Wash your Brain! (closed)

During the summer there were strong protests against the planned implementation of the National Education curriculum. It was criticized as being a form of government-sponsored brainwashing, an attempt to force students to feel patriotic love for the motherland. However, what about other similar examples of possible brainwashing in daily life?

Be Beautiful!

Are all those ads for cosmetics and slimming products a form of brainwashing?

Do the ads create a false sense of the beauty?

Just Buy It

These days, it seems consumers need to buy the latest gadget, no matter whether they need it or can afford it. Have consumers become brainwashed?

The following video is a prank in which a television show host asked iPhone 4 users to try out the new iPhone 5, but he gave them an iPhone 4 (note the following video includes one phrase of rude language)

Why do we always want to buy new things?

Believe the Correct Beliefs

What about religious education? In Hong Kong, if a school is sponsored by a Christian religious organization, its students are encouraged to become Christians and religious education classes focus almost entirely on the Bible. Similarly, students in schools sponsored by Buddhist organizations are encouraged to follow Buddhist beliefs.

In many some countries, like America, China and France, it would be considered unlawful to promote a specific religion in a public school.

In other countries, like England, it is considered normal for religious organizations to sponsor schools and promote their own religions to students.
Should students be exposed to a greater variety of religious belief systems or is the current system in Hong Kong the best?

What do you think?

Are we being brainwashed?

If so, what can we do to stop the brainwashing?


  1. About the wash-brain idea, I think it is not easy to wash because people in Hong Kong are full of freedom and we have freedom of speaking. We can speak what we like and we can tell the truth to the children that are born later years.

  2. The tooth brush seller used an interesting and funny way to make an advertisement because they wanted to promote that their tooth brushes are very smooth and small. They can brush the small and tinny areas of the teeth. So they changed the lyrics of the song from “Dream” to “尖”, the word ” 尖”was repeated for many time. However, someone repeated the song for ten minutes, then it means that the word “尖” for was repeated for ten minutes. Image that you are listening to a song which repeats the same word for ten minutes, it is really annoying which is actually washing our brains. Advertisement aims to trigger us to buy the products but people should not create this kind of childish and boring video which makes us feel so tired after watching it.

    By Jessie 2T(8)

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