Your Favorite Songs of 2013 (closed)

What are your favorite English language songs of 2013?

I was trying to think of my own favorite songs, and I couldn’t come up with many at all. A lot of hit pop songs this year are either very similar to hit songs of the past (if not complete rip-offs) are vulgar and/or demeaning towards women or are promoted through overly sexualized videos and performances. Given this context, maybe it shouldn’t be a surprise that Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines, which is guilty of all three crimes, was the biggest hit of the year.

For a nice mid-tempo pop songs, I would recommend the Band Perry’s Don’t Le Me Be Lonely. Fans of Taylor Swift should like this song.

For a pop/rock song, I think Radioactive by Imagine Dragons is catchy and memorable.

For a pure uptempo pop song, how about Selena Gomez’s Come and Get It, with it’s distinctive South Asian percussion and backing vocals:



  1. My favourite song of 2013 must be “forever young” from one direction.This song is like saying that we should just use our time wisely when we were young so we won’t feel regretful about our life when we become old.There are just some meaningful lyrics I like:

    Let us die young or let us live forever,
    We don’t have the power but we never say never,
    Sitting in a sandpit,
    Life is a short trip,
    The music’s for the sad man.

    So many adventures couldn’t happen today,
    So many songs we forgot to play,
    So many dreams are swinging out of the blue,
    We let ’em come true.

    I highly recommend this song to you guys.I hope you can enjoy it.:)

  2. My favourite song of 2013 is “Die Young” by Ke$ha. Here is my favourite part of the lyrics:

    Don’t care who’s watching when we tearing it up (You Know)
    That magic that we got nobody can touch (For sure)

    Looking for some trouble tonight (yeah)
    Take my hand, I’ll show you the wild, side
    Like it’s the last night of our lives (uh huh)
    We’ll keep dancing ’till we die

    This song is telling us to enjoy our lives when we still have time to do so. I agree with the theme of this song. I think we should treasure our time when we are young. It is because we have the energy to play and to experience. We should not spend too much time on studying — this will just turn us to be crazy. But of course, it is important to take a balance between studying and playing.
    I would like to recommend this song to all of you and I hope that you will enjoy it. 😀

  3. My favorite song in 2013 is “Story Of My Life” from One Direction (1D). This song really impresses me. This is a song not about girls and love but about the boys themselves. The song sung about the boys’ love for their families because they miss them very much as the five boys travel around the world all the time and spend very little time with them.

    I love the Music Video of the song very much because 1D used photos showing their lives when they were kids and also their families. So spend a few minutes and enjoy the story of One Direction by watching the MV of this song at

    1. I’m a fan of One Direction and I love both the song and the muisc video a lot.

  4. Every year, there were many new albums released especially when it is closed to the end of the year. As a fan of the West Music, there are two songs that I particularly love. One of it is the new song from Avril Lavigne – Let me go. Which is a really great song that she sang this song in a powerful way but the background is kind of aesthetics. Also, she is singing this song with his husband, Chad.
    I love this song also because the topic ‘ Let me go’ is about letting go when you love your love, a sad story is drawn in my mind then.
    Other then this, the song also give a positive meaning because ‘let it go’ has changed to ‘don’t let me go’ T.T

    The second song is Demi Lovato’s – Let it go which is from the movie frozen. I love this song very much because Demi has got a very good voice and it attracts me a lot, also positive.

    Yep, that all i have to say but i just don’t know how to express my feeling when I listen to these song. Maybe I’ve just done the worse introducing to my favourite song, but I think you should really go and listen for a time :p

  5. In 2013, there were many singers had released out their new albums and new songs, such as Taylor Swift,Katy Perry, Avril Lavigne, etc. All of them are very amazing and they attract me a lot. However, my favourite song of 2013 is “Let it go”. It is from the movie ‘Frozen’ and it is quite famous that many singers even in Korea try to make a cover of it,e.g. Ailee, Lee Yu Bi, DIA, Kim Bo Hyung,etc. I like Demi Lovato and Idina Menzel ‘s version the most. They are both splendid singers and I admire their amazing high notes. At first, I heard Demi Lovato”s version before I hear Idina Menzel’s version and I think Demi”s voice is very beautiful and powerful. After I heard Idina Menzel’s version, I was shocked by her perfect high notes.

    This song is very meaningful too. The lyrics does inspire me a lot. Here is my favourite part of lyrics from the song,’Standing frozen in the life I’ve chosen. You won’t find me, the past is so behind me.Buried in the snow’. It tells us that we have to step forward on our path of life. Although we may have some small or big mistakes, we should not always care about them too much. We have to keep moving on and should not give up easily.

    Lastly, I hope that there will be more songs like ‘Let it Go’ that are amazing and also meaningful coming in the future ><

  6. This year’s mainstream songs are doing very bad. Up till now, the number of my favorite mainstream songs can be compared to my number of fingers. Mainstream songs are doing too bad this year! Looking at Miley Cyrus, Robin Thicke, Baauer, Rita Ora, A$AP ROCKY etc., I don’t they can be compared to my charted song in no. 50, which is on the verge of dropping out of the chart. Especially rap, I don’t see something good in it. What I hear is dozens of bad words and a bundle of profanity.

    What I’m pleased in this year’s songs of 2013 is that non-mainstream are doing very well this year, especially electronic songs, which I find it the most promising among all genres of music. This year’s electronic music is so music to my ears, that many of them become my favorite songs of 2013. I’ve started to know some Youtube channels who provide these electronic music. The first one is Monstercat, which is commonly used in some Minecraft videos of some famous Youtubers, like Skydoesminecraft. Monstercat not only provides good-quality electronic music, but also provides free music for downloading and using. If I’m not wrong, you only need to credit the artists and the music provider, and it’s enough. I love some of the songs released in Monstercat label this year, like “No One” by Project 46 ft. Matthew Steeper. The comfortable, yet minor melody and somehow catchy tempo really catch my attention in listening to this song for a lot of times. “No One” is one of my favorite songs of this year.

    The second one Chillfully. This “company” provides some comfortable electronic music, but overall I don’t find any of these songs released by this “company” good, because it is too boring to be listened to. There are some exceptions though, but they share with the same “company” which I’m going to mention down below.

    The third one is NoCopyrightSounds. This “company” also provides some electronic music, but not as frequent as Monstercat. One of the most recent releases is “Our Story” by Mako ft. Angel Taylor & Connie Sewell. This song is picked in “Picks of November 2013” and I’ve broadcast it in English Corner. The radio edit is not so good, because the song ends abruptly. However, I like the original mix so much. This piece contains some meaningful lyrics and perhaps a little bit sorrowful melody, similar style to “Clarity” by Zedd ft. Foxes. There are some parts which is quite soulfully to me. I like the melody and the rhythm so much. It sounds like “Clarity”, but the melody and the rhythm is quite different with “Clarity”. It is another of my favorite songs of 2013.

    The fourth one, perhaps the best “company” I’ve ever found, is Nik Cooper. This “company” provides a lot of catchy and tense electronic music which I love. There are a lot of songs from this “company” in my chart. Looking at the recent week, I think I’ve charted more than 5 songs from Nik Cooper. Although this “company” provides a lot of good free music, I cannot find an excellent one, but “We are One” by Krewella should be the best until now. This song is very energetic and really drives you to move. You may say this song contains a lot of bass and makes you cannot sleep. Therefore, this song may not be suitable for all the people. However, I am motivated by this song, and perhaps one of the songs which I don’t find it boring after the song finishes, or you may say I don’t even think this song is more than 4 minutes after I listened to the whole piece.

    Let’s get back to the topic. I’ve been struggling with my favorite song of this year, because a lot of non-mainstream songs are really doing great this year.

    The first one is “We Have it All” by Pim Stones. This song is already released last year and becomes my favorite song of last year. I still listen to this song because the song has a unique melody. The lyrics are very meaningful, which you can use them to criticize the government of their corruption, dictatorship, despotism etc. This song is perhaps one of the best songs of the decade. How do you think?

    The second one is “No One” by Project 46 ft. Matthew Steeper. This song is quite different with other electronic music, because this song is quite hypnotizing. I’m not saying this song is boring, but most electronic songs are energetic, but this song doesn’t. This is the reason why I love this song. The lyrics are quite meaningful, and you should sing this song to your girlfriend/boyfriend because the lyrics really touches him/her. The dance break is fairly mild and I think it is suitable for everyone to listen to.

    Going to continue my comment tomorrow.

    1. The third one is “Our Story” by Mako ft. Angel Taylor & Connie Sewell. This song is released nearly the end of the year. I’m quite impressed with the song, because of its mood, atmosphere, melody and perhaps vocals. I think this is by far the best FREE-to-download song of the year. Everything has been mixed perfectly. I can’t deny that this song is even better than those you listen to today. The dance break seems to sound noisy though. However, this should be the real part of the song – the most expressive part. This dance break is also separated into different layers, so you can hear some dynamic contrast, or perhaps call it an instrumental contrast (blah… because some instruments are not played in one or two seconds). I’m still struggling whether I should give this one the best song of the year. There are a lot of versions to this song. Proximity’s version and the “so-called” original version sounds the best. However, just a single Proximity’s version, perhaps known as a radio edit, can cost you 5 minutes, so as We Have it All. However, you won’t feel like it is 5 minutes. The song makes you feel that it is 4 minutes. That’s what I call the chemistry of music. If such song can produce this “illusion”, I can say the song is near to perfection.

      There are a lot more, but if you would like to see a whole list of top 100 songs of 2013, be sure to check my channel this month!

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