Music – Hong Kong and Taiwan

Music - HK & Taiwan
Music – HK & Taiwan

The following CDs are available in the English Corner (our Hong Kong discs are generally alternative music albums or albums by artists—like Soler or Fiona Fung—who include English songs on their albums):

Music by Taiwanese Artists

Ann The Catcher in the Rye Taiwan, Pop, Altnerative
Ann What’s Next? Taiwan, Pop, Altnerative
Deserts Chang My Life Will… Taiwan, Pop, Altnerative
Deserts Chang Games We Play Taiwan, Pop, Altnerative
Deserts Chang Dear…I still don’t Know Taiwan, Pop, Altnerative
Joanna Wang The Things We Do For Love Taiwan, Pop, Jazz
Joanna Wang Start From Here Taiwan, Pop, Jazz
Joanna Wang Joanna & ??? Taiwan, Pop, Jazz
Joanna Wang Bonus CD Taiwan, Pop, Jazz
Joanna Wang Midnight Cinema Taiwan, Pop, Jazz
Mayday D.N.A Live Taiwan, Rock
Mayday History of Tomorrow Taiwan, Rock
Mayday 2nd Round:Nowhere How & Here Taiwan, Rock
Kowen Ko You don’t really want to wander Taiwan, Rock
Rainie Yang Longing For Taiwan, Pop
Rainie Yang Whimsical World Collection Taiwan, Pop
Rainie Yang Angel Wings Taiwan, Pop
Rainie Yang Trraces of Time in Love Taiwan, Pop
Rainie Yang A Tale of Two Rainie Taiwan, Pop
Sodagreen Little Univese Taiwan, Alternative
Sodagreen Once in a Lifetime Taiwan, Alternative
Sodagreen Daylight of Spring Taiwan, Alternative
Sodagreen Summer/Fever Taiwan, Alternative
Sodagreen Incomparable Beauty Taiwan, Alternative
Sodagreen Sing with me Taiwan, Alternative

Music By Hong Kong Artists

A-Day One Day HK Rock, Pop
A-Day 2nd Album HK Rock, Pop
Chet Lam Introducing Chet Lam HK Indie
Fiona Fung A Little Love HK Pop
Fiona Fung Sweet Melody HK Pop
G.E.M. My Secret HK Pop
G.E.M. X Posed HK Pop
Janice Morning HK Pop
Mister Mr. HK Rock, Pop
Lil Ashes Be Little Acoustic Pop
My Little Airport My Little Airport HK Indie
My Little Airport Poetics: Something Between Montparnasse and Mongkok HK Indie
Pancakes, The Old and New Songs HK Indie
Pancakes, The Sometimes When We Crys HK Indie
Supper Moment Ther World Has Changed HK Rock
Soler x2 HK Indie
Trekkerz Back to Our First Day HK Indie
Various Artists Our First Works: Shandy Gan, Lil’ Ashes, Lillian Wong and Trekkerz HK Indie Popp
Various Artists Uncle Ray 101: All Time Favourites HK 60s & 70s Pop
Various Artists Silent Agreement HK Indie
Various Artists The Underground HK Indie
Various Artists 5th Element, The HK Indie

Music By Other Chinese Artists

Susan Wong Step into My Dreams Easy Listening
Wanting Everything in the World Pop
Wanting Say the Words Pop

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