Which subject would you like to cut? What would you like to add?

Is there a subject you would like to see removed from the curriculum? Why? Is there anything you would like to add? What do you think students should be taught at secondary school (junior high school and high school)? If you could develop a new course, what would it be?


  1. I am happy to be asked what subjects I want to drop. Notice the s after ‘subject’. Yes, I want to drop more than one. I want to drop these subjects: Visual Arts, Home Economics and Design and Technology. These should be extracurricular activities we can choose to take part in, not compulsory subjects. As is, we already have too many subjects and we are all stressed out just trying to cope. I asked my parents and they said they did not have so many subjects. With the ever larger bodies of knowledge we have amassed as humanity progressed, we should be reducing the number of subjects, not adding more. If we do add some, they have to be relevant. I mean, if Visual Arts is compulsory, why not Computer Literacy? And yet, Computer Literacy is treated very much like a true optional subject (no exams) .

    1. Most subjects are good for us and useful because they teach unique skills that help us in life. However, maths is not one of them. As a normal person, we use only basic maths in our daily lives. For instance, when we are shopping, we might need to use addition or even percentage, but I don’t think we’ll ever use algebraic fractions.Moreover, I think the syllabus for maths is too wide. There are too many topics and they are too challenging for students.
      If I were able to introduce a new subject to the curriculum, it would be English literature. We can learn how to appreciate the beauty of the words just like appreciating ancient Chinese literature.it will be fun and meaningful

  2. I would like to cut LAC lesson. I always feel bored in the lesson.
    I had done a presentation with my classmate. We fond that in 24 classmate.20 students choose boring! 3 students choose normal!1 student choose interesting !The funniest thing is the student who choose interesting just want to be different with the others! Therefore we can find out that LAC is boring.

    It’s boring because we learnt the knowledge in primary school. And we learn it again now. This make us feel annoyed within the lesson.

    I would like to add a lesson, which can give us some time to play games. That will relax all of us if we have this lesson.

  3. There are already a big variety for choosing in Lam woo.And most of them is important and interesting. But there is some similar subject can be dropped. For example, Visual art is one of it because it is similar to Design and technology, also in VA lesson the history it teach has already been taught in history lessons. And rest of the time is teaching drawing skills. So i think we can just combine the two subjects mentioned above. So we can learn similar things together and so we can learn much more quickly.
    Secondly, I think included knitting in Home Economic lessons because it is very useful for us to repair clothes.Also, knitting is what makes Hong Kong great in the 70th years. So I think we need to learn it. And it is interesting too!

  4. There are a large variety of subjects in here but I’m my opinion,one of them are not really helping with my academic and is not worthy to spend time on it—LAC.
    It is not helping us with any other subjects,yes,maybe you say that they could help you understand the words in different subjects but you can also do your own revision and check out whether you don’t understand anything,you can check hundreds of words on the Internet ,rather than learning five words you might know already.
    Moreover,the exercises are extremely easy that you can do all of the questions in a few minutes. Lam Woo students need to have more time to finish their assignments rather than spending all the time on preparing presentations. I bet that everyone did their presentation during primary.
    In my opinion, LAC is just a waste of time,making students more stressed and exhausted because of the extra homework from LAC. Therefore, I truly believe that LAC should be abolished.

  5. There are a large variety of subjects offered in Lam Woo. In order to let students learn more about the new curriculum for senior secondary, our school mainly provided art subjects ( History, Chinese History, Geography) and science subjects ( Physics, Chemistry, Biology)..
    Firstly, I would like to cut physics. In form three, we are learning something entirely difficult and that the syllabus is not the same compared to other schools outside. I think I perform rather poor in this subject since my mathematics foundation is not very good indeed, honestly. This is my personal comment but for other students, I think they should like the subject very much !
    Secondly, I would like to add English Literature. For our school, Chinese Literature is offered but there are no English Literature classes! I want to learn more about the ancient writers from the English History, for example, William Shakespeare. He has written many famous pieces, like the Romio and Juliet, The Tempest, Macbeth etc. I am also keen to learn more about the English style and it’s history.
    Hope the school can offer this subject when I am in form four!

  6. At first, i think school can cut LAC. Last year when i was F.1, I study LAC this subject for half year (12 cycle). In this lesson, I learn some vocabs and also some learning skills for different subjects. But actually, i think they were not really useful for such subjects.
    Also, I think most F.1 students can handle using English for teaching most subjects this problem.And learn to solve the problem by themselves. School can also help them to make some activities such as lunchtime program to help them know more about secondary school life.
    I also want add a subject called self-learning. In this class, students can go around the school finding place for studying by themselves. Teacher can open some place for them such as, library, Gym, playground, computer room.
    This subject can pratice for the self-discipline of students and also make them feel more relax and free for doing things they want.

  7. i think cut the VA and add one of the reading lesson because DT is similar to VA and nowaday many student do not have enouth reading because they only know to study and study.

  8. I agreed with the ideas of Mr.Yau and Mr.Pang that all subjects exist for a reason.In my opinion,I think that we are forced to study such many kinds of subject is due to the school want us to achieve all-rounded development in all aspects as we don’t have this chance in higher forms,which is the time when we are busy preparing for DSE.We also need a certain amount of knowledge for those “disgusting subjects” as reflected by most students like VA and Music.Although the teacher may not be the one you like,we can’t change this fact.We can only be concentrate on lessons to get the information we should know on that lesson such as the concept of Rococo art in VA lesson and the history of some famous musicians in music lesson.If not,when we grow up,we may not have the chance to learn these things,maybe because of the busy work of our job.Also,if your new friend talks about those things,you can call back your memory in junior forms although these may not be the subject you are strong at ,and so you can meet new friends by certain knowledge topics.
    For a new subject,I think that we can have a lesson each cycle for self-learning English vocabularies as nowadays students face a problem with limited vocabulary.They got used to communicate with clangs which they cannot use them in writing.Their mind may be full of clangs and so they can’t think of much vocabulary to use.This lesson is self-paced,which means every student can learn according to their ability and won’t be restricted to follow the pace of the whole class.

  9. Every subjects exist for a purpose so I do not propose to cut some of the subjects. I think an alternative solution to reduce the unwillingness to attend certain classes is to make non-academic subjects selective to junior form students. Some more subjects could be added in order to enhance the knowledge of students towards different electives in senior forms, for example, Chinese Literature, English Literature. In form one and two, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Economics could also be added to the whole form or according to the ability of a certain class. Moreover, a self-study lesson could also be added so that students can study themselves through different resources and reduce their reliance on lessons, in which not everything could be covered due to the time limitation.

  10. I have no intention to drop a subject, as I think all of them existed for a reason. Even those like Music or Visual Arts, it’s quite interest-based, but I still consider it having a certain meaning to us students.
    However, it would be good if I can add one class to the current system. I personally is more interested in science and IT, so a class which could combine these two great aspects may be my most important wish.
    I’ve seen universities opening and promoting the Science and technology class or subject, so I think secondary schools may take it as a reference. As we all know, the power of computer and coding is great today. All scientific researches and investigations could not be conducted so well without the help of computer modeling. Therefore, I am very confident to say that the technological boom in the past few decades is mainly due to the existence of computers, and its powerful calculating ability to generate results. This contributes to the fast accomplishments of the science and technology field. And the achievements in science and technology aspects lead to the improvements in computer industries, such as the expanding memories, faster function speed, etc. I heard that quantum computers are in its process now, which would lead to another leap of our technology way.
    Therefore, I am confident that we, students living in the Information Era, should be equipped to meet the challenges in the Information Technology field, and thus contribute to it in the future.

  11. There are many different subjects in Lamwoo.Teachers set up each subject for different reason.So I think dropping subjects may not be a good idea.But if people ask me to choose one or two subjects that I really want to drop,I will choose to drop LAC.I choose to drop LAC because it is less meaningful.LAC is a subject for F.1 students to adapt English leaning but I think it is not necessary.They are lessons learning about the knowledge of different subjects including Integrated Science,Geography,History,Liberal Studies,etc.But actually we already have those subjects in our school.LAC is just repeating the things we learnt in other subjects.Also,there are many unnecessary dictations in LAC too.Teachers compound the words from different subjects together and give us dictations.This doesn’t help us to remember the words.Some students even mix up the words.There is also a project for us to do in LAC but I don’t think this helps us to improve our speaking and presentation skills.Because we have already done some projects that are much harder in our primary schools.This is only a time consuming task for us.
    I think the school should change LAC lessons into English speaking lessons that teachers do speaking activities with students.Because students in Hong Kong nowadays have poor speaking skills.I think these kinds of lessons really can improve our speaking skills.
    Therefore,I think the best subject to drop is LAC and to add English speaking lessons.

  12. I think we should drop LAC lessons because this lesson is boring.I actually cannot learn anything from it.This is just a waste of time!LAC lesson is just the things that we learn in Intergrated Science,Geography,History,etc.Also, the LAC dictation is totally rubbish because the words are quite easy.I do not know why the school create LAC lessons for students.
    I think that we should add some free-time lessons for us.We can do anything in that lesson such as self-study,sleeping,having PE,etc.Therefore, students in Lam Woo can enjoy these lessons instead of LAC lessons!

  13. I think we should drop LAC lessons.It is because actually we can learn all the stuffs of LAC in the other lessons.I think LAC lessons are just a kind of revision lessons.However,we can also revise those things by ourselves.And also LAC doesn’t involve all the other subjects,it just involve a few subjects only.So I think LAC is not so useful for us.It is just wasting our time.I had heard some students said that LAC is the most boring lessons I ever had.And I’m quite agree with that.

    Instead ,I think we can add more CL lessons because we just have our CL lessons in the cycle 14-26.It is not enough for us to learn the knowledge of IT.Also,as the rapid development of information technology,we need to broaden our IT horizon and knowledge.So that we can catch on the rapid development of IT.

  14. There are quite a lot of subjects we need to study in Lamwoo. I think we should drop Language Across the Curriculum (LAC), which is a subject only for Form 1 students. Its original aim is for helping us to have a better understanding of different subjects and the answering skills in the exams. Maybe it can really help some of the students, but I don’t think the effect is so significant. It is useless and time-consuming for most of the students. Also, the dictations provided are always repeated with the original subjects. Therefore, we have to revise the same words again and it would increase our pressure. Moreover, the teacher do not talk about everything in the cross book. It is a waste of paper and the ink actually.

    On the other hand, I would like to add a Free-time PE lesson. It is a lesson for us to play any sports we like (unless there are no such equipment at school ) and do exercises with our friends. As you know, students do not have enough time to do exercises nowadays. They are always busy with their homework and ECA. They even don’t have enough time to play as well. I think this lesson is a good chance for us to keep the habit of playing sports.

    As a conclusion, I would like to drop LAC and add Free-time PE lesson.

  15. I think that the most subject that i want to cut most is LAC.I want to cut it because i think it is no meaning for studying this subject. We study the words some subject,the teacher said that it will help a lot when we study this things.But actually when i study those subjects and words,i don’t really think that it helps lo.And sometimes the teacher don’t really pronounce the words correctly.And it make me feel confused when i heard my subject teacher pronounce the words with the LAC teacher differently.
    Next ,i want to add a lessons called ‘self study’,i think it is meaningful because it can let students study and learn by themselves.It can train their self-discipline to learn.They can read books,study or do their homework.If the school add such this lessons,The students will be happy with that to have their freedom to learn by themselves.
    Second,i hope the school add some different languages class,because some of the students may like to learn some different languages for interest .
    To conclude,i world like to cut the LAC lessons and add self study lessons and different languages class.

  16. I think the subject LAC should be cut. most of the things that the teacher told us were already taught in other subjects, if not already taught in Primary School. The course book is always about either very basic knowledge or just things we won’t learn. Moreover, the teacher doesn’t even use the course book during the lesson, and 80% of the lesson time is just doing the dictation, which is also pretty useless. Also, the majority of the lessons is about the project, and I don’t see how does it help F1 students.
    I think the LAC lessons from cycle 2 to 13 should be replaced by CL. CL is more useful than LAC in every way, and there are very few lessons.

  17. Amount all the subjects , I think LAC is the most meaningless. The things that we learn in LAC is just repeating the things we are leaning in other subjects , doing reflection ,making a word record and exam skills . This is all some thing that we can learn by ourselves! I think this subject can combined with the English Portfolio because the things that we learn is similar to what we learn in English .Also , I think VA is just for interest . I think VA can be a ECA because it is really bored for someone who don’have any interest in art .Also, “art appreciation “is really time-consuming .Although we can’t learn about those famous artist , but teachers can still introduce them to the students by introducing the books about art .

    The lessons I hope the school will add is Spanish .It’s more easier to find teachers to teach Spanish now , and it is a common langue in Europe . It’s more easier for us to communicate with foreigner .
    After all,I think learning one more kind of langue must be more useful than VA and LAC .

  18. I think we should drop the LAC lessons, because the things that we learn is actually the same thing as what we learn in English, History etc. The original aim of LAC is to try to help F1 students to adapt secondary school life, but actually there is no obvious help for students and almost every lesson is repeating the same thing. The main problem is that they teach the thing that we learned in other lessons. To be honest, I think that the LAC lessons are extremely boring and is wasting time.
    I think that we can add two more LS lessons, because I think LS lessons is not enough in F1, we can learn about different areas of knowledge.

  19. I would like to drop VA lessons and add a foreign language class.👏 Language is also a kind of art. Although the artworks will develop our creativity, it is extremly time-consuming, especially on ‘art appreciation’. 😵Learning foreign language can help us to communicate with the people around the world more easier. Through learning different languages, we can learn more about the culture of different countries too.✈
    For the conclusion, I think VA should be dropped and foreign language class should be added.😂

  20. I think the subject hat should be removed is the subject that creates the most fear – Music. Many people is feared to meet Ms. Lee or even go to the Music Room. Students could use that spare study time.
    The Subject that should be added is a Self-Study Lesson. Students can do homework or Other things they like to release the tension and stress of learning as too much can be a burden.

  21. Actually,I don’t think removing any of the subjects is an good idea because the school must has its own reason to keep each subjects.Although there maybe really too much subjects to study,our elder schoolmates experience that too so I think it is a kind of honed and to prepare for our life.When we work in society,there must be more and more things to do and study harder now and train us to work under the pressure.But if you really ask me for a subject that I want to drop,that must be design and technology.For my opinion,I think that this subject is quite similar to visual arts that also teach us how to design and present a masterpiece.If ones is not interested in being a architecture or designer,etc. some days,it will be a waste of the double lessons.So that I suggest to use these two lessons to teach students other subjects for example,other languages to improve students knowledge.We can even use this hour to let the students do their own things for examle homework because many students nowadays always complain about not having enough time to finish the homework.

  22. There are too many subjects for stident nowadays. Not every subject is important for stidents at all. Some of the subjects waste the time for the students to learn more different things .
    If I can choose a subject to drop, i would drop reading lesson. 🌟🌟
    First, I think we can use our spare time to read and learn more that cannot learn in the lessons. I think it is wasting time to add a reading lesson.
    Second, there are some student hate reading but they learn through other channels. Reading lesson may waste their time since they do not read in lesson. 🙈
    Thirdly, I think we can use the reading lesson to add one more lesson, especially the lesson that most of the students love. So that , we can have more time for lesson.✨
    Last but not least , I found that the teacher and the students in reading lesson are always tired and want to fall asleep.😴💤💤 Maybe the reading lesson are too boring and the students are not interested in reading at all.
    Therefore,the best choice of subject to drop is reading lesson .🙋😂😂

  23. If I can drop a subject, I would like to drop Visual Art. Although visual art seems can train and improve our sense of creativity and imagination, some students may not be interested in these activities(doing art work).I am one of the student who have a very low sense in art. During the visual art lesson, I think it is boring. If other students are interested in art, they will do art works in their leisure time when they like to do so. Also, doing art work is time-consuming. Many students need to spend much time in doing art work as teacher required them to submit their art work as an assignment.They can’t refuse to do art work. However, some students are not good at art, they need to spend more time than others in doing their work. Moreover, in Lam Woo, we need to do art appreciation and cultural visit, so that students need to spend more time for outdoor visit and group discussion. As a result, they have less time to do other things they like.
    If I can add a subject, I would like to add an “English Drama” subject. Drama needs a big cooperation between actors, actors also need to have a fluent and expressive speech. So that students can improve their English speaking skills in a funny way. When students need to use English to talk to others, they will have a better self-confidence in speaking to others in English and clearly convey messages.

  24. In fact, students in Lam Woo have to study so many subjects. I think it’s worthless to add even more. Students will be in pressure and they will get stressed. As I said that students have to study so many subjects, I think we should drop one or two. If I have a chance to do it, I would like to drop LAC (Language Across the Curricular). Although it is just for form one students to adapt to the secondary school life and the teaching method, I think it is useless and it can’t really help us a lot. The knowledge that the teacher teaches us in LAC is the same with what we learn in the other subjects. It is useless to teach us the same thing for two times. The words in the dictation are the words that we’ve learned in different subjects. I think it is better for our subject teachers to do the dictation with us, or else we may easily mix up the words with the other subjects. For the presentation that we have to do in the last few lessons, I think it is wasting our time. The presentation aims to help us with our presentation skills. However, we have to do presentations in primary school so we may already know the skills. It’s not meaningful in doing this. All in all, I think this subject cannot help us a lot so I want to drop LAC.

  25. In fact,dropping subject are not good to us but still I would like to drop Language Across the Curriculum(LAC) this subject if we can choose because this subject is aim to help the form 1 student to adapt from primary school to secondary school.However it only contain dictation and revision again about the contents we have already studied.The presentation skills it taught is good,but adding one more presentation to us will increase our stress.The LAC lessons time is using our computer lessons time, Having a same lesson right through a year is better. So i would like to drop LAC.
    I would like to add English Literature this subject after form 3. We only have Chinese Literate this subject can be chosen after form 3.I want to add English Literature so that we can learn more English writing skills and cultural of different foreign countries. English is now an international language so we should learn more about it. Also provide more subjects for our students to select can widen their eyesight. In conclusion, I would like to drop LAC and add English Literature.

  26. If i have a chance to drop a subject, i would drop visual art. It’s because we have to prepare a lot of tools for the lesson. And the content of the lesson os similar to the Design and Technology lesson. And the lesson os a bit boring. Although i like making crafts, i can learn it by myself or at the D&T lesson.

    Instead, i would like to add a kind of language learning, such as French. I have learnt it for two years and i think it is quite fun to understand the meaning of the word of others country. Since i have learnt French, i can know more about France too. Moreover,we can communicate with other in French too.

    Too make a decision, i would like to learn another language rather than Visual Art.

  27. I would like to drop Language Across the Curriculum(LAC) because this subject is only full of dictations of the vocabulary from IS, Geography, History and Liberal Studies. The vocabulary is taught by these four subjects’ teachers in these four subjects’ lessons. I think we can spell these words correctly if we pay attention in these four subjects’ lessons. We have a lot homework to do in a night and we have a lot of quizzes so that we should study hard. We have Chinese and English dictations to finish so that we don’t want to get more dictation each cycle. We may not sleep before 12:00 at midnight if LAC dictation are still here because we should study hard or we will need to copy 20 words times 10 times in one day two days later. If LAC is cancelled, I would use this two lessons to get back for the computer lesson because computer is important in today’s life. We should learn it to make our life better. However, now the first 13 cycles are for LAC. We can’t get better in all subjects within Computer subject in the first 13 cycles until February.

  28. I think we should drop the Language Across the Curriculum(LAC).I want to drop it because this subject is only doing revisions on some of the subjects. I think the revision is nearly useless because it can’t teach me any extra things and we will do our own revisions everyday at home. Even though it also have some exercises about subjects but they are easier than the class/homework of the subjects.
    I think we shall drop the LAC and add one more lesson for Form Teacher Period and form teachers can have more time to solve problems in the class.

  29. I dont think removing subject is a good idea because every subject are useful.but i think Language Across the Curriculum(LAC)is really boring and useless. It just do some revision across all subjects and do some exercises.Actually i think the exercises are really easy because it is easier than other subjects’ classworks or homeworks.
    I think my school should add Language lesson.Like teaching French or Spanish.Because every language have their own actractive.I want to learn Japanese and Korean.Although I learn by myself at home but I still want some professional teacher to teach me.And tell us the background of these language.

  30. I have no idea of removing subjects from the curriculum right at this moment because every subject is useful. However, I’d like to put forward a suggestion on the additional lesson.
    I think Lam Woo should add a subject of foreign language. Globalization gives us variety of opportunities to get in touch with people from other countries. Learning foreign language, especially the globalized language, could help establishing a better communication with foreigners. Though learning languages, we can understand the culture of that country too, which can increase our awareness of the world. Besides, it is known that more and more students study foreign language at universities. Therefore, learning foreign language at secondary school is a good idea for hose students.
    The school should provide several choices for us such as French, German, Spanish and Japanese. However, foreign languages should not be tested in the exams as to avoid heavy burden and stress of students.

  31. There are lots of subjects in our school, although the works are heavy, I think all of them are useful and necessary. However, I have some suggestions about adding some lessons.

    I suggest that to add Chinese and English Literature. Chinese and English are languages we always use and there are lots of books written in these two languages. So, I think teachers could introduce some classic novels of Chinese and English to us and analyze the background and things we learn from it or what author is trying to tell us through the book. Students can do book reports and analysis of different books they like and these subjects can enhance our interest of reading and improve our analysis skills of things. It can also help us to understand more about the history,different culture and our society.

    Second, our school can add some lecture and presentation skills lesson in order to enhance our confident and speaking skills. It is really important because we always have to speak and present our ideas in our life and these lessons can help us to organize our ideas and express it to people clearly and fluently. Teachers can show videos of great talks, also some tips to make our presentation more perfect. With these lessons, if we want to talk about our ideas in our daily life or in the future, we can group our thoughts clearly and make a better presentation.

    All in all, I think our school can add Chinese and English Literature and Lecture lessons.

  32. If I could drop a subject and add a new one, I would like to drop VA lessons and add a “Self-study” lesson. You may say, “Through the artworks created in the VA lessons, students can train their creativity and also, they can earn the sense of accomplishment.” However, during VA lessons, we have a lot of homework and “Art appreciation” to do, and it creates more burden and makes our workload even more heavier. We already have a lot of homework every day, and we are under a lot of pressure, if we still have to do a lot of researches and create artworks, it would only add more work, and put us under more pressure.
    I think that VA is not that important, compared to subjects like Chinese, English, Maths, Liberal Studies, or even Geography and History. I think that those subjects would be more useful to us in our daily life, compared with VA. During self-study lessons, students can do their own homework, or even revise what they’ve learnt, in order to cope with tests, quizzes, dictations and even examinations.
    Since homework, tests, dictations and examinations already put students in a large amount of pressure, self-study lessons can help them cope with all the academic things, and they won’t have to worry about lacking time to finish their work, which would make them less stressful.Also, most of the students in Lam Woo have a lot of extra-curricular activities after school, ranging from music activities like choir and orchestra to sports activities such as badminton and volleyball, they would have less time to finish their homework and study. A self study lesson would be very useful, as students can finish their homework and revise in that lesson, and don’t have to worry about lacking time to finish their work. I think that a self-study lesson could help students reduce their pressure and stress, which would help them mentally and physically. That’s because too much stress and pressure is very unhealthy to us, not only mentally but also physically. Therefore, I think that a self-study would be really useful.
    I think that adding a lesson which would help students less stressful is better than adding a VA lesson that would put most students under more pressure.
    To conclude, I would choose to drop VA and add a “self-study” lesson.

  33. Iwould like to drop the lesson of Visual arts since the VA need to prepare the lessons .If not ,we may did not know what the teacher talking about in the lessons.usually we did not have more time after we finish our homework .And we need to study others subject .i want to add more one or two reading lessons.We can to enjoy books in the natural life .We can know more about different  things in our lives .It can let us know more words and write more skill from the novel too..

    1. I would like to drop Home Economics since nowadays people seldom eat at home. They usually eat outside in the restaurants. Therefore, we won’t need to learn how to cook. Also, the internet nowadays is very convinent and we may search for the recipe very quickly if we want to learn how to cook. We may drop this subject and change to reading lessons because we may have many homework and tests in secondary school. We may use this chance to read more books and relex our body and brain. Also, reading can improve our creativity and can let us learn more vocabulay.

  34. The school has been operated for 45 years. As time passed, improvements have to be made. In terms of subjects, I have the following suggestions:

    Students at secondary school are assumed to have basic self-care ability. However, in recent years Kong Kid phenomenon is getting more common and I found that some of our schoolmates are lacking of self-care ability. Once, I saw a F1 boy asking others to help him tie his shoelace, which totally shocked me. Not just in Lam Woo but also around Hong Kong, kids nowadays are much more rely on their parents. Primary children do not know how to bath themselves; secondary students do not know how to cook instant noodles; even university graduates need their parents to accompany them to attend job interviews. This is probably caused by parents’ over protection and lack of opportunities to learn basic life or social skills. Therefore, I believe the school should help take up the role to teach them with self-care ability. There is a necessity of adding self-care skills in f1 normal lessons (perhaps in home economic lessons).

    Besides adding self-care skills in our lessons, I would suggest adding a subject of foreign language. Many other schools in Hong Kong also have extra foreign language for their students, especially for those high achievers. Most students in Lam Woo are diligent and I think they have the ability to learn another new language. The school can offer a few choices of languages such as Japanese, Spanish and French etc. for students. However, this extra subject should have no examination to avoid adding burden to the students. Although the school has already provided a few foreign language classes as an extra-curricular activities, changing it as a subject can promote foreign languages to Lam Woo’s students. It is useful to them as they may work aboard or get in touch with foreigners in the future.

    All in all, to flourishing students’ school life, the school should add self-care skills teaching in F.1 home-economic lessons and foreign language as an extra subject.

  35. I would like to drop Visual Arts(VA) because I think VA is not important by comparing with other subjects. Although we can be more creative by learning VA, we can still learn it by ourselves. Also, the subjects that we need to learn is increasing. We have not much time to divide by so many things such as extra curricular activities.
    Next, I want to add a lesson that is called ‘home repair’. It is beacuse when we grow up, we may not live with our parents in the same house. We need to do everything by ourselves, can’t depend on our parents anymore. Moreover, we can help our parents when they have some problems in our home to reduce their burden. I think this new subject (home repair) is more functional than VA!

  36. I think that we should drop the lesson of Visual Art(VA). Although you may think that it is a lesson which can express your creativity and to relax yourself, things are not as easy as you think. Our teacher teach us how to draw good works, learning how to appreciate arts and also different visual elements or visual principle. I am not good at drawing and our teacher always ask us to answer difficult questions. If the Va lesson is dropped, I would like to add one more PE lesson. It is because we can train ourselves more healthy. I think that healthy is the most important in all of the category so that we may have less illness.

  37. I think we should drop Design and Technology and add a reading lesson. It is because D&T is similar with Visual Art, they are both doing art works. Therefore, I think it is not a must to have two separate subjects. The reason of adding reading lesson is reading books has many benefit. First, we can learn more vocabulary and many writing skill from the novel. Second, we can also learn a lot of extra knowledge which we can learn in the text books, such as science, history and cookery. I think we should have at least twice reading lesson a cycle. To conclude, I would like to drop Design and Technology and add a reading lesson.

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