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What is your favourite anime movie or series? What is it about? What do you like about it?

Anime Movies

I love the films of director Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli, My favourite anime film is Princess Mononoke. It is set in Japan during an era in which the land is in transition from an ancient natural landscape dominated by powerful animal gods to a nation occupied by the civilized, industrial settlements of humans. At the beginning of the movie, the story’s hero, a young Emishi prince named Ashitaka, defends his village against the attack of a crazed demon and during the fight, his arm becomes infected with the same evil that corrupted the demon. He is told he will die from the infection unless he can find a cure and to do that he will have to journey to the land where the demon came from.

During his travels, he soon becomes embroiled in a conflict involving:

  • Lady Eboshi and the men and women of Iron Town. They have been cutting down forests to gain access to iron, which they manufacture into weapons. The town also serves as a refuge for social outcasts such as lepers and former prostitutes.
  • Wolf Gods. They are angered by the encroachment of humans in the forest and they engage in guerrilla warfare tactics against the humans.
  • San (Princess Mononoke). She is a girl raised by the Wolf Gods and fights against the humans for them.
  • Boar Gods. They are enraged at humans because it was a bullet from a gun that caused the infection that turned the boar god Nago into the demon that attacked Ashitaka’s village.
  • A mercenary named Jiko-bō who is looking to capture the head of the Forest Spirit in order to get a reward from the emperor.

Ashitaka refuses to take sides. He only wants to help others and create peace, but what can he do when the different sides are rushing towards confrontation?

The movie has everything: beautiful scenes (the transformation of the Forest Spirit is amazing) exciting action scenes, cute characters (e.g., the little white forest spirits known as Kodama, and the lovely red elk that Ashitaka rides) and even a little romance (Ashitaka and San are attracted to one another). However, what sets it apart is its evenhanded treatment of the protagonists. Almost all of them have a valid reason for their feelings and actions. They are simply struggling for their place in the world.

Besides this film, I also like Howl’s Moving Castle and Spirited Away and Nausciaa of the Valley of the Wind a lot. I also like the films of Makoto Shinkai (like 5 Centimeters Per Second) and am looking forward to seeing Your Name.

Anime Series

There are a lot of anime series that I like. These days I prefer anime that contain elements of science fiction and mystery, so I have watched these anime recently: Shinsekai Yori, Erased, Psycho-pass and Re Zero. Warning! Some of these trailers are rather intense, so don’t watch them before you are about to go to bed. The actual anime are not quite so intense, though they are a little dark at times. They have action scenes but also some quite moments. More warnings! Pyscho-pass is quite violent (the guns used by the police cause people to explode). Shinsekai Yori is famous for its Yuri (girl-girl) and Yayoi scenes (boy-boy), but those are quite innocent.

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Your Favourite Anime

What about you? Which are your favourite anime movies or series?



  1. My favourite anime is Fairy Tail. It is a Japan anime. It is written by Hiro Mashima. I dont know why i like this anime, maybe it is the first anime i watch, maybe i dont know more about other anime. This anime is happened is a peice of lang called Earth land .It is a place that everyone can use magic. The mai characters are all in a guild called Fairy Tail. The theme of this guild name is “Does the fairy really have a tail? Does the fairy have any tail? In fact, in the final analysis, no one can determine even if the fairy is present. Because of this, this is the eternal unknown, forever adventure!”

  2. This time, i want to recommend Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku (ヲタクに恋は難しい Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii) this anime to you guys. Originally, it’s a Japanese webmanga series written and illustrated by Fujita. It was first posted on Pixiv on April 17, 2014. And it has already became an animation! i was very excited about that! Narumi, a female office worker who hides her fujoshi lifestyle, and Hirotaka, a handsome and capable company man who is secretly a game otaku. The two seem perfect for each other, but love is difficult for otaku.

  3. My favourite anime is Coco. I think that it is great work. the story is meaningful . The drawing is very beautiful.
    I hope there will be the second edition coming soon.

  4. My favourite anime is From Up on Poppy Hill. It is is a 2011 Japanese drama film directed by Hayao Miyazaki. It is set in Japan during 1963 Yokohama. At that time, the traffic problem in Japan is quite serious. Umi Matsuzaki, a high school girl living in a boarding house, meets Shun Kazama, a member of the school’s newspaper club. As the school clubhouse, Quartier Latin, is going to be demolished and to transform into another new building for business, they decide to clean up the school’s clubhouse. It is a interesting story full of history about Japan.
    While watching the film, I have learnt many funny facts about Japan at that time, such as the traffic situation, the environment of high school and the local street food. Also, I am surprised by the attitude of the high school students. They want to protect the boarding house and willing to spend their own time on it.
    The music of the film is relax and wonderful. It matches the scenes of the animation.
    I highly recommend everyone to watch this film cause it is suitable for children to older. 🙂

  5. My favourite anime is Fairy Tail. It is a very funny and interesting. Fairy Tail is originally a comic in a magazine called Weekly Shonen Magazine. It is written and illustrated by Hiro Mashima. Although the comic and anime version are also have some history, it is still popular nowadays. The story is about a group of teenage wizard who are in Fairy Tail always gets into troubles but also heroes. I am very appreciate with their spirit that will never give up. Although everyone say that there is no chance to win, they do not care about it and try their best to win.

  6. My favourite anime is Violet Evergarden.It is an anime released in January 2018. Violet Evergarden is a light novel and It won the grand prize in the fifth Kyoto Animation Award’s novel category in 2014, the first ever work to win a grand prize in any of the three categories.After that it was adaptation as an anime. I have a big expectation before watching it and didn’t let me down.The painting style is fabulous and you can have any shotscreen as your wallpaper. It is also vey touching too.I just can’t stop crying when Violet Evergarden finds that Gilbert Bougainville is dead. This is really a anime has a high completeness and I recommend you to watch

  7. My favorite anime is not the same as most of the anime lovers.It is not made from Japan.It is a Chinese anime called The Kings’s Avatar.This anime is adapted from a popular internet novel.It’s about game competition.
    The story tells about the book the main character Ye Xiu ,who is the top player in the game ‘glory’ ,is expelled by the club because of various reasons.He left the professional circle to become a small network management. But, with ten years of experiences, he reinvested the game in the glory of the Tenth District, with the right memories of the past, and an unfinished homemade weapon, began to return to its peak.
    I like the book and the anime because the characters are very realistic and I am deeply being moved by the contents.
    If you are interested in this anime,you can click the link👇🏼🤩 is the fist set)

  8. My favorite anime is One-Punch Man. On an unnamed Earth-like super-continent planet, strange monsters and supervillains have been mysteriously appearing and causing disasters. Saitama is one such hero, hailing from the metropolis of Z-City. He has trained himself and grown strong to the point that he can effortlessly defeat any opponent with a single punch. However, Saitama became a hero for the fun of the experience. Over the course of the series, Saitama encounters various superheroes, supervillains, and monsters. He gains a disciple in the form of the cyborg Genos and eventually joins the Hero Association in order to gain official recognition. He smashes an incoming meteor and defeats boss villains like the Deep Sea King. When the alien Dark Matter Thieves invade and destroy A-City, Saitama defeats their leader Lord Boros using pure punching power.
    l will give this anime 9.2 out of 10 because of it has great action, lots of laughs, humorous character designs, solid animation quality and cool is so random so the plot is unpredictable, in good ways. The animation and the fight scenes are SUPERB! It has the best fight scenes I have ever seen in all of the animes I have ever watched. Go ahead and watch it! It will be worth your time. Finally, l think its op and ed is good too.

  9. My favourite anime is Your Name. It was a Japanese animated film which was released in 2016 and directed by Makoto Shinkai.

    This film is about a high school girl living in Japan’s mountainous Hida region called Mitsuha wishes to be a handsome boy in the city. One day, she starts switching bodies with Taki, a high school boy who lives in Tokyo frequently. At the beginning, they don’t know what’s going on. Later, they understand what is happening and start to communicate with each other through writing diaries. Later on, they fall in love with each other. However, they stop switching bodies one day. Taki tries to find Mitsuha but he forgets what is her name…

    Your Name is an incredibly good film. It is my all-time favourite. The plot is very unexpectable and thought-provoking. I can’t expect that Taki and Mitsuha are in different year. I like the main character Taki most. It’s because this character is charming and he saves the villagers include Mitsuha.

    Also, I like the episode very much. The music is composed by Radwimps. It’s pleasant! On the other hand, I am appreciate with Makoto Shinkai. He has designed a well script which is creative. His drawing is so beautiful and most of the scene in the film is real. It makes the story more realistic.

    Your Name is the most interesting animated film that I had ever watch. I highly recommend all of you to watch it at least once.

  10. My favourite anime is Re:Zero.I think it is the best because it shows the characters’ personality very clearly and it is rather touching.
    As the main character Subaru only had one speciality.He is very weak compared to other characters.He tried many times dying and restarting,you can see how helpless he was but he still tried over and over again.

  11. My favourite anime is Assassination classroom because the story is very attractive and interesting.and I have learnt many things in it.It is written and illustrated by Yūsei Matsui.It is about that the earth is threatened by an enormously powerful monster who destroyed 70% of the Moon with its power, permanently rending it into the shape of a crescent. The monster claims that within a year, Earth will also be destroyed by him, but he offers mankind a chance to avert this fate. In class 3-E at Kunugigaoka Junior High School, he starts working as a homeroom teacher where he teaches his students not only regular subjects, but the ways of assassination. The Japanese government promises a reward of ¥10 billion to whoever among the students succeeds in killing the monster, whom they have named “Koro-sense’’ However, this has proven to be an almost impossible task, as not only does he have several superpowers at his disposal, including the capacity of moving at Mach 20, but he is also the best teacher they’ve ever had, helping them not only to improve their grades, but also their individual skills and perspectives for the future.

    As the series goes on, the entire situation gets even more complicated as other assassins come after Koro-sensei’s life, some coveting the reward, others for personal reasons, and the students eventually learn the secrets involving him, the Moon’s destruction and his ties with their previous homeroom teacher, including the true reason why he must be killed before the end of the year term.

    The first time I saw this title ,I used some time to decide whether to watch or not because it seems that it was very bloody .Eventually I watched it and it was not bloody at all. It was a very meaningful anime and I have watched it for three times, I cried every time when I watched . The ending was so touching that I can not stop crying .My favourite character in this anime is Karma Akaban.He is one of the main characters in this anime .Despite his somewhat sadistic nature, Karma actually has good values behind his motives, and be quite empathic. The reason he was placed in Class E was that he had rescued a senior from Class E being bullied by students from the main building. He is, unlike his former classmates, unprejudiced against the Class E and still considered the senior a ‘senpai’, and believe each and every one of them has their own special talents and will defend them, especially against the A class.

    When he was in the main building, due to the betrayal of his most-trusted homeroom teacher, Karma began to hate all people who called themselves ‘teachers’ and as a result, he had almost zero respect for any adults. However, Karma has become more objective after meeting Koro-sensei, now respecting more his opponents’ and teachers’ strengths and weaknesses.

    Karma has shown to be more than capable of respecting and caring for other people, as he greatly cares for Nagisa who seems to be his friend, and has grows attached to his classmates and others: he gets along with Okuda and Nakamura, often teases Terasaka, and respects Asano Gakushu and sees him as his intellectual rival. He also forms a bond with Korosensei, breaking down crying when he died. However, Karma also tends to be quite impulsive, to the point of becoming truly brutal and cruel when fighting with people who threaten him or any of his friends from Class E.

    This is my favourite anime,I hope you will like it!

    P.S.You can find it on YouTube.

  12. I like assassination classroom most . It is about koro-sensei was prisoners who bombed the moon 70% , and he was also the class teacher of the 3-E , the class represent end . The students were all fight for the bounty . I like Hayami Rinka most , because she is a Tsunderekko and i am a Tsundere-er . I also like karuma too , because he is cool . He was the first student who hurt Koro-sensei . I hope I can also be one of the character , it sounds exciting to try to kill a teacher who have a high speed!

    1. My favoireite anime is Your lie in April. This story is about a Piano prodigy Kōsei Arima dominated various music competitions and has become famous among child musicians but also controversial. After his mother, who was also his coldhearted, abusive instructor who forced him to play the piano emotionlessly, died, he had a mental breakdown while performing at a piano recital at the age of eleven. As a result, he is no longer able to hear the sound of his piano even though his hearing is perfectly fine., until, one day, a girl changes everything. Kaori Miyazono, an audacious, free-spirited, fourteen-year-old violinist whose playing style reflects her manic personality, helps Kōsei return to the music world and shows that it should be free and mold-breaking unlike the structured and rigid style Kōsei was used to, and as she continues to uplift him, he quickly realizes that he loves her, though she already likes the others (Watari).However, while performing together (Kōsei having been dragged into it by Kaori), Kaori suddenly collapses after a moving performance and is hospitalised. However, Kaori fails to show up on the day of the Gala, and as her health worsens, and she begins to give up on life. At this time Kaori opts for a risky surgery that will kill her if it fails, just so that she can play with him once again.UnfortunatelyKaori is dead, and she before she gone she had write a letter to Kōsei. In the letter Kaori had express all her feelings. And she had told ithe truth that her lover is not the other but is he KōseiArima. And ths her lie, her lie in april.
      I like this amine very much . A gril had been loving a boy when she was a little girl. She made a lie that she loved the others . it is because she was really loved him. She didn’t want he will be upset. The girl support and enourage him when he was in the diffculties. And at last he also support and encourage she. they support the other. Although they didn’t have much romantaic moment, they had fall in love .Although she han gone, he won’t forget her. It is because he had already fall in love. It is a sad story but it is a happy story. Why? Becuse Kaori Miyazono had done all the things she wanted.

      1. I think Your lie in April is a good anime too. I have watched it before. You describe the plot as well. Also, the anime will make you imagine with the anxiety of what would happen next. I would surely recommend this anime if you are interested in romantic as well as school anime, as people you are surely missing an amazing story and a wonderful yet sad journey. You also said why you like this anime too. But lastly, I think you like SAO the most::00))

  13. My favorite anime is Tokyo Ghoul. It was recommended by my friend who also loves watching anime. This is an amazing anime, in my opinion. I have watched both manga and anime. There have a number of differences between them but of course I like them both. And I also love the theme song ‘unravel’ in season one. It’s is quite interesting to find out the hair color of Ken Kaneki. His hair changes from black to white and from white to both black and white, and from that to black, and from black to white. The story mainly talks about Ken Kaneki, a boy who studies in university becomes a ghoul because of a girl he meets in the coffee shop, Rize. Ghouls can only survive by eating human flesh and secretly live in the normal human world. They are stronger than normal humans and they have a special organ called “Kagune”, which it can manifest and use as a weapon during the fight. The color of their sclera in both eyes turns black and their irises red when they are excited or hungry. However, Kaneki is only a half ghoul, so only one of the eye undergoes transformation. A half-blood ghoul is usually stronger than a pure-blood ghoul. At the beginning, as a ghoul, he is weak and stay at the coffee shop he meets Rize called Antique, which all of the staffs are ghouls and they like to help one another. But after the abuse of Yakumo Oomori, he becomes strong and looks cool and aloof. He wants to protect the things he likes and joins Aogiri. This is what the anime talks about. I recommend you to watch both anime and manga, check it out now!

    1. I watched this anime before.I think it is a novel topic .I think I am interested in this kind of stories so I started to find more similar books or anime .However it is too difficult because it is not a common theme.If you find some more like this,please tell me.😆

  14. I love to watch anime and my favorite anime is “Assassination Classroom”.This is an anime about a monster who destroyed 70% of the moon by his own,and he claimed that he will destroy the earth within a year.However,he starts to teach class 3-E at Kunugigaoka Junior High School.His teaching method is much diferent from other teacher’s.If the students can kill him,they will get a reward of 10 billions Japan Yan. After a year, ‘Koro-sensei'(the monster) is finally killed by his students.This is really a touching anime.It is not just a general anime,but also teaches some important principle.The opening music is great and the plot is well.If you want to watch anime,you must watch this!I highly recommend you guys to watch it!

  15. My favourite anime is “Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon”.This is a japanese animation.The plot is quite exciting and interesting.The story begins with a warrior called Bell.His dream is to met an attractive main actress in the dungeon.With such a great dream,he enters the dungeon,but unfortunately,he met a strong monster called Minotaur and he is defeated by it.Suddenly,a beautiful
    sword princess called Aiz comes out and defeat the monster to save Bell.After the saving by Aiz,Bell
    loves her a lot and he treats her as a target.I think this is an encourage story.Bell trains hard in order to
    chase up Aiz.I will know from Bell.Even though i face troubles sometime,i will face it but not escape from it.

    1. My favourite anime is “Natsume’s Book of Friends”. This is a Japanese animation. The plot is very exciting and interesting. The series is about Natsume, an orphaned teenage boy who can see spirits, who inherits from his grandmother the notebook she used to bind spirits under her control. My favourite character in this anime is Takashi Natsume .Natsume is an orphan. His parents died when he was a very young child; leaving him to be passed from relative to relative most likely because of his attempts to share that he could see ayakashi. Natsume has a tough and sad childhood as other people cannot see ayakashi, so he is often framed as a liar and attention seeker for telling strange stories, his attempt to fight off or run away from ayakashi often disturbs others, thinking he is insane. He is courageous and powerful when fighting with the ayakashi.We should learn for Natsume’s characteristic as he can bravely face the future. I also like Madara who is a cute cat but its prototype is a huge beast, with a strong power, when facing the emergency can change back to the original appearance, showing high-strength attack power, but when changed back to monster, the general people cannot see. This is a great anime and I am really attracted by it.

  16. My favourite anime is No Game No Life. It played in 2012. It is a light-novel-originated anime which novel is awesome as well .
    The main characters are a pair of siblings : the elder brother, Sora and the younger sister, Shiro ,who are really good at playing all kind of games . They both were edged out due to their talents and genius. One day, they received a challenge of playing chess from an unknown ‘person’ and eventually beat him down. He was actually the god of another world,’DISBOARD’. He appreciated them a lot and brought them to his world as a challenger. Sora and Shiro were going to beat all the other creatures and rule over the world, of course by winning them in the games. GAME START!!

  17. If you ask me to choose a best anime,I would choose Your name.Your name is the best movie I have seen before ! I love this movie very much! Do you know why?First the story in this movie is very wonderful! It linked up two people together at different time. Also the characteristic of the main characters in this Movie is extremely a match with each other. The best thing in this movie is the background music,included Sparkle and Zen Zen Zen Sei.These songs were sung by Wadwimp. Their voice are very matched with these songs.

  18. My favorite anime is SAO (Sword Art Online). It is a light novel written by Reki Kawahara and illustrated by Abec. The plot is in 2022, a VRMMORPG called SAO is released. With the NerveGear, a helmet that stimulates the user’s five senses via their brain, players can experience and control their in-game characters with their minds.

    10,000 players log into the SAO for the first time, discover that they are unable to log out. Kayaba(both the game and NerveGears’ creater) appears and tells the players that they must beat all 100 floors the Aincrad, a steel castle which is the setting of SAO, if they wish to be free. Those who suffer in-game deaths or forcibly remove the NerveGear out-of-game will suffer real-life deaths.

    One of the players, “Kirito” with the advantage of previous VR gaming experience, he isolates himself from the greater group and plays the game alone. Kirito eventually befriends with a young girl named Asuna, forming a relationship with and later marrying her in-game. After the couple discover the identity of Kayaba’s secret ID, who was playing as the leader of the guild Asuna joined in, they confront and destroy him, freeing themselves and the other players from the game.

    In the real world, Kirito discovers that 300 SAO players, including Asuna, remain trapped in their NerveGear. As he goes to the hospital to see Asuna, he meets Asuna’s father, who is asked by an associate of his, Nobuyuki Sugou to make a decision, which Sugou later reveals to be his marriage with Asuna, angering Kirito. Several months later, he discovered that a figure similar to Asuna was spotted on “The World Tree” in another VRMMORPG called Alfheim Online (ALO). He quickly learns that the trapped players in ALO are part of a plan conceived by Sugōu to perform illegal experiments on their minds. The goal is to create the perfect mind-control for financial gain and to subjugate Asuna, whom he intends to marry, to assume control of her family’s corporation. Kirito eventually stops the experiment and rescues the 300 SAO players, foiling his plans.

    The plot is too long and I wont type it all (there is only 50% of it). This novel is quite breath taking and worth watching that touched me very much and led me to give a good comment.

  19. My favorite anime is ‘Hetalia Axis Powers’ . It lasts for 5 minutes per episode and is created by Hidekaz Himaruya . The plot is based on the two World Wars , by presenting the countries to different manga characters. Besides the two wars, Hetalia also included many other historical events. Therefore, we can learn many interesting facts while enjoying the anime.Although the topic about ‘War’ seems to be a little depressing , Hetalia is a funny anime which is about the interactions and misunderstanding between the characters.
    Hetalia is mainly about The Axis Powers during WW2 —- Italy(North),Germany and Japan . Besides the Axis , another favored group is The Allied , including America, Britain , France , China and Russia . Each character has very different personalities based on their culture . Like Italy(North) , he is a character who is very bright but also recognized as the weakest character. He relies strongly on Germany and is very fond of pizza and pasta . But on the other hand,his elder brother—- South Italy is rude and impolite due to the mafias in his ‘home’ . Also, he is as timid as his brother and tends to hide behind Spain whenever he sees Germany. Himaruya gives every single character personalities that is very easy to recognize. The Asian brothers and sister are mostly more carefree and are very good cooks,France is an over-romantic man whereas Spain is more cheerful and likes having his cow wandering after him all the time. The complicated relationship between them also attracts many female readers(as the characters are mostly men).
    Hetalia has already run for 10 years,but still, there is many fans supporting them . Through the anime, we can learn more about the cultures of other countries. It helps me to develop my interest in Geography and History and let me know more about the world. I also started to treasure peace as I have already been fed off by the wars between some of my beloved countries !
    Although Hetalia may not be the most interesting anime, it is the most worth watching one in my heart.

  20. I am a people who loves anime very much, and my favourite anime is Haikyu!! . Haikyu!! is an anime which is in a sport’s topic — volleyball. There is a short boy called Hinata Shoyo , who loves volleyball very much and was interested in volleyball with “Small Giant”‘s performance. However, there isn’t any boy’s volleyball team in his school and there is no place for him to practice volleyball. Although he don’t have a good environment, he still practice volleyball everyday, even in the corridor.
    Few years later, Hinata met Kageyama Tobio in the competition. Kageyama said that short people shouldn’t play volleyball, and Hinata promised to win Kageyama’s school in the competition. Hinata have shown his spring and speed in the competition, but he still lost in it. Hinata was very sad and he told Kageyama that he will win in high school. Then he study in Karasuro High School and met Kageyama again. At first they still think they are enemy, but they become super partner after training together. They beat other high school and keep friendship with the high schools which have game with them. Karasuro High School’s boy volleyball team has improved by gaming with other volleyball team.

    Haikyu!! has third seasons and I think these three seasons shows Hinata and his teammates’s growth. Hinata was very cute and he started to partner with Kageyama in the first season. In the second and the third seasons, they start to have competition and learn different skills to play volleyball, like setting the ball that will float, have different timing to attack. I love this anime most because it is really connect to the volleyball which we play in the real world, and there isn’t any superpower for the character. Also, the opening theme song of every seasons are passionate and it’s matched with this anime. I love The Basketball Which Koroko Play, Attack on Titan and Tokyo Ghoul too. I hope there will be the forth season of Haikyu!! and Haruichi Furudate, the writter of Haikyu!! can keep work on this anime.

  21. I am a huge fan of anime. My favourite anime is Fairy Tail. I watched it when I was only 5-year old. It is about a boy who call Natsu Dragneel. He is a orphan and he was raised by a dragon which call Dragneel. He learnt many things from Dragneel such as the skills to survive and fire magic. However, Dragneel vanished suddenly . Then Natsu start the journey to find him. on the way , he met many people and friend. The story haven’t finshed yet. I really want to the ending!!!!!

  22. I am actually not a big fan of anime but under the influence of my friends,I have watched a few animes and my favourite one is Yumeiro Patissiere.It is about a girl who love baking very much goes to a baking school and joins a group of four which consists three princes of baking to become a pastry chef.She then joins a competition with them to compete all over the world to win the chance to study with famous tutors in France.Lastly,they win the competition and also a memorable experience and friendship.I was actually first attract by the photos of this anime because of the special drawings of them.All of the characters inside have big eyes and that makes them become more cute.I like this anime very much because I know how to bake and can have harmony with this anime.Also,I was so impressed by the spirit of the characters.The main girl character’s cheerful and brave personality influence me to try everything.We should afraid and give up before we try to do so.Also,I have learnt some more names of different desserts too.I would definitely recommand this to others because it was so interesting.

  23. My favourite anime is “Spirited Away”. It is an amazing movie that was released in 2001. It is written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki, the fantasic animator. It became the most sucessful anime in Japanese history. Its box office is even higher than that of Titanic.
    The movie is about a 10-year-old girl called Chihiro Ogino. She enters the spirit world with her parents while moving to their new house. Her parents become a pig because they eat the food in the spirit world. In order to save her parents, Chihiro has to survive and work in the spirit world that is not allowed people to enter. Luckily, Haku helped her to get a job in the bathhouse that is belonged to Yubaba. At last, with the help of Haku, she saves her parents sucessfully. During Chihiro staying in the spirited world, she learns a lot of things that help her to become a brave and kind girl.
    This movie has many hidden meanings behind the screen. I did not get it when i first saw the movie because I was only a primary three students at that time. I got a bit of it when i saw the movie for the second time. I found out that it is meaningful and inspired me a lot. It is not the general story of right and wrong, positive and evil, but revealed in reality the way people get along. I am sure that it will inspire many adults since it is full of vitality and wisdom of life.

  24. My favourite anime is ” One Piece” . I hadn’t watched anime before my elder sister watched. After she watched this anime, she always talks about the content of this anime that attracts me to watch it. I believe some of the lamwooer are also big fans of ” One Piece “. This anime is about the adventure of the main character——-Luffy to find the most precious treasure in the world. He travelled around the Easter Blue and fought with many pirates who also wanted to find one piece. When Luffy was small, he accidentally ate an ” evil fruit ” that made him became a “rubber man” . He had an incredible flexibility that could stretch his legs , arms and neck to a very long way. However, people who ate ” evil fruit ” were not able to swim. When pirates discovered his weakness, they tried every means to let him fall into the water in order to defeat him and grab his properties and treasures. Luffy was not afraid of them and he never gave up as he had a steadfast faith and perseverance to reach his goal.
    We should learn from Luffy because of his faith and courage. Even though we think we are not able to overcome a challenge, we should trust in our ability and we can succeed as nothing is impossible.

  25. My favourite anime is Attack on Titan. It is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. Actually I am not a fan of anime, i had watched it once with my brother(he was sleeping when watching it -.-)and so it becomes my favourite only one. At the beginning, I thought that it was horrible with many bloody scenes when the characters keep killing the giants ceaselessly, but it’s not, indeed. The story begins with a 10-years-old boy, Eren Yeager, his adopted sister, Mikasa Ackerman and his friend, Armin Arlert. Their hometown is attacked and destroyed by a 60-meters-tall giant. Eren’s mother is eaten by an unsympathetic and brutal giant, grinning when eating her, (I covered my eyes during this part)Eren watches in horror. Henceforth, Eren vows to kill all giants in the world with great determination. the three of them joined in the military which combates the giants. That’s how their adventure begins. As I said before, it’s quite meaningful somehow. It shows the ugliness of the society at that time. When people get into troubles and face difficulties, we can just simply unite and solve the problem together instead of separating the others with divergence selfishly due to the class division there. Secondly, it shows how people revolt against the giants, they fight for their lives in order not to surrender to them thus the end of the world when humans are extincted. I found the difficulties for them to survive but their determination have never been wavered and they have never give up, too. I have watched the first season already and have been looking forward for the second season for a long time already~~

  26. My favourite anime is Dragon Ball.It was recommended by my uncle.He has watched it when he was small.I am not a great fan of anime so an anime that can make me willing to watch is absolutely great and Dragon Ball is one of them.This is my favourite anime because the plot is pretty exciting.It talks about Goku and his friends try their best to save the Earth from the attacks by enemies.There are three biggest enemies in total,Freeza,Cell and Majin Buu. To me,I think that the episodes about defeating Freeza is the best.In those episodes,Goku becomes the first Saiyon who turns into super Saiyan.The process Goku turning into super Saiyan is totally fantastic.With the sound effect,it makes me more excited and continues watching it.Although it is an old anime,I believe that Goku is still familiar to most of the people.I highly recommend you to watch it.

  27. Actually I am not a fans of anime. I think my favourite anime is Lovelive😂. I seems that only watched this anime before . My friends recommend this anime to me. It is talk about 9 girls to complete their dream. They practised hard and fight for their dreams. It is encouraging me to fight for my dream .Although I will meet some difficulties, I will be success in the end after I tried to do my best.

    Also it is also talking about friendship between schoolmates. They will argue, they will feel unhappy with each other but they are always best friends.

    Maybe someone will think that it is really boring but I learnt many through this anime. I hope every one can find their own way to go and every one can fly high in the beautiful sky✨💫

  28. The anime which had always been my favourite since i was eight , is Black Butler .
    It’s about a young boy called Ciel , who once lived with his parents and his lovely family and was living happily every day but one day someone set a fire to their house and took away all of his happiness . He then formed a contract with Sebastian Michaelis, a demon who has taken on the disguise of Ciel’s butler, to seek revenge against those who killed his parents and resulted in him being kidnapped and tortured . However there was a price for that , he had to give his soul to Sebastian after his revenge is done .Black Butler was first debut on September 16, 2006 as a manga series , then the 1st and 2nd season of anime were aired in 2008 and 2010 respectively , even though the anime series didn’t follow the manga content , i still love the storyline of it . And i love the setting of every characters , especially Ciel , i think he is so cool and clever . I’ve read the manga and it’s also amazing . I’ve watched all the movies and the 3rd anime series also , i’m totally speechless of those incredible work . It’s not a big hit now but think it will be very popular next year when the latest movie is released . That movie follows the original plot from the manga and I’m really excited of it . I know the story since I’ve read the manga and it’s full of surprises . I strongly recommend this amazing anime . Go and check it out ! ~ ^.^ ~

  29. My favourite anime is fullmetal alchemist(fa). It has two editions and I like the new one more. My brother recommend this anime to me. As to bond with him and also being quite a big fan of anime, I started watching it with him and I had no regret at all! The plot is very interesting and exciting, and all the opening and ending songs are great. It is about the Elric brothers who had lost their mother when they were little. They learnt alchemist and tried to use it to bring their mother back but failed, and as a price Edward had lost one of his legs and his younger brother Alphonse had lost his whole body. In order to get her brother back, Edward sacrificed his right arm and fixed his brother’s spirit on an armour. Afterwards, they had started a journey to look for a way to get Alphonse’s body back. During the journey, they gradually found out the biggest and darkest secret in the city. The different creatures and the exciting battles between the Elric brothers and other alchemists are thrilling too. The whole story is fascinating, especially the surprising plot twists really grab your heart and won’t let go. Once you start watching it, you don’t even want to stop! The whole story teaches about friendship, love, justice and loyalties. Some parts are really touching, and it teaches a lot of different life lessons. It is one of the most famous classics in anime history.

  30. My favourite anime is Anohana:The Flower We Saw That Day that produced by A-1 Pictures and directed by Tatsuyuki Nagai. It’s about six children drift apart after one of them, Meiko Honma ( Menma) , died. After the incident, the leader of the group, Jinta Yadomi, has withdrawn from society and does not attend high school.One summer day, the ghost of an older-looking Menma appears beside him and asks to have a wish granted to help her to pass onto the afterlife. Then Jinta gathers his estranged friends together once again but Jinta is the only one who can see Menma’s ghost so his friends accuse him of not being able to get over the death of Menma. But as matters progress, it was that Jinta is not the only person in the group who is having trouble letting go of the past. It was that all the group members blame themselves for Menma’s death. In the end ,Menma’s wish is hoping all her friends can reconcile with each other again so she disappear in the end with the letters that was written by her.

    It is an anime that aired in 2011,quite old but it’s a really touching movie. I even cried when i watch the episode! Menma is a really kind child that will to come back to recover Jinta and his friends’ friendship. I hope I can meet friend like her too!

  31. I am a huge fan of anime.I have watched over 60 animes and my favourite one is Haikyuu!!.It is about a short boy named Hinata who falls in love with volleyball after seeing a competition of the short but powerful player nicknamed the ‘Little Giant’ of Karasino in the national competition.Although he is short,he dreams to be the ‘Little Giant’ on the court.However,during his junior high school period,he didn’t have a good environment to practice volleyball.He created a volleyball club and practiced with the female volleyball team.Then,he had his first and last volleyball competition in his junior high school career.He and his two friends who don’t know how to play volleyball and 3 clubs members joined the competition.Sadly,his team fiasco.His opponent Kageyama was angry that Hinata has great talent but wasted three years in his junior high school.But Hinata knows how much he paid to play volleyball.He made a promise that he will beat Kageyama.So he went to Karasino High School which was a strong school but after their coach retired,their team faded.At there,Hinata found out that Kageyama was also there!They were enemies at first and then they been though a lot and became good partners.Kageyama is one of the most talented setter and Hinata can perfectly match Kageyama’s pass.Their team trained and became stronger.They fought against powerful enemies.They won but they also lost.However,they never give up.Till now,they made it to the Japan National High School Volleyball Competition and the anime ends here.I think it will have more than three seasons.I really love this story.I don’t like animes about love or dating.I like animes about sport or detective or a fabulous plot.For example,I also like The Basketball Which Kuroko Plays,Death Parade,Attack On Titan,No Game No Life..and a lot more.Haikyuu!! is really a great anime.It is perfect to me.It is full of passion and the background music is fabulous!I like Omnivorous best.The soul of this anime makes me so excited.I cried why season three of Haikyuu!! ended on the tenth of December 2016.I really hope that there would be Season four.

  32. My favourite anime is “Date a Live”. I have watched this anime since i was Primary four. This anime has 2 season series. Although i seldom watch anime, i have watched the first and second season for quite many times. It is because the plot of this anime and the style is amazing. The series begins with a strange phenomenon called a “spatial quake” devastating the center of Eurasia, resulting at least 150 million casualties. The story mainly surrounding about he main character “Shido Itsuka”. Shido has a cute sister called Kotori. There is also one thing in the story called “Spirit” that is from different dimensions. When a “Spirit” come to the real world, it will demage everything nearby the “Spirit” which will produce “spatial quake”. By solving this problem, Shido have to date with every “Spirit” to make them satisfy so that the “Spirit” can control their temper well. There are many girls in this anime. The character i love most in this anime is Kotori. She is cute and a bit tricky. She loves his brother and takes good care him. In fact, this is the only anime i watched in detail. This is just a simple love story and i can’t learn any lesson from this anime but i think i love the plot of this anime. I would recommend this anime to my classmate if they love watching love story.

    1. it is attractive!Do you like Tokyo Ghoul?lt’s the most interesting one l’ve ever seen.l like the plot and the backgroung’s so unique and out of the ordinary!lt’s about a place where vicious creatures called “ghouls” exist alongside humans. The citizens of this once great metropolis live in constant fear of these bloodthirsty savages and their thirst for human flesh. However, the greatest threat these ghouls pose is their dangerous ability to masquerade as humans and blend in with society.Tokyo Ghoul follows Ken Kaneki, a shy, bookish college student, who is instantly drawn to an avid reader like himself. However, Rize is not exactly who she seems, and this unfortunate meeting pushes Kaneki into the dark depths of the ghouls’ inhuman world. In a twist of fate, Kaneki is saved by the enigmatic waitress Touka Kirishima, and thus begins his new, secret life as a half-ghoul/half-human who must find a way to integrate into both societies.l hope that you can watch it,it’s worth enough!

      1. I also very interested in this animated film -Tokyo Ghoul since I heard about this anime from my classmate for the first time. This is the most creative film that I have ever watch. The plot is exciting. If I am free, I will watch it again.

  33. My favourite anime is “Your Name”. The director of this anime is Makoto Shinkai. The duration of the anime is one hour and forty seven minutes. It is such a moving anime.
    The anime is talking about the main characters Taki and Mitshua. They changed their souls and their bodies accidentally when they were sleeping. It was very fantasy and unbelievable. Since then,when they noticed that,boy they started to transfer their feelings by writing memos and leaving messages on each other’s phone. Their relationship became closer and closer. One day, Taki found that he was unable to contact Mitshua. It was very strange. Therefore he decided to find Mitshua by himself.
    Althougt they liked each other very much, they would lose their memories. Luckily Taki found Mitshua at the end.
    Many classmates recommend this anime to me because the story of it is touching and heartful. It also inspire many people. It is a good anime.

  34. I like watching anime so much.I really like the movies of Makoto Shinkai as the scenes in the them are wonderful and attractive.I like “Your Name” and “5 Centimeters Per Second” very much.The’re both touching. “5 Centimeters Per Second” is my favourite one among them.I’ve also read the chinese version fiction of this film.There are three parts in the film,they’re 1)Cherry Blossom,2) cosmonaut and 3) 5 Centimeters Per Second.The film is about a girl called Akari and a boy called Takaki.Akari was transferred to Takaki’s primary school when she moved to Tokyo.They had the same hobby,they both liked reading so they became friends quickly.They grew up together and their relationship became closer.They decided to go to the same secondary school so they can keep their relationship.They did many things together such as went to watch cherry blossoms and stayed in the library after school.When it was the season for cherry blossoms to bloom,Akari told Takaki,”Do you know what is 5 Centimeters Per Second?It’s the speed that the cherry blossoms drop from the trees to the ground.”Unfortunately,Akari moved to the nearby prefecture after primary school graduation as her father’s work.They use letters to keep contact.After a year,Takaki moved to an island called Kagoshima,its far away from where Akari lived.Their frequency of writing letters to each others became less and less.They couldn’t keep this long distance love.After they grew up,they were still miss each others so much.However,they couldn’t find and meet each others.One day,Takaki was standing at the train crossing and waited for the train to passed.He saw Akari was standing opposite to him and they recognized each others.The place was where they watched cherry blossoms together when they’re young.Nevertheless,the trains passed the road and cut their view.When the trains were gone,Takaki discovered that Akari was disappeared and he just smiled.This movie is really inspiring,I wanted to cry when I was watching it.I will recommend it to my friends and share this marvelous film together!

  35. My favourite anime is “Your Name”.I watched it 5 hours ago,that is really touching and inspired me.These film is talking about the main character Mitsuha and Taki changed the soul and their body when they are sleeping.After i watched the film, i have many ideas and i will deeply memorise the scene and the story.I think it was the best film that i have ever seen.^^

  36. My favourite anime movies is Your Name. It was written and directed by Makoto Shinkai. It is a Japanese fantasy film. It talks about a boy, Taki, and a girl, Mitsuha, They swap their body after they sleep since one day in 2013. After one day, they will go back to their own body. They started to communicate by leaving notes or memos in phone or paper. They started to interrupt other’s life. Taki made Misuha’s friend’s circle become larger and Misuha help Taki in getting closer with his coworkers,Miki Okudera One day, Taki can’t contact with Misuha anymore and he also found that they stopped to swap their body. He started to find out Misuha….
    It is a touching anime movies. Taki and Misuha will forget their memories in other’s body .Although they love each other very much, but they cant find each others. At the ending , they found each other and express their own feeling after they get rid of a lot of danger. Therefore I like this anime movies very much.

  37. My favourite anime is probably Transformers Armada . It’s made in 2003, so quite a old school stuff…
    It’s no much difference comparing to other transformers series , just more japanese and anime feel. This anime is awesome and special since the main theme was alien robots instead of humans . the graphics were very well done for 2003 . So I like this more than many others.:)

  38. My favourite anime is ” Neon Genesis Evangelion “. It is a 90s anime so not many of teenagers in nowadays will know it and love it. It has two version. One is TV version, another one is movie version. The movie version has a higher quality of the anime.Also some of the plot was changed in movie version. Also I love ” Attack On Titan”. It’s talk about the boy want to see the world outside the wall and started to fight with the titan. However he found that it’s something strange of titan. I love to watch the production of Shinkai Makoto too. Just like the anime that has been mentioned on top- “5 Centimeters Per Seconds” and “Your Name”.They both are very touching and meaningful. Just like “5 Centimeters Per Seconds”, I have watched for over 3 times. Japanese anime not just for kid, some are meaningful for teenagers even adults.

  39. My favourite anime is “Guilty Crown”..It talks about a boy who got a power from other peoples’ bodies from a new DNA substance and he fight the terrible government with a group of terrorists.This anime is breath-taking and marvelous,the characters in the story created a fantastic background and thus it lets me to give it a good comment.

  40. My favourite anime is “”Shokugeki no Soma“”.It is talk about a boy who is very good at cooking entered a school where can teach students cook more delicious food.I think this anime is fantastic because all meal in the anime can be produced in reality.The scenes in this anime are also funny and the characters all have their own special skills.It is a good anime.=.=

  41. My favourite anime is Date A Live.It is talk about a boy who calls Shido Itsuka need to date with “Spirits” . “Spirits”can cause spatial quake and will make people die.If Shido Itsuka date with them,they will not cause spatial quake. Shido Itsuka is very important.
    I Love this anime because the plot is very good.The characters are very beautiful too.I love tohka in this anime because of she is very brave.I hope everyone can know it because it is a good anime.

  42. My favourite anime is Dragon Ball.It was draw by Toriyama Akira. The story is about Goku and Vegita protect the earth from the attacks of the creatures that want to destroy the earth. It also told about the life of Goku and Vegita.
    I think the anime is very good because it had a lot of funny scenes like when Goku touched Gigi’s arm,Gigi will fly away from the house. It is really a good anime!

  43. I like so many different anime series; I can’t list them all. However, two of my absolute favorites are


    Hakuouki – all seasons. All the characters but for the main female were so well done. The character development was just, ugh, so good!

    1. I’ll check out the 2nd one. I love the first one–Mushishi–because of (1) the unique and lovely drawing style (2) the coolness of the main character–Ginko and (3) its relevance to life.

      Ginko does his best to help people, and sometimes he can solve the problems without even harming the mushi involved. However, sometimes he can only find a way to help people manage their symptoms, sometimes he can’t really help people at all, and occasionally he makes the wrong decision and things become even worse.

      I think this is true of all helping professions–medicine, teaching, social work, psychiatry, etc. You can only do your best. Sometimes what you can do is really limited or ineffective. Sometimes, you simply fail. You just need to to keep going and learn more and try to help the next person.

      Though the setting of the anime involves a fantasy and supernatural elements, Ginko’s struggles are still very relevant to modern life.


      I have read the manga and am on episode 20 of the anime.

      1. I loved everything you said! It’s truly a wonderful anime. I’m sad it didn’t get more attention, but I think it requires a lot of deep thinking on the watchers part.

    2. My favourite anime is is about the son of a sailor, 5-year old Sosuke and goldfish Ponyo. One day, he finds a beautiful goldfish trapped in a bottle on the beach and rescued her, names her Ponyo .But she is the daughter of a wizard and a sea goddess.Ponyo uses her father’s magic to transform herself into a young girl but the use of such powerful magic causes a dangerous imbalance in the world and the sea.The most attractive place is the is so unique and interesting,so it make the successful of Miyazaki ‘s movie.l love the special effect too!lt is excited and happy after l saw this film.l hope you will like it !

        1. Do you like Arrietty?In Tokyo, the boy Sho has a heart condition and is neglected by his parents. He moves to the house of his Aunt Sadako and her housemaid Haru to wait for a heart surgery, but he is depressed with the absence of his mother. Meanwhile the fourteen-year-old Arrietty lives on the underground of Sadako’s house with her father Pod and mother Homily. They are Borrowers, tiny people that collect simple things they need in the house. Sho sees Arrietty in the garden and during the night, she participates for the first time in a harvest with her father. Arrietty accidentally drops a sugar cube in Sho’s bedroom, but the next morning Sho leaves the cube near a window in the basement. Arrietty’s parents decide to move to another place since they have been discovered by an inhabitant of the house. But there is the menace of Haru who wants to capture the tiny people. But at last,Sho and Arrietty become friends.

    3. The anime I like most is Doraemon.It is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Fujiko F. Fujio. The series has also been adapted into a successful anime series and media franchise. The story revolves around a robotic cat named Doraemon, who travels back in time from the 22nd century to aid a pre-teen boy named Nobita Nobi (野比のび太).Nobita is a young boy who suffers from poor grades and frequent bullying. In order to improve the life of his descendants, the robotic cat Doraemon is sent back in time by one of those descendants to protect and guide Nobita. Doraemon has a pocket from which he produces items known as “gadgets”, which range from toy and medicines, to technology from the future. Some of these include the “bamboo-copter”, a small head accessory that allows flight and the “Anywhere Door”, a door that opens up to any place the user wishes.

      Nobita’s closest friend is Shizuka Minamoto, who also serves as his romantic interest. Nobita is usually tormented by the bullying Takeshi Goda, and the cunning and arrogant Suneo Honekawa. A typical story consists of Doraemon using one of his gadgets in order to assist Nobita in various ways, often causing more trouble than he was trying to solve.

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