Alpais Lam: Is She the Victim of Political Persecution? (closed)


The Case of the Swearing Teacher is a controversial issue in Hong Kong at the moment. The original incident was a relatively minor one, but its aftermath does raise a lot of questions about Hong Kong’s level of autonomy 16 years after China regained soveignty over the territory. Here is a brief summary of what happened:

While police were handling a protest on July 14 in which representatives of the Falun Gong (Is it a spiritual movement or cult?) were clashing with members of the Hong Kong Youth Care Association (Is the HKYCA a legitimate local youth group or simply a front for the Chinese Communist Party?),Police seemed to be deliberately siding with the HKYCA (Why would the police show favouritism to one side?). A local primary school teacher, Alpais Lam Wai-sze, was caught on video swearing at police officers (Do school teachers need to be on their best behaviour 24 hours a day?).Afterwards, despite her apology, she was the subject of a public campaign to vilify her. For example, banners were posted at her school calling for her dismissal (Who is behind this campaign and what are their motives?)

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  1. Saying foul language is not what a teacher should do. I don’t think Miss Lam should do this even if she disagreed with what the police did. Students need to learn from teachers but Miss Lam was saying foul language. Students will think that saying foul language is not a ‘ must not ‘ thing anymore. I just hope that no students wil learn from what Miss Lam did.

  2. Miss Lam can tell her opinions to the police but she must not saying foul language because it is wrong and it will hurt others. In addition, if even the teachers speaking foul language, the students will not follow the rules and also speaking foul language. Miss Lam is a teacher and she should provide a good example to the students no matter she is at school or not. Therefore I think she should apologize for it.

    I think Miss Lam is right to maintain justice and she have her privilege to say her opinions. However she spoke foal language and did not apologize. If she speaks to the police politely, I think this problem will solve and everyone will agree with her.

  3. Actually, in my mind, I don’t think Alpais Lam is wrong. She is just expressing her opinions in a a little bit rude way, it’s not related too much to her job– she is not saying violent language in school and in front of children. If there’s n attention of the society on that case, the children would don’t know their teacher had said violent language, then it’s doesn’t matter because it doesn’t affect the children. Some people said that if you are a teacher, you can’t say violent language and act in a rude way, however, I don’t think so. Teachers are also normal people, they have thier own feelings too, how can they say that a teacher can’t be angry and express their anger though some sharper ways? Also, now violent language is in everywhere, even if children don’t hear it from their teachers, they can hear them on the streets, trains, parks or anywhere, is that the parents don’t want them to learn violent language? Then, they shouldn’t bring their children out!

  4. In my opinion,I think that the behaviour of Alpais Lam is not appropriate as she is a teacher.Although she feels very angry,she still can’t say foul language to release her anger because it is not polite.Also,she acts as a role model for her students and she should know how a teacher should behave.Saying foul language to the policeman reflects that she doesn’t have the ethics of her profession.
    Besides,I think that the police shouldn’t show favouritism to any sides when they handle a protest.They should remain neutral and remind themselves that maintaining the social order is their main job.

  5. I don’t think Alpais Lam should apologize for saying foul language in public. She is a brave woman who spoke her opinion with justice—this is not related to what work she does. Actually, I have been confused for a long time—why do people just think of ” She is a teacher, so she should not say foul language’, but have never thought of ‘Why did she swearing at the police?’ If you have saw the video, you will see that how rudely the police excluded the Falun Gong. It is crystal-clear that why Alpais could not resist getting angry and said profanity What’s wrong with an adult saying foul language? The wrathful parents blame Alpais for misguiding the students to curse on others without thinking for a second. Have they ever asked themselves: Have I ever said profanity when being with my children? If they really want to teach their children, then they should accuse the TV programmes and movies containing foul language. Children can watch them everywhere.

    1. I think Alpais Lam was not correct for saying foul language to the policeman due to a few reasons. Firstly, she acted as a teacher in a primary school. She has to remind herself for what she should do as a teacher. Basically, a teacher is not supposed to say those words in any situation no matter in what places, and to which person. Besides, a teacher has to do what is morally good and acceptable since a teacher acts as a ROLE MODEL to his/her students. He/She is teaching his/her students how they have to behave. However, Alpais Lam spoiled this idea. She does not have PROFESSIONAL ETHICS. She is no longer a suitable person for being a school teacher. Secondly, not only school teachers, but also everyone, is not supposed to swear at anyone. IT IS VERY BAD TO HAVE THE IDEA OF SWEARING(saying foul language) because foul languages carry the meanings of teasing and vilifying.
      Actually, Ms Lam has MANY OTHER CHANNELS to express her “unsatisfaction” to the government but not swearing.

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