Pros and Cons of School Secrets Pages on Facebook

Sketch by Elaine S. (2T)
Sketch by Elaine S. (2T)

Recently someone has set up a Facebook page ( enabling people to comment anonymously on school affairs. I asked one of the Form 2 (Grade 8) classes at the school to think of the pros and cons of such a page and his is a summary of their points.


  • It allows students to express their opinions, possibly leading to positive changes in things like teaching styles and the administration of school rules.
  • It allows students to release their anger.
  • It provides a new platform for communication.
  • The posts are funny and entertaining.
  • Students can learn more about school life, school administration and teachers.
  • The posts provide common talking points.
  • Students may get good advice on how to solve problems or deal with issues.


  • It can harm the schools reputation if students are frequently publicly criticizing the school, demonstrating poor language skills, showing poor critical thinking skills, using rude language and/or focusing on trivial gossip.
  • It can damage the reputation of individual teachers and students.
  • It can harm the self-esteem and/or credibility of individual students and teachers if negative comments are posted about them. Comments can hurt others’ feelings (teachers and/or students).
  • It can have a negative effect on relationships between different parties (e.g., between teachers and students, between students and the administration, between different classes, between individuals).
  • It can allow for cyber bullying.
  • People the comment writers might want to change might become more resistant to change (e.g., The administration, if criticized publicly and rudely, might act defensively and be less willing to change its policies).
  • It can waste student’s time.
  • It can intrude on people’s right to privacy.
  • Students may get bad advice on how to solve problems or deal with issues.
  • Comments posted may simply not be true.
  • Comments about the school may be posted by outsiders who are simply pretending to be students.
  • It promotes the idea of democratic freedom (you can say whatever you want) without responsibility (as you are writing anonymously, you may avoid any negative consequences of your action.

Personal Opinion

From my point of view, whether or not the secrets page is a good thing depends on how the students are using it. There is the potential to open up constructive dialogues, but there is also great potential for damage. With the anonymous and public posting system, however, there is definitely a lack of any kind of safeguard. If a harassed teacher or student leaves the school or in a worst-case scenario commits suicide, I wonder if page administrator and the individual commenters will accept any responsibility?

Your Opinion

What about your own point of view? Leave you comment below



  1. Our school’s secret page has always been my best online friend when I browse Facebook aimlessly. I believe the main purpose of setting up this page is to provide students with an online platform to express their ideas on all school-related topics anonymously. I do agree that the page brings us joy and amusement, yet I believe that it brings more harm than good to us.

    For advantages, the page allows students to learn more about the “secrets” of our school. For instance, I discovered a variety of “fun facts” about teachers at our school when I scrolled on the page. New students to our school can explore the everyday activities of Lamwooers as well. In addition, it provides an anonymous channel for students to voice out their anger towards various school-related issues, and possibly lead to positive changes on our school policies and practices. And of course, both students, alumni or even teachers can relax by surfing on our secret page.

    For drawbacks, the page causes online rivalries and worsens the relationship among teachers and students. It’s not hard to notice that the site is commonly misused for spreading rumours during competitions such as the inter-class graduation football match. Often, students express their anger towards current school policies, yet they do not have the courage to voice out their suggestions to the relevant authorities. In the meantime, students tend to criticize the activities organized by different school teams, such as large-scale events of the Students’ Union, without even having enough understanding of them. This inevitably causes conflicts between different parties, and may even result in online disputes. Furthermore, it promotes the culture of criticizing others anonymously without bearing consequences, which may lead to more serious issues such as online bullying. Obviously, LW Secrets is a bomb that destructs the peaceful relationship among Lamwooers if we can’t use it properly.

    While many students, including me, enjoy surfing this page a lot, I believe that the page brings more harm than good to us. I’m not trying to say that the page should be abolished. Indeed, it entertains everyone with all sorts of funny “secrets”. Nevertheless, it’s meaningless to spend our leisure time knocking down one another on the page at the costs of the harmonious relationships between Lamwooers. It’s time we reflected on the way that we have been using the page. If everyone could stop blaming one another on the site, I’m sure that the site can provide us with a channel for sharing fun facts and constructive comments about our school, with the final aim to create a relaxing atmosphere and to allow students to explore the amusing events in Lam Woo.

  2. I think that there are some pros and cons of school secrets pages on Facebook.
    Firstly, talking about the pros of it. I think that it allows the students in our school to express their feelings or some secrets about the school to other people(like the parents who wants their children to attend our school), which helps them to know more about our school before attending. Also, some students in senior form may provide solutions to different questions or difficulties asked by the students in junior form or other people.
    Secondly, talking about the cons of it. Although it allows the students in our school to express their feelings or some secrets about the school to other people, the things told by them may not be completely true. Also, other teachers’or students’ reputation, or even school’s. Moreover, students may get bad advice(s) on their difficulties, or even exaggerate that the students who asked the questions are brainless, and cause cyber bullying.
    In general, since the cons are more than pros, I think that the school secrets pages on Facebook are not appropriate.

    1. I agree that there are definitely pros and cons, and I think your reasoning is appropriate. However, you mentioned you think people may build up a bad impression of things, and that there are exaggerations. However, those who read the LW Secrets page should be mature enough to determine that themselves, identify the truth from fake informations and they should know what is exaggerated. Therefore the cons are small and therefore the pros are more than the cons.

    To be honest, I am not going to say I am for it or against it, but it depends on how the students use it.

    I viewed a lot of the comments above. Some said it is good, some said it is bad but first what I have to question is: Are they really “secrets”?

    Raymond Yu’s post said that “those are secrets of the people themselves”. If it is, I would totally disagree with these webpages but I did not seem to find secrets in the webpage yet. It is just simply something negative about the school. What they are talking about is about the teachers (I did not agree with this too much) and something they have experienced at school. Let’s focus on the second point (as teachers would be reading this). “Something they have experienced” can never, never be counted as “secrets”. Did the basic laws of HK claimed the right of speaking, saying that these are their own experiences?

    However I have never said that I am for it. Even if the comments are “secrets”, is there only negative secrets and no positive secrets? What I see from the webpage is everybody complaining. Yes, we all know that there are negative comments, even in the best schools, but that did not mean that you have to emphasise them. Complaining in the secrets webpage never changes the world, and it never would. If this only increase anger, why not go and appreciate? Being positive makes life happier, and appreciating in the “secrets page” improves the school reputation. One may said, “Being in Lam Woo isn’t that stressed. Students there are very happy that even in the secrets page they appreciate!”

    If in it there is only “discussions”, that would be the ultimate for me, even if there contains “opinion” and disagreement (although I always thought that it would be fantastic if there are appreciations, as mentioned before) but unfortunately there are always blasts on others. On this I’d never agree and what makes this even worse is that we cannot know that who is the commenters. All these are anonymous, but this have made the blasts even further. One may think, “If I am anonymous, then I don’t have to worry about what I am typing!” Even though there are web IP, nobody would check. Therefore my opinion is that there should be the real name on the posts on the page.

    Finally, conclusion. Here it is:

    “I sincerely hoped that LW Secrets is a place of appreciating, and some commenting, but no blasts on others. That would be a good LW Secrets and I am sure that the school reputation would be improved from that.”

    P.S.: I took a very long time on this. The effort is a total of 476 words (and if included this 512 words). Hoped you enjoyed it and comment down below on my very first comment.

    ~THE END~

  4. I believe that lam Woo Secret is a platform for student’s to express their opinion towards some school issues. They can discuss under every circumstances. They might think it is a fabulous channel for them to discuss some issues. However, for me, I think the Lam Woo Secret Facebook Page is not appropriate.
    Firstly, this kind of platform may invade school’s privacy. For example, when one student know what is going to be examined in a test, they will spread in the Secret page. No need a few minutes, I believe more than 10 people will notify that and they will discuss the examination questions broadly. This has already invaded the school’s privacy.
    Secondly, these platforms enables the immediate spread on different rumors on a particular subject. For example, student might discuss about the school rules and they will leave dirty language, saying how insane and useless they are, since that is a public social network, when somebody watch those message, the school’s impression will be downgraded in the public’s mind.
    Therefore, i think it is not suitable to set Facebook Page for schools.

  5. I think an online platform for students to express their opinions towards the school is needed. Schoolmates can discuss on different issues and pay more attention to the school more frequently. I think it may not directly harm the school’s image as the opinions can be both positive and negative. The administrator of the secret page can also remove inappropriate post to reduce harm to school image or students’ misunderstanding towards the school.

  6. The secret page is a platform to speak up and share their own opinions and ideas on Lam Woo recent affairs. However, there might be more gossips and opposition on school policies. Besides, the page might be abused to post jokes of students and teachers which is not a respectful thing.

    1. I agree with you that sharing jokes of teachers and students is not a respectful thing, but sometimes they were really funny though.

  7. Lam Woo Secret is a great platform for everyone from Lam Woo to share their views of recent affairs in Lam Woo. It likes a democracy wall that everyone can say everything. It is good if we all respect others. If we say comments in respectful way and the school allow this page, the school will become more democratic. We will have more speech freedom and then the school will develop more better with harmless policies. However, if someone bully others with showing others’ names on this page, others will lose their self-esteem sadly because this page is open for public. Public may use violence to treat the victims. In my opinion, this page can be kept but we should not bully anyone and we should respect each other.

  8. To provide a channel for students to communicate,Lam Woo Secret is certainly a fantastic place. Sharing their feelings toward the school is quite good so that the school can improve by viewing the comment. However ,if some student abuse it and gossip in Lam Woo Secret, t may cause a bad effect. Cyber bullying may easy to happen on this kind of platform. Our school can delete post and follow up if they discover that. Our school should not close the page unless there is really serious matter happen,because if the school close the channel for people to express they may feel dissatisfied. They may seen this as a way to invaded their privacy community so I hope the school can keep Lam Woo Secret for the students.

  9. From my opinion, I think LW Secrets is a good place for students to get in touch with each others. It provides a platform for students to express and share their feelings and opinions such as their anger and unsatisfactory towards some school rules and teaching styles of some teachers. They may not have the opportunity to talk about those things at school. On LW Secrets, the students can post posts without typing their own names so that they do not have to worry how others see them.
    However, some readers, especially the younger ones, may mix up opinions and facts. The posts may mislead their point of views toward something. They may not have experienced those things but they believe the information on LW Secrets blindly and misunderstand.
    To conclude, I think LW Secrets is important but the users have to pay more attention and think carefully before believing anything.

  10. I think pages on facebook can allow us to communicate and students may share some information. But it is not necessary to be a secret page. Nowaday, we encourage open discussion and active participation. So open pages on facebook can serve same purposes.

  11. I had read all the posts on the LAMWOO SECRETS since September.
    Here I have the thought about it:

    The pros~~
    – It creates a good platform for students to communicate.
    – Students can voice out something about the school policy, rather than the board created by SU.
    – Students can have a better entertainment ( if they can manage the time correctly), rather than playing computer games.
    – It can make the new F1. students know more about the school.
    The cons~~
    – No one cam really control what the students said, the post may be insult to someone.
    – As long as there is a popular issue, there may have a non-stop quarrel between the students.
    – The page is public, everybody can look at it (the citizens and parents), the quarrel may affect the impression of Lmwoo to the others.

    Here is just my thought, no offend to anyone.

  12. I think it is good to have a platform to discuss about school affair, because the teachers and the related students can improve their policy/activity. It could prevent students getting more and more disappointed or angry, while the related people know nothing about it. That Facebook page can let them collect student’s opinions.
    However, I agree that negative impression to the school will be given to the public if we don’t use it properly, such as using foul language to scold others. We cannot punish the one misuse it as it is anonymous.
    Therefore, I think behaving ourselves is very important and it will be better if it can identify the one who comment and read are Lam Woo students and teachers only.

  13. At my point of view, many things are ‘two-edged sword’. There isn’t anything which do not have cons. For Lam Woo Secrets Page, people can use it to expose others’ secrets while people can also use it as a channel of exchanging views on the school issues. If the page shut down, we will loss a platform to communicate. If the page continues to operate, people’s privacy will be violate and there may be bullying. Under this situation, the only way we can do is to have self-discipline. We have the rights to voice out so we have also to take up our responsibility-respect others.

  14. In my opinion this will do affect people a lot because those are secrets of the people themselves. We should respect them. We don’t want people to know our secrets too, do we? However sometimes it is good to have these secret pages because sometimes we can discuss some secrets that not many people know. Also, some secrets that are not so suitable to be spread out to public can be shared here( not in the public). Lastly we can know more about some events in the secret page. It can provide more information for the users.

  15. I do not agree that the website for our school secret is good because it will affect a lot and a lot. Firstly, it will affect the schools’ image to other people because there are many negative comments from students. There will also a chance that the student exagarette something and affect others’ image and value. Lastly, it will waste students’ time to look at the page and it is also important that we should respect others’ privacy.

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