Annoying People: How Do You Deal With Them? (closed)

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The above image is from one of our English Corner diaries. The student was annoyed and angry because a teacher made fun of her dark complexion.

Have you had any annoying experiences lately? Who has annoyed you—strangers, friends, classmate, colleagues, siblings, parents, teachers? What did they do? Why do you think they did such an annoying things?

Unfortunately, you can find annoying people just about anywhere, but what can you about it?

How can you calm yourself down and put things in perspective (e.g., realize something is not that important)? If you get very frustrated how can you vent your feelings?

Is there anything you can do to stop the person from doing the thing(s) that annoy you?

What about yourself? Are you annoying others in any way?

A couple of things annoy me these days. One is when people near me on the bus are talking loudly on the phone. The other annoyance is that drivers near my home never use their turn indicators when turning (almost every driver fails to do this); this habit is quite dangerous as there are a lot of children around and pedestrians cannot anticipate whether or not a car will turn into the street they are about to cross. To deal with the first annoyance, I often bring a MP3 player with me so that I can block out the sound. I am still thinking about how to deal with the second problem.

What about you? Who is annoying you, how are they doing it and how can you deal with it?



  1. I don’t like annoying people. What is annoying to me? Like people talking childish things, people keeps talking and talking and even some people talks loudly that every one can hear what he is saying, but he is not talking something important. How will I deal with them? At first, I will pretend that I can’t hear what he is saying or do not reply him to make him feel bored and stops talking. If he keeps on talking, I will tell him to stop talking politely. However, they might not hear you and will keep on talk. I have seen many of them in class, some of the boys in my class like to chat very loud and thinks that the whole class is noticing them. Sometimes, they are a bit to annoying, so at recess I will go to the library at once.

  2. I don’t really like annoying people but I have met so many of them so I often just edure them.However,my mum is the most annoying one,but I know she does it for me.When I am being lazy or I haven’t done my homework,she would start telling me to do something.Sometimes it is really quite annoying but I still obey her and listen to her.She is for my own good.
    Also,there are some of my friends who are a little bit annoying.They can talk all day long.I have a friend who like to talk to others about her daily life.When she sees you,she will come up and start her talk.Mostly I will just listen and wait for her to end her talk so it won’t be hurt.
    There is also a boy I know who like showing off.I choose to ignore him.After a few times.He gave up.Since then,he never show off to me again.So, I think the best way is to ignore those people.
    I know how people feel when they are annoyed by some one so I won’t be annoying.😁😁😜

  3. I often meet annoying people in my life. Friends, strangers, sometimes even my family is quite annoying. However, I will think of the reason they make me feel annoying or why they annoys me.
    First,my friends. I have met a lot of good friends in my primary school life, as I am a really forgetful and absent-minded person, they always reminds me of different things such as bringing stuffs or ask my parents to sign the reply slips,which makes me remembered of how my mom always reminds me exactly the way they did. Sometimes I even said,”Yes Mom”to reply jokingly. However, I knew they are just caring about me and makes me feel so lucky that i had such good friends.
    Second, strangers. Sometimes people will walk next to me and talk with me with no reason and I don’t even know them at all. I felt a bit scared usually, but I chose to ignored them and they will feel boring and walked away. Some of them will kept saying things which are really annoying, and I will ran away(haha).
    At last, my dear family. Parents are a bit annoying sometimes, especially when you are doing bad things or you didn’t make them satisfied. My mom likes cleaning very much and always like everything to be neat and tidy, unlike me, who is always very messy and like to throw things everywhere. This is the time when she started to scold me which is very annoying. However, I know they are just caring about me and for my own good. I think all parents will love their kids and care about them so even when they are annoying, they are just reminding us to be good. So, I will obey them and they will stop. 😛

  4. Yes,there’re too many annoying people through our lives.However,it only depends on how we consider them as a “annoying guy”.
    I think was annoyed by academic problem and also problem in friendship.

    I think my attitude towards studying was being a little worse.And seemed I hadn’t any sense of impending crisis on exams.I listened to English songs for many times and did all the stuff at the last moment I almost go to sleep.
    I would take my priciple–take pain,then enjoy pleasure before,but seemed like everything got inverted.I should do all my stuff before playing or doing something not necessary.
    I reflect about it recently ’cause this problem really annoyed my a lot.I think I would have this kind of problem is due to my peers but also myself.
    I was easily getting influenced by the other people.So I knew that I can do this no more.I need more self-control and self-decipline.
    My peers–well,sometimes I would feel like I cannot join the clique if I don’t know something.(e.g. like I don’t know how to sing a famous song which everybody does)Although I did this can actually improve my interpersonal relationship a little,I don’t think I need to follow them all the time.Otherwise,my “workload”(need to listen to songs but need to do homework at the same time) will be too high and very hard to being a “real me”.Just blindly follow the crowd isn’t a good thing…It only takes me to have another value on different things.

    The next one is about the friendship problem.
    I always think about having a good relationship between my friends.Just like something related I’ve mentioned above.(That’s one of the reason too)
    There’re so many ways to communicate nowadays,like Facebook,Line,Whatsapp.Sometimes I was really annoyed by chatting a long time,but it doesn’t mean that I don’t like to talk with them.I may have a little schedule about what to do in a day,but when someone found me,I just talked and talked just like I forget those stuff already.It’s because I felt like I cannot lose a chance on talking to a friend.It’s kinda precious for me.

    Ah,so how I overcome this?
    Just do my own self.Try not to “lured” by good songs instead of using computer or phone.I need to clear my mind and write schedules in order to let me know what my aims in everyday.
    I know peers factor has a great impact on me.I’d try to getting friendly with them but not to follow blindly.
    Also,I think I don’t need to think too much on my interpersonal relationship.I still have real friends anyway:)

    I don’t know I’ve annoyed people or not.I think yes before.There was a gathering of primary school friends,we chatted and laughed very loud in some shops.I laughed for a short time and quickly went out of the shops.It’s quite annoying that there were loud laughters inside.Just felt a little embarrassed and impolite at the same time.:<

    That's all for my sharing,thanks:)

  5. Amendments:
    Line #9 : This is because allowing annoying people to annoy others is NOT a good idea.

  6. For annoying people, I have different ways to solve it in different cases. Usually, I would explain why they are annoying to them and hope they would stop. If they don’t stop, I would try talking with my family and friends. Maybe they can help me. If it still cannot solve the problem, I would talk to my teachers.
    Sometimes, you cannot do anything about it. You just have to ignore them. I think the annoying people annoy you because they think that it is funny that you are angry. So sometimes, the only solution is to keep calm and ignore them. Just do what you usually do. If they feel that they have no influence on you, they may stop what they are doing and just move on and talk to somebody else.
    However, I don’t think that “Ignore the annoying people so they will get bored. Then, they may just move on and annoy someone else.” is such a good idea. This is because I think allowing annoying people annoy others is a good way to stop him or her to annoy yourself. We must help each others but not putting burden on them.
    For me, I don’t think I am annoying. I am usually annoyed by other people than annoying other people. Annoying people appear in our life every single day. I don’t think it is such a big problem. Just keep calm, be yourself and ignore him or her!

  7. As the questions above mention, we can find annoying people just about anywhere. I always meet those people who “occupy” the whole column in the train, or talk very loudly. Annoyance is not only found in public, but also at school. When we are having PE lessons, some girls always chat excitedly. They ignore the teacher so many times. I feel annoyed as we should respect our educators, even though he or she doesn’t teach well. In addition, I hate making fun of others. Some of my classmates are jested when they are matched with boys or girls. I feel fine if the victims don’t care about. However, silly things are seen in my classroom such as writing the couple’s name with hearts on the blackboard and spreading the messages. ( the most ridiculous action I have ever seen is that people write on others’ desk using correction pen!) Have they ever thought about their classmates’ feeling?
    When I tell the things above to my elder sister, she responses it was normal, and I might be too empathetic. That makes me feel like an outdated girl. Anyway, I seldom get frustrated to the annoyance and I never dare to stop the person from doing the things that annoy me. I am too timid and it is not effective as I don’t hold any power. I will just leave the environment and ignore them instead.

  8. Annoying people? There are so many annoying people. We can meet them everywhere. Some of them may keep talking and some of them may throw something useless towards some people. When I was primary 3 or 4, I will be angry if I meet the annoying people. To release my anger, I may shout at them and argue with them. However, I won’t do that anymore because I know that it is useless. To deal with the annoying people, we need to be calm and it is a difficult job. I think ignoring them is the best method. If you ignore them, they may get bored and talk to someone else. Also, you won’t be so angry. Of course, if they keep annoying me, I will warn them with a strong tone. However, I won’t warn the annoying people on streets (strangers) because I don’t know who they are and I am afraid of them. Sometimes, I can’t stop them and I just do something else. For example, listening songs, watching videos, playing with my smart phone, etc. Am I an annoying person? I wish I am not, but I need to admit that I am. I don’t talk too much usually. However, I may ask some question several times. I feel sorry to the one who I have annoyed, but I can’t control myself…I hope that I can control myself and be improved.

  9. Before I say anything, I have to say that I’m also an annoying people. I always dump my clothes everywhere at home, like a snake shedding its skin—You can find different types of clothes like pajamas, sweater, underwear, lots of clothes you can mention in every corner of my room—That sounds horrible, right? Yha, I guess my mom is planning to kill me for a long time because there’s no more way to deal with me already (She’s tried millions of methods such as scolding, buzzing, sticking warning-labels everywhere to stop me, but they’re useless…It’s my habit…Sorry, Mom!).

    Okay, so let’s get back to the topic—Have I ever met any annoying people? How can I
    deal with them?

    Without any hesitation, I must say, “of course I’ve met annoying people!”. There are tons of annoying people occupying spaces in the world, at least I’m one of them… How can I deal with them? Let’s check them out.

    Here comes the first type of annoying people—the “bian-lians”. This type of people don’t have a tiny sense of loyalty. And they are always having two sides of face or even more, you’ll never know which side you’re gonna slap first. They always wear a mask where you can always find an endearing smile on it. Behind the mask, however, is a haunting sly face that will definitely scare you miles away. You can also find that every single word they say is so sweet as honey, when you think they will soon become your good and lovely friends. Bam! Here comes the time they’ll betray you silently—They’re gonna say bad things about you in front of others when you’re not here, and showing your black spots in front of others. Personally, I think this is what the most annoying thing about this type of people. Look, I’m sorry, I’m not a patient and clever guy who always have time to play with you and judge which word of them is true, and which is faked. Honestly, I just wish this type of people will stay away from my life. Nevertheless, my dream is not gonna come true because the number of this type of people are growing in a lightening speed nowadays, I can see them in my primary school, my secondary school, everywhere. How can I do? Yell at them like a lion? Or take revenge on them—saying bad things about those two-faced people in front of others? We all know that we can’t do that, or else we’ll become another annoying people. So what should we do then? Usually, I will limit the interaction with those faked people or just keep a great distance with them. If they cannot stay away from my life, then I will walk away from theirs. It can protect me from being hurt. This is pretty much about it.

    Okay the next one is cool—it’s called the “adhesive-stickers”. What problem about this type of people is they always stick to your side, but not giving you any space or freedom. Wherever you go to, they will follow. You go to toilet? They go too, You go to find the teacher? They go too. You go to the library? They follow. I nearly have to ask them if they will join and bath with me. Basically, they’re just like ghosts and monsters swirling around you every second, That’s totally annoying, they’re like tying my neck with a thick rope and not letting me suck the oxygen in. Oh hi, do I smell like honey? Why do they always crawling to me like the ants? Do they have obstacles? Another situation is they’re always calling you and texting messages to you—like every five seconds, your phone will shriek and scream for your reply. Calling and texting me is not a big problem. Well, it’s not a problem at all, but consistent-calling is a serious problem for me. I have my own studies, I have my own personally freedom. I really cannot endure this! You might ask why they will stick to you often? Is it because you are a perfect guy? NO! Definitely not! I’m impatient, stupid, lousy, weird, trillion more. So why do they have to stick tightly with me? Are they really ants? No, they’re just feeling so lonely and insecure. For this situation, I will suggest and encourage them finding more friends not just me. Finding more friends isn’t a bad thing for them, they need to enlarge their social-network. But even if they won’t listen to me, I’ll not force them to. I’ll also always be right beside them, but won’t give them any cold shoulder because they treat me as a friend, so I think I should do so.

    Type three—the “film judges”. This type of people are always criticizing all the things you’ve done no matter how well you did. For example, you’re showing an artwork to your friends. While everyone is saying your artwork is nice and colorful, the “film judge” will start to say, “quite good! But I totally don’t understand what you are drawing. The trees here are too tall, they’re not in a right scale! The colors are not matching well at all, they’re so horrible. Wow, look! Is this a chicken or a duck? Why is it flying in the sky…” At this moment, you’ll wanna throw our slippers against their mouth. You might also think, “stop judging me like this! Well, I know my artwork is horrible but you don’ have to tease at me like this…”, you might think they’re so rude and annoying. To solve this annoyance, I will try to tell them my feeling of being teased. As the reason for this type of people always criticizing is usually because they don’t understand others’ feeling at all, they’re just living in their own piece of world. We have to tell them how we feel so that they can know that they’re wrong. I think we should also encourage them to stop this habit, and to try looking from other people’s point of view. I’m sure that will work very well.

    Type Four—the “peacocks”. This type of people are so delicate and perfect. They always get a very high score in the exams, they play sports very well, they play music very wonderfully too. All the things about him are flawless. However, these guys always show off themselves like a peacock flipping their tail-feathers out, that’s pretty annoying. Whoa, do I look poor? Why are they always bragging in front of me? Why do they always tend to make others think themselves are useless and poor? I know they’re perfect, but they don’t have to enlarge their every single spot of beauty by using the astronomical telescope, that will lower our self-esteem. For this case, I’ll use the same way as the first one to deal with them because it’s useless to tell them our feeling. They will never understand about the peasants, it will even make them feel more proud of themselves.

    The last one—me. As I’ve mentioned at the beginning of my opinion, I’m an annoying person who are lousy, stubborn, stupid, naive, impatient, so on. The problem is, why am I still criticizing other people while I’m also an annoying person? I’ve found myself so ridiculous and annoying…Ways to deal with this kind of person. 1) slap their two sides of face and leave two red mark on them 2) flick them out of the window just what you’re doing to a potato-bug 3) encouraging them to stop writing…

    Okay, last but not least, I think annoying people are appearing in our daily life. But nobody is perfectly made in Heaven. We all have something bad, so we should be tolerant all the time no matter who we’re facing. We should always remember that no one is perfect. When we’re starting to hate a person or think that he or she is so annoying, we should also ask ourselves, “why can we judge them? Are we absolutely perfect?”. After asking these yourselves these questions, you’ll all know what I mean.

    Well, I get it. I have to stop writing here.

  10. Annoying people exist everywhere in our lives. Although the topic is “Annoying people”, I would like to use prosopopoeia to describe this “annoying people”— Reality.

    I think no one will disagree that reality really troubles you a lot. There are so many difficulties in lives that waiting to be solved but we cannot even solve it. However, reality is just like a super annoying person which keeps troubles you and frustates you. It does not need any mean words to tease you, but it has so many troops that militarise at your place, surround you and make you collasp.

    Think about the first thing you touch every morning. Yes, it is your alarm clock (or your smartphone) which destroys all your beautiful dreams. Think about what will you do next—pour cold water on your face and brush your teeth. These are already enough to kill you silently. Then you will further realize that you are going to start your busy day, soaking in loads of works which will further crumble you. When you start your day even though you can never get ready, the real troops that really annoy you are coming — they may be your parents who encourter unpleasant affairs recently but they choose to fire their guns to you. They may be the complicated peers relationship which frustrate you and the only thing you always do is just fake a smile. The most annoying one that gives you mood swings directly should be the overwhelmed works. I am sure most of the junior form will have the same feeling recently — that is fighting with Engligh Portfolio and English Builder. That is what I am frustrating with. They should be the one that kill us harshly and annoy us the most. There are only two choices to cope with them, either kill me or kill them. We just cannot exist in the same world.

    We may want to kill these “annoying guys” even we may not success, but we cannot kill reality. Whenever reality breaks us into pieces and failure teases us apart, the only thing we can do is to face it fearlessly. It is the only solution and we do not have any choices. You can choose to ignore it but it will only make the situation even worse. Even though it is the most annoying person you have came across, you cannot choose to give up but cope with it in your rest of life. There is not easier method but facing, either with your family and friends or yourself. However, you will have to cope with it yourself eventually as no one will always be with your side. As we cannot figure out any other measures to cope with it, the only thing we can do is how to make yourself happier. To lessen some of the depression or pressure, we may block ourselves out of the world with loud music, or take a sleep which can make us forget the depression for a while. There are lots of things you can do instead of taking the difficult one which not only hurt yourself but also hurt the ones love you. It does not worth it as you will forever be the loser of the competition with this annoying guy if you give yourself up first.

    Can we win the reality forever? Obviously no. However, we can avoid losing if we release our pressure properly. Annoying people are everywhere, even though life is also one of them that troubles us and we cannot avoid them. Tell yourself that you are never the loser of reality as we are the one that control ourselves but not reality. Simply put a finger towards the sky and shout out loud and you already trumiph the reality.

  11. There are many kinds of annoying people all around the world, they are annoying in every way.
    Some may keep on talk talk talk and talk, in order to spread their great opinions and theories. Some may do something annoying like teasing, bullying, throwing away your stuffs, playing different little tricks on you, etc.
    They annoyed you in every way, every day, and you can do nothing but be patient and wait until they stop. If you argued or be angry with them, they will think annoying you is very funny and they will never stop annoying you.
    Many people are not patient enough, when they’re annoyed. They just start scolding and shouting at the one who annoyed them. Some even shout foul language and punch the annoying person in face.
    Well, annoying people annoyed us but it’s a good chance to train our E.Q.. We can learn to control our emotions and be patient. Although those annoying people are annoying and affected our life, they are human beings too. We should be polite and treat them well as the others. We should not do anything to make them feel uncomfortable or unhappy or to revenge on them. We know how bad it feels, so we should not let them have bad feelings even though they annoyed us.
    We should be generous and forgive them, then we will be happier.

  12. Honestly, there are annoying people everywhere and you just can’t kick all of them away from your life. Therefore, it is an extremely important thing for us to learn that how to deal with them.

    Before I talk about how do I deal with these annoying people, I want to share my opinion about ‘why they are so annoying’ with all of you. I think that these people can be divide to a few types.
    First, I think some of them just got this ‘talent’ when they was born. They just annoy everyone but they may not want to (or even don’t know they) annoy others. —Type 1
    Also, some of them even don’t know they annoy others and you don’t know who they are (like the people who talk loudly in the bus). They didn’t get the sense not to annoy other people and they usually don’t think they do anything wrong. —Type 2
    Besides, some of them are just bored (they try to find something to do, but whatever they decide to do is usually boring and it may also annoys others) or in a bad mood or they find something which THEY THINK is important and they repeat it to you for many many times. Then, they annoy others. Most of them will just back to normal after a period of time (After they find something to do or they get happy again or forget that “important thing”, BUT if this person is often in a bad mood [like my music teacher Hope that I did not annoy you ;))

      1. Add the paragraph below after “[like my music teacher”
        —–Type 3
        Also, some of them just wants to attracts your attention or show that “THEY ARE HERE”. They will try their best to ‘communicate’ with you but they annoy you. —Type 4
        Lastly, some of them just want to make you get angry. If you get angry, they feels happy (they hates you?). They are the most annoying ones. —Type 5

        OK,it enough now.I will share how would I deal with these annoying people with all of you.
        For Type 1 people, I will TRY to forgive them and ignore their annoyment and make friends with them.
        For Type 2 people, I will igonre them because you don’t know who they are and it will be very dangerous if you ask them not to annoy the other people.
        For Type 3 people, I also igonre them because they will back to normal after a period of time.
        For Type 4 people, I will try to igonre them again, but sometimes I just can’t control myself and I start to shout at them.
        For Type 5 people, I will try my best to igonre them because they want you get angry or even go mad. If you get angry, their mission is completed. Also, don’t try to argue with them because arguing will make you get angrier and angrier and help them complete their mission.

        P.S. A kind reminder for all of the 2Ds.
        The annoying computer deleted part of my work after I send it SO try to get a back up before you send your work or you may lost some of your work.

        1. add some more after “[like my music teacher” and before “—Type 3”
          ], they will NEVER back to normal.)

  13. Actually, for me, I hate annoying people, but if they do not do somethings that are too nonsense or disturbing, I would just simply ignore them by talking with friends or put all my attention on somethings that I have to do or what I love to do, what they love to do is none of my business.
    However, if they have already disturb me and my friends, or shouting and scolding at someone vexatiously, I will try to tell them that they are very annoying and don’t do stupid things. If they stop, I would just simply ignore them again; but if they don’t stop, I will leave with my friends (if there are my friends), because if we argue with these stupid people, they would not only keep arguing with us shamelessly using some lame arguments, but also annoy us the next time, keep talking and talking and never stop. Also, arguing with these brainless people, it will just show that we are brainless too.
    However, in our real life, there are usually some annoying people keep annoying us, saying “if I am not annoying, I am not xxx.” I hate these people a lot. Hope they will learn to respect others’ feelings.

  14. Actually, dealing with annoying people is a hard work, even though you keep ignoring him or her, they would still harass and annoy you . So what I would do is “leave the scene”, this is surely the best way to react to this kind of situation.
    I remembered last time when I just arrived school, an annoying person came in front of me and talked about his great theory; it was so disgusting that his saliva sprayed onto my poor desk :((
    I left the classroom and everything was alright then,
    I just wanna keep him out of my life 😛

  15. Em…. U ask me how I deal with the annoying people….Well, Facing annoying people is very common to me . I face them everywhere(school, on the MTR/ streets, or even at home). If someone who is annoyed me so much ,for example talking nonsense to me , doing some useless actions,etc, I will really hit him or her. I always think that if you have so much time to do something which is useless, why don’t you use the time to do your homework or revision? It is more meaningful, right?If I feel fretful that day, and you annoyed me, I am sure that you are no longer living in the world…
    I know someone who is generally regarded as one of the most annoying person in the school. They think he talks all the time and that he always thinks that he is right, and the others are totally wrong. Therefore, many of my classmates, teachers hate him very much but ….actually I don’t think he is really annoying at all. Yes, he says so much things but some of them are really useful and they’re good for our studies. In my opinion, I think that if you think he or she really annoyed you , you can tell him/ her to stop or just ignore him but not always shouting at them. This will only worsen the problem and the relationship between you and them.
    So I think the best method is .. to ignore them . This is the best way for you and them…

  16. We can’t escape from dealing with annoying people in our daily life and everyone has different ways to deal with them. For me, just keep enduring is a good way. I will try to reply them with patience if some annoying people talk to me. But if they keep asking a easy question after I’ve explained it for several times, I will be out of patience and shout “shut up” even if it is a bit impolite. Besides, sometimes I think ignoring them is the most easy and direct way.

  17. In our life, we may come across with a lot of annoying people that may make you hate him or her.Some of them don’t think that the will annoy you and I think if it is really like that it is okay, I will just try to remind him or her sometimes.But some of the really ANNOYING people, they always annoy you even though they know you don’t like it. To deal with them, I will just ignore them and let them try to confuse you, when you keep pretending that you don’t care about them, the will think that you are not affected by them and they will stop confusing you.
    Remember,DO NOT ARGUE WITH THEM.if you argue with them, they may keep confusing you and make you feel annoyed.
    Some people, you may think they are annoying, but maybe they just want to help you or give you some advice.Thus, we should not always think people are annoying, they maybe just want to help you.

  18. There are many ways to deal with annoying people, but in my opinion, they all are probably linked to patience. Yes, almost every annoying person that I’ve met is rude and stingy. They may blame you for even a single breathe you take and it always make you feel frustrated. Most people will become angry or sad about being insulted, then, they may strike back. But, the worst thing next happens — the annoying people may use some “Paradox” to deal with your strike. One of my worst experiences that I had was that the guy intimidated me for charging me defamation with the words I said. Apparently, I don’t know much about law, I can’t do any strike without clear evidence. Yes, in his logic, my words are defaming and his words are describing the truth. We can neither change other’s action nor thoughts , but we can decide how we deal with them. Ignoring them is the most effective method. It works every time. You can ask me more for it.

    1. well.. but if they are my friends and i have to meet them everyday.. we live two of us in a room, they always come in our room and disturb me, as my other friend doesn’t say anything but i tell them what i feel( in anger) then they try making fun of me, i really wanna slap them ..

  19. Well, annoying people always appear-no matter on the street, at school, and even at home they may also appear. Annoying people will always make us annoyed by how they act like. To deal with so many annoying people, our emotions need to be very calm as we need to think ways to stop their annoying behaviors to disturb us again. I think that the most useful way to deal with them is to ignore them and not to communicate with them if you really hate them. Of course, some annoying people may still harass you even though how hard you have tried to ignore them so in this situation, I will tell them not to annoy me anymore clearly.
    But the solution(tell them not to annoy me anymore) I mentioned above is just a way to prevent annoying people you know but it may not work well if the annoying people are people that you don’t know as they may scold you back or not so I think the best way is still to ignore them or just pretend not to know what they are doing. Although I do not like this way since I think that when something are wrong we should voice them out, I still implement this as I do not want to put myself in a dangerous. Like one them when I was taking the MTR, there was a man kept scolding a woman and a child with lots of foul language. At that time, I was very angry of the man’s behavior and wanted to stop him as he disturbed me (I was watching animation at that time with my headphone and his loud voice disturbed me><), I didn't dare to tell him to be quiet as he seemed have some mental disorder and I afraid he may beat me if I did that, I have no choice but to keep silence '.' .
    Sometimes, we may also be one of the annoying people and the others will have the same feeling as how we feel towards annoying people we face so we should prevent ourselves from being annoying by not annoy others so much and to keep silence for some times.
    For a conclusion, I think that dealing with annoying people is not too hard if you can keep yourself calm and know what you have to do next and not to get crazy when arguing with annoying people so you can win the argue and have some peace at the end.

  20. For me, I don’t use only one way to deal with different annoying people—it depends. If I come across annoying strangers (e.g.talking loudly on the phone, playing or running around in the MTR..),I will simply ignore them and do something to divert my attention, like playing smart phone and reading. Actually,I am too shy to confront the situation. What’s more, I am afraid that I may get into trouble as those people may shout back at me (yes, I am a quite selfish person!). Recently, I have thought of a good (but also risky!)way to handle annoying strangers—recording a video of how those nuisance behave and post it on Youtube. Then, everyone will know their bad behavior and you will be happy that they can get their punishment. However, this way is quite dangerous too as the annoying people will have low self-esteem because people keep criticizing on them. Then, you may be accused of cyber bullying! Thus, the way I suggest is to keep patient with those annoying people and tell your friends or parents how inconsiderate they are immediately after you get rid of them. Accordingly, you can calm down since someone can share your angriness.

    How about parents? Well, of course, my mum and dad are not annoying at all. Nonetheless, my elder brother ‘s mood is always changing. Sometimes, he will share some of his amusing experiences with me and help me with my homework. Nevertheless, every now and then,he becomes very angry and shouts at me without a good reason.Mostly because of he does badly in his past paper or school exams or whatever. Yeah, I feel really angry since I do nothing wrong. But I will manage to calm myself down in the meantime as I know he feels stressed with his coming HKDSE exam. I should tolerate him more—this is also what I advice to do when you argue with your parents. Or maybe you can be cool-headed and sit down and talk about the problems with them.

    On the other hand, I believe that everyone of us has met annoying classmates. It is more difficult to deal with since you have to be with them all day long in the classroom. They may always yell, giggle or ask some silly questions to make everyone pay attention on them. In such case, I will ask them to stay quiet politely. If they still talk and talk like a noisy chatterbox, I will call them shut up. If they do not correct their bad behaviors at all, I will ignore them and will not argue with them. As you know, if you keep arguing with a foolish person, you will become as foolish as them eventually. There’s no point blaming a person whom you know that he will never reform himself.

    All in all, the key point dealing with annoying people is to calm down. Never be impulsive or even speak foul language. Otherwise, you will become as repugnant as those annoying people since you do not treat others politely.

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