Alternative
Nulbarich Who We Are (single) J-Pop, J R&B
ohashi Trio 10 J-Pop, Alternative
ohashi Trio PluggedD J-Pop, Alternative
ohashi Trio NEWOLD J-Pop, Alternative
ohashi Trio I Got Rhythm J-Pop, Alternative
ohashi Trio This is Music J-Pop, Alternative
ohashi Trio A Bird J-Pop, Alternative
Olivia Greatest Hits J-Rock
Olivia Cloudy Dreamer J-Rock
One OK Rock Ambition J-Rock
One OK Rock 35xxxv J-Rock
One OK Rock Jinsei Kekete Boku Wa J-Rock
One OK Rock Zankyo Reference J-Rock
One OK Rock Niche Syndrome J-Rock
Radwimps Your Name (君の名は) J-Rock, Alternative
Radwimps Human Bloom (人間開花) J-Rock, Alternative
Rina Katahira (片平里菜) Saikou no Shiuchi (最高の仕打ち) J-Pop
Rythem 23 J-Pop
Saho Terao (寺尾紗穂) My Favorite Songs (わたしの好きなわらべうた) J-Pop
Salyu (as Lily Chou Chou) Android as Human Being J-Pop, Alternative
Salyu (as Lily Chou Chou) Lily Chou-Chou (soundtrack) J-Pop, Alternative
Salyu Merkmal J-Pop, Alternative
Salyu Terminal J-Pop, Alternative
Salyu Maiden Voyage J-Pop, Alternative
Scandal Encore Show J-Rock
Scandal Yellow J-Rock
Scandal Hello World J-Rock
Scandal Standard J-Rock
Scandal Queens are Trumps J-Rock
Scandal Show J-Rock
Scandal Baby Action J-Rock
Scandal R-Girls’ Rock J-Rock
Scandal Best Scandal J-Rock
Scandal Temptation Box J-Rock
Shishamo Shishamo 4 J-Rock, Alternative
Shota Shimizu & Miliyah Kato Mili x Shoto: The Best J-R&B
Shota Shimizu Proud J-R&B
Shota Shimizu Naturally J-R&B
Shota Shimizu Journey J-R&B
Shota Shimizu Colors J-R&B
Sid 10th Anniversary Best J-Rock, Visual Kei
Sid dead stock J-Rock, Visual Kei
Silent Siren S J-Rock
SPYAIR This is How We Rock J-Rock
SPYAIR Best J-Rock
Stereopony Over the Border J-Rock
Suchmos EP F.C.L.S. (Firsl Choice, Last Stance) J-Pop, J R&B
Suchmos EP F.C.L.S. (Firsl Choice, Last Stance) The Kids
Tommy Heavenly6 Heavy Starry Heavenly J-Rock
Tommy Heavenly6 Gothic Ice Creams Darkness Nightmare J-Rock
Uchu Nekoko Happy Days (日々のあわ) J-Pop, alternative
Utada Hikaru Fantome J-Pop
Utada Hikaru Single Collection Vol. 2 J-Pop
Utada Hikaru First Love J-Pop
Utada Hikaru Exodus (English album) J-Pop
Utada Hikaru Heart Station J-Pop
Utada Hikaru This is the One (English album) J-Pop
Vamps BloodSuckers J-Rock
Vamps Vamps J-Rock
Vamps Beast J-Rock
Vamps Beast J-Rock
WagakkiBand (和楽器バンド) WagakkiBand 1st US Tour 衝撃 -DEEP IMPACT- J-Rock
Wednesday Campanella (水曜日のカンパネラ) Zipangu (ジパング) J-Pop, Alternative
Yonige Katatsumuri ni Naritai (かたつむりになりたい) J-Pop, Alternative
YUI Green Garden Pop J-Pop, J-Rock
YUI From Me to You (replaced) J-Pop, J-Rock
YUI Can’t Buy My Love J-Pop, J-Rock
YUI I Loved You Yesterday J-Pop, J-Rock
YUI My Short Stories J-Pop, J-Rock
YUI Holidays in the Sun J-Pop, J-Rock
YUI How Crazy Your Love J-Pop, J-Rock
Yuzu Suuhana (鈴華ゆう子) Cradle of Eternity J-Pop, J-Rock
Vaious Artists Full-Metal Alchemist Final Best J-Rock
Various Artists Full-Metal Alchemist The Best J-Rock
Various Artists Love Song Collection J-Pop
Various Artists Songs for Death Note, The J-Rock
Various Artists Now I Want to See You J-Rock

CDs in Storage

There are a lot Japanese music CDs in storage—they feature alternative rock artists, punk bands, older CDs and singles. You can borrow them by asking STR in person. To see the list of CDs available go to: J-Pop and J-Rock CDs in Storage.

Japanese Soundtracks & Classical Music

AniMeja Ghibli Songs Meja (Vocal)
Studio Ghibli: The Borrower Arrietty Cecile Corbel (Vocal)
Studio Ghibli: The Classics Karou Kurita (Cello)
Unplugged Ghibli Karou Kurita (Cello)
Studio Ghibli: My Neighour Totoro Joe Hisaishi (Orchestra Soundtrack)
Studio Ghibli: Howl’s Moving Castle Joe Hisaishi (Orchestra Soundtrack)
Joe Hisaishi: The Best Collection Joe Hisaishi (Orchestra)
Joe Hisaishi: The Best of Cinema Music Joe Hisaishi
Joe Hisaishi: Melodyphony Joe Hisaishi
JPlaying the Piano Ryuichi Sakamoto


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