What would you like to improve about yourself?

I was thinking of having a topic for New Year’s resolutions. January 1st was a long time ago and the Lunar New Year isn’t quite here yet, but let’s ma some resolutions anyways.

It’s a tradition in the West to start off a new year with a plan to make a personal change—a resolution. For myself, I would like to start to think more positively. In general I am a very pessimistic person and it is easy for me to get into a bad mood. I am a little tired of feeling down so frequently, so this is one characteristic that would be good for me to change. I think the first step for me to become more positive it is to try not to react to things immediately; instead I should think about whether there are different ways to interpret a situation. For example, one situation most of us face is when we send a message to a friend and we don’t get a reply. It is easy to feel neglected, isn’t it. However, it is also easy to forget a message. You see a message, open it, say ‘I am busy now; I’ll respond to it later’ and it gets pushed down the page and out of your memory. Instead of jumping to conclusions, I should try to be more empathetic and consider other possibilities. Another thing I can do it so talk more frequently to my friends about things. They can help me gain a different perspective, especially if they know I am looking for more positive ways of looking at things. (The image at the top of the page is from my series of photos of street art in Seoul, Korea)

What would you like to change about yourself? Why? How do you plan to do this?



  1. I am a careless student.It is a big problem for me .For examle, during the first exam I lost nine marks because I wrote extra commar. In our daily life,careless may lead to so many unconvinient . I may lost my octopus card.I may forget to bring my homework.I lost marks because of minus mistakes. Careless is really a serious problem for me.

  2. I would improve my ardour to other people because now I am really cool. I am usually kind to other classmates. I usually support them and help them immediately. However, my advice are very rare to given because I am too shy. This would lead the misunderstand of other people as they may think me is a bad guy with my horror. But it is not true. I am nice without my attacks. I am too shy to improve our friendship. I may think it is difficult. Therefore, I hope I can be brave to develop our friendship immediately. I should not be scared from others’ opinions towards me. It is quite difficult but I am making beginning now. Give me sometimes and the future would be better.

  3. I think my problem is that I am too pessimistic.I always think that I am not welcomed by anyone.If I saw someone talking together in a small group,I will gone mad.I just think that they are commenting on my weaknesses.So,I want to be more positive.
    Another problem is that I am a perfectionist,a person who always want to score high even in small works.Although this passion of giving quality work is good,too concentrated on giving quality work may only waste up the time .Maybe I should admit that I am not eligible to achieve such high standard,doing something that I cannot achieve may only cause depression.I want to distribute my time better.
    No one is perfect,if I already tried hard,I don’t need to worry about the result and the comment of others,as long as I won’t regret that I haven’t tried.If I can improve myself via correcting these 2 habits,my life must be more fruitful and satisfactory.

  4. I think I always spend too much time playing my phone. I usually spend time on watching radios and TV shows . therefore I want to improve my time management of playing mobile phones. Actually, I have some ideas of how can I improve, such as making a time table for myself , ask my mum to keep my phone when I am doing homework.
    on another hand , I want to improve my study habit. it’s because I often do revision . therefore I want to do more revision before the examination.

  5. actually i think that everyone can’t not have a prefect body shape as they want.Therfore, we don’t need to be shy on ourselves if you feel that you are ugly.However,if you really need me to choose one to improve ,i may choose to change my body figure,which my big tummy first.As i eat a lot when i was small,i got a big tummy since i was primary 3,people look at me with a unique eye contact. I really feel when i saw it.Because of this,i can’t wear those beautiful clothes,i don’t think that i did anything wrong.I just love to eat.However,everyone laugh at me when they are looking at me.Therefore if i can change,i will change my eating habit and become a fit girl again,then eople will not laugh at me and i can wear those beautiful clothes!

  6. Not everybody is perfect and I don’t think we should be looking for perfect people. However, what we should do is to find out our weaknesses and improve ourselves.
    I am relatively negative. No matter what is happening, my mind just automatically considers it as a bad thing. I cannot overcome all those negative thoughts. This also makes me wanna cry all the times. Somehow, I can’t control my head, tears often come out without a reason. Also, I am easily affected by others’ gossip and try to be what they want me to be. I couldn’t bear this anymore. I hope a can be a positive person who is always happy but not a person who is always carrying fake smile on the face.From now on, I will try to tell people I trust about my worries and do something to distract myself whenever I am down. For example, I think doing sports and listening to music can help. One day, I will become the kind of person I want to be with my effort, changing all of my shortcomings.

  7. Somehow I’d think that I am too intense and feeling panic on many challenges. It’s makes me emotional and distraught questioning myself if I can pick something up well. As a realistic person and perfectionist, I always desire to go through things smoothly and successfully, however, I get a high pressure and always being disappointed with lost. I hope that I can always stay calm and keep things in a normal way but not giving myself an elevated goal=)

  8. I think that I should have a better time management. In secondary school, we have to study a lot of subjects and we also have many after school activities which are quite time-consuming. Compared to primary school, the amount of homework increased and it is much harder too. Therefore, time management is very important.
    I always don’t have enough time to do my work. I feel that homework never ends since I study in secondary school. Therefore, my work is not in good quality and my excuse is always “I don’t have enough time!”. In order to finish my homework, I sometimes work till very late and I feel tired and find it hard to concentrate in my work in day time. I work in a slow pace and I need to sleep late again. It is a vicious cycle.
    In order to improve the situation, I must have better time management. I need to use time wisely. For example, when I am travelling back home from school, I can take a rest instead of browsing the internet. Then, I will be more focused when I am doing my homework after I go back home. Also, I need to reduce my time on using my mobile phone. Mobile phone is always strongly attracting me so I need to put it away when I am doing homework and revising. Then, I won’t be easily distracted and I will be more effective in doing homework. I hope I can really improve my time management from now on!

    1. I think your suggestion about yourself is meaningful at all. This is a fact that you should finish all your homework on time. Therefore, you may plan your time properly. I suggest you to do the homework that is nearly to the deadline very soon. If you have free time after finishing all your today’s homework, you may finish your homework which is due later. Also, you may develop other non-academic interests instead of playing your mobile phone for too much time. Sports, music, or even arts may help you to be happier, and you will use less time on playing mobile phone. Good luck on your improvement!

  9. I think I don’t have a good management. And I am finding a way to improve it.
    Most of my classmate will go to bed at about 10:30 p.m. However, I also go to bed at about 11:30 p.m. to 12:00 p.m. Why ? Mostly because of my homework. I think the reason is when I go back home from school, the first thing I will do is to read magazines, sometimes I will read for about 2 hours. And also seldom when that homework do not need to hand in the next following day, I will put that homework at the last day. This is also a problem.
    When I have a lot of my homework, I will mostly used my weekend time to finish them. Many people will go out to play on Sunday. Also, my mum sometimes will held some activities for me and my friends, however, mostly, I need to do my homework and miss a lot of free time.
    I think I should make a time table for myself and do the right thing at the right time. The most important thing is spend more time on school work and less time on magazine. Also, I should try my best to finish all the homework that gave by the teacher on that day.
    I think if I follow this method, I will have a better time management and my life and time will not be to rush as before.

  10. I think I am quite emotional and very lazy because I sometimes will get angry easily by just some minor problems and always don’t want to move nor do anything.I will get angry and even cry sometimes under,stress punishment or even nothing have happened,I will suddenly feel uncomfortable and feel down when I am alone.Also,I seldom do revision and drop notes.I will just rush all the things before exams.When the homework is not hand in the day after,I will always left them to the last moment and finish them roughly.I know that it is not properly but I will always addicted to my mobile and just forgotten everything.For my laziness,I think I can set a time table for myself and think of some some punishment if I can’t follow it.I will also pin it on my desk or the wall in front of it to remind myself more often.I will also lock my mobile or even told my parents to keep it before exams so that I can be more concentrate on revision.For the aspect of over emotional,I will try to calm down myself by counting numbers before I explode.If it still not work,I will escape from the place and go to toilet to wash my face.I think this will cool me down.

  11. I am emotional and quite lazy.I will lose my temper or cry if I just face some little problems.I also usually do the homework late and seldom do revision.Therefore,I think I can do something to improve them.I shouldn’t be too weak,I must control my self when I want to rage.I shouldn’t always cry and just like a baby.When I want to cry,i will find other things to do to calm down myself,such as listening to music and reading.Besides that,I will make a study plan and a time table to manage the time so I can have a better time management and do revision revision in my spare time.This can make the revision more effective and not exhausting.If I can control my emotion well,I won’t be scared when facing setbacks.I won’t cry or be angry,I can have a clearer mind and think positive.I will also be more nature.My academic result will improve if i am not lazy like now.Hope I can do the above things to improve myself.

  12. I have so many weaknesses!!!
    First of all, I am quite lazy. I always think that things are too far away from now. I am too lazy to start my work on time.I am definitely a Deadline Fighter. I have to submit my portfolio tomorrow and started my portfolio last Sunday and I am now doing teacher-approved activities 🙂 I finished my work just before deadline and I revise just one day before the exam. I usually work until 3 o’clock every time before handing in project. Since I do not live near LamWoo, I always have to wake up before 6. I have not much time for my sleep so I do not have enough energy for the lessons on the next day. It may affect both my health and my academic results. Moreover, in higher form, I may not be able to finish all the things so quickly. I think I should plan my work earlier and finish it in schedule.
    Secondly, my working efficiency is low. I have spent my whole night finishing 2 pieces of free writing!! I think it is because I am not familiar enough with the topics. I think I should write more and think more so that I can work more efficiently.
    Thirdly, I am always careless. I fell asleep on a bus in the morning and forgot to get off. I often leave my belongings in different places also. Last time I left my holy badminton racket on a bus and I couldn’t find it at last. TAT I can’t believe that I am already a Secondary 2 student. I hope I can be more prudent.

  13. I think my life is good enough but I want to improve my horrible academic result !!
    In Form 1, I didn’t notice how worse will be of my academic result so when everyone was fighting for their Exam , I was still playing with my mobile phone.Finally,the result lead me a big shock and I cannot believe that what my result of first term Exam ! In second term , I have tried my best to improve but only have a little bit improvement.
    Time runs fast. When I got my first “The Most Improvement Person Award’, I didn’t think it is a great success in my life because I think it means I had a terrible academic result before but now has a little change only. Also,I have got many friends in 2C and they encouraged my to word hard in the Exam so I did.However, the result is still no good enough .Thus, I hope I can be more conscious and fight for the Final Exam in Form 2 🙂

  14. First, I am quite lazy. My biggest interest is to lie on the sofa and do nothing. I also find a excuse-I will tell my parents that I am doing one of the gestures in yoga! What could be better when you are lying on the sofa, eating chips and watch a nice tv show? Due to my laziness, I always keep delaying and I couldn’t do things well. I would try to improve that with always reminding myself that time is passing and I should not keep wasting my time.
    Second, I am very careless too. I can find my pen while holding my pen, and I always have loads of careless mistakes in examinations. I always forget my homework and is always scold by my teachers.Also, I have lost my wallet for 5 times already! I am really forgetful. I would try to improve it by checking my handbook more often and note things down in order to remind myself of things that I need to do.

  15. I think I am not patient enough. When I waited my friends or classmates,I felt annoying after a while.And I give up everything easily when l felt annoying.
    Also ,I need to reflect my believes.I have to think about how to solve it.When I am doing my examination,I will easily to give up and lose a lot of marks on the details.

  16. I think I am not patient enough. Sometimes when my sister asks me homework, if I already teach her for a few times and she still cannot understand, I may just ask her to go away or get angry with her. I hope I can improve myself on that so I will try to reflect on myself more. I will think about the things happen in that day and if I have grown impatient on someone. Then I will try to be more careful on not to get angry on someone on minor things. I hope my impatience will not make others dislike me. Also, I think I give up on things too easily. Since I am still a student now, I have homework to do everyday. However, some of them may be very difficult. If I am doing them and find them very difficult and I do not know how to do, I may just put them away. It will delay the time I finish my homework so it is not very good for me. I will remind myself more often that I should not give up when I am doing some difficult work.

  17. I think I am careless and lazy. I always forget to bring hw and I do the hw just before the deadline. therefore I self-confort “I have a lot of activties every day !!!!!! But actually you can plan a timetalbe to do hw and if you do if sucessfully you can have time to revision. “

  18. i think i am pretty lazy person.I need more careful too.I always lost the mark in exam or dictation carelessly.I need to read the word more careful and listen carefully too.When i was in primary school,my classteacher always told me that i need to pay more attendion in the lesson.She also said that if i am careless,i can highlight the importend part on the exam paper.It was a good way to save my ploblom.

  19. I think I am a shy person. I will lower my head when I see teachers or my classmates’ parents. For this weakness, my mum always scolds at me. She said, ‘You are not a thief, why are you so afraid of them? Why can’t you stand straight?’ She always takes my classmates as an example. I really want to be like them, and be confident. However, it is hard for me. I just act uncomfotable when I see others.I need to remind myself to be confident and speak up when seeing others. Or else, when I grow up and go to interview, the interviewer would not select me if I am shy. I really want to be more confident and will not feel scared when meeting people.

  20. I want to be more careful .In my exam ,I usually have some careless mistakes and it deducts me many marks .Therefore,it is very important for me to be more careful !
    When I was in primary school ,my teacher’s comments on me is usually ‘Please be more careful!’The teachers told me that it was quite sad to deduct marks for my careless mistakes.Sometimes,I know how to answer the questions but some grammar mistakes make my marks become very low.
    To be more careful .I need to study each question twice and after I complete all my work ,I ought to read the answer again to make sure I do not have any careless mistakes .I hope that I can have a big changed on it this year !

  21. To be a student, I believe that everyone will want to get a good result in the exam. I admit that I am not really good at English. And there are lots of aspects that I need to improve. English reading, speaking and writing is the most difficulties for me in my study. Reading more English books is one of the solution that can improve. To compare with other form 1 students, I know fewer vocabularies than them. And this is the main point that let my reading skill is bad. Then, speak more English can improve the fluency and expression in the communication. And it is easier to communicate with another people that they speak in English. Last one, writing. Besides vocabulary, gammar is the fatal in my writing. Most of the reason that deduct my marks is because of wrong grammar. I think do more exercise may help me to correct this short coming.Hope I can meet the target as soon as possible.

  22. I think I am a quite lazy and low self-esteem person.Also my time management is poor!I always think there are many times so I always do my homeworks one day before the due date.It is so hard to do many homeworks in one day before the deadline.I am so lazy.And my mum always ask me to prepare the chapter that teachers will teach nest lesson or do revision about the chapter teachers taught.But I never do that.My self-esteem is low too.Although I am a classmate in English Elite Class but I still think my english skills is so poor. Why I can get into this class?I think I shopuld read more english books or watch more english video to improve my english skills.Also chat with friends in english to improve my speaking in english.I will try my best to improve my weakness!

  23. I think that I am a careless and lazy person.Although my mom often asks me to revise the chapters which are taught, I seldom revise.I got in the English elite class but I think that I should work harder to improve.Besides,I should read more books or newspaper instead of playing video games.Also,I should be more careful.I always lose marks no matter in dictation or exam because of my carelessness.I will try to pay more attention when I am checking exam paper or dictation to avoid getting more mistakes.

  24. My weak point is low self-esteem, lazy, forgetful and shy. I always think that other people are better than me, stronger than me. On every aspect, I think other people are better than me. Sometimes, I am very lazy to do things. For example, I will use other easier ways to achieve my target. l seldom revise except examination and test are coming in few days. I always forget something I need to do and bring to other place. I am very shy. It make me seldom talk to people I never meet before. It is a big problem for me to talk before many people. I hope that I can improve the weak points as soon as possible.

  25. I am quite lazy and careless person. I seldom revision or study automatically. Therefore I didn’t got a very good academic result in my primary school life.Although I got in to the English elite class,I still think I am not enough.In order to make myself become more harding,I need to have a better time management.I cannot change the time of a day so I will try to finish as more things as possible in a short period.I have already asked my friends and they gave me some suggestions.They told me that I can use a stopwatch to count the time I used to do something.Then,I will have a better concept of time.I will also know how many time I need for finish something.Therefore I will try to make myself faster. I am also very careless.I always forget to do the things I need to do and the detail of them.It really make my working ability become lower and those teacher wont trust me.Although I have used a little notebook to mark down the things I need to do,I still forget to check the notebook.I think I should start to avoid using other thing like notebook to help myself.I think I should improve the storage of my brain and try to use it to remember thing I need to do.It will be better if I done these.That all the things I want to improve and the ways to improve.

  26. I think I would like to become more careful since I am really a careless amd forgetful person.I always leave things without notice that and forget almost everything that are important.Once I have a competition in America,I left my camera and umbrella on a bus and it was still raining!Luckily,my teammates helped me to take them back.If I become more careful,I can always make fewer mistakes when I am having exams or dictation in every subjects.

    1. I am quite lazy and careless person. I seldom revision or study automatically. Therefore I didn’t got a very good academic result in my primary school life.Although I got in to the English elite class,I still think I am not enough.In order to make myself become more harding,I need to have a better time management.I cannot change the time of a day so I will try to finish as more things as possible in a short period.I have already asked my friends and they gave me some suggestions.They told me that I can use a stopwatch to count the time I used to do something.Then,I will have a better concept of time.I will also know how many time I need for finish something.Therefore I will try to make myself faster. I am also very careless.I always forget to do the things I need to do and the detail of them.It really make my working ability become lower and those teacher wont trust me.Although I have used a little notebook to mark down the things I need to do,I still forget to check the notebook.I think I should start to avoid using other thing like notebook to help myself.I think I should improve the storage of my brain and try to use it to remember thing I need to do.It will be better if I done these.That all the things I want to improve and the ways to improve.

  27. I am a lazy student so I mostly will not study normally,except when the examination is coming.My English is not very good and go into the English elite class is not what I expect.Therefore,I hope my English can be better.
    Not just English is my weakness,speaking is my weakness too.Because I am shy and afraid of having a speech to the hole classmate or the audience so I want someone can help me to improve all my weakness and I hope it will become my strength.I would like to improve my English.I could read more difficult English book,read newspaperajnd study the textbook everyday for revision and also for the preparation in the lessons.I hope I can control myself to play video games and use the leisure to more meaningful things,etc.read books,learn some new English words,read the dictionary…I think I can get high marks in the examination.

  28. I think I would like to become braver because I am not brave enough to talk to public also when there are a lot of people. Sometimes I may not answer the questions during the lessons. Also, I think I am not brave enough because I cannot climb the rocks, every time when I need to climb the rocks, I nearly want to cry. Therefore, I want to improve those of them about myself! Thank you!

  29. I would like to improve my confidence and social skill.Since I am always too introversion and uncommunicative,I can’t even express myself clearly.People think I am too quiet and serious,so they don’t often talk to me.To improve them,I should talk to more people and speak more actively.So wish me good luck for improving my confidence and social skill!

  30. I think I would like to be more confident.Because sometime I am too shy and I do not trust myself that much.I think I should talk with more friends and try to present myself to others.
    The second thing I want to improve is my learning skill.I somtimes may do one homework for hours.I think it is quit waste time.I think I should set up a timetable to help me do everything quickily.
    I hope I can improve my confidence and be efficient.

  31. For me, I would like to improve my confidence because I just seem to have an “addiction” on being nervous.No matter it is presentation, musical solo contest or even answering question in class, I will be extremely nervous.

    I don’t really understand why I will be like that,but the situation annoys me in every important day,especially on exam days. Due to my long-term observation and real experience,I find that whenever I need to do something alone or being the star in front of whole class,I will easily have a stomach ache and I really hate that feeling because it makes me feel awkward and painful.

    Moreover,I am not a super talented person,so I will always make some careless mistakes while I am talking and presentation.Although I have a perfect idea and a perfect sentence in my mind,I always cannot explain them fluently.Due to these embarrassing experience for me,I really want to have some great improvement!

    As I understand now, I know that I need to be more active (just like the MC1),in order to expression my view to others so that I will more and more confidence that before!All in all, I do hope that I can promise myself to be a confidence person,so good luck to me!

  32. Well, I think I am lack of confidence. It always happen to me that I think I can’t do something well and sometimes I would be quite disappointed with myself. Probably it is because I don’t get much support from others. It doesn’t mean that I have a high expectation but in this competitive society, it seems that I can’t do the best. I tried to put more effort in my work but it ended up not gaining others’ recognition.I am trying to find out my potential talent so that I can be more confident, and I would tell myself the effort I pay is more important.

  33. I would like to improve my time management. I have a lot of things to do every day, school time, extra curricular activities. I always go home late, there is only little time for me to do my stuffs, such as homework, revising, practising piano, preparing for projects, etc. I have only little time but i have to finish all of them, sometimes when I finish my homework, it’s already twelve o’clock, because I sleep very late and wake up early every day so i don’t have enough rest every day, I feel very tired in every day’s morning at school, sometimes I even fall asleep during lessons time! Also, i waste many time on my mobile phones browsing Youtube, facebook, whatsapp, instagram and Snapchat, I like using my phone a lot because I can communicate with my friends online, so time is running shorter and shorter, finally i don’t have enough time. To improve the situation, I will put away my phone when i am doing serious work, when I’ve done all of them, I will get it for my relaxment. I’ve made a schedule for myself before, I tried to follow it to manage my time better, however, it doesn’t work. I think I should make one more and try this again. Other than this, I think I should work in a faster speed, my speed on working is quite slow so I’ve wasted many time. I am not 100% focused because I am really tired. If i could work faster and be more focused, I think I will be able to finish all the work in a short time. I hope I can improve these things!

  34. I would like to improve my academic result. I could read more English books and study everyday for revision. I should pay more attention in study and homework.These are the important things for exam. I also want to improve my English skills ,so i will read more newspapers. I want to do better in finial exam!

  35. I would like to mainly improve my time management as I always sleep very late at night and I am always tired at school. Sometimes I even fall asleep in lessons! There are always infinite things waiting for me everyday, and I would get headache whenever I think about these things, such as homework, quizzes, dictation, projects and examinations.
    To improve this situation, I will try to list out the things I have to do and write a schedule for these things from urgent to less urgent. I will follow the timetable with my best effort and ask my family and friends to remind me if my relaxation time has exceeded the time limit set in the schedule, because I am the kind of person that won’t stop once I am into something, especially things I like, e.g. reading online books, watching television shows on computers, reading traditional books, using my mobile phone and browsing social websites.
    Also, I will try to increase my speed of finishing my work. One of the highest mountains I need to climb over is the speed of writing both Chinese and English words. I don’t know why but I am always the slowest in class when having a dictation or writing notes in lessons. My parents advised me to write more as “practice makes perfect” so that I am used to the movements of my hand when writing and I will be able to write faster.
    Other than that, sometimes my mind will just go blank when doing my work and this slows down the speed of finishing the work. To avoid these situations, I would do work that is easier or more relaxed so that my mind won’t be out of order suddenly again.
    Lastly, I use more time when doing boring things, especially studying for examinations and for certain subjects. I try to find the interesting bits during the process to entertain myself so that I can finish studying the whole scope before the examination day and won’t fall asleep without realizing myself while studying.
    Since it is only about 21 days before the scary examination comes, I will try the ways I have mentioned to help myself to overcome this mountain range in June of my form 2 school year. I hope that they will work!

  36. I have had a great school life in the past year. However, there’re still a lot of things that I can improve and time management is one of them.
    Recently, I feel like 24 hours a day are not enough for me. As we all know, we have a lot of projects and homework before final examination. So I work till very late every night. However, I am not that kind of person who can always burn the midnight oil. I often feel sick and tired during the day. Moreover, there are conflicts between my parents and I about my long working time. Therefore, I must set up a resolution to improve my time management.
    First of all, I think one of the biggest problem is that I am spending too much time on doing one work. I am a perfectionist. I am not satisfied with anything less than perfection. From now on, I will remind myself not to be over demanding and not to insist on perfection in every detail when it is not necessary.
    Secondly, I will try not to waste my time on playing smartphone. I am spending lots of time on browsing YouTube, Instagram, Facebook every day. I should set a time limit and reduce my time spending on social network. I should treasure the time I save.
    With these solutions I hope I can manage my time better and get enough sleep every night.

  37. In my opinion, I am quite active and passionate to the things that I’m interested in. However, I cannot really focus on something boring, such as homework or playing the piano, when I felt tired. That’s why I always need a lot of time to finish my work. So i want to be more concentrated on doing one thing. When I am going to finish my homework, I can set an appropriate time and take a rest after finishing them all. This method can also work on my practice of piano because I can set a time for myself to practice.
    Also, sometimes I give up thing easily. I think that is really not good and I want to change myself about this. To approach this target, I need to consider whether I am suitable to that thing or whether I am really interested in that. I should always ask myself,’Do you really want to start this?’,’Will you keep working hard on this thing?’ And then I should have realize that I am willing to do those things, or not.
    I hope I can change myself by these different methods. Hope that they do work, and good luck to me, and to everyone who is going to change themselves.

  38. I think I am lazy.I never do exercise unless it is in the PE lessons. I will feel tired whenever I go back home. I always fell asleep when I am doing homework and revision, also in the lessons. Now, I think it’s time for me to improve myself and become a hard-working person. This year, I want to change myself by starting to do more exercises. I can train myself to do sit-up everyday for 5 minutes and keep increasing the time every week by 30 seconds.
    I think I am not very good at managing my time. I always play my smart phone all the time. Sometimes, I can’t even control myself. I want to change the way I do things by setting a timetable so that I won’t use my phone for too long.

  39. I would like to improve my exam result. I did bad in my first exam. I will start to do my revision in the easter holiday. I hope I can get a better result in the final exam. I always think of the electronic games when I am doing my revision and homeworks. I cannot focus on my revision and homework. I could not stop when I started to play the eletronic games. I want to control myself to play less eletronic games in the future. I hope I can stop that bad habbit and get a good result in the final exam.

  40. I think I am crazy about materials this year. I used a lot of pocket money to buy things that I wanted. The speed of using money was too fast that I even needed to borrow money from my mum. I am getting fatter because of buying snacks after school too often. Therefore, I should set a limited amount of money I use every week and record every item I buy in order to prevent overspending. I am going to save $50 evey week because I think saving money is a good habit. I will reduce the number of snacks and think carefully before buying anything in the future. I hope I can make much improvement on managing my expenditure.

  41. I am too lazy and I always just think about playing electronic games.I am so difficult to focus on revision and homework.When I was doing homework,I often focus on my phone more than on homework.I will pay more attention in class and read more books to improve my result.I will try my best to focus more on the homework and revision.Playing is needed but dont waste too much time on playing.Do more revision and reading book to improve our knowledge.Any way just try our best to do everything.Finial exam add oil!

  42. I think that I am hardly focus on doing revisions and homework and because I can’t control myself to stop playing the mobile games and lured into them. Since I have this bad habit, my results in secondary school drop a lot compared with primary school. So I want to improve myself in order to get higher marks in tests and exams. I would like to set a limited time for myself to play the mobile games and another time for studying so that the time of studying and playing will be balanced. I hope I can change my bad habit and improve the results by doing this action.

  43. I am not a very well social type of person, when it comes to socialize with others, I am always stiff and shy, I choose keep quite. I do love to talk to others but I am very scared that I might say something wrong to make others mad. I only talk to people that I know well. This year, I want to improve myself so that I can become more active when it comes to socialize with people. I am starting to learn how to start a topic with others. There are still lots of things that I want to improve myself, and I will do my best to achieve it.
    There is never an end to the journey of self improve. The more we grow, the more we realize there is so much out here we don’t know, so much that we have to learn. For sure, there is always something about ourselves that we can improve on. It’s impossible to reach a point of no growth, So I will try to figure out more of my bad habits so that I can improve myself more.

  44. i am a lazy and a naughty student , i want to study hard in this new year to improve my result in school
    and i should put more attention to listen to my teacher while they are talking things or doing some activities
    with us, i will try to read more book in this year because if i read more books , i can learn more vocabularies
    and i can use those word in my english exam.

  45. I think that I am quite lazy. I see many very hardworking classmates every day and I want to be more like them. For example, some classmates near me always revise and do homework in the recess and lunch. I want to be more hardworking.
    Sometimes, the deadline of the homework may not be exactly the next day. Sometimes, the teacher gives us more time to do it. The deadline may be a few days later. Some of my classmates would do it straight away after school and finish it although it’s not the submission date yet. However, most of the time, I would think that there is still so much time and at last, I end up doing it in a rush because I usually remember to do it just the day before submission. I hope I can change this bad habit and be more hardworking.
    It applies on revision as well. I always think I have a lot of time and never revise until it is just before the exam. I hope I can revise earlier so I can memorize the things in the textbook better.
    I can always remind myself to do things as early as possible but not wait until the last minute. I can never succeed if I always do things at the last minute. I can ask my family and friends to remind me of this when I forget. To start with, maybe I can do some easy things first. Like doing homework on the day the teacher assigned us. It is nearly Chinese New Year and I don’t want to do the holiday homework just before school. Maybe I will write memo papers to remind myself to do it earlier but not at the last minute. I may also award myself if I reach my goal. I hope I can change my bad habit and become more hardworking and less lazier starting from now.

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