Your Favourite Film of 2012

What is your favourite film of 2012. Why do you like it? (When adding your comments, remember not to give away the ending of the film—that would spoil the movie for those who have not yet seen it).

If you are not sure which movies were released this year, you can check this page: Wikipedia: 2012 in Film


  1. My favourite film in 2012 is Hunger Games. It is a 2012 American science fiction adventure film directed by Gary Ross. The duration of the film is about 142 minutes. It was distributed by Lionsgate and released on March 23,2012 in United States.
    The film is about the hunger games. Every year in a country of which was once North America, the capital of it forces each of its twelve districts to send a teenage boy and girl to join the Hunger Games, A sixteen-year-old girl called Katniss who lived in district twelve knew that the game was very dangerous. In the twenty-four teenagers, twenty-three of them will die and only one of them will be alive. She doesn’t want herself or her younger sister, Prim to join it. Unluckily, here sister was chosen. She loved her sister very much and volunteered in her sister’s place. And the boy who was chosen from the same district with Katniss was called Peter, a baker’s son who once helped Katniss. They went to the Capital and she saw many things that she had never seen. She ate much special and expensive things too. The day before the game started, she found that Peter was fell in love with her. She hoped that both of them will be alive after the game but she knew that it was impossible. The game was terrible. Many participants died at the start of the game. Fortunately, the rules of the games were changed, two people who came from the same district can be won as a team. Katniss started to find Peeta. They hid inside a cave. Finally, they won the game and they fell in love with each other. They went back to their district and each of them got a luxurious house.
    My favourite character in the film is Katniss. She is the main character in the film. She loved her sister-Prim a lots. She even volunteered her sister place in the Hunger Games. She was brave and smart too. When she was playing in the Hunger Games, she wasn’t afraid of beasts or other candidates, she could use all the skills that she had learnt from her father out when she fought with others. She could discuss a good plan quickly. She knew that what can be eaten too. I think the special effects and the acting skills of the actors was brilliant especial Jennifer Lawrence who played Katniss. I will like to recommend the film to all of you. Hope you will like it!

  2. When the topic is going to my favorite movie in 2012, I think it is very difficult to choose among them. To me, as all of them are both exciting and touching, I will like to watch them again for a lot of times.

    However, the movie I choose at last is named “Les Miserable”. It is a musical opera about a life of a little girl, a prisoner who has already been released out of the jail and a policeman and the little girl’s mother. It is a very touching story that I almost cried with tears. And the time of this movie is in the French Revolution that a lot of people stand up to fight for freedom but many of them died in this war.

    In this movie, all of the conversations are expressing by singing them into different lyrics and the songs of this movie are very pleasant to hear. They are sung by some famous singers in America and I have known more about the music after watching this impressive movie.

    I think that the life of that little girl is very poor and she has a very unhappy childhood. Her mother can’t take care of her as she needed to earn some money to let her buy some food. Therefore, she was brought up by a family which treated badly and nobody helps her to escape this scary place. Luckily, the prisoner who was released helps the mother to take care of her daughter and he becomes a mayor who manages the whole city. That man saved that poor girl out of that place and took care of her to become an adult. Then both of them went through a lot of difficulties and frustration. At last, that girl had a happy life with her lover and the prisoner finished her mission of taking care of her. He died at the end of the movie and joined the revolution after he went to the heaven.

    The thing I have learnt in this movie is that we will finish all our things if we cooperate with each other. Moreover, the character I like the most in the movie is the prisoner who has been released out of the jail. It is because he is very brave, helpful and kind to everyone in the world as he loves to help some poor people and he won’t afraid of dying. He makes the poor girl have a happier childhood that she will have an unforgettable memory. Hope you will enjoy this film.

  3. My favourite film in 2012 is Ted. It is a 2012 American fantasy comedy film directed, co-produced, co-written by Seth MacFarlane. The duration of this film is about 106 minutes. It is distributed by Universal Pictures and it is released on 29th June, 2012.
    The film is about a little boy called John Bennett who wants to have a teddy bear for his Christmas gift. The wish succeeds with a falling star one night and Ted becomes fully alive.
    Few years later, John Bennett becomes older. He has his own job and a beautiful girlfriend called Lori Collins. John and Ted always spend their time together, they eat, they drink, they play, the smoke, and even sleep together. However, Lori thinks that John put too much time on Ted and she asks John to be separated with Ted. Lori hopes to marry John, but she cannot accept that Ted always disturb their life.
    John asks Ted to leave, and Ted lives at a flat which is quite close to John’s house. Ted gets his own job at a supermarket. Lori believes that John has put effort on his own work, but soon she discovers John has been skipping his works in order to play with Ted. At the same time, a boy called Robert wants to own Ted for his gift so he asks his father, Donny to buy it. However, John refuses and he takes Ted away.
    John and Ted goes to a party together which Lori does not know that. John meets Sam Jones, the famous star of their favourite movie Flash Gordon. Lori finds out that and the relationship between them finally breaks up.
    Soon, John and Ted fight to each other as John thinks that Ted is the reason causes the breaking up of them. Ted goes to find Lori to explain that he is responsible for John lapse. When Ted leaves her home, he is kidnapped by Donny and Robert.
    John and Lori go to save him together but Ted is died after that. John cannot accept that and Lori makes a wish to a falling star that night. Finally, Ted becomes alive again and they get married.
    Although the film included many foul language and some violence scenes, it talks about friendship and love. It shows that friendship cannot be damaged by everything, include love. We should believe our friends and help them when they are in need. I think that this film is very hilarious, but also very touching. The conversations between John and Ted make me laugh. In the end, it shows that John finds out Ted is irreplaceable, the scene is quite touching at all. Besides, the acting skills of the actors is absolutely great, especially the one who starred John Bennett, Mark Walberg. I think this film is quite good and I will recommend to all of you. Hope you will enjoy it!
    Kelly Wong 2T (29)

  4. My favourite film of 2012 is Men in Black 3. It can be stylized as MIB3. It is a 2012 American 3D science fiction comedy film. It was released on 25 May 2012. It is directed by Barry Sonnenfeld. The duration of this movie is 106 minutes. This movie is about the Boris the Animal went back to the past and he wanted to kill Agent K. Then, Agent J also went back to 1969 and he was trying to stop him. Agent J met the young Agent K but Agent K did not know him at that time because Agent J was just a little boy at that time. At the beginning, Agent K did not believe Agent K. However, he became partner again very soon. They cooperate with each other and stop Boris the Animal. After that, they met an alien named Griffin. He had the ability to see the future. Then, they travel to Cape Canaveral, Florida, where the Apollo 11 rocket is preparing to lift off and land the first humans on the Moon. Griffin told them that there must be someone died.They fought against Boris the Animal. Lastly, Agent K was not killed by the Boris the Animal. However, it made another people died who was Agent J’s father. Then, Agent J returned to the present day and continued to be partner with Agent K.
    I think that this movie was very humorous and exciting. Since that it was in 3D version, it makes me feel more excited. Sometimes, they will stuck-up each other. It is also very funny. I enjoy this movie very much. I would like to recommend this movie to all of you. Hope you will enjoy it!

    By Chiu Samantha 2T(6)

  5. My favourite beloved movie of 2012 is Sherlock Holmes 2 — a game of shadow which is screened early in the January. This movie is highly recommanded. It is even better than the previous one and the most brilliant movie I’ve ever watched. This film will never bore you even though you watch so many times. Once you watched it, you will be in love with it. I will highly recommend Sherlock Holmes to people who are bloodthirsty, afficionado of Sherlock Holmes, like me or curious about mystery and detective story.
    Robert Downey JR. is starred in this movie. He is a renowned well-known famous actor of Hollywood and one of my favourite actor. He is magnificent in Act Sherlock Holmes. He acts with good emotion and interaction with other charactors.
    In the movie, Sherlock Holmes is an intelligent, witty and independent detector. He always has a different theory and is regarded as the most logical man. He can disclose every mysterious case that he faces miraculously. He boasts a superb awesome skill of observing every detail. Audience can also follow him and be an outstanding professional detector heartily!
    This film is an action film. The fighting scenes are absolutely shocked and thrilling . You will probably have a heart attack while watching. Moreover, there is a splendid melodious music played in the movie. I love it so much! The music creates a mystical egregious atmosphere that all the audience are attracted by it.
    In Sherlock Holmes 2, there is a cunning, sly Professor James Moriarty who isn’t only Holmes’ intellectual equal but he has a might to give Holmes a hazardous dreadful adventure. The plots of the combat between Sherlock Holmes and Professor Moriarty are action-packed and marvelous.
    There are also plenty extraordinary and fabulous books of Sherlock Holmes. I’ve read some of them. After comparing with the film, I think the latest movie of Sherlock Holmes is even more astonishing.
    Those are the attractions of Sherlock Holmes 2. Don’t hesitate! Borrow it from the English Corner and watch it at once!

    bY Joyce 2T 13

  6. My favorite film of 2012 is the Avengers, which is released on 4th May 2012 and directed by Joss Whedon.This movie is expected by a lot of people around the world, including me, because it is an assemble of Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk and other famous superheroes form Marvel.
    The movie started when Thor’s brother, Loki, exchanged with a vicious alien race in order to get a big army of aliens for invading Earth. Nick Fury, who is the director of agency S.H.I.E.L.D., realized Loki’s crafty plot, and activates the “Avengers Initiative”, which means to assemble as more heroes as he can. During a trap that is “successful and well-planned” to S.H.I.E.L.D., they captured Loki and imprisoned him in the Helicarrier. You may think that Loki is so weak to be caught, but his actual motive is to persuade Hulk to help him, to betray Nick Fury and lastly, to destroy the Helicarrier. Loki’s plan succeeded and disabled the carrier’s engines. Luckily, before Hulk could do more damage on the carrier, he was attacked and fell onto the ground.
    Nick Fury tried his best and finally have a team of Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Hawkeye, Black Widow and Thor. At the beginning of the fight, they have a ready plan in their mind and they thought that they would win. They indeed killed a lot of aliens, but they found out that they would soon be overpowered by the waves of aliens, will they succeed in defending the Earth from the aliens?
    I like this movie very much for it is very thrilling. Sometimes irony is spoken and funny actions are done by the characters and it relaxes the audience in the film. One of the examples is Iron Man describing himself as, “Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist” and a conversation between Captain America and Iron Man: Steve Rogers (Captain America): Is everything a joke to you?
    Tony Stark (Iron Man): Funny things are.
    Other from this, the actor’s acting skill is very great, it seems that they have merged into the characters! Most of all, I think that every part of the movie is made charily. After I watched the movie, I also had a look on the behind of scenes video. To my surprise, I discovered that the explosion scene in the movie is real! Both the visual and sound effects in the film have a great impact on the audience and it seems that we are also in the movie. Although the plot of this movie is quite simple, it has eye-poppingly good action sequences and you will surely be utterly attracted in the movie. There is no doubt why it is the fastest film to gross $1 billion worldwide.
    Finally, I think that this movie is worth to watch and recommended all of you to have a look on it.

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