The 14 Slap Incident: What are your thoughts? (closed)


This is kind of old news already, but maybe you would like to add your comments. What are your feelings about this local news story about a young woman forcing her boyfriend to kneel in the street while she berated him, pulled his hair and slapped him in the face 14 times.

News Article: A cheater’s punishment, Chinese style: The 14-slap Incident (Daily Mail: 8 October 2013).

What are your thoughts? Add your comments below.


  1. No matter how we fell angry with that people, we shouldn’t hurt the others and we should respect the others. It’s humiliating and a very bad behavior for just keep slapping before giving any chances to the boy to explain, the girl is not considerate and broad-minded. I also think that the boy should stand up and fight back:p hehe just kidding but at least he should stop the girl from keep slapping her. The girl may have great pressure and she just want to express and relieve it but she did it in a wrong way. I hope this kind of problem won’t happen again.:(

  2. Well, slapping people is not a good behaviour.Although how you are digusting with, or how you are angry with,we can’t translate our anger on people.Slapping people are equal to striking people, and it may hurts people’s body and soul.It is also an insult for the people who are slapped. When I am very angry, I will listen to my favourite music to cool down my anger. Sometimes, I will sleep for 1 to 2 hours to evade. But sometimes it doesn’t work. Calmly handle things is important.In the vedio, the boy and the girl are keep insulting and scolding each other in the public.Everyone are looking at them but they still keep doing these things.Hope that these cases will happen fewer and fewer.

  3. Although it is a piece of old news already, but when someone mention “Princess syndrome” or “Hong Kong girls”, I am sure the 14-Slap Incident will come to our minds.

    Nowadays, “Princess syndrome of Hong Kong girls” has become a popular social phenomenon. It is the same case as “Kong Kid”— Some of the Hong Kong girls are spoiled by their parents. They may think that everyone should accommodate her because she is a girl and need to be protected. In addition, media may also be one of the assailant which causes these “princesses” appear. Some of the popular TV drama spread the practice of “Boys should never disobey their girlfriends. This is the way to show how much boys love girls”, making girls think that all the boys should be the gentlemen in TV drama, so caring and tolerate. As they are fancy of the beautiful “fairy tales” in the drama, they may really treat themselves as “princesses” and treat their boyfriends as “princes”. In a fairy tale, the prince always torerate the princess and always help her to do everything. So some of the Hong Kong girls do replacing themselves into the characters.

    As a girl, I also wanted to be loved and cared. However, this kind of behaviou is not a correct way to show how much a person loves/cares you. Particularly in a relationship, it is quite shameful to exploit your partner as a relationship requires contribution from both sides. If there is only one side contribute to the relationship, it is just exploitation of the other side. In my opinion, I am sure gentlemen will tend to get more appreciation from opposite sex. But it does not mean that they are servants that serve girls or girls can exploit them as they like. At least I will say a “Thank you” to the ones help me or say “Sorry” to the ones I have displeased on. It is also common to see those “princesses” among girls. Like love affairs, friendship also need respect but not always tolerance. If I come across these kind of spoiled girls, well I will not explain too much to them. I will just simply strike back as I am not your servents. You can only exploit your family or boyfriend but not to your classmates or even friends.

    Talking about the protagonists in the incident, I have read a few follow-up pieces about this incident but I think it is not all the young woman’s fault. The man also has the responsibility to respect the relationship with his girlfriend. (The news claimed that the man has affairs with other girls and he just depends on the youg woman for his daily necessities.) The slapping action punishing her boyfriend is absolutely not correct, but on the other hand the man also did wrong in the previous time and does not worth sympathy. Again, it is the problem of contributions from both sides. To maintain a relationship, futhermore, requires plenty of care and respect and contribution from both sides in necessary. If you are self-centred and do not know how to give, then you should try to learn it from people surrounding you. Otherwise, you never know what is the real meaining of “receive”.

  4. Actually this case occured about few months ago,but it is still a unforgettable and remarkable news in my mind.As it was really a shocked and unpleasant news.In my opinion,both Cheng and Chioo had done wrongly.Cheng slapped Chioo continously and Chioo knocked down a female photographer also.Their behaviours were so disgusting,I even couldn’t believe it.
    However,their behaviours have also reflected the serious problems of people nowadays,especially the Hk teenagers.Because of different factors,such as the stress from work or studies,which make many people them,including me are always impulsive and easily lose our temper.These cause many troubles to our life.For example,the relationship between one another will become worsen,just like the case of Cheng and Chioo.Therefore,controlling our temper is important no matter whether you getting along with others or dealing with affairs by yourself.
    In addiction,I found that there is a trend about the couples that the frequency of breaking up is increasing.What causes it?Because of the incompatibility of temperament?Or there are betrayers?Or actually some couples are just wanna go out with their companions for fun only?I do not know about it.For me,I think respect is the most important element for holding a love.No matter how wrong does your boyfriend or girlfriend is,violence must not be appeared.Calm down first and use a peaceful ways to deal with the problems is more effective.

  5. The girl who slapped the boy is really rude, impolite and disgrace. The girl in the news is a shame of Hong Kong girls. If there are any problems between them, they should talk about them at home. Being a boyfriend is not a prisoner, it looks as if the girl believes that once the boy becomes her boyfriend, he shouldn’t have any connections with other girls. That’s really nonsense!

    However, on the other hand, the boys’ act is really making many people frustrated. Why didn’t he go away or just tell the girl to stop? Not many male can bear this kind of insult. Is he too weak to fight back? I don’t think so, as it is reported that the male has pushed a photographer on the ground violently. Or does he love the girl so much that he doesn’t want to break up with her? Well, that’s just a guess, but I’d really want to know the truth.

  6. Well, I think that the woman is quite unreasonable and also violent. She didn’t know what is happening and just slapped her boyfriend for a reason from him. I think that if the woman wanted to know a reason from her boyfriend, I think that she should talk to her boyfriend calmly but not using violent to force him to tell her the reason.
    I also think the boyfriend is too chicken-hearted. I think he should tell the woman to stop her beating in stead of keeping silence. I don’t know if love will make the us blind or not but I sure that the love between the man and the woman surely make the man become blind to everything his lover did–slapping and scolding him before the other. It seems like no matter what she does, he can accect.
    Lastly, I think when there are arguments between lovers, it should be handeld calmly and let each other to have chance to communicate in order to know what is happening but not just use violant to treat the problem.

  7. I feel pretty sad for the man who slapped by the woman. Although he was arrested, he still protecting his “girlfriend ” who slapped him. He was a victim of love.
    nowadays, many and many young teenagers are loving. This situation becomes younger, even in primary school. There’s a case that a girlfriend and a boyfriend kissed in the public. It’s quite unacceptable even they’re adult, but they are just primary 6 students! How come?
    Also, there are a lot of teenagers dated and break up. When they break up, they felt very sad and went to die. I think it’s very stupid that if you break up, you sad to death. How about your parents, your family and your friends?
    there are too many victims of love. I think we should think before we date, or we may deserve the same result like them.

  8. Actually, I felt shocked after reading the news. How come a girlfriend can do this with her boyfriend? She was too violent. I think Cheng should learn how to respect Chioo. She needed to care about the feelings of the others especially Chioo. She should learn to control her emotions, but not hitting others rudely and impulsive. She can use many ways to solve the problems with Chioo but not hitting him in front of the public.
    Secondly, I felt sad as Chioo was really poor. First, he was slapped for 14 times in public by her girlfriend. Someone even recorded a video of Chioo was slapped by his girlfriend without fight back. Also, he was kneeling and crying when he was slapped by Cheng. He must be very embarrassed. However, no one know that this weak man will us his knee to knock down a photographer. When the couple left the court, Chioo thought the reporters and photographers were annoying and hitting him, he lost his temper easily and hit them back with his knee. He was arrested for common assault by the police. Same as his girlfriend, Chioo did wrong. He should not hit the others easily but he should use his mouth to solve the problem. I think the relationship between Chioo and Cheng was really weak as both of them lost their temper easily. This means that they will have arguments easily in the future. Their relationship may be very short. Back to the case of Chioo, although he should not do that, I think the journalists did wrong too. They should ask Chioo questions after he calmed down but not just annoying him like a bee.

  9. This news was deplorable for me. I could see a remarkable moral degradation from it.
    Chioo was such a pitiful sight — kneeling down, crying, WITHOUT any striking back. Cheng was a shrew too—it was a pity that she did not join boxing competition. How close their relationship was! Nonetheless, I have never thought of the weak boyfriend would fight back—not attacking Cheng, but attacking the journalists outside the court. Perhaps he was just a foolhardy. Or—he wanted to declare that he was not feeble by using violence against the journalists? Moreover, I thought that Cheng and Chioo were cowards. If Chioo thought his attack was correct, he could just argue with the police. However, after being found guilty, he only escaped with his girlfriend as soon as possible. If he did not think he did wrong, why didn’t he face the people openly? In my opinion, he was a shameful chicken!
    From my point of view, Cheong was a disgrace of women. I did not think she was really angry with Chioo. If she was, she would not be so happy about escaping with Chioo. Maybe she just wanted to show off— you see, I am slapping a MAN! Perhaps she felt complacent over this. She’ got Chioo wrapped around her fingers. If I were Chioo, I would immediately break up with Cheng as I could not stand this high-maintenance princess.
    I did not think Chioo and Cheng were truly in love with each other. However, I was quite sure that they would get married— no one other than themselves would want a shrew or a chicken to be their companion.

  10. Oh no! I can’t believe it. Actually, I think both of them have something wrong.
    Firstly, I want to talk about the rude and unreasonable girl. I think she made us (girls in Hong Kong) feel embarrassed. In the past, most of the female in china was elegant and gentle. However, female in Hong Kong is discourteous, uncivil and insolent. I doesn’t mean that women cannot be tough or powerful, I just think that we should be more polite and more refined. The girl in this video is ridiculous. Why she slapped her boyfriend? It’s just because he brought her female relative to his department. Also, she shouted loudly in the public street and talked to the passerby who try to stop her slapping rudely.
    Secondly, I think the boy in this video is too weak and he is powerless. Male in china in the past should be strong and forceful but this boy is exactly the opposite of these features. Although he argued with his girlfriend, he knelt. His action was a disgrace to the male in Hong Kong.
    Lastly, I really want to say that not all the girls in Hong Kong have this problem and I hope that people won’t prejudice us.

    1. Your blog article is funny! I have a couple of questions for you, though. How common is this kind of girl? I have lived in HK for a couple of decades and I have only met a couple of very marginal princesses during this time. Is this a relatively new thing or has HK always had such princesses. BTW, this is a forum set up for students that is also open to the public–I’ll ask the students to post their responses on the weekend. It was nice of you to drop in 🙂

      1. honstly I haven’t seen it with my own eyes, but few men, including my husband’s really close friend – told me that princess behavior is quite common, maybe not to do extreme domestic-violence point, but yelling, blackmailing to get what they want etc. is just ‘normal’ – to make it even more funny that friend after complaining to my husband that the girl changed in last few years from cute nice girl to a princess and still married her a year later from that complaint 😀

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