Your favourite recently released English language song

Let us know what English Language song you would recommend.

Make sure you tell us why you selected that song.

These days I quite like the songs Stressed Out and Fairly Local by Twenty One Pilots and Faded by Alan Parker. Stressed out has catchy chorus and captures the uncertainties of growing up. When you get stressed out with work and studying, it is always tempting to want to go back to the days of childhood—a time when people looked after you and you didn’t have tons of responsibilities.

The song Faded gets a little repetitive, but the singer’s pure and airy voice is a good match for the trippy lyrics and atmospheric arrangement.



  1. My favorite English song in 2018 is “7 Years” by Lukas Graham. The lyrics are by the singer himself, under his full name, Lukas Graham Forchhammer – an indication of his cross-national heritage. It’s a highly emotive song. The singer recalls his childhood, his hopes, his dreams – and smoking weed at 11. He looks forward to turning 60. Frontman Lukas Forchhammer described “7 Years” as a song about his life so far and what he hopes to achieve in the future. He said that the reason the lyrics go as far as the age of 60 is because his father died at 61 and he needed to “pass it to believe it.” He is also coming to a realization that being a father is the most important thing and his biggest dream is not to be some negative old dude, but to have his own kids.It’s already had more than six hundred and sixty one million YouTube hits!

    1. My favorite song in 2018 is “let her go”by passenger cause I love it’s tone which is relaxing and the lyrics of the song is very meaningful…
      Well you only need the light when it’s burning low
      Only miss the sun when it starts to snow
      Only know you love her when you let her go
      Only know you’ve been high when you’re feeling low
      Only hate the road when you’re missing home
      Only know you love her when you let her go
      And you let her go
      I think the title”let her go” is not only about letting a girl (may be your girlfriend ♪(^∇^*) .Instead, is to let the things which you care so much ‘go’,for example, fame , wealth , a broken relationship.By listening to the song, I have learnt that life is full of unknown and swerve.There are many things we can not predict, so the only thing we can do is to treasure what we have now, don’t care too much!

  2. My favorite English song in 2018 is Stranger Things Kygo ft.One Republic remix by Alan Walker. I really like this song because the lyrics are perfectly fit to the rhythm of the song. I also love Alan’s remix.
    The lyrics are meaningful too.

    Here is the link, the song will be looped for 1 hour, I know you’re gonna love this song:)

  3. My favorite song is Something Just Like This by The Chainsmokers & Coldplay. It is posted on YouTube in February 2017. I discovered this song when I walked past a shop. I memorized the lyrics and searched it on the Internet. The song is about the expectations from others towards yourself. I think the song is meaningful as it teaches me to be myself, I should try my best to live my life instead of just fitting in others’ requirements or expectations.

    1. I have listen to this song too.It is one of the best songs of all. The lyrics are memorizable I think people listening this song will have good expections from others.

  4. I like the song Havana which is sung by Camila Cabello and Young Thug. This is a love song and the melody is enchanting. This is a popular song well liked by teenagers like me most likely because the lyrics are easy to remember. I look up the dictionary and the word Havana means a beautiful and amazing woman. I think the theme of this song is about a girl who wants to be in Havana again with the man of her dream. I think this is a relaxing song and I listen to it whenever I felt nervous.

    1. I like to listen to this song when I was free. The rhythm is relaxing and the song is quite brain-washing. A good song 🙂

  5. One of my favourite songs is “Back to Beautiful” by Sofia Carson ft. Alan Walker . I know it’s a bit old , but this song is beautiful and it has such an empowering message . It is about loving who you are , not wanting to be something else. Like saying to yourself ” You’re so fat , nobody will be your friend” or “You’re not good enough and you’re not that smart ” that is what I think and whoever is reading , you are perfect just the way you are.

  6. My favourite song is ‘When You’re Gone’ by Avril Lavigne. It is a song which posted in 2009.Although it is an old song,it is not outdated.Its melody is very nice.Also,the lyric is meaningful and easy to remember.When the first time I hearing this song, I was amazed by this song.I always listen this song when I feel sad and tired.I think the singer sing very well so I like this song very much.

  7. My favourite English song is ‘You Belongs With Me’ which was sang by Taylor Swift.Although the song was posted eight yeas ago , I love this song very much.I love this song because the melody is really brainwashing and the lyric is meaningful for me .I listened this song until now because this song is my first listened English song .This song is recommended by my sister .After I have listened for once ,it makes me be the fans of Taylor swift.This song is talk about love between a normal girl ,a rich girl and a boy.The normal girl is the neighbor of the boy .The girl love him during their chats,the boy also.Unfortunately,The rich girl who don’t love the boy was the boy’s girlfriend . Once ,the boy finished the competition,he was going to hug his girlfriend but he found that his girlfriend was hugging the other boy. He decided to tell his love to the normal girl.During the party,the boy has waited the normal girl for a long time .He thought the girl would not come .At that moment,the rich girl asked him have a dance with her.While the boy was thinking how to refuse her request,the normal girl came.He ignored the rich girl and went in front of the girl at once .He took a piece of paper from his suit .The paper was written down ‘I love you.’ At that moment ,the girl took out a piece of paper and the paper was same as the boy.I will recommend this song to my friend.

    1. The melody of the song is good and when i heard this song and i felt relaxed . The story and the lyrics is meaningful tooo 🙂

      1. I also think this song is brainwashing and meaningful.I’m also a big fan of Taylor Swift.I think the lyric of her song is very easy to remember so I like her very much.

  8. My favourite song is from a movie-“Pixels “It has a fast beat,with exciting theme.It also have a kind of game background sound.I first heard it when I was watching the movie.I then search it from youtube and listened it for few more times.It soon become my favourite due to its style and theme.

    1. My favourite song of all is “How Long”.I found it through the top 100th songs in youtube. I think it is quite popular since my classmates nearby always sing this song during boring lessons. The lyrics of the the song is very easy to memeorize which the lyrics always appeares in my mind and the song is unforgettable. i would recommend you guys to listen to the song.

  9. There is a sort of new movie called ‘the Greatest Showman’, This movie is a musical stared by Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron, and Michelle Williams. And it is a super inspiring movie. WAIT! Isn’t this forum for song reviews? Yes indeed, I know what am I typing:) So, Ladies and gentleman, may I present you a song from the movie’THIS IS ME’, ‘ Look out ’cause here I come, And I’m marching on to the beat I drum, I’m not scared to be seen, I make no apologies, this is me’, I bet you can feel that energy coming out just by simply reading this small part of lyrics. There are a total of nine songs from the movie, and this is definitely the most meaningful and inspiring song.When I first listen to the song, it made me get emotional, because of the message of the song’ Everyone is unique and we should be proud of who we are’ is just really inspiring, and also with the amazing voice of Keala Settle, this song is a MUST to listen. so please listen to the song with the link below.

    1. This song empowers such emotional value and power to every self-doubting person out there, this song is amazingly beautiful, thanks to everyone who made this song .

  10. Hey guys! There is a sort of new music movie called’ The Greatest Showman’, you will definitely feel more while reading the below if you watch the movie first(
    There are a total of nine songs in this musical, some about love relations, some about dreaming big, some about being better and of course some during the performance. But there is one song that really inspires me a lot—THIS IS ME. This is one of the songs in the performance, this song is sung by Keala Settle who play a bearded woman in the movie, when I listen to the song for the first time, it made me get emotional,and the reason for it is the message sending out by the song’Everyone is unique and we should be proud of who we are’ Although this song had been posted on Youtube for almost half a year, Every time I listen to this song, my heart beats fast and I just cant stop singing it with emotion. So yeah, this song is a “must listen to song’ and be proud of who you are.

  11. My favourite song in 2017 is ‘All Falls Down’ by Alan Walker.
    Since I am a big fan of Alan Walker, I heard this song immediately when it was released on Youtube. This song is sung by Noah Cyrus and Digital Farm Animals. Although I did not heard their songs before, I think their voices are really great. Also, the lyrics are interesting, like ‘If it just ain’t right, and it’s time to say goodbye’. It makes me think about the meaning of the lyrics and I am quite enjoy of it. Last but not least, the melody comes from Alan Walker is the best I heard and the mix of voice is excellent too.

    1. I loved this song so much too! I also love another song which is also by Alan walker, it’s called ‘Faded’. I love Alan Walker because his songs are not just talk about love. I hope there will be more song that are not talk about love.

    2. It is one of my favorite song and I am a of fan of Alan Walker too! Alan is really talented Dj and Music producer. The story background of this song is really interesting and the lyrics are also meaningful.

  12. My favourite song recently is ‘River’ by Charlie Puth.
    When I saw the name ‘River’, I was so curious and click in to listen it. When I first heard this song, I have already attracted by it’s fantastic beginning. The melody is attractive and lively. The lyrics are meaningful. I think the meaning of ‘River’ is his lover. His lover want to leave him as quick as the river, so he try his best to save the relationship. I have also learnt many new vocabularies from it. Like ‘play it cool’, which means that someone try to hide the feeling and pretend cold to others. I love this song very much. I will recommend this song to my friends.

  13. My favourite song recently is ‘Chained To The Rhythm’ by Katy Perry ft. Skip Marley.
    This song shows the political opinion that Katy Perry think about, the song shows that she thinks that we receive too may information and start to get brainwashed by the information. In the Music Video, there are a lot of reference to ‘political stuff’, like liberty, patriarchal society, social apps, American Value. We are trapped in a box and we must work ‘chained to the rhythm’.
    The song’s lyrics are well written and I like it very much.

  14. I favourite song in last year 2016 is called ‘perhaps love’. I think this song is a lyric. It was sang by a men…i forgot his name😂but I did not like singing by men. So I listen to that one who sang by a woman called Jeon Su Yeon. The song is so fascinating!
    But my song this year is the disney mermaid song ‘part of that world’. The women sings well😊 I even chose it to be my sounding when someone phone me🤗

  15. My favorite English song of 2017 is”Shape of You” by Ed Sheeran .I first listen to this song is from my friend.At that time , I already thought this song was unforgotten .I ask for the name immediately.I think the melody is attractive and the lyrics are wonderful.The plot is about a man love a girl and want to woo her.In general , the song is lively and i will recommend it to all my friends

    1. I think the melody of this song is really great and it can be remember easily. The lyrics can also shows the feeling of love. However, I do not like this song too much since I don’t like to listen to love songs such like this.

  16. My favourite song in 2017 is “attention” by Charlie Puth.It is posted in may.I have loved him and his songs since 2015 December.Therefore,when he first upload this song,I listen to that song immediately.I think that song is so amazing.And then when I went to Canada and I listen to the radio in the car,the radio was playing that song.So it makes me so relax.Also I love to listen to music when I am doing my homework especially doing mathematics homework because I need to be concentrate in the homework,so I need to listen to music to be concentrated.At last,I recommend this song to my friends and family members because I want them to listen more foreign singers’ songs.

    1. I like this song too, it is good song. I like its melody and style very much . This song can let people be relax.

  17. My favourite song in 2017 is “Despacito” by Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee and Justin Bieber. My first time to listen this song was in Form 1. I saw this song was in the table of ranking. I listen to this song and I think the melody of this song was quite good so I collect the song into my “favourite box”. this song make me relax.And the lyrics is very good.

    1. I also listened to this song before,I think this song is inspiring, it inspired me to not to give up and keep on going. Th e melody is very good , the lyrics are meaningful

    2. Actually the song is about love and romance and have no mean of inspiring people.
      I think this song is well written but I still do not like the content that it consists and contains.

    3. I love this song also .The melody is good and I listen to it everyday. This song make me relax.

    4. I really love this song too because of its beat. I reach this song cause by my friend Jan. He always sing this song in t he classroom

  18. My favorite English song in 2017 is “Despacito” by Luis Fonsi,Daddy Yankee and Justin Bieber. I remember that I find this song in the ranking of
    joox(a app that can play the masic).At first time I listen to it,I don’t know what the singer are singing,but I think the song is good. Therefore, I collect this song to the collection of joox. I listen this song every day. Because this song can make me relax. I listen this song when I am sleeping. I love the melody. I love the lyrics. I love this song so much.

    1. I don’t really love this song because the meaning of the lyrics of this song is not suitable for children and teenagers and this song was repeated by the boys in my class for many times .It’s really annoying.

  19. My favourite song is “treat you better” by Shawn Mendes. I like the melody and the theme of this song, also the lyrics is catchy and easy for memorize. This song is recommend by my friend Tiffany Yu. I feel relax when i listen to the music so i would like to recommend the song to others.

  20. My favourite English language song of 2016 is ”We don’t talk anymore” by Charlie Puth and Selena Gomez. I love this song very much as the lyrics is wonderful and the melody of the song is nice. My sister recommend this song to me when I was just arguing with my best pal. The song is telling about two people don’t talk anymore because of something. They want to repair the relationship, but it’s too late for it. The meaning behind the song is deep, when you want to repair the relationship between you and your friend, it maybe too late. You may regret about this, you will miss everything with your friend in the past. To break a relationship is very easy, but building it is so hard. After I listened to this song, I found my pal and repaired the relationship. And I have learned that I should treasure every relationship, so that we wouldn’t have any regrets when we recall our whole life. This is really a great song, and I highly recommend this song to my friends.

  21. My favourite song in 2016 is “See you again” by Wiz Khalifa ft.Charlie Puth. The first time I hear this song was in the cinema when I was watching the movie”Fast & Furious 7″.This is the theme song of the movie. I like this song so much because the lyrics is easy and the song is so meaningful. Charlie Puth wrote this song for Paul Walker because he died in a car accident. :/ The reason that I choose this song is because I learnt that we should always respect others from the song. After I listened to this song,I felt very sad for Paul Walker and I cried. I highly recommended to my friends. RIP Paul Walker

  22. There were many amazing hit songs in 2016. Among of them, my favourite English song of 2016 is “Cold Water” which is sung by Justin Bieber & MØ feat with Major Lazer. The lyrics and the melody of the song is meaningful. I love the beat and melody of the song. It is catchy and the melody keep repeating in my mind repeatedly. Besides, the lyrics of this song is touching. It is about a boy can do everything for a girl. The boy tried many ways to date the girl. Finally, they became a couple because the girl was touched by the boy. Overall, this is an amazing song. I would strongly recommend this song to my friends.

  23. To be honest, there are many great songs in the past year. In all of the masterpieces, my favorite song is Rockabye by Clean Bandit ft. Sean Paul & Annie-Marie. The phrase “rock-a-bye baby” is a nursery rhyme and lullaby. The melody of the song is beautiful. Also the song is quite meaningful too. The main character of the song is a young mother, who is working so hard to prove herself to her dad, also to provide a good life for her child. She has a lot of struggles, as mentioned in the lyrics. She needs to work really hard for her child. She wants to give him a good and happy life, not a miserable life with her. Then at the chorus part, the phrase mentioned above is repeated for quite a few times. It shows that the mother is reassuring her kid and telling him to sleep. She is going to do anything as long as it can make him safe and happy. There you see the love that the mother has for her 6-year-old kid. It is quite thought-provoking, as you will think of how selfless the young mother is; willingly to do everything for her kid, in exchange for his safety and happiness. So you can see that the hidden meaning behind the song, and that’s why I highly recommend this song to you.

  24. There is a song that I really want to recommend,and it is also my favourite english song in 2016.This song is ‘7 years’ which is sung by Lucas Graham.
    This song is about a man who is telling his story from a young boy to an old man.Starting from childhood,he was told to make some friends,and then became older,trying to do some bad things.Growing up,he learnt things faster,cooperate with others and started to chase his dream.When he is at the top of his career,he choose his family instead of keep seeking glory just like his friends.Soon he will become old,like everyone he will hope for his children come back to see him.And then end his life simply.
    While listening to this song,I realize that that story not only belongs to a man,but all of us too.We once thought of a wonderful life,but we would realize that life is always too short for us in a sudden.We may not be able to extend our life,but the lyrics tell us to ‘Remember life, and then your life becomes a better one’.
    Actually I don’t know much about Lucas Graham the singer,even all of the foreign singer.Therefore he is not the reason that I love this song.However when I listen to this song,I can hear that he put a lot of his emotions and feelings in singing the song.He enrich the song very much so that I am moved while listening to the song.
    That’s why I recommend ‘7 years’ to you and it is my favourite song in 2016.

  25. My favourite english language song in 2016 is THIS IS WHAT YOU CAME FOR. It is sung by Calvin Harris featuring Rihanna. I think that the song is worth to listen. The melody of the song is really good. I like the lyrics very much. It gives me a very pleasant feeling. Moreover, the lyrics of this song is written by Talyor Swift, she was Calvin Harris ex- girlfriend. Like I said before, the lyrics is really great, some of them are written by her! The song starts, “Baby, this is what you came for/Lightning strikes every time she moves/And everybody’s watching her/But she’s looking at you.” That’s followed by a ton of “ohs” and repeated “yous.”Those same words are then repeated throughout the entire song. So you see, this is really fantastic!
    Hope you guys like his song too!

  26. My favourite song is 2016 is 7 years. It is sung by Danish pop and soul band Lukas Graham. The song is telling about life, starting from childhood, when we don’t have any troubles bothering us, and friends and family are everything to us. Growing up, we started to learn things fast, and we started to work hard to get a steady figure. When we slowly go old, all we wish is having a simple life and our family’s accompany. It is not just their life, but it is similar to everyone’s life. During our age, we often remember about our childhood and dream about our future. And afterwards, we suddenly realized that our life is such short, just like this song. However, I hope we can do more meaningful and memorable things in our short life, so that we wouldn’t have any regrets when we recall our whole life, we will feel satisfied and delighted. The lyrics of the song is really meaningful and touching, and the melody is catchy and nice too.

  27. My favourite English song in 2016 is “heathens”. It is sung by Twenty one pilots and it is also one of the OST of the movie”Suicide Squad”.I love this song very much as it has strong rhythm and attractive melody. The song is part grunge, maybe part R&B, and part pop. I can just follow the music and sing it easily. Apart from these, the lyrics of the song is also great. The first sentence of the lyrics is “All my friend are heathens; take it slow.” Heathens can mean a lot of different things. Right here, it could refer to people on the outside of a specific group , people who we think are morally weaker than us, or people who we don’t understand or think are odd.
    It is really a fantastic song and I highly recommend “Heathens” to all of you.

  28. My favourite english language song this year is “We don’t talk anymore”. My friends recommend this song to me when i was just arguing with my classmate. This song is popular in my class and many classmates in my class know how to sing it. The melody of the song is nice. I like the lyrics very much. Although we sometimes argue with our friends and we may bully them, we can make driends again at the end.
    I think that friends are important. They chat with you, they play with you or even they share with you. Therefore , we should treat our friends like how we treat ourselves.

    The song “we don’t talk anymore” is suitable for the people who argue with their friends, it’s because the song is just writing liked what they feel at that time. The song is great and nice

  29. My favourite english language song in 2016 is “Alone” by Alan Walker.Alan Walker is a talent singer.All his song always sell so popular!Such as “Faded” and “Sing Me To Sleep”.I am a big fans of Alan Walker!!!Why I know this song?Because one day I checked up my Facebook and one of my friend shared a post about Alan Walker’s new song.Once I heard of this song I just fall in love with it!I think you should go and listen immediately.”I know I’m not alone~”

  30. My favourite song in 2016 is Alone by Alan Walker. Whenever I listen to this song, i feel so calm. It gives me a very pleasant feeling. The lyrics are catchy. The melody is also easy to remember. When I first listened to the song, I was attracted by the melody. It is an amazing song. Also the voice of the singer Noonie Bao makes me feel comfortable. I am sure that you will love this song.

  31. My favourite English language song in 2016 is COLD WATER by Major Lazer(feat.Justin Bieber&MO).
    How did I get to know about this song? I turned to the radio station z103.5 while the radio station playing this song.What a coincidence!I am attracted by its splendid and ‘ear-catching’ melody.Since then,I downloaded the song and I couldn’t stop listen to it repeatedly.In the other hand,the lyrics of this song is really meaningful and lyrical. ‘And I hope you know,I wont let go.I’ll be your lifeline tonight.’ ~ When we are drowning in sadness and pain,there will always be someone who will never let go of our hand and save us.This song is not only commesirating ,it’s about support and it’s a life-saving draw for the person.When things get hard,just take a deep a breath and let it go.The lyrics is encouraging, touching and the rhythm is catchy.I think I fall in love with this song!

  32. My favourite English language song in 2016 is CAN’T STOP THE FEELING! by Justin Timberlake.This is a song related to DreamWorks Animation movie Trolls.Although I don’t like the movie,I like this song.I feel happy after I hear this song.Yes,just happy that I want to dance.I love the melody and the rhythm.I follow the song and sing.This song is really suitable to listen when you are down or angry.I can’t stop clapping with the melody.When you feel sad,I am sure that listening to this song will help.I can imagine me dancing with tears in my eyes with this song loading in the back.I was not a fan of Justin Timberlake before but now I am.You can say that this song does not have a meaning but it might help others.I believe that this song encourages people.It is so lively with the strong rhythm.This can cheer up people like me.The lyrics are also easy to remember.I got this feeling in my body…I think we should be positive even when we face difficulties.I am an active girl so I really like this kind of songs.I can’t stop the feeling!

  33. My favourite English language song of 2016 is”we don’t talk anymore”.I think that the song is worth to listen and make listener pleasant.When I hear the song,I always feel comfortable and the melody of the song is expressive.The meaning behind the song is deep.The meaning of the song is “when your relationship with friends is broken,you cannot talk to your friend anymore.You may feel lonely all the time.You want to repair the relationship with friends but your friend prefer not to repair.Then,you will think of your friend everytime.You will miss your happy moment with your friend in the past.”I remembered there is something bad happened last month and I was unhappy one-week long.When I was doing my homeworks,my friend called me to play and I decided to play with them.The next day,I forgot my homeworks and I finished my homeworks at midnight.Then,I was punished by my parents.When,I came back to school,I argued with my friend and our relationship was broken.After listening to this song,I learn that I should be calm when I am handling a relationship.When you want to repair the relationship,it maybe too late for it.

  34. Talking about my favourite English song in 2016, it will certainly be “Don’t let me down’ by The Chainsmokers. Why did I get in touch with this song? It’s because Chainsmoker’s music is always fantastic. Their music are my favourite so I subscribed their Youtube channel. One day, I saw the Youtube channel of Chinsmoker uploaded a new song so I clicked into the video. At first, I was attracted by its fascinating melody. Therefore I started to listen to it frequently and found its lyrics meaningful. It’s lyrics is quite negative but I just love it. One of the sentence in the song ‘Right now I need a miracle’ is a sentence often said by us. All of us has faced difficulties before and wanted a miracle to come. We would also think of someone’s name and want them to help like what mentioned in the lyrics, ’It’s in my head, darling I hope, that you’ll be here when I need you the most’ However there are usually no one to help us when we are facing adversity just like the lyrics said, ’but now is nobody by my side’ Therefore, we should rely on ourselves but not the others. This song cheered me up and inspired me to go over the difficulties with my willpower and I shall never give up. Thus, I love this song very much (・∀・)

    1. Talking about my favourite English song in 2016, it will certainly be “ROAR’ by Katy Perry. Why did I get in touch with this song? It’s because Katy Perry’s music is always fantastic.One day, I saw the Youtube channel of Katy Perry uploaded a new song so I clicked into the video. At first, I was attracted by its beautiful picture and the cover of lion. I listened to it for a while and I seemed to like this song!the lyrics is meaningful.l felt very empowering from the beginning and it celebrates the idea of being against the ropes in life, throwing haymakers until you make contact and come out the victor!It focuses on triumphing over anything and anyone in life that hurts you. The lion is the king/queen of the jungle, and Perry is using that metaphor to the fullest.“I got the eye of the tiger, a fighter, dancing through the fire / ‘Cause I am a champion and you’re gonna hear me ROAR / Louder, louder than a lion / ‘Cause I am a champion and you’re gonna hear me ROAR.”lt makes feel that l have lots of power and strenghs.l can get up from where l fell is a great song to everyone because it is very encouraging and cheerful.l always listen when l am doing my homework or during revision.

  35. My favourite song in 2016 is “Treat you better” by Shawn Mendes. This song can let me feel relaxing. The MV of the song is quite good. The lyrics of the song are easy to remember and melody of the song is really good. This song was recommend by my friend, Eunice and I started to love this song. This is a very good song, and I also recommend all of you to listen at it. I hope you will also like this song.

  36. My favourite song in 2016 is “one call away” by Charlie Puth. This is a song which posted in September.It can encourage me when I feel upset because i will know “no matter where you go, you know you’re not alone” and this remind me that I will not be alone when I feel bad ,my friend will stay next to me.I choose this song not only because it has a fantastic melody which makes me feel relax when I am tired and also I could feel that I am valuable to everyone and I am the only the most special in the world.Therefore,i really like this song!

  37. My favorite song in 2016 is ” We don’t talk anymore” by Charlie Puth and Selena Gomez.
    I remember what happened after argue with my friend.and also have the bad thing happen.
    And this song is great .I learn to be calm and careful to have a relation.

    1. My favourtie English song in 2016 is “We don’t talk anymore” by charlie puth. It is posted in August. I first heard this is in English lesson. The song was played on Youtube while we were doing composition. I heard many classmates sing and I found that this song is quite popular.I seldom listen to English songs but when I listened to it for a while and I seemed to like this song too! I like it because I like the melody of the song. The lyrics is also catchy. It makes me remembered sometimes I quarrel with my brother, and like the lyrics “we don’t talk anymore like we used to do.” We stopped talking to each other for a long time.I learnt that to build a relationship is very hard, but to broke it is easy, so I think I need to treasure time with my friends and family.Be nice to them and tolerate them. I think I should chat with my brother tonight to build our relationship. To conclude, this is really a nice song and I would recommend to my friends.

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