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2013 - The Year of the Minion
2013 – The Year of the Minion

What was your favourite movie this year? Which actor has given the most outstanding performance? Which movie disappointed you the most? Let us know your opinions of the movies of 2013. To help you refresh your memory, here are some of the most popular films of 2013:

  • Despicable Me 2
  • Iron Man 3
  • Fast & Furious 6
  • Monsters University
  • Man of Steel
  • The Croods
  • World War Z
  • Oz the Great and Powerful
  • Star Trek into Darkness
  • Pacific Rim

Other releases included Mama, Safe Haven, Jack the Giant Slayer, The Call, G.I Joe Retaliation, Trance, Jurassic Park 3D, Oblivion, Epic, Mud, the Great Gatsby, The Hangover III, After Earth, The Bling Ring, The Lone Ranger, Turbo, R.I.P.D, The Wolverine, The Smurfs 2, 2 Guns, Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters. Elysium, City Of Bones and Before Midnight.

It seems that there haven’t been a lot of great films this year. There are a lot of action movies—some of them hits, some of them misses—and even the more dramatic indie films didn’t seem to be that great. For me personally, I liked sci-fi film Oblivion and the coming-of-age drama Mud. Both films have flaws, but they will leave you thinking about their themes, plot and imagery long after viewing them. For pure excitement, I really enjoyed Pacific Rim and Word War Z (Monsters! Battle Mechs! Zombies! Arrggghhh!).

What about you? What films did you enjoy? Leave a comment below.



  1. The only film that I watched in 2013 is Monsters University. The most impressive scene is the competition in the university. Mike and Sullivan is in the same team called Oozma Kappa. They wan’t a strong team but they had good co-operation and determination that they could pass round 1 and round 2. But at last, Sullivan was found that he was cheat in the competition. So they lose their game at last. I learn that although we really want to win the competition, we shouldn’t cheat in it. We can practice more and be more confident in ourselves.

  2. My favourite film in 2013 is Monsters University. the film is about the monsters are study in a university which is need them to scare the human. the main character is Mike and Sullivan. They study in the same university also are roomates but they hate each other in the beginning after meeting challenges and problems they become friends.I think mike is really cute and Sullivan is really softy.I really want to give Sullivan a big hug!!!
    by the way Despicable Me2 is a great film also.Minions are really cuteeee.

  3. My favourite film in 2013 I think is Despicable Me 2. This is a film talks about some yellow monsters and they all love eating bananas. And they always said,”Banana…Banana…” How cute they are. I also like Despicable 1 too.
    And how about you? What is your favourite film in 2013?

    1. My favourite film in 2013 is Monsters University. the film is about the monsters. the main character is Mike and Sullivan. They study in the same university and they hate each other in the beginning, but when they meet challenges, they work as one and solve the problems. They build up great experiences and memories, and also strong and unbreakable friendship. This story is meaningful and impressing. It reminds us to treasure our friends!!!!

  4. Many great movies are found nowadays. In the eleven most popular films in 2013, I like”Despicable Me 2″ most because I love all the characters very very much. I am one of the fans of Minions! The yellow/purple minions, Gru, Cargo, Edith and Agnes are lovely, charming and energetic. Also, Despicable 1 or 2 are really successful films. Now, many children and even adults are attracted by their cuteness. They have already impress deeply upon everyone’s mind.
    Do you guys like Minions too?

  5. The year 2013 has long gone, but there is one movie that stands out for me “The Croods”. This movie is about the Croods family who lives in the “Stone Age” and their struggle to survive. They didn’t like new things because living the same way means the family is safe. But, the elder daughter of the family (Eep), loved to explore and she was very curious about everything. One day, Eep met a boy (Guy) and he was very different. Guy was clever and can solve problems, he knew how to start a fire, he wore shoes, he cooked the meat before eating it and many other things that the Croods family didn’t know. Soon, the Croods’ home (a cave) was destroyed by an earthquake and they were force to leave. They were very afraid and did not know what to do. Guy told the family that the world was going to end and they needed to travel to the mountain to survive. The story records the adventure of the Croods and how Guy became one of the family.

    I really love this movie because it shows the importance of knowledge. We always need to learn more and more in order to get a better life and improve ourselves. Also, the movie teaches us to help other people who are in need, sometimes you may get more then you pay. This movie is lively, funny, and full of excitement, I would like to recommend it to my friends.

  6. Let’s talk about my favourite movie in 2013! This movie has won 7 Oscar Awards in 2013 and it is one of the greatest scientific movies in 2013. All of you definitely know what it is, it is—Gravity.
    This movie takes place in the space shuttle, Explorer. Ryan Stone and Matt Kowalski are the astronauts on the Explorer. They are taking a mission of repairing the space station. However, an accident happened in the darkest space. The Russians destroyed one of their satellites and causes chain reactions on the Explorer. The Explorer is damaged by the debris of the satellites. Therefore, Ryan and Matt have to try their best to strike back to the Earth.
    The plot of the movie is really exciting and thrilling. The settings of the movie are realistic and it makes the audiences feel like they are standing in the space. The CG technology is used in many parts of the movie. Over 80% of the movie is made up by the computer graphic. It even contains more CG than Avatar! It really makes me impress and I hope that the director, Alfonso Cuaron can create more impressive movie and enhance our vision.

  7. My favourite film in 2013 is The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.
    I think the whole series of the hunger games are really good! The plot is really good and attractive. It does not only talk about the process of the hunger games, it also talks about the love triangle between Katniss, Peeta and Gale. I really love watching movies about love and adventure!
    There are some moral lessons behind the story. Firstly, the only one who can control yourself is you. Listening to others’ advices is important. However, we should consider carefully and make our own decision at the right time. No matter how much other people try to change you, stay true to who you are! In some situations, we can just voice out our opinions and fight for what we want. Secondly, we should protect those that you love, no matter what it takes to do so. Just like Peeta, although he knows that Katniss does not really love him, he still tries his best to protect him and offers her the best he can. Thirdly, I want to talk about ‘Bravery’ and ‘Courage’. Nearly all the tributes in Catching Fire are brave. Katniss and Peeta are ready to die for each other and they are always acting rashly to defend their values. The tributes from District 3, Mags and Wiress give up their lives to protect the others. Johanna calls the Capitol out, and she and Finnick risk their lives to save Peeta and Katniss. The stylist of Katniss, Cinna puts his life on the line to give Katniss a costume that will further incite the rebellion. All of their characters are different, but their goal is the same, ‘To Help Katniss and Peeta’.
    My favourite character in this film is Katniss definitely. She is beautiful, brave, clever, and she has a compassionate heart. She knows how to think of others’ feelings. I think the reason she can win the Hunger Games in this film and the previous movie is not only because of her bravery, but also because of her heart. She does not care about her life, she only cares about those she loves. And Katniss’s past hardships, including her father’s death, mother’s depression and near starvation have made her a survivor. Besides, she can quickly adapt to the game. It can help her to win the game more easily.

  8. My favourite movie in 2013 is Monster University. Let me introduce the summary of this movie to you guys first!:) (Spoiler Alert)

    Mike, a six-year-old monster decided to become a scarer when he grow up during the visit to Monsters Inc., a scaring company to produce energy. Approximately twelve years later, Mike is a scare major at Monsters University where he firstly meets his nerdy roommate Randall who can turn invisible just like a lizard. Mike is very hard-working who studies for days and nights without any social gatherings. During the first class of the scare program, he meets Sullivan whose father is the best scarer known in the university while Sullivan is also a well-known scarer student in the university. Mike have been studying hard and repeatedly answering questions in class accurately, while the privileged Sulley, convinced all he needs is his natural scaring ability begins to falter. During their final exam, they failed and were dropped out of the program. They then join in the scaring competition in which Mike challenges the dean that his group will definitely win or else he will leave the university. Sulley expects to carry the team by himself but Mike believes that with enough training, the whole team can succeed. Fortunately, they have won the competition but they are forced to leave the university due to their destruction to the university and enter Monster Inc. to become workers.

    Monsters University is the prequel to Monster Inc., a widely popular animation movie by Pixar. With animation industries overproducing computer-animated films for sequels and series, expectations from critiques and longtime cartoon lovers who grew up with class Disney movies are actually pretty high. For this reason, it has been a while since I was surrounded by parents who brought their children to let them enjoy this bright and comical scenes. After coming to the theater with low excitement, not only did this movie exceed my expectation but it also proved that Pixar is not a sort of company that tries to take audience’s wherewithal by making a mediocre prequel based on reputation of an original one. As usual, Pixar consistently releases unique and appealing characters with flexible movements and humorous images. Especially with this film where it is all about presenting different breeds of monsters with extraordinary looks and abilities, followed by an absolute storytelling skill that moved everyone’s emotion. This is definitely the greatest movie of all time with many WOW-factors.
    As you know, Mike is a small and weak monster which is adorable and cute but not scary at all. However, surprisingly Mike dreams to become a scarer in the future no matter how much effort he is going to pay. Born with disadvantages, he still intends to learn as hard as he can in order to become a great scarer during the university. Even though there are many monsters in the same grade tease his weakness and non-scariness and encourage him to give up on studying scaring, he still omits others opinions and strives for his best in order to obtain the degree and become a successful and frightening scarer later. His determination and perseverance is memorable to me, not everyone of us have this kind of rare personality. In addition, when Mike decides to join the scaring competition to prove that he can be a horrifying scarer. He is forced to allied with some competitors while nobody would like to ally with him except for the weakest friends he knows and Sulley. No matter how bad the situation is, he still never gives up his dream and cooperate with each other for miracles to happen. In terms of cooperate, I think that cooperation is the key to success in group-tasks. Perhaps nearly all the members are weak with disabilities but without any advantages, but everyone must have their own characteristic or interest no matter big or small. When small powers unite into a cooperative group, they can unquestionably deal with the problems and overcome the obstacles. That’s why Mike’s group has beat down other capable and tenacious.
    With ardour, determination and teamwork, everything is possible!
    Also, in the movie, Sulley simply feels over-confident about his natural talents, scary and relies on it to deal with every single exams during his course without paying any attention in class or a bit effort on studying for the exams. He finally fails at it at the end. Confidence is essential but too much of it will just make you feel proud and lazy in which your special gift will not work just like before eventually.
    I love watching animated movies. Not only for the humorous dialogue and interesting plot, but also for the meanings behind which are educational and moral. They are one of the best tools to teach youngsters to learn good behaviors, aren’t they?

  9. in 2013,there were many wonderful films released. i like Iron Man 3 and Despicable Me 2 most. 🙂 The amusing minions attracts me a lot that they become my favourite cartoon. The plot is very funny and I have watched this film for more that 4 times! moreover, I like the actions of Iron Man 3 as they are very cool and marvellous! Although it is a bit disappointing that Tony gives up iron man in the end, this film still attracts me a lot. In conclusion,I like adventurous and amusing films! 🙂 Looking forward to 2014 movies.

  10. I have watched a 3D movie, Monster University, this year. The movie is about Mike Wazowski, James Sullivan and their friends. Mike is a very hard working student in Monster University. However, he is too short and his appearance is not scary enough. Sullivan is born in a well-known monster family. He is a self-confident and talented monster. However, he does not work hard. As a result, both of them are asked to leave the univeristy. The university principal gave them a last chance. They have to join a competition. If they win, they can continue their study in the university. They worked very hard with their groupmates. They also met a lot of challenges, but they overcomed the difficultities one by one. Finally, they won the competition and they could stay in the unviersity.

    I was first attracted by this movie because it is a prequel to Monsters Inc. After watching the Monster University, I think it is a very inspiring movie. Althought Mike is not as talented as Sullivan, he still works very hard and does not give up. He solves all the problems in a positive way. He inspired me that I should not give up no matter how the difficult the situation is.

  11. My favourite movie in 2013 is Monster University. It was so cool that Mike and Sulley were actually not friends in the univercity. The ending was quite good.

  12. I’ve watched three movies in this summer vacation and I think all of them were great. They are Despicable Me 2, Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters and The Immortal Instruments: City of Bones. I love the storyline of The Sea of Monsters but the minions are tthe cutest creature I’ve ever seen!!! The actor acting as the main character in the City of Bones is very cool and handsome but I still think the minions are the best. So if I’m gonna choose the best film I’ll choose Despicable Me 2.

  13. There were so many films during this summer. But I only watched one film. That is “City of Bones”. I love it very much!! Especially the main character in this film–Jase(Jamie XXX<-sorry I forgot)!!! He was absolutely handsome!!! Also this film is really fabulous and fantastic! I really love it.

    "City of Bones"talks about a girl called Clary. Actually she and her mother is a shadowhunter but she didn't know it, until she met another shadowhunter called Jase. Then Clary's mother was caught by the bad shadowhunter called Valentie. It is because Clary's mother hide the Mortal Cup, that Valentie want it so badly for controlling all the demons, shadowhunters and even the world. So that Clary wants Jase to find her mother than find the cup. She soon falls in love with Jase. Also, she discovers some special power of herself–she can put something into a piece of paper than it becomes a drawing!!! So Clary notices where did her mother hide the cup– in a drawing in a card that she seen before.

    But as soon as she finds the cup, Valentie said that he is Clary's and Jase's lost Dad!! That mean they are brother and sister!! So they shouldn't fall in love. But in my opinion, I think Valentie is lying. I really love their pair up!! Finally, Clary stops Valentie for a while and she gets the cup.

    Surprisely, there are something about music in this film! It tells that the chromatic in music can call the demons out. And this chromatic is created by Bach–that mean Bach is a shadowhunter! In some ways I think that's quite funny ha ha!

    This is really a very fantastic film. I want to watch it again! And I am looking forward for the next film!:)

  14. Like many other students, my favorite past time is watching movies. My room is packed with different kind of movies, adventure, thrillers, romance, horrors, etc. I also believe that watching English movies is the best way to learn English comfortably. It’s common for me to watch at least one movie per week. (Of course not in the cinema, that’s too expensive!)

    For 2013, my favorite film is the classic and riveting musical, “Les Miserable”. Although it is showing on Dec 2012-13 Jan, I still want to share this amusing film with you guys.

    As a massive film fan, my tastes are very wide-ranging. But I do have some problems with musicals as they are usually long and it’s easy for me to fall asleep. Nevertheless, this film unexpectedly kept me awoke.

    Les miserable was taken place in the 19th century in France. Jean Valgean, was thrown into the prison because he stole a loaf of bread for his starving niece. Jean decided to do something meaningful after being released. He started a new life using a new identity. He became a mayor and the owner of a factory. He met the dying Fantine and promised to take care of her daughter, Cosette. The fateful decision changes their lives forever.

    People’s review about this musical are very different. I went in a cinema for a casual gathering with friends and left the cinema speechless. The cast, costumes and design are incredible. And the story flowed beautifully.there were many touching dialogues in the story. My favorite one is when the Bishop said to Jean, “Monsieur, release him. This man has spoken true. I command you for your duty.” It was when Jean stole the Bishop’s silver tools, police came but the bishop didn’t give him to the police, Instead, he told Jean to take the tools and be an honest man. It is really quite shocking that time when I first saw this scene for what he have done. But now I understand that the Bishop want to help him by giving him enough money to start a new life.

    The most impressing thing in this whole film is that the whole film was “sang” out. The cast’s voice was amazing. My favorite song is”Do you hear the people sing.” I can feel the passion and how much the students want to win in the French Revolution. I also love the song “I dreamed a dream” Fantine was so poor! All the good things seemed to fly away from her. This song was filled with
    sadness and despair Anne Hathaway’s rendition of the song was moving.

    This is really a fantastic musical. I’m sure it will be famous and popular forever. Watch it if you haven’t!

  15. I have watched The Moral Instrument:City of Bones. That was a fantastic movie for me. I am especially interested in fantasy and mystery movies and this fits my enquirers. I love the plot with is different from other . For example, it takes place in our modern life and cities instead of rural areas or forests. With the combination of vampires, werewolves, demons and shadow hunters, the movie works on me. The acting of characters are good, like Jamie Campbell Bower and Lily Collins. I am looking forward to the next movie coming out. Hope it won’t be too long. Though it can always give me surprises even if I have read the whole series of books.

  16. I watched iron man 3. I like this film very much. I was impressed by tony stark. He can make so many robots by himself. It was really great. He is a brave and clever man too. He fights his enemies by himself.
    I watched the lone ranger too. It’s a funny film . Tonto did many silly things that make me laugh. But at last he beat the enemies with his partner john. This film is great too.

  17. This year,there are a lot of great films have been displayed in Hong Kong such as Despicable Me 2, Iron Man 3, Monsters University, Man of Steel,etc.And I have watched Iron Man 3 and Monsters University.Although both are attract me, my favourite one is Monsters University.I think it would be people’s favourite and of course I am. In this fim, this are many funny characters expecially Michael Mike Wazowski, a young monster dreams of being a scarer when he grows up and Sulley Sullivan, a large, blue, furry monster. At first,they both thought they were enemies because of their rivalry in the final exam which made Dean Hardscrabble,the principal of the Monsters University drop them from the scar program.However, there is a chance to help them back into the scar program – Scar competition.If they win in the competition, they can go back.They joined the Oozma Kappa Team and finally win.
    After I watched this film , I realized that win is not the important in any competition with any prizes but the most important is the team’s cooperation.As you can see Mike and Sulley how to cooperate and become the best partner of each other. Therefore, I think this film give me a great impact of cooperate with others.In conclusion, I think Monsters University is the best film.

  18. In this summer holiday, I have watched two movies–Despicable Me 2 and Monster University.

    I think that Monster University impressed me the most. It is because it is not just a simple movie for fun. It also teach us a lesson. Learning to appreciate others, receiving your own weaknesses and try your best to shoe your own talent .When we try to appreciate others, we may find out the good things of others. Just like Sulley and Mike, they hated each other very much at first but they can finally be the best friends because they tried to find out others strength and accepted the defects of themselves. As you know, Mike has a very weak ability on scaring. Sulley laughed at him at the very beginning. But on and on, Sulley discovered that Mike has a very smart brain. Also, Sulley became even more scarier by the training planned by Mike.
    In real life, we may need to work with somebody weaker or stronger than ourselves. We may feel disappointed and feel helpless. In this case, we may follow the method that I mentioned at the beginning in order to work well with others.

    I like this flim.

  19. During this summer vocation, I’ve only watched 2 movies-Despicable Me 2 and Monster University.For me personally, I do like Monster University best although I’m a big fan of the cute minions.
    Monster University is a prologue of Monster.Inc,if you’ve watched Monster.Inc, you would properly love M.U.
    Mike is my favourite character in M.U.,he is sooooo adorable with his large aqua eye .I apperciate his attitude too.He doesn’t have a fine inheritance like what Sullivan has but he still work hard in order to achieve his dream.( A student of scare program and finally work in Monster Inc.)
    In addition,I learn that cooperation among the pals is really important. Oozma Kappa is a gorgeous example.They worked hard together and practised every day, they all have their own talent . Eventually , they won! 😀
    In conclusion, I think it is an awesome film 🙂

  20. In 2013, I rarely have time for recreational activities. So up to now, I have only watched one movie. That is ‘Monsters University’. I enjoyed this movie very much! The reason that I chose this to watch is that I like it’s last movie – ‘Monsters Inc.’ very much. It tell us about love between different creatures. I think this movie is really very interesting so when I knew that a related movie will be released in July, I was very looking forward to watching it. And it didn’t disappointed me! I think it taught us not only never give up, also about cooperating with our friends. In the movie, Sulley, Mike, and other members in Oozma Kappa. They were all expelled from the scare program because their appearance were not scaring enough. But at last, they all won in the Scare Games. It tell us that we all have talent, maybe we are not good at doing something in the way others do it, but we can make use of our talent and be successful. Also, the reason they won was not only keeping up, also good cooperating and believing in each other. They encouraged their teammates when they wanted to give up. That’s what we need in nowadays’s Hong Kong. Hong Kong citizens always criticize others work but not encouraging. That’s why our city is running out of creativity. Those people who have creative ideas afraid that if they tell about their ideas, they will scold by the people. I do hope that Hong Kong people will be more encouraging.
    I really enjoyed this movie very much!

  21. This year, as many people have said, lots of fabulous movies displayed and I cannot agree with it more! I had watched four of them, such as “White House Down”, “City of Bones”, ” Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters” and “Monster University”. My favourite movie? Of course is “City of Bones”. It is a really amazing film and I cant stop loving it. It is about a teen called Clary who realizes that her mother is a Shadowhunter and she is going to find the Mortal Cup before Valentine, a bad shadowhunter who wants to control all the demons and shadowhunters to obey him, gets the cup. The fighting scenes are so cool and I was almost breathless when sawing it.Now, I really wanna watch the sequel of it- “City of Ashes” badly! I expect that “City of Ashes” will be more breath-taking and fantastic than “City of Bones”!

    Among the movies that I had watched, I think “Monster University” disappoints me the most. At first, I had a great hope for it when I knew it was going to realease in cinemas. However, after I watched it, my hope was totally withered 😦 In my opinions, the movie is not very very very bad but just quite boring. I couldnt find any places to laugh or cry in the movie. It only chronicles the process of Mike, Sulley and the others joining the Scare Games , how many difficulties they have to face and how they finally win. Although the movie has told us some messages such as,’Try hard before you give up.’, etc, the plots of it are so common and I could guess what would happen next when I was watching the film! (It is true and I am not kidding.)

    I think the best actor in the movies of 2013 is Logan Lerman. He acts the main character, Percy Jackson, in ” Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters”.I think he really did a great job.As a reflection of “Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief”, his acting has been maturer and maturer. For example, in the movie, he kills Kronos with Posiedon’s sword and he presents ‘no fears’. Just like the personality of Percy Jackson. He is so barve and fearless. It is really pleasant that Logan can show the character’s barveness in his acting although he is just a 21-year-old actor. I am really looking forward to his coming amazing pieces of work!

  22. This year,I had seen quite a lot of good films,such as Dispicable Me 2,Monsters University,Iron Man 3,Now you see me …However, my favourite one is Dispicable Me 2.There are many funny scenes in the movie makes me laugh.The ending of this movie is quite amusing too.After watching this film, I’ve learnt that cooperation is very important .It has a lot of outstanding characters in this film too,such as Gru,Lucy and Margo…Of course my favourite character are the cute minions.They are very lovabla.I am looking forward to seeing Dispicable Me 3

  23. This year, I had seen quite a lot of films, such as G.I.Joe:Retaliation, The Heat, Monster University, Red 2, Iron Man 3… However, without doubt, ‘The Internship’ was my favourite one. It was a comedy about two unemployed, middle-aged men getting an internship job in Google. They had to go through a lot of challenges and missions as a team, and they had to compete with other teams to score a victory. Their opponents were university-graduated geniuses who were superb at computers.
    One of the main character, Nick, call this a ‘mental hunger games’, and I totally agree with him. It is really hard to get a job nowadays, especially when you know little about technology. In the film, Nick and Billy joined a team with weird members. At first, they were considered as the underdogs and other teams looked down on them, but they came up with lots of good ideas, and the most important thing–team work, helped them bring a twist to the competition. Their remarkable perfomance shocked both of their opponents and their supervisor. It was their determination and faith that led them through the difficulties they had encountered.
    Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn were really outstanding actors. I am quite looking forward to the coming films this year. There are Captain Philips, Runner Runner… and all of them sounds really nice.

  24. Many attractive films were displayed on the screens in this year.And I have just watched a humorous and popular cartoon in this summer vacation,which called ‘Despicable me 2’.
    I love this interesting cartoon very much.There are so many funny scenes in the movie that made me bursted into laughter!For example,Mr Gru,one of the main characters dresses into a princess in the birthday party of his pretty daughter!The golden long hair,red lip,pink dress and the fashion high-heels shoes make ‘her’ looks so silly and disgusting!We just laughed loudly when we saw ‘her’.
    And my favourite characters are the lovely minions.They look likes the yellow potatoes with glasses and in blue pants.They always keeping talking and talking,laughing and laughing.And I think they are so talkative and optimistic.Sometimes the minions are helpful too and they can help their masters,Mr Gru to solve some simple problems.However,the ignorant minions always get into troubles!
    I became a super fan of the cute minions after watching it.And this movie has brought me a lot of joyous.Well, I hope there will be a ‘Despicable me3’ coming soon.And I can go to watch it,right? By Betty Lo(2D 9)

  25. In this year,I’ve watched 2 films.One is “Monsters University”,one is “Despicable me 2″.Actually,I like both of them.However, if I need to choose one,I think I will choose”Monster University”.Since I’ve watched ” Monsters, Inc.”, I was curious to know more about Michael and James P. at that moment.I think this film is very interesting,not only for the plot but also for the characters.They attracted me a lot.My favorite character is Michael Wasowski because he is so cute and he has a big eye that I want.(Of course for both eyes!Haha!)
    In this film I’ve learned a lot,such as teamwork,honesty,braveness,etc.Also,I’ve learned the most important thing that whatever situation,we shouldn’t give up and we should prove that we can do it !(Of course not in a dangerous situation and not talking about something that will harm us but for something good for us.)
    I think this is a meaningful and popular film,isn’t it ?

  26. There are countless fantastic films dispayed this year and I have watched several of them. My favourite one is Despicable Me 2. I like the excting plot which is about working at a spy and the ending is quite amusing actually. This time we still have Gru, Margo, Edith, Agnes, Dr Nefario and the minions in the story, and there is also a lovely new character—Lucy, who finally gets married with Gru and becomes the mother of the three girls. But, of course, my favourite character are still the cute minions! Their appearance is quite lovable and besides their childlike actions are funny. I am looking forward to seeing the next film related!:)

  27. This year, many fascinating films have been displayed. Like action films, cartoons, sci-fi films, etc. My favourite film is definitely Iron Man 3. This is the most amazing film I have seen this year! The background music is great, the actors acted very well, the three-dimensional effect is excellent! I feel like I was in the film!!! The ending was very touching that Tony destroyed all his Iron Man suit for Pepper, I nearly cried when I was watching this scene. If there will be Iron Man 4, I will surely watch it!!!

  28. During the whole year there are a lot of great films displayed. My favourite one, of course, is “Despicable me2”. The yellow minions inside the film are really cute, stealing the show of the main characters—Gru and Lucy. Except the cute minions, the film also shows an important massage—cooperation is the key of success. When Gru, Dr Nefario, Margo, Edith and Agnes, with the help with a few of normal minions, went to the place of Eduardo to save Lucy and the minions which are poisoned by Eduardo, they cooperated with each other and they succeeded.
    This film is a great one. It has a great plot, outstanding characters (the minions, of course), and also a great theme behind it. I am looking forward to the next film, not just “Despicable Me3” but also the film using the minions as main characters—Minions. I think there will have more funny things of the minions happened in this film. I am really looking forward to this. 🙂

  29. This year ,there are many films displayed in Hong Kong cinemas such as, Despicable Me 2,Iron Man 3
    Fast & Furious 6,Monsters University,Man of Steel,The Croods,World War Z,Oz the Great and Powerful,
    Star Trek into Darkness,Pacific Rim,etc. I have watched the film Monsters University with my friends but i don’t really enjoy it, because the plot is neither exciting nor interesting. It tells the story in a very simple way, it is not surprising and funny. i would like to watch the film Iron Man 3,because I think it would be more exciting.I hope I will not be disappointed with it.

  30. There are many interesting and exciting films nowadays. From action films to romance films; from cartoon films to sport films; from mystery films to family films…A lot of companies try to make some films that can attract people to watch them. For me, I love the film that was really hot in this summer– Despicable Me 2.
    Although I am not a super fan of this film, I still love it very much (I didn’t watch the Despicable Me 1 xdd). No matter for children or adults, they all love the yellow minions in this film! My brother and I are also the fans of them too! Their optimistic character and cute style give people unforgettable memory.
    I think the plot, directing, dialogue, costume design and the music of the film can attract people in Hong Kong to watch this film. That’s why minions are so famous all over the world!
    I hope there will be Despicable Me 3 as soon as possible! Will you go to watch and enjoy the fun time with me?

  31. In this summer,there are so much cartoon movies has been displayed,one of the most lovable and fantastic one is certainly Despicable Me 2.
    Despicable stands for unpleasant ,detestable and abominable.However,in Despicable Me 2 ,there are yellow ,cute henchman. They look like yellow potatoes, with blue and disgusting pants ,a pair of round and small glasses ,called minion. Minion’s attractive and charming look , strange and alien speaking makes everyone can’t help laughing at its droll image,even me.
    Not only their desirable looking and language ,but also their optimistic character make people feel bright and cheerful.
    I believe many people who have watched Despicable Me 2, are also the fans of minion,isn’t it?

  32. Since the ECAs has fulfilled most of my school life,I ‘ve only watched two films released this year. And my favourite film is “Monsters University”—— I believe that it is also many people’s favourite around the world.
    It attracted me by it’s characters ,and also “their characters”. I’m not joking here ,it’s really true.The characters are so cute and funny, such us Michael Wazowski and his friends (though they look a little bit impressive).
    By the way,I’m very appreciate for Michael ,Sullivan and their teammates’ perserverance.Although they are looked down by the principles and other schoolmates, they never give up to achieve their dreams—–work in the Monsters Company.
    From the film ,I could finally learn that having a strong mind is one of the important ways to achieve our dreams, but it is not always allow us to do what we want.Though we couldn’t control everythings in our life,just try more and we will gain more and achieve more things that we haven’t imagined.

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