To download or not download (closed)

In Form 2 we have recently been discussing the issue of illegal downloads. While the students seem to recognize that it is not a very good practice and may have some bad effects, they don’t seem to care.

For my own part, I’ve summarized some of the main arguments for and against here:

What are your ideas?

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  1. People nowadays like to download free documents like music,apps,movie,even we should paid for it.To us, free downloading to this kind of file of course is good because we don’t need to pay but we can also enjoy a product that is high quality enough to ask you to pay. However,this cause the company loss so many money they may get originally. If they loss too many money, they may become bankrupt and close down.Then a lot of people will lose their jobs.So it will cause recession. Apart from this, downloading file from an unknown source may easily be hacked into their phones and computers by the unknowns as it is so easy to insert bogus ware. People can view all the passwords you enter and things that happen on your computer or phone. They can also open your cam or mic without your permissions and record you to blackmail you. If this really happen,then it may cost more than you simply pay to buy the movie,music and apps. So we should only download documents from a trustworthy source and don’t be too greedy to pay for what you want!

  2. when we see some free things on Internet,we don’t know that it’s safe or not. It is very dangerous to download them.It causes many people seek for more they want from these free downloaders, instead of paying money.

  3. Since the advanced technology grows faster, people start to use an indirect or even illegal way to get everything they want. Recently, a lot of free downloaders, such as music downloaders, movies downloaders, appear in the Internet. It causes many people seek for more they want from these free downloaders, instead of paying money. Since there are more improper channels that provide different media, the people are more greedy and dishonest in order to gain their desire in a convenient and easy way.
    Actually, downloading can bring advantages and disadvantages at the same time. Pros: Most of the illegal downloaders are free, so whether the people download anything, they still don’t need to pay and they can save money instead. Also, it is extremely convenient to download things from the Internet. Illegal downloading can save time because it just needs a few minutes to deal with. Besides, there is no limit of downloading different aspects of objects, like music and movies. People can download anything in the free downloader. The area for downloading is flexible and unrestrained. Downloading from the Internet provides a wide and vast platform too. Therefore, illegal downloading is not only free of charge , but it also is time-saving and extensive.
    However, illegal downloading may violate the copyright. According to the copyright law, an object has its own copyright usually. But these kinds of downloaders are not granted a copyright, that means they are stealing the products from others. Using a tricky way to download does not respect to the creator of the products. Free downloading is illegal, even more serious, the people who violate the copyright may incur a fine or be sent into prison. Moreover, some computer attacker may make use of the illegal downloading to do something unlawful to the users, such as stealing personal information of the users. Therefore, illegal downloading may also commit crimes.
    Although, illegal download is really convenient and less complicated, I think illegal download do not respect to the owner of copyright. Illegal downloading may also affect our future if we are put into prison and it is not a good practice to all of us.Hence, I don’t agree with illegal download from the Internet. It’s better to save our money to get the things we want instead. Always consider our valuable future and be respectful to the creators!

  4. There is lots of information we can found in the internet and some of them we need to download it. However, we don’t know that it’s safe or not. Is it harmful to your computer? Or there’s a hacker want to see your private information through it? It is very dangerous.
    But on the other hand, some information is very useful and it is free. Sometimes we need to find more information for a project and it is difficult not to download anything. Therefore, I think we can download but be careful and only download from a trustworthy website. Then, we can reduce the risk and use the information wisely. Besides, we should remember to white down the website where you had download from it or it will be a copyright infringement.

  5. Many people in Hong Kong like to download for free through the internet, including music, movies, or even some apps that they have to pay for it. Some people seem to recognize that it is not a good practice and it is illegal, some think that it is ok and they do not care about the problem behind. But my opinion is that it is ok to download illegally through the computer or smartphones.

    Many owners of the things uploaded want to earn money through this way. We download them is because we can get them for free and it is convenient. Also it is not a stealing and it’s just a copy. The owners can still earn money when there is someone who buys their products.

    Besides, some albums, DVDs and apps in smartphones are very expensive if we have to pay for them. We like them but we may not be able to buy them. Then we can download from somewhere for free. Also, sometimes we cannot download the apps unless we are in that country. We can only download them through other ways.

    Moreover, if we have to pay for every app, movies and songs, this city will face a serious problem: many people will be very poor due to paying for many things. In addition, if we do not have time to pay for or buy the products, we will have to download from the internet quickly for our use.

    As a result I think that it is ok to download without paying.

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