Portfolio Documents

You can download your portfolio documents here. To download the PDF documents, right click on the link and select ‘save link as‘ or ‘save target as‘.

English Portfolio Guidelines 2016/2017

English Portfolio Handouts 2016/2017

2nd Submission Handouts 2016/2017

Supplementary Materials

Self-directed Learning Plan (Teacher-approved Activity): Guidelines for students who want to create a learning plan to focus on improving a specific aspect of their English learning

MissionMaker Games

These are first-person action-adventure computer games that you can play on the free MissionPlayer Software (you need to download and install the Mission Player software before unzipping and opening the game. the games were produced by Stephen Richards in our school’s Creative Media studio.

MissionPlayer: The free software for playing the game

IS 1 Game: Test your knowledge of electric circuits, fight aliens and rescue a prisoner

IS 2 Game: More about electric circuits; more aliens (you need to find and photograph the alien invasion plans.

Inception Paradox: A more complex game: Find clues, fight and solve a tricky puzzle. This zipped file includes a jpeg file explaining how to control your character and move around and text document regarding how to solve problems that might occur in Windows 7.