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The main criticism I’ve read about this album is that the songs are ALL about falling in love and breaking up. Taylor herself seems to recognize this limitation in her liner notes in the deluxe edition, in which she describes the album as being inspired by her her own recent experiences with love affairs that flare up suddenly and then just as suddenly flicker away into nothingness. The comments also indicate that she might be looking to explore other themes in future. It will be interesting to see where she goes from here. In her first two albums there was a sweet innocent view of love with a happy-ever-after vibe. In her last two, there is a more realistic view of love. I guess this shift has been mirrored in the experiences of many of her fans.

Stylistically, some of the songs move completely away from country, such as the catchy, chatty, sing-along We Will Never Ever Be Together and the dub-step-lite chorus of I Knew You Were Trouble. For the poppy songs, I think Starlight works best, though I prefer some of the slower songs like All Too Well and the simple arrangements of the demo and acoustic tracks on the bonus CD. The song All to Well is a good example of Taylor’s effective use of specific visual images to evoke moods, with an unreturned scarf serving as a symbol or regret and longing.



  1. Taylor Swift is a well-known American singer. She has curly hair and a beautiful face like a angel, also an excellent sound. This album is such a good album. The songs are brilliant. Her sound is very comfortable. It makes me feel so relax while listening to her songs. My friend recommended one of her songs ‘Blank Space’ to me when I was in the primary school. After listening to it, it gave me a very wonderful feeling. and I became one of her fans. Although I did not bought her album, I always listen her songs in youtube. The lyrics are very meaningful. I was always inspired by them. Every songs seem to tell me a stories. I hope Taylor can sing more and more inspiring songs for her fans and be more popular in the future. Don’t give it up!

  2. Taylor Swift is a well-known singer in the world. She has a beautiful, brilliant voice. The lyrics in her songs are like telling stories to me. Every song has a different story. Although I am not a fan of Taylor’s, I love listening to her songs as well as Gem Tang’s and Girls’ Generation’s. Every story is touching me because the story in the song is like my own story. I am always inspired by the stories. They have taught me for a lot of lessons. I really hope that Taylor’s songs will be more inspiring in the future! Keep it up Taylor!

  3. Taylor Swift is a well-known singer in the world. She has a beautiful, brilliant voice. The lyrics in her songs are like telling stories to me. Every song has a different story. Although I am not a fan of Taylor’s, I love listening to her songs as well as Gem Tang’s and Girls’ Generation’s. Every story is touching me because the story in the song is like my own story. I am always inspired by the stories. They have taught me for a lot of lessons. I really hope that Taylor’s songs will be more inspiring in the future! Keep it up Taylor!

  4. ‘Red’ is the latest album of Taylor Swift, which was released on 22nd October,2012. The style of this album is quite different from hers in the past. But the same thing is, her songs are mainly about love and date. There are also songs about friendship, such as ‘22’.

    As a ‘swifties’, I am probably have listened to all the songs in Red. Among all the songs, I love ‘The Lucky One’ most. It is because the melody of the song is very smooth and gracious. I am really pleasant to hear this. Although I do not quite understand the lyrics, (maybe I have not study the background of it deeply) I think the overall of the song is good. I recommend that Taylor can construct an MV of this song, and I can have a further understanding of its lyrics. Besides ‘The Lucky One’, I think the songs ’We are never ever getting back together’ and ‘I knew you were trouble’ show the different style of Taylor. These two unlike the country music that Taylor has written before, they are the rock music. For me, I think it’s good to have different styles of songs, it can show the other personalities of a singer. Also, the songs ’Stay Stay Stay’ and ‘Starlight’ have a fantasy style. The music and the lyrics are soft and they have stories. ‘Stay Stay Stay’ is about Taylor and her boyfriend almost broke up at the night. But her boyfriend did not get angry, he stayed with Taylor and she was touched. So Taylor wrote this song to record the sweet moments with her boyfriend. ‘Starlight; is about Taylor had a happy night with her lover. They were talking about dreams and stars. They danced together and had a delighted day.

    But there are also some songs that is not my favourite. Like ‘The Last Time’. The lyrics in the first and second paragraphs are meaningful, but in the last few verses, she always repeating the chorus and the sentence ‘it’s the last time I asking you this’. It is either brain-washing or annoying. Also, this song is Taylor’s duet with the male singer Gary Lightbody. But Taylor’s voice is almost covered by Gary’s, so it is hard for me to listen to Taylor’s singing. I think it will be better if Gary lower down his voice. For the song ‘State of Grace’, I think it is quite boring. It is because the rhythm is slow and the melody is keep repeating the same sound. But there are also good points of this song. The lyrics of the song tell me the story of Taylor and I can hear the feelings of the singer sometime. So I think the words are great and it can show Taylor’s thought perfectly. This song can touched people very well. On Taylor’s fan page, it said that Taylor will take an MV of ‘State of Grace’ later. I am looking forward about this.

    At the end, I hope Taylor can create more and more good music for her fans and for me. Although there maybe some news affecting your feelings right now, please do not give up your music career, Taylor! Your fans and I will support you all the time. ‘Won’t stop till it’s over’. (Red’s hidden message)

  5. As a fan of Taylor Swift, I certainly bought her latest album. For me, it is a new style of Taylor. It’s quite hard to judge it is a good thing or a bad thing, but one thing that I am sure is that I am quite pleased and satisfied of her courage to change- it is a progress of becoming a Hollywood singer from a well-known country star.
    Many friends of mine think that Red is not as good as the previous album as they don’t really accept the new style of her. At first, I agree with that. When I first listened to this album, I almost can’t recognize that this is Taylor and I don’t really like the songs inside. They are too rock, too electronic. This is not Taylor Swift. Hers are soft, quiet, a bit sad but beautiful, and these are the most unique characteristic of her. Also, these are the reason that I like her songs (not like a super star style). I felt quite disappointed after listening to them. However, after listening to it more and more time, I think I have a new feeling of Red. Actually, it is not as bad as I imagine. It give me a new impression of red colour- hot but doesn’t last very long, like the romances of Taylor. Taylor is growing up, everyone will grow up. When she is becoming a adult, she will have a new emotion on things, including music. But they still work well, very brilliant!!!I have watched the MV of ‘I knew you were trouble’ and think it is a bit like Avril Lavigne- a naughty girl with naughty boyfriend, haha 🙂 . However, I still love it very much ( I like Avril Lavigne too).
    It maybe a good start for Taylor, we still don’t know. Many people will miss the old Taylor. Yet, no matter how, I am still one of a Swifties. I still appreciate of her efforts on her own music. Good luck and add oil!!!

  6. I started listening to Taylor Swift’s songs when I was in Primary 5, and since then I’ve become a member of ‘Swifties’. In my mind Taylor is an intelligent musician—her country music is clever, courageous and fresh at the same time. Most importantly, while listening to her songs, it seems as if she’s speaking her unique stories directly to me, whether it is about her bittersweet puppy love with someone, or her unforgettable, sometimes painful, heartbreaks, or her joy at simply being fifteen. Her fabulous song-writing skills and the special sensation that her products seem to arouse echoes in my heart, keep me enchanted. But when it comes to Taylor’s new album, ‘Red’, I must admit that—though reluctantly and unwillingly, considering I am her fan—this album does not really live up to my expectation. Before I start to criticize my idol (objectively), let’s review Taylor’s past projects.

    From what I can listen in Taylor’s debut album, I immediately judge that she is like countless other teen girls (she grows up, she falls in love, she hurts, and then gets up), but more delicate in some way; she appears in Hollywood with wavy blond hair, a pretty face and a guitar, which makes everyone believe that she’s a country musician to the core. This is what I call the ‘ideal Taylor’, and she’s still going strong in ‘Fearless’ and ‘Speak Now’, bringing new surprises for her fans. Although she is evolving—from the pure teenage innocence in her first album to the elegant glamour in ‘Speak Now’—there’s still a touch of ‘Taylor-ness’ in her songs. Whatever she sings, she’s still the ideal Taylor. In ‘Red’, however, she is everything but Taylor. That is the reason behind this commentary, behind all these criticisms. The original, unperturbed Taylor is gradually disappearing. Some loyal Swifties may as well start screaming and punching the monitor, but if I really love Taylor, I would rather say my true feelings toward her new album. (Warning: I must clarify that I do not hate Taylor’s album whole-heartedly, just that it can be better in some ways.)

    The most significant change in Taylor’s music style is that in ‘Red’, all songs are about love. Love indeed is the most popular theme in almost every kind of art, but surely your life include something even more important and more worthy than love, to be written into a song, right? It’s not that Taylor should not write love songs, but it need not to be all love songs in one single album. Listening to so many love songs could be very boring. Some of her love songs are actually clichés, especially ‘22’ which depicts how she stayed up all night hanging around with her friends. To most people ‘22’ is not bad, it may be a really good party starter; but to me things reverse: I won’t even expect a song like this coming out from Taylor, because it’s too loud with strong beats, and the melody and structure are rather simple. The whole atmosphere of the song is weird—it is pop, not country. ‘State of Grace’ and ‘All Too Well’ are slightly better; I like some of the lyrics in the song: ‘Love is a ruthless game, unless you play it good and right’ which turns out to be quite meaningful. And some other special phrases such as ‘twin fire signs, four blue eyes’ are hints that indicates whom Taylor fell in love with. ‘All Too Well’ spins a story of scarf and love, which is more delicate and lyrical than Taylor’s other works. ‘Treacherous’ is rather confusing (to me at least): what exactly does it mean for ‘this slope is treacherous, and I, I, I like it’? Later I interpret it as falling in love blindly without seeing the consequences. ‘I Almost Do’ is yet another cliché; ‘Stay Stay Stay’ sounds like a Christmas song. I can’t really comment on ‘Holy Ground’ because I literally don’t know what the song’s trying to tell, and the melody of the chorus is unbelievably poor, the texture is too thin to be true. ‘Holy Ground’ is a huge riddle to me; after all I can’t even tell what exactly Taylor’s ‘holy ground’ is. ‘Sad Beautiful Tragic’ is a slow sorrow tune resembles so much of ‘Last Kiss’ in ‘Speak Now’; the phrase ‘we both awake, in lonely beds, different cities’ hits me strongly. I can almost feel the loneliness and the distance between the couple. ‘Starlight’ indeed is a marvelous tune, but again it seems to be a pop song rather than country. ‘Begin Again’ is OK, but I guess the bridge part ‘but you start to talk about the movies that your family watches…and I won’t talk about that’ is a bit confusing. For some love songs that I don’t understand completely, maybe it is only my fault that I didn’t study the background information of these songs before listening; but as a mere audience, I found some of the songs quite confusing. To most people the songs ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ and ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’ is really cool, but in fact these two are the songs I dislike the most in the album. They are not really Taylor’s style, and both melodies are unimpressive. Listening to the above two songs make me feel like watching a film starring a gentle village girl, when the scene suddenly switched to the midnight party in a club in Manhattan. It is just so strange to be Taylor!

    The second problem for the album ‘Red’ is the repetition of lyrics in certain songs. The most typical example would be the constant chanting of ‘I just want to know you better, know you better…’ in ‘Everything Has Changed’. ‘The Last Time’ features exactly twelve times of muttering ‘this is the last time I’m asking you’ in the last paragraph. Not to mention the brain-washing ‘we are never, ever, ever getting back together’ and the five consecutive ‘stay’ before the last repetition of the chorus in ‘Stay Stay Stay’. Honestly I was quite taken aback when I first listened to these songs, because the same phenomenon never happened on Taylor once.

    Especially for country song writers, I usually expect some unique values or points of view, unlike those trends in modern world, to be included in their productions. Just like in ‘Taylor Swift’ (her debut album), Taylor did write love songs, but she also said something about the doubt and bravery a girl had when trying to find a suitable place in this world. In ‘Fearless’, again, love songs are the main course, but Taylor cooked up a sweet dessert dedicated to her mom and her best friend. And in ‘Speak Now’, she ranted about someone really mean, sighed and wished she’d never grow up, and finally roared long live for her dearest band. I think you’ve got my point by now: all these, are little bits and pieces that make our Taylor so beautiful, so real, and these are also reasons for why I adore her at the first place. But in ‘Red’, I find nothing, nothing resembles the ideal Taylor. A magician has showed up and whisked her away. It seems to me that Taylor’s new album is standardized to general form, which means most people would like her songs, but Taylor has lost her essence of being a country singer. I feel an urgent need to find an excuse for her performance: maybe she’s just undergoing transformation to become an all-round pop singer, maybe she wants to try some new things, maybe she is a grown-up now, and she decides to drop country songs for a while…but I never know whether she’ll pick them up once again or not. When I was searching Taylor’s MV in Youtube, I had a vague glimpse of some comments posted by online citizens, and some Swifties mentioned that you can’t expect Taylor to do country music forever and we’re like restricting her in that way. I guess this statement is true, but when I compare the ‘Red Taylor’ to my ‘Ideal Taylor’, I would say I love the latter more than the former.

    I would very much like to quote a phrase coming from the lyrics in one of Taylor’s songs, to express my feelings in Swifties language: ‘I don’t know what to say, since the twist of fate when it all broke down’. Right now I don’t know what I can say, or what I can expect from Taylor. ‘Red’ is the twist of fate. Whether it marks the end of the ideal Taylor era and the opening of Taylor’s career as a full-time pop singer, neither you nor I can tell. I just hope that Taylor can—it’s hard to find an appropriate word—‘catch back her essence’, and shines in the flying sparks again.

    Let’s just hope that it is the next chapter of the story of the ideal Taylor, not the end.

  7. I would have the same opinions towards Taylor’s latest album. And I really admire your in-depth analysis and the ability to to explain your points so clearly. Way to go Lamwooer!

  8. Although “Red” received mainly positive reviews, I think I have to criticize it a little bit. “Red” is not one of the best albums and is worse than “Speak Now” because of its change of style and the quality. I’m not satisfied with “We are Never Getting Back Together” because of the almost-no-definite-tone musicality and the style. It seems that this song is not what the style of Taylor Swift. The song is just sound like a normal folk song with no attractive melody and it is overrated! “State of Grace” and “22” sounds much better with “22” sounds like a counterpart of “We are Never Getting Back Together” but indeed has a better melody; “State of Grace” sounds like Enrique Iglesias’s “Finally Found You” and I think the best song of the album. Although it is the best song of the album, the chorus keeps on repeating and eventually becomes boring a minute and after. “Begin Again” is just a normal country music and sounds like the US country artists which conducts a plain melody with simple notes and simple melody. “I Knew You Were Trouble” is quite good but I think dubstep is not what Taylor Swift wants and the style seems quite unmatched.

    Overall, I think songs of the album “Red” become more monotonic and keep repeating the melody and where is the style “Speak Now”? Dynamics don’t vary much and it may sound annoying. Moreover, the instrumental part is always covering the vocals. “Red” is an example and I sometimes can’t hear her vocal.

    To be honest, I don’t find “Red” really does well and the rating I would give will not be above average. Although the content, the message, the singing and the title of the songs in “Red” is better than that of “Speak Now”, most of the songs are not originated. (“State of Grace” sounded like “Finally Found You”; “Red” sounded like the old songs of Taylor Swift and “22” sounded alike with “We are Never Getting Back Together”) Moreover, the musicality has also performed a dramatic drop and I don’t know why. The quality is much worse than her previous albums. The style is also not acceptable because the change of the style doesn’t really fit Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift seemed not into the new style. Most of the songs in “Red” have their lyricality. I’m quite upset with the performance of the album “Red”.

    But hey guys, don’t you find the music industry becomes more unequal? Florence and the Machine becomes more unpopular but their songs are improving song by song. Most of them are even better than the songs of Red; M83 is trying to become mainstream but only “Midnight City” could be recognized but what about their other songs? “Bom Bom” (actions have been nicknamed “womping”) and “Move Your Body” by Sam and the Womp and Northbrook respectively could be the next “Gangnam Style” with some awesome moves and dances.but I think “Move Your Body” is better than “Gangnam Style” and only received tens of thousands of views. The real music “We Have it All” by Pim Stones (though not a signed singer) is not really popular but this song could have beaten most of the songs in 2012 if it becomes popular. There are many more examples on the music industry becomes unequal but the main point I want to bring is that the quality of mainstream songs is degrading because the style and toneless musicality.

    Assume you love “Red” so much, please respect my taste of music and what I think “real music” is. If you really hate what I am saying, just don’t see this and stay calm.

  9. I’ve always been Taylor’s fan, and the release of her new album makes me extremely excited!
    I love all the songs in this album. Just like “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” which shows that she wants to end up the relationship with her ex-boyfriend. She really shows how frustrated and exhausted about him, and the music is cool!
    I hope that she can write more great songs and have a new album that makes everyone feel surprised soon!

  10. “RED”, the album released on October 22, 2012 by an American singer-songwriter, Taylor Swift, she had spent over two years writing the album. The songs inside the album are the experience of Taylor Swift, she had even said all the feelings in the experience are red. Also, this album is actually very successful because it has superseded One Direction’s “Up All Night” as the second biggest album seller in US that “RED” sold 1,208,000 copies in the first week while “Up All Night” sold 153,965 copies in the first week, I am really proud of that.

    I like the song “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” in the album .This song is all about Taylor Swift is really frustrated that his ex-boyfriend wants to kindle their relationship. The writer of this song wrote this song after Taylor’s ex-boyfriend had heard the gossip that Taylor was going to reunite with her former boyfriend. I really like this song because it is not boring, most songs talking about frustration, sadness, lose love, even breaking up, etc are very blue and slow but this song is not slow, it is not too fast too, it is perfect.
    Another song I love is “RED” because Taylor could make use of the colors to describe the feelings of loving somebody, breaking up with somebody and missing someone, I love this song because the melody is pretty good. Although I am not sure the description of love is right or not, I trust her because I love her. I think many people like the song because the lyrics are meaningful to them or they like the melody just like me, etc.
    I also like the song, 22 of Taylor. The song is talking about Taylor has spent a happy night with her friends in her year of 22. I like this song because I like the lyrics. I am wondering when I could spend a happy night with her, I will be really excited and delighted if I could see her because I am her super fan.

    I hope Taylor can write more songs because her songs are really fantastic, I like her album, RED too!!!

  11. This ablum is way intense than all her previous ones, as she talked about the whole love pathway from sweetness to saddness. I particularly like “Begin again”, as this songs well captured how one can lose herself/himself in a relationship just for sake of the other half. This sort of change can be good or bad, but point is, you cannot change so much that you are not yourself anymore. Always stay true to yourself, no matter what.

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