Does HK need more television stations? (closed)

Enough televisions for two stations!
Enough televisions for two stations!

The Hong Kong government is still deciding whether to allow more free-to-air stations in Hong Kong. The two companies that now own such rights, TVB and ATV, are up in arms, claiming that the local market can’t afford more stations. Meanwhile, City Telecom has been waiting for over 1000 days to get a licence to start broadcasting. Why is the government so slow to make a decision? is there really not enough room in the market for another station or are ATV and TVB simply frightened of the competition.

Personally, I think a little competition would help improve local programming. Hong Kong has been stuck with the same sort of shows for decades: melodramatic soap operas and celebrity game shows. Isn’t it time to get some newer ideas?

What do you think?


  1. I agree that HK government should allow more free-to-air stations. There are two reasons:
    Firstly, it’s quite boring for audience to watch particular channels whole day long. More channels can have a choice for us to choose, but not fixing the channel of TVB or ATV.
    Secondly, they can compete with each other. In this case, there will be more quality shows, dramas or films than the boring and annoying shows, this will also bring a good economic effect because more citizens in other countries may feel interested in our good shows. It will also improve the programmes in any companies.
    I really hope that the government allow more free-to-air stations as soon as possible.

  2. I think the Hong Kong government should allow more free-to-air stations in Hong Kong. Firstly, it can provide more choices for us. Since that there are only two free television broadcasting stations, ATV and TVB, the rest are the paid ones. If people do not pay for those stations, they can only enjoy the programmes created by the two stations. The programmes they can watch is not so many. However, if the government allow more free-to-air stations, we can choose more TV programmes to watch.
    Secondly, this can provide competitions between stations. The stations may improve their programmes’ quality in order to attract more audiences. We can watch some better programmes since the quality of programmes will be higher.
    In conclusion, I agree that the government should allow more free-to-air stations because it benefits the audiences.

  3. Recently, the Hong Kong government is deciding whether new licences of free-to-air stations should be given out or not. Almost all of the Hong Kong citizens are discussing on this hot topic. As a Hong Kong citizen, I think I have to express my point of view, too.

    Hong Kong has only two free-to-air television stations, TVB and ATV. They provide limited entertainment for Hong Kong citizens. Sometimes we may think that the quality of entertainment that the free-to-air TV stations provide is quite low. As most of us agree that ATV’s TV programmes are quite boring and not suitable for our taste, TV programmes provided by TVB will be our last and the only choice. But sometimes, programmes of TVB are also those low quality products. So, some citizens have started watching Taiwanese, Japanese or Korean programmes. It shows that quality of Hong Kong TV programmes are starting to be lowered. Therefore, it is necessary that the Hong Kong government should give out new licences of free-to-air stations. As there are more and more free-to-air stations, this will cause a pressure to make the old stations to make changes in order to attract more audience. So, I agree that the Hong Kong government should give out new licences.

    Although Hong Kong is just a small city only, only two free-to-air stations are not enough for us. So, I hope that the government will soon give out new licences. And Hong Kong citizens can have a bigger variety of TV programmes to choose.

    By Vincent 2T (35)

  4. Recently, Hong Kong government has disputed on the topic of free-to-air stations whether licence should be given out to a new television station. Everybody concerns about this topic as it is relatively important to our daily lives. More people voice out their own opinions.
    As an audience, I hope that more choices are provided for me to choose because only two TV stations are not enough. If the government allows new TV stations, I can watch different kinds of channels. You know, everyday when I watch three dramas on TVB from eight pm to ten thirty, I can see the same actors for twice or even three times a day. How bored it is! According to the data, those programs launched by ATV gets low viewing rate. I think it’s mainly because audiences are not familiar with the stars. If a new TV station is developed, people can switch to another new channel.
    People may be so worried that the competition may becomes more serious between more TV stations. Besides the public, TVB and ATV absolutely reject this plan as the margin of the viewing rate will be wider and wider so soon and what if they are forced to close down their company in the future. But be positive and think about a good and peaceful competition can lead to a good result. When companies want to gain higher viewing rate and defeat the others, they will provide better programs in order to attract audiences. It really benefits us. Everybody would rather watch good quality shows than the bad one. I think both TVB and ATV will improve a lot after a new TV station starts working.
    With more television companies, much labour is needed and unemployment rate may be lower as well. Also, people who love filming, advertising, acting can find a better platform for them to show their talents as well as reaching for their dreams. Advertisements is an extremely important industry for TV stations to earn money. More TV companies relatively need more advertising companies to join and it boosts the development of this profession.
    Concluding the above opinions, I think that the government should grant a new TV stations to broadcast free programs. I am looking forward to watching new dramas, new entertaining shows with eager anticipation.

    By Mabel Tsui Po Ching 2T (27)

  5. The Hong Kong government is deciding whether more free-to-air stations are allowed to run in Hong Kong. This topic has been discussed among the society recently. Everybody holds different stances and opinions. Most of them think it is good to have more free-to-air stations nevertheless some people think it is a disaster. In this moment , all of us don’t know how will the government solve this problem therefore we still have chance to express our ideas to the government.
    For the time being, we have two free TV broadcast companies . They are TVB and ATV. We also have some paid TV broadcast company .For example , now TV and cable TV. However, most of us will not spend money on watching TV, so we only have two choices. As the public have limited choice to choose what they want to watch therefore I agree the government to issue more TV license. Through this, we can watch different kinds of TV programme.
    According to a newspaper article last month, the public think that the quality of the TV programme is declining. If the government issue more TV license , it can increase the competition among them. Since the TV broadcast want to have more audience to watch their programme and fight to become the best TV broadcast company in Hong Kong so they will try their best to make improvement for their programme.
    Besides these interests for public, issue more TV license can provide more performing chances for artists ,director ,actor and singers. They can work in different TV broadcast company so more people will know them. Their popularity will increase. As the TV companies need more artists to work for them thus some new artists and actors may get a chance to become a star. This may fulfill their dream and enhance their passion on acting. It can also increase the quality of the artists.
    In conclusion, I think allowing more free-to-air station in Hong Kong is good to the society .Therefore I hope the government will carry out this measure.

  6. Does Hong Kong need more free-to-air television stations?

    Of course yes! As a research done by the University of Hong Kong, many Hong Kong citizens are willing to have more free TV stations, that means they supported that the government gives out more licences to people who want to make a TV station.

    Nowadays, only TVB and ATV are the two free TV stations, as other TV stations cause money, citizens will mainly choose free TV stations. Lets look at ATV, many of their stars left ATV and went to TVB. ATV is facing a problem that is having the poor audience rate. Later, TVB will become the only free TV stations. People can’t have choices, this will cause chaos such as discontent towards TVB.

    Next, after having more free-to-air TV stations, there will be contention between TVB, ATV and the free TV stations. Each of them tries to attract viewers and this pushes their quality of programs to a higher point. Because of this, people can enjoy more wonderful programs.

    Third, for having more TV stations, the stations themselves can learn from others and monitor themselves not to make mistakes. If they do so, they may receive a large loss on money.

    Lastly, back to people, there will be some programs about economics on every day morning at TVB, people may not want to watch them but they don’t have choices, more TV stations can highly increase the viewing points of the TV stations, on the other hand, people will spend more time on watching TV, this benefits TVB or other free TV stations.

    In conclusion, I think having more free-to-air television stations benefits us and the television stations. The government can give a try and listen to all opinions so that both can gain ‘victory’.

    I am looking forward to seeing new TV programs by new free TV stations!

    By Howard 2T 37

  7. Does Hong Kong need more free-to-air television stations? Certainly yes! Can you see some other countries who have only two free-to-air television stations with one being nearly invisible? I bet not. It’s so boring to have two free-to-air television stations when one of them is not even being broadly watched by HK citizens. Reasons are as follows:

    First, having more than two free-to-air television stations can provide more choice for HK citizens but not just sitting at home watching episodes of the same company. A new free-to-air television station can provide different types of shows which can be a lot different than others. We may never know which one provides better shows but we always know that we can choose whatever we want if we have more free-to-air television providers. I’m confident that new free-to-air television companies will provide new shows which may attract us because they know what the present free-to-air television companies are bringing what kind of entertainment to them.

    Second, it can boost the market of free-to-air television when we have more. When another free-to-air television provider rises to attract more viewers from other television provider, the other television provider will try to attract more viewers back. This results in better quality not just in TV episodes, but maybe in the choice of buying other episodes from different TV stations. Because there is an improvement in quality of TV episodes and the choice of other TV episodes from different TV stations, more viewers will be attracted and eventually will not feel bored. In this case, advertisements from different companies may widespread and have another choice of putting their advertisements and can make more money.

    Third, concerning the case of DBC, I think the temporary close-down is due to people need to buy digital radios which cost a lot of money. This is different – we don’t need to buy another digital television to watch the other free-to-air television stations. We can watch it with our television without consuming any money. What I mean is that the free-to-air television companies will be much easier to thrive and prosper as no additional stuff needs to be used. People will switch to other TV channels if they get bored but it must be convenient. To me, I think new free-to-air television will have good status at first and the days after will depend on the interest rate of the shows in the new free-to-air television. I think the free-to-air television market is enough to support a new one.

    Fourth, concerning about the poor audience rate and few advertisements, I think it is mainly due to how the free-to-air television company has worked on to attract viewers. If the new free-to-air television company produces boring episodes and normal shows, there is no question on poor audience rate and less advertisements. It may require large budget at first, so the founder should be consistent too of whether he has the money to found a free-to-air television company. Therefore, I’m also thinking when the third free-to-air television company is licensed and can broadcast shows, ATV might close down because of poor audience rate and few advertisements unless ATV has attractive shows.

    Concluding the above points, I think the government should give license to pending new free-to-air television companies as soon as possible. There is no doubt of rejecting it because it is a good way to boost the competition. I’m also here to criticize the two present free-to-air television companies on why you are rejecting on giving license. I think the possible reason is they are so money-minded and they are too afraid on their companies going to be closed down by new free-to-air television companies.

  8. Recently, the Hong Kong government is deciding whether to allow more free-to-air stations in Hong Kong and it becomes a hot topic. Some people think that it is good to have more TV stations in Hong Kong since it can increase the competition of the companies; but some people think that allowing more free-to-air TV licenses are ‘playing with fire’. As there are many different voices in the society, I will talk about my own opinion on that.

    I agree that the government should allow more free-to-air stations in Hong Kong. There are a few reasons. Firstly, only Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB) and Asia Television Limited (ATV) have licenses to run free television services in Hong Kong. If people want to watch other TV programmes by other TV stations, such as HK Cable TV and Now TV, they have to pay fee. Although the two free TV stations run several channels in order to provide a variety of programmes for different types of audiences, most of them are quite similar since they are still from the two same stations. Surveys shows that now TVB gets most of the viewing rate in Hong Kong. Foe some heat programmes, viewing rates may be above 30 points. But ATV’s programmes only gets a minority of viewing rate, for example, only two to three points. Thus, TVB is a big winner. There is no keen competition between ATV and TVB. So adsing free TV licenses may increase the competition among the existing TV stations and the new TV stations, which will improve their programmes’ quality and benefit the audiences.

    Secondly, as the functions of mass media (including TV programmes) are providing information to public, providing channels for communication, educating the public, providing entertainment as well as monitoring the society, more different types of TV programmes provided by different TV stations means providing more channels for communication, for example, there will be more phone-in programmes. People can exchange their opinions freely and peacefully, instead of putting on a demonstration. Also, the government and the related organizations can know about public’s opinion more easily.

    Thirdly, providing different types of TV programmes means providing different types of entertainment for all ages, instead of the television programmes only attracting the housewifes.

    Finally, more TV stations means better monitoring of the society. If the TV licenses provide bad quality programmes, people will avoid watching the TV programmes provided by that license. The viewing rate of that license will decline. Thus, the TV license will try to make better TV programmes to attract the audiences. So, more TV licenses means better monitoring of the society.

    From the above reasons, I think the government should allow more free-to-air licenses in Hong Kong. However, to achieve a better result, government should monitor the issuance of the new TV licenses more tightly, for example, to discuss and explain to the two existing free TV stations for the new arrangement, to issue regulations regarding the effective period of the new licenses and the qualification of the applicants.

    I hope the government can approve this issue so Hong Kong people can enjoy different kinds of TV programmes!! 

    By Ava Cheung 2T 04

  9. The issue of new free-to-air television licenses in Hong Kong has been a hot topic recently. While the government is still deciding whether to allow more free-to-air stations, I would like to analyse and talk about some of my opinions about this,

    Personally, I think it would be good to have more free-to-air television stations. At the point of an audience, there’s nothing bad about having more TV programmes as we can have various choices. It was too boring to have same kind of dramas with similar endings which we could definitely expected. Also, the pattern of game shows have been remain unchanged for more than 10 years. New ideas are a must need. I believed that ‘competition makes progress’. Either the old or new TV stations would try to improve the quality of their shows and create new type of shows to fight against others. It will absolutely a benefit for audiences,

    Secondly, at the perspective of advertisers, they will also have more choices. If th new TV station follow the pattern of traditional TV stations to retain and grab ratings in golden time or family hours by drama, advertisers may get lower prices in new TV stations. Although the rating of new TV channels may be less than old channels, advertisers may only need to pay the price of non-golden hours in old TV channels but their advertisements may published on golden hours of new TV stations. This really benefit small company on promoting their goods. At the same time, new TV stations may even could pull advertiser in old TV stations at a low price.

    Lastly, artists may also have more platform for promotions.They may even be hired away from other company with high salary. It must be a best chance for artists who are not very famous to show off themselves as they may get more chances to work.

    In conclusion, I think there are lots of advantages of having new TV stations. I hope the government could make decision as soon as possible in order not to let both new TV stations and audiences to wait too long.

  10. In Hong Kong, there are two TV stations, which are TVB and ATV, that are very popular and we watch both of them every day. Both of them have dramas, news and other programmes. If it may have more TV stations in HK, will you agree of not?

    All of you may have your own opinions on this questions but what are your reasons of choosing that answer. Whatever you choose yes or no, I will think that all of the people are looking for their rights. And I will agree that we may have more TV stations in HK and there are three reasons why I choose that.

    The first reason that pops up in my mind is that we may have more choices of TV programmes. When one of the TV stations is broadcasting some news reports, we can watch another TV stations for drama or cartoons. And if we think that it is already too boring to watch that TV stations, we can still have three or four more choices. Therefore, we can have more entertainment and won’t sit on the sofa and look at the only TV station for the whole day. It is the first advantage of having more TV stations.

    Secondly, as there are more TV stations in HK, all of them will do their best to have a better quality than the others. They may invite a lot of different actors and actresses to make some unique TV shows that make us unforgettable. Thus, how much effort they pay for the audience, how much audience rating they will receive. And it will make their company more popular and the actors or actresses of it will be famous of these TV shows.

    Last but not least, the government can lessen the burden of the unemployment rate. It is because the other companies can hire the unemployed people to be some actors who are not conspicuous that are walking on the street or the salesclerk in some stores. Apart from reduce the burden of the government, it can also help some poor people to have a better life.

    However, it also have some disadvantages that the capital for having a big TV station is very expensive. Moreover, there may be no places for it to build up a company. The money for the TV stations can donate to some elderly or homeless in HK.

    And I hope that all of the audiences in HK can have your opinions on this issue and the government can follow their thoughts and volition.

    By Jason Choy 2T 30

  11. Does HK need more free-to-air television stations? This hot topic has been discussed in HK for a long time.

    Everyone holds different opinions. Some say it is good as they can have more choices to choose from and the television programs will be more diversity. Some say there will be an intense competition between the television stations and will produce a lot of problems. At last, the government needs to handle them back. A survey has been conducted by Hong Kong University emerged that most of the Hong Kong people want the government to issue more TV licenses while TVB and ATV oppose this suggestion.

    In my opinion, this topic is controversial as there are good and bad effects. For the good effects, if there are more free-to-air television stations, they need to hire more people to operate the stations. Therefore, the unemployment rate may be improved. Added that more stations mean that there are more programs to be chosen, there will be more choices for us and the qualities of the TV shows will be improved. It is beneficial to the audiences.

    On the other hand, the television stations need to invest more money on the facilities such as TVB has made new investments when renewing its license in the year of 2010. They had invested in digital broadcasting and also installed networks and signals. Because of the competition, they also need to make different kinds of TV shows to attract more audiences to watch their programs in order to increase a better audience rating so as to get the advertiser confidence to buy more air time to promote their products.

    For the bad effects, under free-economy some of the stations may not have sufficient capital to run the stations due to the poor audience ratings and less advertisements. They may become bankruptcy and many people may lose their works at last. Many people become unemployed and thus problems are raised and this will burden the government a lot.

    I suggest that the government should announce the numbers of free-to-air TV license be issued in the beginning. The conflicts between the television stations and government will be reduced. The matter will not be put in the court.

    I believe that three or four television stations will be a better choice and the stations can be co-existing.

    By Brian Lee 2T(33)

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