Your favourite recently released movie



  1. My favourite film is “Nine Lives”.This is a file about a daredevil billionaire,Tom,whose lifestyle has disconnected him from his family.When his daughter Rebecca had her birthday,she wanted a cat as a gift.On that day,the pet store owner Perkins gares Tome a majestictom cat.When Tom is on the way to his daughter’s birthday party,he has a terrible accident and he became a cat which he dislikes very much.
    I think family relationship is important to everyone.In this film,Rebecca’s father is a workaholic.He spends only a few time with his family.I think it’s a sad story because Rebecca and his wife visit Tom everyday and cry a lot near his bed if Tom cannot returned to be a human again.Actually,I was attracted by the cat on the DVD cover.

  2. When you are asking me about what is my favourite movie?That must be “Inside Out”.It is because it has a fantastic plot which can shows emotion of a people in every moment.Such as when we need to leave our safe zone”our home ” and we need to move to a new one,we must be not convinent for us.If our best friend need to leave us,we must be so sad and miss them a lot.However ,we need to find a way fr ourselves to solve the pressure,such as listen to pop music and maybe even sleep.We should learn from the main character in the movie to leave her parents,this only will make your parents worry about you but you even can’t solve the problem yet!From the movie,I can learn a lot ,to control our emotion ,this makes our life more happlier too!

  3. My favourite recently released movie in 2016 is an American movie–SING. It’s a story about how people …animals chase after their dreams. It starts with a koala named Buster, who loves acting and owns a theatre although the general box-office of the shows there is dissatisfying. One day, he thinks of an idea to increase the income and popularity of his theatre: organizing a singing contest, when he is facing financial difficulties. However, Buster’s assistant accidentally type the prize reward wrongly, by increasing the original one for one hundred times. And so, hundreds of animals in the city comes to gather for audition for the contest, including an ordinary housewife, Rosita the pig, an arrogant street musician, Mike the mouse, a son of a robber, Johnny the gorilla, an active punk-rock dancer, Ash the pig and a timid teenager, Meena the elephant. All of them get into the finals of the contest. They practise hard and pay much efforts. As a transition of the story, Mike is chased by some people from criminal syndicate because of his debt when he had gambled, and here comes the disaster. The entire building of Buster’s theatre falls down without a complete piece left. However, the performers still encourage Buster to hold the singing contest, and turns it to a performance instead, even though there’s no more huge prize reward for the winner, which used to be the thing motivate them to join the contest at the beginning. Buster is touched by their passion. They rebuild a simple open-air theatre with great determinations and solidarity. Finally they make a very successful show and people from everywhere come to watch it in amazements. Every single of the performer shine bright on the stage, prove that they are much talented partly due to their hard practise and they reach their dreams. It seems to be a childful cartoon, but it’s not indeed. It is very meaningful and inspiring. Each of the character presents as a reflection of us in the society. Everyone has got their dreams, without being doubted, I think we should treasure the time and chance to chase for it in order not to be regretful with lives and passed time. I’ve got a lesson. Moreover, the songs sung by the character are lovable. I sure love this movie.^~^

  4. Talking about my favourite movie recently, I have to first talk about what kind of movies I like. To be one of them, firstly, it needs to be a funny one or at least part of, since I like to laugh of course and as I think watching movies is a leisure activities, why do I need to make myself sad or angry or negative? So, my first requirement is that it has to be funny. Secondly, it needs to be something meaningful that it will teach you something or will inspire you. Thirdly, of course a good director and actors, if there isn’t, no matter how good is the plot, it is rubbish.
    And now, let’s talk about my favourite movie, it is nothing popular but a low-cost movie, it is called “The Dinner”. It is about a few pair of couples having dinner together with their really close friends. They were playing a game that everyone had to hand their phone to see their conversations with each other which made them ruptured at last.

  5. My favorite movie recently would be Mad World. It is a Hong Kong movie that has been quite popular these days, as the director of this movie has won the best new director. It seems hard to believe that this movie is made by a new director as it is really good and touching.
    This movie is about a man named Tung, who suffers from bipolar disorder. His mother died of an accident when he was fighting with her, and he had been sent to the mental hospital. After he get out, his father takes him back to his own home, trying to fix their relationship as they weren’t close since his father seldom comes home when he was little and he is the only one there to take care of his mother. Later it revealed why Tung get the bipolar disorder: Even he spent lots of time taking care of his sick mother, his mother always complained about him and want Tung’s brother to take care of her instead of him. On the other hand, his engaged wife wanted to sent his mother to the elderly’s home which causes a fight between them. Feeling helpless and facing such pressure, Tung finally broke down and caused the accident. Although the judge didn’t see him as guity and release him, he has been labelled as ‘crazy’ ‘mental already. Many things happened then, and it slowly show the ugly side of the society.
    My heart ached after watching the movie. The world actually don’t give second chances, and it is fulled of discrimination. Tung is kind actually, but having the disorder have caused fear of the others, and the labels have gave other an excuse to not trust him as normal. There are touching parts too, for example when Tung’s father argued with him and Tung complained about his left. This is the point when Tung and his father finally start to open their hearts and accept each other.
    I highly recommend this movie since it is really meaningful and touching. Hope you all can get a chance to see it.

    1. My favorite movie would be the Arrival. It is a 2016 American science fiction film directed by Denis Villeneuve. It is very popular and has a high recommendation on lMDb. The film is great, particularly for its atmosphere, intelligent plot, and Adams’s performance. It has won so many awards, such as ten Movies of the Year, Best Sound Editing, Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Adapted Screenplay.

      The story is about twelve giant spacecrafts appear in random locations across the world overnight. Louise , the linguist and the mathematician Ian Donnelly, attempt to decode and translate the language that the creatures inside the spacecrafts are using in order to prevent a global war. After Louise get the way of communication, she starts to teach the aliens the words of earth .Firstly, she aliens send out a sign that is unreadable and look like meaningless .But Louise doesn’t give up, she try harder and harder and finally she finds out the the sign is related the the place on map.

      Then, Louise tells the government the results and create a systems that can read the messages give out of the aliens. After that, when Louise finally asks why the aliens have come to Earth, they answer “offer weapon”. An alternate translation of “use weapon” is made at another site. This leads China to break off communications with the rest of the world; other nations also stop exchanging information. However, Louise argues that the symbol interpreted as “weapon” might mean “tool”.

      The war is beginning to start, Louise try to communicate with the mayor of china’s army so she steals a phone the can calls out. She remembers the scene that how she persuades the mayor and she talks to China and successfully stop the war.

      At last, Louise asked once more and this time the aliens answer that they come to earth to offer the useful tools as they can know that their planet has a great disaster in the future and they need the help of the earth. The alien tells Louise to consociate the 12 country and they can find the ”gift”. Finally, aliens leave the earth and everything the Louise remembers will become the future life of her.

      This is a great movie l have ever seen! Although Hollywood has many science film, but no one can be greater than this.And I highly recommend this movie since it is really meaningful and interesting.

  6. emmm….You ask me what is my favourite movie ? I would like to choose a movie which i watched last summer –Inside out.Let me tell you the summary of the story and some brief comments from me !

    One of the best thing in this movuie is it can make you cry. I think the messeage from this movie is : the emotions we think of as negative aren’t totally negative at all, but differnet kinds of emotions are important.It’s because the film allows us to experience them and feel them scouring away at the hulls of our souls.

    The story is like that …… San Francisco, where 11-year-old Riley has moved with her parents from the rural Midwest, and inside Riley’s mind, where her five emotions – Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear and Disgust – are trying to make sense of the upheaval.they have many adventure throughout Riley’s adolescent. it teaches us a lot. I highly recommand you this film.

  7. My favorite movie is ‘ Rogue One: A Star Wars Story ‘. Have you ever seen it?

    This movie is the sequel of ‘Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith’. The movie is about the Rebel Alliance(The good guys) knew that the Empire (The bad guys) were making a Death Star to kill the good guys. The Rebel Alliance and the people stared disagree each other. At this moment, the main character Jyn and her teammates came out and said to go to the Empire’s basement to get the Death Star’s blueprint. Finally , they succeeded to get the blueprint but they all died on a planet that had the blueprint.

    Although the ending is sad, the movie overall is exciting, especially the fighting scenes. I was amazed that The Hong Kong actor, Donnie Yen, had joined this epic movie! i was also amazed by the sound effects and special effects. They were pretty cool and marvelous.
    I know that there will be a new Star Wars movie will show in December. I will absolutely watch it . I am a fan of Star Wars!

  8. Hacksaw Ridge

    It is a movie that talk about the war between the Japanese army and the US.A kind and young soldier dont want to kill other people so he was distribute to be a medic.He saved a lot of his friends and also some Japan soldier.

    It is an amazing film because the fight is really excited,I like guns a lot XD
    Some American soldiers which is taken a BAR is really cool and they killed a lot of enemies!

    If you have time,remember to see this film!!!

    1. My favorite recently released movie is the “Beauty and the Beast”.It is about the fantastic journey of Belle, a bright, beautiful and independent young woman who is taken prisoner by a beast in his castle. Despite her fears, she befriends the castle’s enchanted staff and learns to look beyond the Beast’s hideous exterior and realize the kind heart and soul of the true Prince within. Although you may be had read this story when you are in primary school or kindergarten, it is worth to watch the movie again for it fantastic and meaningful plots.

      1. My favorite recently released movie is the “Beauty and the Beast”.It is about the fantastic journey of Belle, a bright, beautiful and independent young woman who is taken prisoner by a beast in his castle. Despite her fears, she befriends the castle’s enchanted staff and learns to look beyond the Beast’s hideous exterior and realize the kind heart and soul of the true Prince within. Although you may be had read this story when you are in primary school or kindergarten, it is worth to watch the movie again for it fantastic and meaningful plots.
        I very recommend you watch it

  9. What is my favourite film? For me, Gravity is my first choice, which was nearly released on TVB pearl on 19/2.
    Gravity was first released in 2013. It is directed by Alfonso Cuaron. Gravity is a fiction about space, disaster and science. Unlike other films, there is only 2 main characters in this film. Gravity was very famous for its excellent special effects that it won 7 Oscar awards including best director, best visual effect, best sound mixing and best film editing.
    I liked this film very much because I was amazed by its special effect. The special effects were extremely lifelike that I even didn’t realized that they were not real. The team must pay a lot of effort and money for these effects. Also, I think that the main character Ryan Stone (acted by Sandra Bullock) was a really strong woman. In the film, she has to go back to the Earth from space but the space ship is damaged. During her narrow escape from the terrible space, she does not feel depressing, but keeps finding methods to go back to the Earth optimistically. When we have problems, we shouldn’t feel depressing, but keeps finding methods to solve it optimistically like Ryan Stone
    Overall, Gravity was a good film and I wanted to watch it again.


    Speaking of my favorite movie recently, I must say that it’s ‘La La Land’, which is on the cover of this Topic already.

    This movie has become the BIG winner of Oscar just a few days ago as I type this comment. 6 Awards, 14 Nominations, which has the same record as the record holder, ‘Titanic’, and ‘All About Eve’.

    Though I was pretty sad that it didn’t get the Best Picture but I’m still proud of this movie.

    I love La La Land because of the few reasons below:

    One, It’s music is amazing.

    When I first watched this movie, I was immediately attracted by the delighted music ‘Another Day Of Sun’. As the movie process, I hear more and more lovely song.

    Two, the thoughts on life that you learn.

    At the end of the movie, we know that Mia and Sebastian had to leave with each other because they need to go to meet their dream and they did.

    And this encourages us to meet our dream.

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