School Rules

Our school is well known for its strict discipline and numerous rules. Are there any rules you would like to add or any you would like to change or remove? When making suggestions, do try to consider why the existing rules are in place and make sure that you explain why you feel it’s necessary for a change.


  1. In my opinion, school rules are very important for maintaining the school’s discipline and improving the school’s image. The school rules are already very perfect now with the effort of the discipline section. However, I suggest that some parts in the school rules still need slight amendment. The first part is the rules of uniform, for example, the limitations of hair length and jackets. It is somehow a bit hard to follow strictly with some practical difficulties. The rules of this part is also too delicate and strict which make it even harder to follow. I suggest that the school could relax restriction slightly to fit the need of the students. The second part is that the procedure of applying leave is a bit complicated and clumsy so I suggest that it could be simplified as we need to get the approval from parents, class teachers and discipline section and need to pass through school office and the guard at the front gate for leave of absence. The last part is the school rules may have given prefects too large power. Prefects power should be limited to avoid abuse of power. In conclusion, the school is nearly perfect and reasonable. Therefore, I will try my best to follow the school rules strictly.

  2. I think the school rules are good for students because they can maintain the discipline of students. If there are no school rules, students can do whatever they want and the school will become a mess. Moreover, others will have a good impression of our school if our students have a good discipline.
    We can learn easily when there is good discipline too. If there are no school rules in Lam Woo, there will be lots of accidents.
    Although having school rules are good, but if the school rules are “too strict” it may control the freedom of the students. I think the school rules in Lam Woo are not “too strict” and if you follow the rules, it will not affect you.

  3. I think to maintain the school’s conditions to be good, school rules are extremely important. As everyone knows, Lam Woo is a secondary school with harsh school rules. During the service on the first of September in form one, I was shocked due to those school rules set by the school. I already thought that’s rediculous.
    However, time changes my mind. When I began to study in this school, I realized that most students are humble, modest etc. regarding the qualities of being a perfect lamwooer. Nearby our school, there are also many schools, when that’s after school, we can see the difference. Why? That’s because of the student’s behaviour and their appearance is like they have just worked in a farmland! Their uniforms are full of dirt and oil stain, sauce stain. Now, it’s sure that we can see the difference of having straight school rules or not. as well as the importance.
    When we are wearing our uniforms, we need to have the belt , shoes being polished etc. while we’re out, when people see us, they think we’re well-educated and polite. For those who have messy dressings, people must leave a bad impression on you.
    Apart from that, school rules also keep our learning environment more hygienic. If we eat inside the classroom, there might be cockroaches and flies flying around.
    All in all, I think school rules are extremely important for a school to maintain well.

  4. School rule is a kind of specification for studaent which limit their behavior,stop student from doing something wrong. Just think about it,if a school don’t have such rules,it os no longer a school. Students run in the classroom during lessons, fight with each other,it will destroy the reputation of a school. Within a school rule,students’ behavior will be limited,they won’t do anything wrong,so that students can learn in an enjoyable and orderly environment.

  5. School rules are a kind of method to make students behave well at anywhere. Many students do not obey the school rule very well, they may done some misbehaver but they didn’t know. If everyone follows the school rules, our school can have good discipline. So , I think school rules are important to every student.

  6. i think school rules are very important to students because if there are no school rules, students can do things they want to do and it’ll be very messy. Although some of our classmates and friends around us always break the rules, but we don’t have to follow them, we can just do our best and we can also tell them not to do that.

  7. I think school rules really help us to behave and also protect us at the same time.Many people may think that some of the school rules are nonsense and have complaints.Some may even try to break them.But I think the set up of each school rules must have their reasons.We should try to understand them and follow them instead of ignore them.For example,many students may think that the rule that don’t aloud students to eat in the classroom is super stupid and always break them.But actually,once we think deeper,it is also protecting us.If we eat and drink in the classroom,some of our treats may drop on the floor or even on others.This may attract insects such as cockroaches and flies.this may not just affect the cleanliness of our classroom,if those pests really come into our classroom,we may be affected during the lessons too.So there are always reasons behind those nonsense school rules.Also,if there are no schools rules anymore,our school will be chaotic because no one have a standard to distinguish right or wrong.To sum up,as a miniature of the entire society,I think school rules are really important and we should follow them.

  8. Someone said, ‘Know the rules well, so you can break them effectively.’ If we want to break or remove the rules, we should first consider why there are such kinds of rules. Strict school rules are created for students to discipline themselves well. Students will be well behaved so it can help to leave a good impression in the others’ mind. That’s why there are many school rules for students to follow. However, I think some of the rules are really useless. They can’t help us to maintain discipline or anything more. As such, I want to remove this rule: Students should wear the blazer when there are special assemblies. When the weather is cold and we are required to wear the school blazer, we may get sick easily since it cannot really keep us warm. Moreover, wearing blazer may not help us in building well behavior. It does not give a reasonable reason to me in setting this school rule. Therefore, I really want our school to remove this school rule.

  9. I think school rules is a kind of system which are for guiding students’ conduct and behavior.Also,school rules would help to build the harmony between students and school.I think school rules make students to behave their self well.Others will have a good impression on us if we behave well.i think school rules is very important to all students.And it is good for us to build a good habit.

  10. I think school rules are very important because these rules normally are what we need to behave in society.also,having a good behavior will make others think you are a good person.In conclusion,we should not just follow the school rules at school,but anywhere.

  11. i think school rules make students to behave their self well.Others will have a good impression on us if we behave well.i think school rules is very important to all students.

  12. I suggest to remove the old fashioned blazer with silver buttons as our school uniform. Most of us only wear it to fulful the special assembly requirements and for the checking of our school uniform. So I wear it only one or two times a year. To me, it is a waste.

  13. School rules help us maintain discipline at school. It helps us to behave well. Without school rules, students do whatever they want and they won’t behave well. Others will have a good impression on us if we behave well and have discipline.
    We can learn only if we have discipline. No discipline, no learning. If there is no school rules in the school, Lam Woo will be extremely chaotic. Many accidents will take place if school rules don’t exist.
    Although school rules have many good points, I think if the school rules are too harsh, it will restrict too much of our freedom. I believe that Lamwooers can behave well even without harsh school rules. We all want to leave good impressions to others.
    However, you will find out that Lam Woo’s school rules aren’t that harsh/ It isn’t hard to follow at all. Just try your best and don’t do anything bad, nothing will happen!
    Let’s work hard and follow all the school rules! 🙂

    1. I do think that school rules really do help us to maintain our discipline. But, I think that, except the rules list on the school policy, students should behave themself strictly, for ourselves, our parents, and for our school.

      Here is the rule I want to add:
      1.Students cannot exchange the books with the others when someone doesn’t bring his/her books.

      Here are the rules I want to delete:
      1.Student cannot eat or drink in the classrooms;
      2.Students cannot put theur water bottles on their desk;
      3.Student cannot wear the winter sportswear when there has no PE lesson.

  14. School rules is to let students to learn discipline. It helps them to unite together and have a high ‘LAM-WOOER’ spirit. It can remind them to have good behavior in the school(or even in society).So it is very important.
    But if we don’t have school rules, can we behave well? I would say ‘may be we can’!Although school rules is important, it only a basic element. If we do not ‘rule by school rule’, it can’t maintain an excellent temperament. So sometimes school rules is wrong…
    As I said before, we can’t follow the law without critical thinking. Moreover, I want to ask ‘If we have school rules, are you sure that we won’t make fault?’

  15. Many people will think Lamwoo’s school rules are hard to follow but you will find that it is not strict at all if you do everything right and propurly. Just try to do your best and you will find that Lamwoo’s schoolife is quite interesting.

  16. Although the school rules are strict, you can also be free and enjoy the school life without anyone scold you if you do everything well and think about others’ feeling before you do everything. The aim to set the rules is want to maintain a good learning environment for us. Therefore, if everyone obey and follow the rules, everything will be better.

  17. I think every students hate school rules. It is because these rules limit us so that we can’t do the things we want to do. Sometimes, I even think that the school rules are excuses for the teachers to punish students. However, school rules are important. Can you imagine what will happen in a school which has no school rules? (Of cause not kindergarten) I think that the school will become a dangerous place. It is because if there is no school rules, the students can do anything in the school. May be they will fight with others every day, and of cause, they learn nothing (except fighting skills) in the school. Therefore, school rules are rules which help us learning and keep us tidy (keep us safe also).
    However, I think there is some rules which are non-sense, such as in my school, students can’t put things on the lockers. I think putting things on the lockers is a way to safe spaces in classroom. Hope that the teachers can check the school rules again and delete the rules which will make students inconvenient.

  18. I think strict school rules are good for students but “too strict” is not good.For example,if a girl’s dress is shorter than the model one (her knees) a little bit, the teachers and the prefects should give her a chance but not give her a black mark.(Of course I am not saying that my school !)
    I think a strict rule can make us be self-regulated.For example, if the students know that the school rules are strict,they will comply with them because they know the seriousness of violating the school rules,they don’t want to punish by the discipline teachers or the prefects.
    Also,a rigorous school rule can make us made ourselves neat.Then we can give others a good impression.Besides,when we go to school with a tidy look,our self-esteem will also be higher.Not only for our appearance,but also for behavior.We are representing our school while we are wearing our uniforms so we should have a good behavior (like be polite to others,respect others,etc.)and our school’s image will be better.Hope you “enjoy” the exact school rules ~~

  19. I think the school rules in our school is strict but good, if we dont have clear and strict school rules,we may not behave well since there is nothing to force us.The school ruels made us made ourself tidy ,be punctual,dont do any bad thing…And it is good for us to build a good habbit.When we are old,we shall not be late for meetings or events.If we always keep ourself tidy,people will get a nice impression from us.The school rules also teach us to be polite,people will feel comfortable if we keep polite.So,school rules are really important for us and it can make us have good behaveiour.

  20. I think that school rules are good for students. However, if it is overly restrictive, it may be not good for students. It will make students become very inconvenient. Let me tell you about something good and something bad about the school rules.

    First, the school rules tell us that we should tidy up ourselves. We should wear the uniforms neatly and tidily. It tells us that we should be neatly and tidily. It is very important for us to say. If we are very untidily, it may affect the impression of us when other people see us. Also, it will affect the image of our school too.

    Second, according to the school rules, we should go to school before 8:10 am, if we are late, it will be marked and we may get punishment. It teaches us something very important. It teaches us that we should not be late when we go to school or another meetings. Late is a very bad behavior. If we late on some important event, such as test or exam, we may get a bad academic results. Therefore, the school rules are very important as they teach us to behave ourselves well.

    However, there is still something inconvenient of the school rules. For example, one of the school rules tells us that we cannot bring our mobile phones to school. If we really want to bring it, we need to put it to the office before having lessons. It is very inconvenient for students. Every morning, they need to queue up for putting the mobile phone. At lunchtime, they still cannot use their mobile phone. If they want to go out to have lunch, they cannot contact other people easily. After school, they need to queue up again for taking back their mobile phones. It is very inconvenient as they bring their mobile phones to school but it still cannot help them to contact with other people easily. It makes the mobile phone has no uses as they cannot use their mobile phone.

    Sometimes, school rules are good for students as it can make us behave ourselves well. However, it is also inconvenient too. We should get a balance between the advantages and disadvantages of school rules.

  21. ‘School rules in Lam Woo’ is actually a quite worth-debating topic. Base on the fact that we have uniform check even BEFORE we start Form 1, I think it is a common understanding that Lam Woo requires strict self-discipline among students. The name ‘Discipline Section’ alone is enough to hush the assembling students during assemblies. So, you get the picture how almighty our Discipline Section is.

    One advantage of setting up detailed school rules is that it helps maintain a good reputation for our school. Lam Woo is famous not only for its academic performance, but also its strict school rules. Though the initials of this action is good, it is a doubtful question whether Lamwooers follow these rules because they know they should behave well, or the other way round, they follow the rules in fear of the severe punishments assigned by the Discipline Section. If you’re lucky, then there would only be a PPS in your pocket, but who knows when your turn is to sweep the school garden in the morning. The aim of setting up school rules is to enhance students’ self-awareness on their makeovers, hairstyles, speech and behavior, not frightening everyone to death. I think the school needs to review this phenomenon, that students are actually scared by the punishments rather than willingly obey them.

    Most school rules are appropriate and necessary for Lamwooers, though some of them may appear unreasonable, for instance the mobile phones policy. Submitting cell phones to the school office is not a problem at all, the most troublesome part is when you’re about to get them back, you need to queue up for minutes. This is time-consuming and inconvenient for both the students and the clerks. My suggestion is that students can hand in their mobile phones to class teacher before lessons, and the class teacher should lock them all in a drawer under the teacher’s desk. To avoid stealing, students must get back their mobile phones according to their class numbers and students are not allowed to help his or her friend to get back their cell phones. In this way students can get back their phones more quickly.

    The second case about the school rules is the realization of the rules. Through observations, I notice that different prefects seem to have different interpretations on school rules. Some of them are following their personal standard when inspecting students, in my perspective. This may result in resentment among students, and unfair judgments may occur once in a while. The school may want to explain more on school rules during the prefects’ training course in order to reduce the problem.

    School rules are important, but too many rules would eventually become less effective and hard to remember. I hope the school can review the existing school rules, and hold polls to decide whether to add, edit or cancel certain school rules, in order to benefit students more.

  22. ‘Lam Woo is a very strict school and their students are well-disciplined.’ Obviously, I think most of the student in the Kwai Ching district will probably agree about that. As a LAMWOOER, I am really pleasant to have such a great honor. However, more and more strict rules results in anger and discontent from students. Numbers of complains seems keep on appearing from different platforms. School rules helps to maintain discipline and self-regulation of students, but is that really necessary to set up such strict rule?

    First of all, the most controversial topic among all school rules must be the part about appearance. Girls should tie their hair tidily and clip their bangs above their eyebrows. I think at first this was a quite good as a good grooming brings fresh impressions to others. If your hair has covered your eyes, you even can’t have eye contact with others while talking. Not only about the appearance, also about the manner and to show respect. However, the rule started to change, even when your bangs touch the edge of your eyebrow, you would receive a ‘PPS’. Doesn’t it a bit too mean? Our bangs may drop down according to our movement even though we have clipped it! I think there is no resonable explaination for such mean rule.

    Other than the problem on girls’ hair, the length of dress has been another big issue. Our dress must be long enough to cover our knee in order to show an elegant and humble style of the school. It was definitely fine and acceptable for both students and parents. However, whenever the uniform check comes, troubles started to rush out. As we all know, if we fail in the check, we must go to recheck on the next day. But if our dress is too short, how could we immediately make it long within one day? It is totally impossible! If we cannot pass the recheck, we will receive another ‘PPS’! I think the school should extend the preparation time for student who need to recheck so there would be enough time for students to solve their problems.

    Lastly, I want talk about our school blazers. I found a quite interesting phenomeon that most of the students wear blazers to school expect the school required. Why was this happening? I think it’s mostly about the outlook and usefulness of our blazer. It was totally tumid and heavy but not warm at all! Therefore, it result in no one would like to wear it. As blazer is quite representable for the school, I think the school should consider changing the design of the blazer.

    For conclusion, I think resonable school rules should exist in order to have a well-discipline pattern but too strict or mean rules will discontent students. Therefore, good school rules would help to build the harmony between students and school.I really do hope the school could make some changes in the future.

  23. Lam Woo is a strict, rigorous, everything is done with tight place. There are tons of rules for students to follow. These days, I have been hearing about schoolmates complaining about the meaningless, cruelness, craziness, severe and problems about the school rules as well as the prefects and discipline teachers. This topic is popularly discussed; even the SU forum is always setting this topic to require teachers to answer the relevant problems. There is a trend of students think the number of
    disadvantages of Lam Woo’s school rules are more than that of the advantages. Then is it really true, let’s judge from my point of view(s).
    Advantages/Benefits/Reasonable points
    As everybody knows, Lam Woo is a band 1, exceptional school. Students have good behavior, excellent academic results, spectacular musical achievements etc. People, no matter locals or even foreigners have nice attitude toward our school. These major effects are somehow due to the strictness of school rules.
    Besides, setting suitable school rules may develop a disciplined environment for students to study, increase students’ sense of belongings towards their own school, and also may encourage or let them have the habits of being well-behaved no matter in school campus or outside. In that case, students may have a good impression from others, especially the principals in university, boss from offices and so on.
    Let school uniform and hair style as an example, actually, Kwai Chung has a complicated environment, students may easily get hurt, abused or else from some bad people. Rules of the school uniform, esp. for girls, may protect them from being so exposed and attract some psycho to cause danger upon them. In my opinion, it is a safe way to protect and maintain their safety. For hair style, students may think that going to the barber shop is very inconvenient and waste their time on hair styling. I don’t really think so, if a boy leaves his hair to become very long and block his eyes. It would become an obstacle during his study, from blocking him to see the blackboard and caring about styling his long hair. Wouldn’t that be even more inconvenient, would it? In addition, good hair styling may leave better impression from others and avoid the rapid extensions of acnes on students face, as he or she can have easier and good grooming.
    Also, some school rules such as penalties on cheating and copying from others assignment are good establishments. As copying may let the students to let it become a habit and cannot learn well from the assignments since the distribution of assignments is for testing how well his or her understanding is. Besides, it may develop a fair treatment between the well-prepared person and not-well-prepared students. Punishments base on these reasons are definitely acceptable.
    Disadvantages/Unreasonable points
    Strict school rules may cause appeal from students.
    My greatest anger about school rules is definitely about wearing blazers. Blazer is a coat made of cotton, but it is very heavy, uncomfortable and baggy, the most important thing is it doesn’t really have the effect of keeping warm. Although there are only a few special days require us to wear blazers, I think it caused me to suffer :
    From holding it with bare hands while going to school
     instantly put the blazers on once I have arrive the school gate
    pass the checking of the discipline section
     take it off after the checking, wait for the assembly
    put on the blazer for the special assembly
    and take it off again after the assembly, and squeeze it into my rucksack.
    I think wearing blazers is pointless, some people may think that wearing blazers is a symbol of respect toward the related people, but I think that don’t wear the blazers can still give respect toward the people if we do not do other thing and focus on the presenter. And I think buying a blazer is so expensive, around four-hundred dollars per blazer. You see, almost all the students do not wear blazers to school everyday, only few. Cancelling the requirement on wearing blazers on assemblies is a good idea to me.
    Handing in the mobile phones to the office is the most popular issue arguing about students should whether keep them by themselves or not. I think that handing in is pointless, it not only waste students time on waiting to get back their mobile phones, but also waste the paper(from writing the time on the list everyday), office’s manpower and time.
    Students are forced to do so, is it just like some prisoners or slaves that are forced to hand in something and get back something everyday? Why our school cannot trust the students by handling their properties by themselves? The discipline teachers always say that keeping the phones in the office may help protect them. I don’t think so, last year, I handed in my new mobile phone to the office after the day I bought it, it was brand new, shiny and without scratches. But when I got it back afterschool, my mobile phone had got 4 scratches on it. Yes, is 4 scratches. Is that the teachers called SAFE?
    I know some students are quite naughty, they may sneakily bring snacks, chewing gums or mobile phones, search on student’s drawers, schoolbags, or body are quite normal. But what I have heard is that one of the checking rules is using ruler to ‘scan’ the whole body, even some pubic areas. Then what is the difference between this and indecent? It definitely violated students’ privacy. I think it is totally unreasonable, unacceptable and horrible.
    Besides the things above, why we cannot put our class’s association’s things onto the lockers or bookshelf’s top? And while we are hanging on finishing the class board, why do we need to spend time on moving our resources to another ‘suitable’ place but cannot temporally put them onto the lockers? And why will we be scolded or even get a PPS from the prefects once we have touched the computer screen, put our water bottles on the desks, written ‘too many’ notices onto the blackboard, put teacher’s decoration onto the table and laughed for too hard?
    I have listed many ideas from my personal experiences, voices from my schoolmates, parents and others. Will the discipline section decide to change or not, we cannot choose our fate.
    Kenneth Ng 2T(34)

  24. “Lam Woo is a very strict school.” I think nobody would disagree with this comment. Numerous of rules, thousands of restrictions, these have really affect students’ lives. Although these rules could act as a standard for how students behave themselves, in fact, many students feel pressure or hard to follow. Is it a time for a change?
    There are some rules that have raised the students’ concerns, the mobile phone rule and the appearance rule are the most controversial one among all. In Lam Woo, all the students have to register and apply for the permission to bring mobile phones back school. Furthermore, students must hand in their mobile phones to the office every morning! By the time to leave school, students have to queue up to get back their mobile phones. It is just like prisoners have to submit contrabands and get them back when they leave! Time is really an issue for students, every time students have to queue up a long long queue to get back their phones. I think Lam Woo should believe students, let us to learn how to control and behave ourselves. When phones ring in the lessons, student should definitely be punished. I think this arrangement is rather appropriate.
    About the appearance rule, students have to face tight restriction, especially the hair of students. According to discipline teacher, boys’ hair could not meet with the eyebrows. However, students still need to receive punishment when it is not even to margin, saying that it would ‘soon’ infringe the rule! All students are very afraid of the rule, and go to have a hair-cut nearly once a month, which has needed to spend time and money.
    Above two is only the tip of the iceberg. It is time for a complete change for the school , which would bring convenience to the entire school.

  25. School Rules
    ‘S.K.H Lam Woo Memorial Secondary School’ is the name which people will compliment that with envious voice at once after hearing it. As many people know that, our school has public praise.It’s not only because of the great academic results, musical achievements, or neighbour’s profession. The style of the school has been another common factor that affects people’s attitude of mind towards our school.Students in this school are illustrious with their virtues, politeness and self-discipline.However,concerning this controversial topic, students and teachers are holding differrent points of view.Are there any space for impreovement in the rules?How can we take a balance between students’ comment and the discipline of the school?Is that all rules are unacceptable?
    Having strict school rules does bring a few advantages. Requiring tidy uniform and plain appearance can establish the habit of being neat and tidy.So when you plunge into the real socciety, you will also keep a graceful image and won’t make others feel disgusting.Also, demanding for punctuality helps you cultivate the mind of being punctual.I believe that the school is teaching us that this behaviour greatly affects your own credibility and responsibility which both are very important for us in thhe future.Moreover, we can learn to be self-discipline and nimble in our life from the rules like ‘we shouldn’t cross the road when the traffic light doeesn’t indicate us to doo so’or something like ‘We should leave school before 6 without accopanist’.The school is somehow training us to respect others and respect ourselves.That is very useful at all.
    However, there are a few rules that overdo in righting the wrong.The underground resentment intensifies more seriously and evidently when it comes to the problem of school uniform. In my opinion, Regulating the appearance is necessary. Nevertheless, rules like ‘students should wear school coat in the special assembly’ have loopholes and ‘rough edges’.Students don’t know on which day they should wear the coat,but the prefects don’t remind you,and you don’t know exactly about the future assemblies’ contents.As the result, students who don’t know will be puunished.I think that’s quite unfair.And the way of checking uniform also have some problems. I t seems that the teachers- and students-in-charge are too severe.Some minor mistakes like fading in shoes’ colour,forget to bring coat on that checking day,even though one small pinch of hair may cause a ‘PPS’Some victims reflected that they’ve given a ‘PPS’ and punishment so suddenly without knowing what had happened to her.The way of checking the rules and some of the unreasonable rules have to be change since there are quite a lot bad effect.People are scared of going to school at the day when we have to check the uniform.They will probably become stuffy and lose the original positive and cheerful feeling of teenagers.In addition,it bolck our freedom and creativity .This situation is in fact really very bad!
    In conclusion,the school rules aim on cutivating our characteristics and maintaining the school order.If it can’t reach those goals, or some problems emerged ,that means we are not setting the school rules properly and smartly.In our school, there are still a lot of comments about this topic,I think that’s because the school and the students are lack of transparency and positivity to communicate .To solve the problem,we need to work together to get a measure to balance the two sorts of people and set some useful, meaningful, reasonable and feasible.On the other hand,for the fine rules ,of course we need to obey and do our best to execute our duties.And this can surely reduce conflicts in school and make it more peaceful!Let us look forward to the new better set of school rules with minor modification!

  26. Being the most meritocratic and strict secondary school in the Kwai Tsing District, Lam Woo uses its own special set of school rules to make its students to be more self-disciplined. Among all rules, I am sure that the rules concerning about our appearance are the most controversial ones. If you have ever seen that lots of Lamwooers lining up at the playground, you will know how ‘grand’ our uniform check is. However, are all the rules from this reputable school in Kwai Tsing District reasonable and a must for all students to follow?

    As I have mentioned above, the most controversial rule is the rules restricting our appearance in school. For girls, long hair should be tied up tidily and the hair should not cover their eyebrows. Also, their dresses should be long enough to cover their knees. There are still some more concerning on shoes, number of clips on hair etc. These rules are very precise, but on the other hand, are all detailed and some are even quite unreasonable. For example, the number of clips on hair should not exceed 3. I think this rule is too precise for no logical reason. How come it could not be 4 or 2 or 5? Why must it be 3? There are no bad effects on students if they have more than 3 clips used for clipping their hair tidily on their hair.

    The rule of the length of the dresses is even more interesting. Different schools have different views on this specific issue. Some say that the girl’s dresses should not be too long or otherwise the girls could not show their vividness. In an opposite way, our school thinks that girls should be more humble and should not be too open. The most terrible thing is that more and more schools in the Kwai Tsing district are blindly following our school as an example, and this is gradually becoming a trend. Both explanations for explain the rules are reasonable, but other schools should bot blindly follow them. They should set their own set of rules which will be suitable for their students to follow.

    There are still some rules that I think the school should strictly imply on us. For example, we should not arrive at school later than ten past eight. This trains us for our punctuality which we should keep it as a good practice in the future. Also, we should keep ourselves tidy for a better impression to others. These are some basic responsibilities for students at our age.

    School rules could monitor students’ behavior and make them more self-disciplined, but there are still lots of good habits that could not be stated to be set into a school rule. We have to learn those good habits, like being polite to others, caring for others, by ourselves through our partly restricted school life. After all, it is not only the school responsibility to monitor its students’ behaviors, but it is mainly the students’ responsibility to behave themselves.

  27. School rules are used to maintain the order of school. Reasonable rules can create a good learning atmosphere and cultivate students’ self-discipline. Therefore, rules become a common guideline for the students to behave well. Our school is well-known for discipline and numerous rules. However, some students and parents complained that the rules are too strict and even pointless.

    I don’t agree that the rules of our school are too harsh. First, every student should keep a tidy appearance. Girls should clip their hair above the eyebrow and boys should keep their hair above the collar of their shirt. Some students think that is too troublesome because they always need to pay attention to their hair. Actually, the hair will block our sight when we bow our head if it is not clipped properly. Also, the hair covering our forehead will easily cause the problems of acne. Moreover, keeping a tidy appearance can give others a good impression. The rules are not really harsh that we cannot follow. Second, some basic school rules can help us in our character building. For example, we should arrive at school before 8:10 every day. This is a common school rule that can train our punctuality. We should hand in the form if we are absent from class, which can also train us in being responsible. Lastly, rules such as no fighting and chasing can ensure students’ safety. We can learn to be harmonious and care about others too.

    Overall, I think it is not necessary to make big changes in our school rules.

  28. Lam Woo is well known for student’s self-discipline. School rules are for us to follow it as a guideline to be a good student efficiently. Although we all know that they are just calling our attention to our behavior, students are all don’t like being shackled. No matter how tough are the rules, letting students to follow the school rules is the most important stage to train them.

    Same with common students, I am not willing to follow school rules. School rules are like something which stole our freedom. “We can’t use our mobile phones during lesson.” “We can just eat on the ground floor.”etc. We always think that they are all unreasonable rules to us. But if I can change among them, I would like to change the system that we store our mobile phone. It takes really a long time to get back our phone. There is always an endless queue lined up in front of the general office after school. If we missed the time to get back our phone, we need to wait for the open hour and that is about an hour to wait. The school let students bring their phone back because of convenience but now it has an opposite effect and become a waste of time to wait. I would like to change the rule that we must put our phone in the general office. Maybe students will use it to play during the lessons so that I think the school can set up a counter for each class to store the phones. This can kill two birds with one stone, no need to wait after school but the school can still reach the purpose.

    Besides the problem of getting back our phone, I think that it is not reasonable that we can’t wear PE uniform to school. It is so inconvenient that we need to take few packs to school especially when we need to take our musical instrument or get back all our things on the last day of school. Our backpack is quite heavy in weekdays now. The main reason that we think that it is unreasonable is that there are not big effects if we wear PE uniform to school. Does it means that we don’t have good behavior?

    Although I think some rules are quite tough, most of them are having good effects on us. For example, we should arrive at school before 8:10am. This can train us to be a punctual person. Besides, have formalities on time after asking for leave is very important too. This can shows a person’s responsibility. Most of the rules have their own purpose. Although we might have complains, we should follow them. Rules are set to follow. If we don’t obey them, they are just meaningless.

    In conclusion, since the school rules have both advantages and disadvantages, I think the unreasonable rules should be modified and improved. For the good rules, students should try to obey to create a better learning atmosphere and personality.

    Kristine kwan Hoi Kiu 2T(11)

  29. Lam Woo is reputable for disciplined students. The school rules are the most common way to make students become more disciplined. However, some of them think that the school rules sometimes are so exact that they are unreasonable and unjustifiable. Actually, what are the advantages and disadvantages of our school rules?
    First, the school rules can cultivate our characters. Through following the rules, we can learn to become more polite, respectful, friendly and etc. For example, we should not come to school after eight-ten without sensible reasons. We can learn to be punctual. Secondly, school rules can make us pay more attention on our images. Through stipulate the standards of the school uniforms and our appearances, we can become neat and tidy. We can also give the other people a better impression. For instance, boys’ hair should not be so long that it reaches the collar. Therefore, they will be look like more immaculate. Besides that, we can learn to take good care of school’s facilities and appliances. Not only public property, we should also care our schoolmates things. I think sometimes you will be really angry that when someone borrows your thing but he or she does not use it in a good way and even break it. Therefore, we can learn to use things sparingly from the school rules.
    However, some of the students think that sometimes the rules are too strict such as the regulations of the school uniforms. Every Day 4, before the Visual Arts lesson, I always see my classmates going to the washroom and clip their hair. Is it because the regulations are so exact that a little bit hair touches the eyebrows is not allowed?
    Many students are scared of receiving PPS from the Discipline Section. In each uniform check, prefects will check our uniforms. However, some parents think it is unreasonable that more that than two bands on girls’ shoes is not allowed. It seems that the rules are too rigorous that the original purposes of setting the school rules have been forgotten. The last but not least, before the music lessons on Day 5, classmates need to bring their own instruments to school for performing or examination. Maybe the instruments are too large and the classroom does not have enough space to put so some classmates will put their instruments on the top of the lockers. However, sometimes teachers may come into the classroom and say putting things on the lockers is not allowed. We may think, the classroom and our own seats do not have enough space for us to put our instruments, that why we put them on the lockers. However, why is it not allowed? Are the rules too strict?
    Overall, school rules are necessary for maintaining the order and cultivating students’ characters. If they are set properly and reasonably, it can elaborate the uses of the school rules. However, if they are too strict, they may cause students’ and parents’ antipathies which give a backfire. Therefore, I think the good rules should be kept and the unreasonable rules should be improved or cancelled.

  30. The school rules are used to maintain a good discipline in school mowadays. In fact, school rules should be aimed at making we students to behave better but not to maintain a good discipline. As our school rules are strict enough, most parents want their sons or daughters to study in Lamwoo in order to let them have a good behaviour. Then is it really good to have such school rules?

    There are always advantage and disadvantage in an event. Let’s see them:


    Since our school rules are very detailed, we can follow them easily and we can prevent to get a ‘PPS’ (one of the penalties from the Discipline Section). As we have to wear a tidy school uniform back to school, some students may think it is wasting our time when changing our uniform. But think of the slaughter in Sandy Hook school in America. The killer was wearing a uniform not and the students are not wearing uniforms too. The killers can walk into the school freely even with security guard there. If we don’t have a good uniform then we might have the same result. Lastly, a school rule which tells us to keep a good and tidy uniform can result in making other people have a good impression on us.


    Since the discipline teachers have to revise the school rules, they will have much more work to do. Also, many students will be afraid of the school rules and the discipline teachers because they always have checking on the students’ uniform. As they have to check so many students at one time, others will have to wait and it will waste a lot of time and labour to check us. There might be mistakes too. Then some students may have some wrong ‘PPS’ being given.

    As a result, I personally think that we do not have to change any of the school rules anymore as there are already enough number of school rules and they can have enough effect on ‘making’ us to behave better. Hope the discipline teachers will not be too strict any more.

  31. School rules, as implied by the name, is to maintain the discipline of the students in school. As we all know that Lam Woo is well-known of its exacting discipline in Kwai Tsing District, are the rules tied us too tight that we can’t breath?

    From my point of view, part of this statement is really match my feelings. For example, we should not put our water bottles on our desk. Is it necessary for the school to set this rule? Will it affect our learning atmosphere? Besides, neither putting things on the top of the lockers (e.g. musical instruments) nor on the windowsill are also not acceptable according to what discipline section said. I think that these kind of rules are unreasonable. What is the use of these rules and what is the meaning behind of setting these rules?

    Also, I think that some of the school rules are too strict. For example, girls should clip their bangs above their eyebrows and boys’ hair shouldn’t be longer than their collar. As original, setting of this rule is for us to have a neat and tidy appearance. But it becomes more severely. One of my classmates said that her bangs just right cover the eyebrow and hence was given a ‘PPS’ as punishment. Is it too harsh for the school rules? Do we still remember to original meaning of the school rules? Or we are just blindly following the rules?

    Another problem is, some of the school rules are too inconvenient for students. Like the problem of storing students’ mobile phones, most of the students always complain that this method of keeping phones is too troublesome since we should line up in front of the school office after school and there must be a long long queue everyday. It wastes much time and we need to have many formalities to get back our own phones.
    The inconvenience may hence causes the students are not willing to follow the school rules.

    In conclusion, I think that the school and the students should have a well communication in order to see what the students’ are thinking of the school rules. We can also express our opinion freely to the school by various ways like ‘SU forum’, so that the school can have a more detail change or improvement in the future and we can enjoy a better and happy school life!

    By Chloe Tse 2T 26

  32. People always say that the behavior of the students is more important than their academic results. School rules are necessary for every school to restrict students’ comportment. However, some school rules were complained by some students and teachers who think that they are too strict and meaningless. In a word, there are different opinions towards school rules.
    Teachers may think that school rules should be strict and precise so that students will not fight against them and they can rule the school more easily. This is the simplest way to control students’ behavior. Students’ appearance is one of the major problems that every school cares a lot. As example, the hair of the girls should be tied up tidily and the hair above our eyes shouldn’t longer than our eyebrows. Another one like boys should put their belts on whenever they wear the school uniform. I think they should be strict so that students won’t be too casual and this also gives a good impression from others towards the school. In this way, strict school rules are necessary.
    However, sometimes schools don’t really understand what students think and what they really need. They give rigorous rules that students think that they are meaningless. The students will not only ignore them but even against it and keep doing it all the time. One of the examples is, our school doesn’t allowed students putting other things on the lockers even though it won’t block the way. Other than that, some other schools may even control the colour of the school bags that students use. These rules make students feel confused since they don’t know what they are used for.
    School rules should be something that can really help the order of the school, they should be set reasonably. Some of them are really necessary since schools are responsible to teach how the students should act and keep the discipline at school. Just like, we should arrive school on time, hand in our homework etc. At the same time, while keeping the order of the whole school, they should also consider how the students think about them. The schools may ask for the students’ and parents’ opinions before setting them as school rules. I’m sure that students are glad to follow rules set by them because they all agree that what they should do. Yet, school rules can’t control practices of student, like greeting to others, helping others actively and respect others. These things can’t controlled by rules but students themselves.
    School rules cannot really control ones conduct or behavior, this can only controlled by oneself. School rules are always important but students’ self-control will be more valuable.

    By Vivian Lo 2T (21)

  33. It is necessary to set up school rules in every school for teachers and students to follow. Good school rules are similar to laws. Both can protect the society. However, the aim of setting up school rules is a bit different: to maintain good learning atmosphere, and cultivate students’ good conduct and independence. I think our school’s rule has reached the goal. Therefore, it is unnecessary to make great changes to it, but to review it regularly, add new rules and remove outdated rules.

    Our school’s school rules are very detailed, meaning that the discipline teachers have put much effort in making this booklet. Students can easily follow the rules, and teachers can easily judge what students do are right or wrong.
    The rules are all-rounded, from students’ conduct to school uniform. There is even a guideline about students’ daily lives, such as being polite to staffs, being punctual, eating healthily, and doing sports regularly. If we follow all guidelines, we will surely be a good student.

    Too many school rules may not be good for students. Although the rules may not be very strict, students still may fear that the rules are very hard to follow, thus affect their school lives. For example, there are irregular school uniform checks about once a month. If students do not follow the dressing rules, they will have a bad record (3 times=1 black mark). Students may fear the school rules. I always hear students worrying of getting a black mark. Therefore, students are less likely to like the school very much.
    Besides, since the rules are very detailed, they will easily become outdated. The discipline teachers have to revise them every year. This increases their work load. They also have to print out the school rules of 24 A5 pages to every student annually. This is not eco-friendly.
    There is little space for students to discuss the existing school rules. The school or the Students’ Union may organize more forums to listen students’ views. (2T 39)

  34. School rules are set to help us maintain our self-discipline and having good behaviour at school. It can also help us developing good characteristics when we grow up. Rules such as no chasing and running along the corridor can even protect our safety at school. Reasonable school rules are good for us and it is necessary in every school. Many students are complaining at the school rules in our school that they are too strict and overkilling. I agree that some of the rules are too unreasonable, such as students cannot put their water bottles on the desk in recess and lunch time, and we cannot put any decorations on the walls, and next to the computer. Are these rules necessary? I don’t think so. Students should have their freedom and rights. Our class had an experience that the discipline teachers scolded us that we put a doll given by our class teacher on the teacher’s desk. I don’t think that it would influence our self behaviour. Another problem is that the handling methods are really too harsh and dissatisfied. For example, there is a rule that students must not have their bangs longer than the eyebrows. The rule is still acceptable, not too harsh. However, if you have your bangs just touching the fringe of the eyebrow on the side, you will be considered as breaking the school rules and receive punishments. I think that it is too demanding to handle it like that. Students may feel angry and discontent that they are punished just because of breaking a ‘rule’ that is not explained clearly.
    But of course, there are some kinds of rules that are reasonable and good for us. Some school rules such as we must arrive school punctually and hand in our homework on time are our basic duties. We have to cultivate these good habits. Punctuality is important even when we grow up. If you make an appointment with your business partner but he/she arrive 30 minutes later, what will you feel? So that I think it is good that our school start to train us to be punctual when we are still small. It is hard to change our habits once we get used to it.
    I think that changing some of the school rules is necessary as students have their own freedom at school. The school also has to review the handling methods of rules. Students should voice out their opinions through different platforms (e.g. SU forum), try to communicate with the discipline teachers (although it is hard), in order to get the best consequence and provide a better and harmonious environment for all of us.

    By Candice Tam 2T(25)

  35. Our school is well-known for disciplined behavior among the schools in Kwai Tsing district. Some parents think our school rule is strict and let their children study in Lam Woo. That can make sure that their children will not learn bad in this school.
    I agree with our numerous ‘strict’ school rules. Actually, the school wants us to have good behavior and cultivate good habits.
    Firstly, our school attaches importance to our appearance. We should have good grooming to produce good images to people in our daily life, especially interview. The school wants us to have tidy and clean images. For example, our hair should be above our eyebrows. That can prevent acne on our forehead. That can also prevent blocking our sight when reading. Grooming is very important of a person. Therefore, we should keep good appearance in daily life automatically even without the school rules.
    Secondly, punctual is very important. We should go to school on time. If we are late, we will be punished. Going to school on time is the responsibility of students. Hand in homework on time also is our responsibility. Even in our daily life, we should be punctual. For example, go on a date, even wait for bus, you may miss a bus if you are late. This is necessary outside schools too.
    Lastly, some students complain with handing their mobile phones to the office. They think it is complicated and there is a long queue for handing and getting back their mobile phones. They think it is wasting their time. The school wants to ensure no student is using the mobile phones during the lesson. Students put all their attention in the lessons and absorb more knowledge.
    It is also a safe way to keep the mobile phones. And the speed of getting back the mobile phones has increased after the voice of students.
    If we cooperate well with the school, there will be less conflict at the school. Students will get along with teachers harmoniously and have a happy school life!

    By LilyLam 2T(17)

  36. As most of the students and parents in Kwai Tsing District agree, Lam Woo is a meritocratic and strict school. The most obvious evidence are the various ‘harsh’ school rules. But are our school rules really ‘harsh’?
    I agree that reasonable rules are important and necessary to schools. Of course, precise rules can help to discipline students efficiently. Suitable school rules can surely help students to build up good conduct and healthy habit. If there is lack of control, students may easily get hurt and not be attentive to lessons and so on. For example, girls’ hair must be tied up well and clip their bangs. This can guide students to keep a neat appearance and do no harm to students. Imagine if all your hair falls in your face, how can you see things clearly? Hence, I think this is a useful and necessary rule.
    However, some of the school rules are considered to be unreasonable and too strict since they harm the students’ convenience and not necessary. For example, Junior form students can wear PE uniform to school in winter only but not in summer. Senior form students even cannot wear it back to school in whole school year or otherwise, you will receive a PPS. Nevertheless, is this rule really necessary? Maybe the school think PE uniform is not as grave and good-looking as school uniform. But PE uniform is also one kind of our school uniform. If we wear it in a tidy way, is there any problem for us to wear PE uniform back to school? Nowadays, there are already so much thing students have to bring to school. Apart from the heavy books and musical instruments, we have to carry the troublesome PE uniform and sport shoes. It really make students even more inconvenient! Besides, it takes time for changing clothes and quite cold to change clothes in winter! According to the reasons mentioned, I don’t think this is a necessary school rule and it really bring us quite great disturbance.
    Moreover, I think the punishment of the school rules are too great in some cases. Students may not satisfy with the ‘unfair’ and ‘unreasonable’ judgement from their point of view. In order to show their discontent, they may deliberately violate the school rules. Also, secondary school students are in puberty. They are tend to be rebellious so they will not obey the school rules if they are too harsh. As a result, too strict school rules may cause negative impact contrarily.
    School rules are important is without doubt but the most important thing is the self-regulation of the students. Even if there are thousands of rules but none of the students follow them, are they useful anymore?The aim of setting school rules is to provide a safe, healthy and comfortable learning environment . Thus, the communication of students and school is also very important for setting suitable rules in order to have an enjoyable secondary school life!

  37. Our school is well-known for the excellent academic achievements and disciplined behavior. I think the strict school rules and rigorous teachers help to build the good reputation a lot. However, to have these reputations, the school have to sacrifice students’ freedom and the right to enjoy their happy school life, which is a bit mean and discontented in my opinion.

    There are numerous of strict rules we have to follow in school. Some of them are reasonable such as the tidiness of the students’ appearance. But some of them are too mean tough. They even kill the joy of the students to enjoy variety of activities nad their school life. There is a strict rule that I think it is unecessary. We must not put any decorations in our classroom(e.g. on the lamp,on the computer), even though it is festival time. I think it is a bit unreasonable. The decorations do not cause any dangers or affect the behavior of students. But the mean rule remains unchange and some teachers even scolded us from putting decoration that is given by our class teacher. I really wonder how these decorations can affect our behavior or on the other hand, how can the implement of this rule improve our discipline. The rule is mean and killjoy. It is unnecessary and we do not know the reason behind this rule as well.

    There are so many scool rules that are as the same as the example mentioned above. We argee that some of the school rules are really necessary and important for us to follow as ithey are one of the tools for students to build up good habits and behavior. However, some of them are unecessary and mean—and even unreasonable. The students do not know why they have to follow the rule. The teachers keep punishing and forcing us to carry out. But no one try to explain to us the reason of having these “unecessary” rules in students’ point of views. There are lack of free and transparent communication between students and teachers, and results in different kinds of discontent and complaints. As a student, we all wish to have reasonable reason to explain the implmention of some of the school rules, so that we can follow them strictly and build good behavior as what the teachers hope for. At the end, I think following school rules is really important for us to build up good conduct and behavior in our future and it is necessary for us to obey them obediently. However, we would like to obey a reasonable one rather than some are seem unreasonable, but the teachers keep putting force without any detail explanations. Therefore, we would like to have more communication between teachers and students, so that both us can express our opinions and feelings, as well as improving the rules and make a better one together. As a result, both students and teachers can enjoy a harmonious school life happily.

    By Pinky Ma Wai Chi 2T(23)

  38. School rules are the rules that ensure students have good conduct and behavior. However, some students think that these rules are very strict and not necessary. They may think that students have self-regulation and the school set so many rules means that it has no confidence with the students. But I do not totally agree with their opinions.
    Firstly, let’s talk about our appearance. Girls’ hair must be clipped above our eyebrow and shoulders. And the boys’ hair must be above the collar of their shirt. Some students think it is not convenient that they often need to have a haircut. But if we do not clip our hair well, it will block our sight and it is more inconvenient! It may also unhealthy to our eyes. Moreover, most of the teenagers always have problems about acne. it is because they often block their forehead with their hair. So it is unhealthy to us also. A nice and tidy appearance will let others have a good impression to you and it is important in our society also. Therefore our school rules make us become clean and tidy.
    Secondly, we should be punctual. For examples, we should go to school on or before 8:10 am. If not, we will be counted as late and be punished, Also, we should hand in the homework on time. If not, we will be marked in form A and be punished also. Actually, punctuality is very important in our daily life. If we late for the meetings, others may feel disgusting with us or even will not date with us forever. If we have a habit that being late, we will always be late in the future also. So we should start to be punctual when we are young. It is hard to correct the habits when we grow up.
    Thirdly, we should be care about the others. For examples, we should not fighting, eating or drinking in the classrooms..etc. These rules are used to protect us to be safe. Imagine someone hit you or spill some food and drinks on your shirt, will you be happy? Although without these rules, it would be more convenient, but we should think about others’ feelings. Besides, we need to hand in our mobile phone to the school office in the school time. Most of the school do not have this rule, so this makes the students feel it is not necessary and inconvenient. But school is a place that for us to learn, not to use our mobile phone to play games. Moreover, we can get back our mobile phone after school hours and use it outside school. It does not really affect our daily life.
    In conclusion, I think it is not necessary to change our school rules. Because these rules can improve our conduct and behavior. We should try to accept the school rules in order to have a good conduct and behavior.

  39. School rules are rules that restraint our behaviors at school. Our school’s school rules may be stricter than other schools in Kwai Tsing. However these school rules are telling us we are a LAMWOOER. LAMWOOERs need to be tidy, hand in our homework on time, don’t be late for school, etc. Many students thing our school rules are very harsh as girls’ must clip their hair and many rules that other school do not have.
    I think we don’t need to change our school rules because they are not as harsh as you think. First, for our grooming, girls’ hair must be clipped above our eyebrow and boys’ hair needs to be above the collar of their shirt. Have you ever tried when you bow your head for reading or writing, then you hair will block your sight? It is troublesome to push aside your hair and it is not healthy for our eyes. Besides, teenagers always have acnes, we have acnes because our hair always block before our forehead. If our hair is clipped, the chance for us having acnes will be lower. Also, we can’t wear any accessories besides our watches, this is a common rule. We go back school for learning but not dressing up, accessories are not needed for learning, and we shouldn’t wear them for school.
    Second, we need to hand in homework and come back to school on time. If we be late, we will receive punishment. These rules teach us we need to be on time, not only for school. We should always be on time when we have a meeting, having an interview, or even when we go shopping with our friends. When we have a habit of being late, you would always be late in your life. It will affect you a lot in your future. If you are a boss, would you want to employ a staff that always is late? Therefore we should begin a good habit when we are young. It is hard to change a habit when you are old.
    Thirdly, we can’t bring food or drinks back to our classroom. Many students think it is not convenient for them as we may not finish our drinks in a short recces time. However have you imagined when you are having a lesson, someone had spilt their drinks and attracted a lot of ants coming. Would you want to stay in this classroom for studying? I think this rule is good for students. We shouldn’t only care for our convenient but doesn’t care for other’s feelings.
    With the above opinions, I think there is no necessary to change our school rules.

    By 2T Amy Chan(1)

  40. I think school rules is a kind of system which are for guiding students’ conduct and behavior. For example, we cannot fight in the school, we cannot eat or drink in the classroom, etc. There are many students or parents also think that our school rules are too strict which control many students like tying them onto a tree and hit them with whips. There are also many students think that school rules are not necessary for Lamwooers because we are so disciplined and they think that having too many school rules is because our school has no confidence in us. Nevertheless, I think they are not totally right.

    First of all, I think our school is trying to teach us that punctuality is very important, no matter in school or in the society. As shown from our school rules, there are few rules which show we need to be punctual. For example, we need to come back school before 8:10 or else we are counted as “late”, if we late for 3 times, we will be punished. We also need to hand in our homework on time, or else our names will be marked in form A. If our names are marked in form A for 3 times, we will also be punished. Actually, there are quite a lot of example which show that our school want to tell us that punctuality is very important. I think that is true that punctuality is really important. For example, we need to be punctual, or else our friends will not meet you anymore as they would think that they would wait for you again if you are not punctual. Therefore, punctuality is very important in the society.

    Second, I think our school is trying to tell us that we always need to be clean and tidy, they want us to have a good grooming. Therefore, we can see that there are some rules which are about the clothing and the appearance. For example, we cannot dye our hair or our nails, our fringe cannot be too long, we cannot wear cloth-made socks, girls’ uniform cannot be too short, etc. We need to follow these rules, or else we will receive a “PPS” which is like a “Penalty Tickets”, if we receive 3 or more “PPS”, we will be chastised. In these rules, we can see that our school is trying to guide us to have a good grooming. I think having a good grooming is very important too. For example, having a good grooming is really important when we are interviewing a job so I think we need to have a good grooming

    Thirdly, I think our school is even trying to protect us and they are trying to make us safe. According our school rules, if there is no teachers in charge, we must leave our school before 6 p.m and go back home immediately. Actually, I think our school want us to leave school because they want us to be safe, we all know that there are many strangers and bad guys in the streets, especially at night. There are many students in other schools were kidnapped by the strangers in the past few years . Therefore, it is better to go back home earlier.

    In conclusion, I think it is not necessary to change our school rules because we can learn so many things through following the school rules. If you think the school rules are too strict, just try to accept them and redress everything which are wrong or not good to you in order to full fit the school rules.

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