Learning Activities

Here are some additional learning activities

Home Learning Package: Subject Vocabulary

Audio Recordings and Vocabulary List: New students can learn how to pronounce some of the commonly used words in the subjects they will study in Form 1.

Short Story Writing

Identifying Adjectives and Dialogue: This is a short analysis activity featuring text from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets).

Cross-Curricular Online Game

These are first-person 3D computer games produced using the MissionMaker game engine. They were designed to help Form Two revise concepts related to electricity.  In each game, the player has to complete a couple of science-related tasks (e.g., sorting conductors and insulators). After that, they can start hunting aliens. The first game ends when the player rescues a prisoner. The second game ends when the player returns photographs of the aliens’ invasion plans to the control room. The third game is a promotion activity that was designed for the English Awards Scheme.

Downloads (Right click and Save As)

  1. MissionPlayer: This is the free software used for running the games (www.lamwoo.edu.hk/subject/emi/player.exe)
  2. PlayMission files: These are the games
    a) IS1: Test your knowledge of electric circuits, fight aliens and rescue a prisoner(www.lamwoo.edu.hk/subject/emi/IS1.zip)
    b) IS2: More about electric circuits; more aliens. You need to find and photograph the alien invasion plans. (www.lamwoo.edu.hk/subject/emi/IS2.zip)
  3. Inception Paradox: A more complex game: Find clues, fight and solve a tricky puzzle. This zipped file includes a jpeg file explaining how to control your character and move around and text document regarding how to solve problems that might occur in Windows 7.(cmestudio.wordpress.com/2011/04/01/new-mission-maker-game-inception-paradox-level-28)


  1. Download the MissionPlayer software
  2. Install the MissionPlayer software in your computer.
  3. Download any PlayMission games you would like to play (right click and ‘save as’).
  4. Unzip the downloaded PlayMission game. (The unzipped files have the extension .PlayMission)
  5. To play games, it is recommended that you open each PlayMission game directly from Windows Explorer or the Desktop. The MissionPlayer software will start automatically.

Video Production Activity: We Made It

We Made It! Video Project: This was a project we did with Form 2 classes to introduce them to working with video.

School Activities

Campus Photo Quiz: Here are some photos taken around the school campus. Can you identify the place where each photo was taken?