Hong Kong’s National Education Curriculum (closed)

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This was a hot topic this year, with the Hong Kong government finally backing down from its plan to push through a mandatory National Education curriculum after mass protests from local citizens.

What are your views on the issue? How should national education be integrated in the curriculum? How can Hong Kongers develop a stronger sense of pride in China? What do you feel about the student group ‘Scholarism’?


  1. The national education curriculum has been discussed for a long period. The Moral and National Education is not necessary for students in Hong Kong to study, as the content of this subject has been included in Liberal Studies and Chinese History. There is a part called Modern China in Liberal Studies. And we can know more about the ancient China in Chinese History. If we want to know the current issues of China, we may watch the news report or newspapers or just simply search on the Internet. Also, the syllabus of this subject is biased and subjective. It only talks about the good things, contribution and development of China. Students (especially primary students) have low judgments. The may believes all the content without thinking. They may be easily brainwashed. If the Moral and National Education is really proceeded, there will be one more subject for students to study. Students may have higher pressure. There are many assemblies, demonstrations, even hunger strike in the society to protest. People don’t agree with the Moral and National Education. Therefore, I think this subject should be cancelled.

  2. About having this subject to be a regualr cirrculam, i strongly disagree because I think this is the order of Central Government of china. This subject is also covered the good things of china but never bad things. This will make studets later not criteria-thinking and just believe the content of the book. So, I hope CY Government think twice before suggestion to set this subject again.

  3. Recently, most of the newspaper and TV news are reporting about the National Education Curriculum. It can be said as one of the most popular topic this year. Many Hongkongers join the hunger strikes and demonstrations to express their disagreement. It seems that the main reason why there are strong antipathy appearing between the anti-national people is “brain washing”. Here comes a question, Does the National Education Curriculum really have this special power to wash our brain?
    In my opinion, I believe that most of the primary and secondary students have logical thinking and critical thinking ability. We know how to judge what is right or wrong and choose some correct and reliable information to study. Also, we can get a wide variety of data from the different mass media and extra-curriculum books. Our parents and teachers would give suggestions to us, too. Combining the above reasons, problem of “brain washing” is ridiculous and unreasonable. The way to express their opinion is also too unhealthy and drastic. Sometimes, they even destroy the peace and order of Hong Kong.

    However, as a student, I completely think that the national education subject is useless and not suitable for us. Maybe the government believes we are not deeply understand our own country or we don’t have strong sense of belonging. I am sure we have numerous ways to get the knowledge about the relation between our homeland and us. For example, we learn the Chinese history, geography and cultural in our general curriculum. We would also discuss about the political events and social issues of China in Liberal studies lessons. If national education subject try to carry out, the content of this subject will be overlapped and wasting our time. Large amount of homework and quiz are waiting for us everyday. Students may participate in various extra- curriculum activities. It’s absolutely a great burden not only on students even the teachers.

    Although the Chief Executive reiterated the government has given the schools the enough flexibility to determine the necessary teaching materials and curriculum , many students and parents are very confused because of the disarray condition now. I think the government should make a clear decision and proclaim to all of us.

  4. The National Education Curriculum has become an important and debatable topic in Hong Kong recently. People in Hong Kong have different opinions on this subject and the course guideline set by the government.

    The National Education Curriculum will be taught in kindergartens, primary schools and secondary schools. The Hong Kong government planned to set up this as an independent subject in order to enhance the emotion of Hong Kong students toward on our country, China. However, after teachers reading the course guideline, most of them think this subject may be a brain washing education. Both parents and teachers think that students in the kindergartens of primary schools may not have their point of view and easily being transferred the wrong thinking. They may even only agree what their teachers told them, such as only the bright side and the excellent things China have done. Most of them are oppose to the National Education Curriculum.

    On the other hand, variable organizations used different ways to express their thoughts to the government. One of the organizations called ‘Scholarism’ is quite famous since this topic started discuss is Hong Kong popularly. This organization was organized by students. They complained for this subject may appear in the new school term and they totally disagree this brain washing way to teach students. Besides, they started an assembly which took about four to five days outside the Government Secretariat. Some of them even attended in a hunger strike. I think this is a brilliant organization which can represent students in Hong Kong. They are really brave to show the point of view to the government.

    Furthermore, I think this is not an absolute subject for us to study. We can get different education about our country in other different subjects, like Chinese history. The National Education Curriculum is not necessary to become an independent subject. Even children who are in the kindergartens, they can get these educations from their parents.

    At the end, I would like to say that the government should give some time to Hong Kong citizens to know more about this subject and what is concluded in it. This time, they didn’t ask for any suggestions but try to start using it. Although the decision of the government is, the National Education Curriculum will be delay in adding it to the education subject, the government should make good use of these times to let Hong Kong citizens know more what it is.
    By Vivian 2T (21)

  5. With the wide spread of mass media, we know that there are many people in Hong Kong are arguing about the national education curriculum. Most youngsters don’t support the curriculum at all and some organizations and people held some huge and immense demonstration and remonstrance. Oppositely, some school principals, government people, and elderly don’t agree the youngsters’ action. Actually, this problem has been discussed for months, but the decision of launching or not is not clearly apposed yet from the Education Bureau. So, should the nation education curriculum be launched or not? And, is this subject a subject which is ‘Brian-washing’ Hong Kong students.

    In my opinion, this certain kind of nation education curriculum is totally useless and pointless. One point that have to be noted that some of the other subject have already covered some of the national education curriculum. Such as Chinese History, which tells the history and benefits made by China, Chinese, which let us learn Chinese words, Religious Studies, which tell us to behave well and be a good citizen. Then actually, what is the point of developing the kind of unnecessary subject? What is the idea of creating this kind of subject?

    To me and also the teenagers, teachers, parents and citizens in Hong Kong, this is definitely a subject which brainwashing poor, innocent children to be a Chinese people, love China as much as possible and even die for their country. Here is an example, there is a primary school in Sha Tin called Baptist (STW) Lui Ming Choi Primary School. It has already launched the curriculum of national education. Every day, the students must perform in those lessons, by sing the national anthem correctly, learning the excellent achievements from China and forgetting the bad things China had done in the past years like the event happened on June 4 etc. , which attacking the freedom of news and speech, if I were one of the students in this school, I would rather change to another primary school than studying in this Chinese-brainwashing school.

    A good thing that I admire so much through this event is the hard-work and brave for being struggling about the decline of nation education curriculum. Some of those protestors even refused to eat until that certain subject has been cancelled. Unluckily, none of those people had been successful. I think the government is extremely cruel, one of those people had not had anything for over 5 days. They still don’t care about it and still remain launching this stupid subject. But actually, I think that they should not do it like that because it may affect their health and may even die. In the protests from some certain organization, I feel that they have a strong desire of declining that subject and willing to struggle forever unless they have agreed their point of view. Their co-operation and brave is definitely appreciated.

    Recently, the Education Bureau has finally announced that the national education curriculum will be delayed to 3 months later and see how will the result be. But for the protestors and the citizens in Hong Kong, it is not a good reply or solving method. The protestors should still hold more demonstrations in order to help the next generation. Actually, the Chinese government is quite awkward of telling the Hong Kong government to launch this subject because in 1997/7/1, you (the Chinese Government) had said that Hong Kong will be unchanged for 50 years, but you had changed Hong Kong after 15 years already.

    However, hopelessly speaking, if this subject is finally held in Hong Kong. I am sure that the parents will spend more time on telling them not to trust on what the teacher said on the subject of National Education. And the school should make the tools for teaching are suitable, neutral and not brain-washing. The subject should teach students improving their critical-thinking skill, not reciting how good that China is. But I am quite sure that the subject may not be launched successfully because of the rejection of us.

    No matter how Hong Kong delay the launch of this crazy and useless subject, I am sure that the protestors are willing to fight against until it is over. So, please, you are welcome to decline this curriculum immediately because we regard it as a rubbish. CY Leung, ask yourself, why Hong Kong would be so non-peaceful now? Is because of you! Finally and generally speaking, I totally hate this brainwashing subject and I don’t want it will be launched in Hong Kong and hurt our next poor generations!

  6. The national education curriculum has been discussed for a long period of time. Also, it has also announced whoever the students in primary, secondary or tertiary education. This issue even arouse the parents and teachers’ controversy since this kind of education may affect the next generation’s thought. Therefore, some students, parents and teachers organised an association to voice out their feelings of this policy. They express their opinion by protesting, going on a hunger strike, signing up their names in order to support them, etc.

    From my point of view, national education make most of the citizens in Hong Kong feel disappointed since this subject only spread out the good point of the Chinese government and over beautify its political achievements. On the other hand, the syllabus of the nation education didn’t mention the weaknesses and the mistakes of china. Therefore, the citizens think that this subject is so called ‘brain washing’ and they strongly opposed adding this subject to the curriculum.

    Moreover, I think that it is enough for is to study Liberal Studies in order to practise our critical thinking. Also, if this subject really carries out, it may directly affect our thought and blindly receive the positive information from china and won’t have their independent thinking.

    As a result, some of the students may over react and they used an extreme demonstrations method to show their opposition.
    From my point of view, I think that their behaviour was too intense. They should use a more moderate method to express their view. Instead of using some ways which harm themselves.

    In order to solve the problem, the government should not eager to implement this issue. They should have open consultation among all the citizens to Hong Kong so that the government may understand what they fell about it.

  7. The national education curriculum has been widely discussed among the public. According to some TV programme, investigation result and social networking website, we can see that most of the people disagree to have the national education because they are afraid of their children will be brainwashed. In this early September, a lot of people attended the demonstration in Tammar Park that held by ‘’ Scholarism ”. A few students and teachers even joined the hunger strike.

    For me, I think the national education is needed but is not necessary to be introduced as a main subject. Let me talk about why I think the national education is necessary for us. In many places, just like Singapore, students have to study the national education in order to strengthen their identification with their national identity, but they don’t think that it will brain-wash their students. Although I don’t agree with some subjective information in the booklet that use to teach this subject, and no doubt there is a bit brainwashing, as a Chinese citizen, we have to know more about our country that we are living in,. such as what has happened recently, history and culture of China, etc . On the other hand, the government said schools have full autonomy to decide what teaching materials they use, therefore I think parents and teachers don’t need to feel so worry about whether their children will be brain-washed or not at the moment.

    I don’t think it must introduce as a main subject. It is because in the existing subject we have now, such as General Studies in primary school, Chinese History and Liberal Studies in Secondary school, the teaching material have included this kind of information already. I am afraid that it will waste resources and add more pressure to students and teachers if this subject is carried out in the future finally.

    If this subject is really to be carried out, schools should choose suitable materials for students, not only show the good side of China and have to enhance students’ critical thinking skills. As a student, we should know to recognize what is right and what is wrong. If we have opinions about this topic, we should express them to the government in a peaceful way.

    Lastly, I hope the government can handle this case properly. Issuing a suitable guideline for Hong Kong people after getting different opinion from society.

  8. The National Education Curriculum has been a popular topic in this few months among students,parents and teachers.Some students were strongly disagree with this subject and protest with it.And finally the government gave up.

    To me,I am disagree with this subject.The reason is that National Education Curriculum mostly teach us about our country.But just the good side of China.None of the information would be taught in this subject.We need to know about our country in different sides.Also,Chinese History also teach us about the history of China.Liberal Studies also teach us to have critical thinking about the things.we are studying these two subjects nowadays,so National Education Curriculum is not need. I don’t want to be brainwashed about China also.If add on more subject in our school life,student and teachers may have too much pressure,so I think National Education Curriculum should be backed down.

    The Hong Konger and the government should communicate more and get a most suitable education for the students.I hope our government can listen to our voice, I suggest that the students can have a more peace way to against this subject,such as;writing e-mail,writing letters…I hope our government can listen to our voice and make a peaceful Hong Kong.

  9. The national education curriculum has been discussed among students, parents and teachers for weeks.From different news report,we know that local people have tried hard to resist this government policy because they are worried about the effect on it.Over these days,we have procession, demonstration and even hunger strike.But sadly, the government persist in carrying on the national education.
    The intention of the national education curriculum is to make the children in Hong Kong know more about China.However,I don’t really think it’s necessary because we have already had a lot of subjects which are related to the country.For instance,Chinese history and Chinese are taught in secondary schools to let the students learn the history, culture and language of China.Also, history, geography and even policies of China can be learned in general studies lessons in primary schools.See?Students can get all-round education about our country from schools or families.There isn’t needs for national eduucation curriculum anymore.
    Secondly,I think adding a new subject gives more pressure on students and teachers.They need to pay more attention on schoolwork and their relaxing time are reduced because of the new subject.And actually,I think it’s enough for the students to have such number of subjects now.Please consider the feelings of the teachers and students and stop giving more work to us!
    Besides this,I believe that most of us know that the original goal of national education is to establish our national-identifications and the quality of citizens through rational thinking.Its another objective is to cultivate our judgement,nevertheless,the course concerned on the our mind and students are even tested according to their thoughts of China.It isn’t fair to them since there is no absolute standard of criticising.We may have different views on the topics,instead of only one direct answer.This measure deprive the freedom of choice of academic subjects of shcools.We should protest as the government force us to receive ‘brainwashing’!
    Moreover, in my opinion,we need education of citizen’s quality,but not national education most.The former is much more useful in our society and country and the latter is a bit partial.
    Last but not least,I think that if the national government want people obey it completely,it should do something honourable and honest.Unless the country is flourishing,the people won’t listen and esteem you.Getting the feeling of the citizenry is difficult, but it is the only way to ask for response for any political policies!
    This time, the Hong Kong government is a little bit not thoughtful because it hasn’t collect enough opinions from different points of view before it decide to issue the policy.And so that’s not queer that so many citizens protested.I strongly request CY Leung to think about majority of Hong Kongers’ requirement!

  10. The National Education curriculum has become a hot topic in Hong Kong recently. The government set up the subject in order to let students know more about our country. However, there are some groups of students and parents who strongly against this subject, and think that it is brainwashing students. Finally, they go on a hunger strike to express their opinion to the government but the government still keeps the subject.
    Actually I don’t disagree the government to introduce this subject (not means that I agree). I don’t know why the groups of people strongly against it. To have a new subject won’t have bad influence to us. As the government and the guideline said, besides knowing more about the country, the subject also train us to think critically, but not brainwashing us. The meaning is completely different and I think the groups of student misunderstand it. Also, citizens should have basic knowledge about their country. National education is just a subject helping us to know about China, and there is no intent to brainwash students.
    But I do not totally agree with this subject too. As many people said, the subject has overlapped with Liberal Studies and Chinese History, which are subjects that normal secondary students are studying nowadays. So it is not necessary to introduce a new subject independently, but to penetrate some national education elements into these two subjects. Also, having the new subject may give a lot of pressure to both students and teachers.
    The government has to listen to different voices and provide the best education for students. The national education has to be objective. I also advice to the students who against the subject, not to be so agitate, discuss with the government well and accept other’s opinion, in order to get the best consequence.

  11. The National Education Curriculum has been a hot topic among primary and secondary students. Students join hunger strikes to voice their opinion to the government for stopping this policy. But unluckily, the government don’t give a good answer to us.
    In my opinion, the National Education Curriculum isn’t a must subject to learn. But if this subject really has an effect on our thoughts about China, we have a responsibility to voice for our classmates. This subject may be too subjective about the things done by China government. Locking people who wants to voice for disjustice like Ai Me Me and Lou Hiu Bo is right? Use tanks to make human pancakes is right? Almost fight with Japen for one little island is right? Many of these evidences show that the other side of China. But in my opinion, will the National Education Curriculum tells us about these cases? Maybe the answer is no. Whatever the China government wants to hide these, the internet will be a truth teller. We don’t need to be afraid that this policy will be a ‘brainwashed’ subject. Also, here is an opinion for the China government: the truth can’t be fake.

    After all, I suggest students don’t join students’ strike because the sociaty need us to work and help it. We just need to study hard and treat it as some normal things and we can easily past through the difficulties.

    By Howard 2T (37)

  12. The National Education curriculum has been an extremely hot topic among all teachers, parents and students recently. Since the Hong Kong government announced that they have made the plan on the National Education , a variety of assemblies , demonstrations and drastic forums kept going on day by day. A group formed by students who objected the National Education, called ‘Scholarism’ , even held a hunger strike. However, with these great protests from Hong Kong local people, the government still insists to push through the National Education curriculum.
    In my opinion, the National Education is not a must-learn subject. For secondary students, they already have Liberal Studies to help them to learn more about what is exactly happening in the mainland China. They can also discuss about what they think about the Chinese current issues in their Liberal Studies lessons. You think that they do not learn about the Chinese culture and history? Of course not, they have lessons of Chinese History to learn about the five-thousdand-year long history of ancient China. From that, they can learn more about the Chinese traditional thoughts and precious treasures and cultures. Also, the school has held activities to help students to know more about China from different perspectives. I think National Education is just a subject which overlaps between the two subjects, Liberal Studies and Chinese History.
    Another main reason is that the curriculum of this National Education has not been very clear yet, which makes both teachers and parents not understanding the major syllabus or goal of this new-formed subject. Most people said that the content of this subject is biased and subjective. Different schools may have different teaching materials and marking standard and it will make students from different schools having different impressions on China. Also, the result of this subject is not fair since that all teachers do not have the same opinion on China. Most importantly, if the teaching content only includes the greatness and the honor of China, but not including the weaknesses and the bad image of China , this will cause a brain-washed effect on all students , especially on the younger ones which are like pieces of blank paper and will easily believe in whatever the grown-up said.
    I think that a good National Education should be subjective and can let students to learn about China from different perspectives. Also, each school can hold more activities for students to have stronger sense of pride of China. I really appreciate the ‘Scolarism’for their perseverance in the hunger strike. I think that they are really brave to standout and protest for all Hong Kong students.
    Overall, I think there is no urgent or actual need for pushing this National Education on all students in Hong Kong primary and secondary school. I really hope that Hong Kong government can give up this subjective, brain-washing subject as soon as possible.

    By Ivy 2T (28)

  13. The National Education Curriculum is now a popular topic that the Hong Kong people are interested in. In September, some Hong Kong people join protests and the hunger strike. Finally, the Hong Kong government gave up.
    I think the National Education Curriculum should be withdrawn because the curriculum may be biased. Although we do not know what the curriculum is actually about, we still need to avoid the chance of being brainwashed. Actually, I think if we really need to learn more about our country, we can search it from the Internet by ourselves. However, we should not be forced to study this subject. In Liberal Studies, we have learnt to have critical thinking but the National Education Curriculum’s contents may be biased and just teach us to know more about the good side of China but not the bad side. By watching TV news, we can know more about our own country objectively. Hence, I think this curriculum should be backed down.
    Another reason is that students studying many subjects now. Nowadays, students have to do much more work to do, such as taking exams, doing homework and revision, preparation of the lessons, etc. If the National Education Curriculum is carried out, students have to study one more subject and have much more stress. Besides, teachers also need to prepare one more subject before teaching. The pressure of teachers will increase rapidly too.
    Although I think the curriculum should be backed down, I think the protesters should use a peaceful way to voice their opinions such as writing letters, sending
    e-mails, etc. Also, the government should listen more opinions before carrying out any policies in order to avoid people’s divergence. I really hope that the government and Hong Kong people can communicate more and let us have a harmonious
    Hong Kong.

  14. This policy of Hong Kong’s National Education Curriculum has annouced for a few months and it still attracts the society’s attention since people really do not know this plan clearly and are worried about the result of carrying out this subject.

    As a junior form student, if this subject will be taught in the future, it will affect me directly. In my opinion, this subject is unnecessary for us and as I know that it overlaps a part of the syllabus of Liberal Studies. All the secondary school students have to study L.S. and that means everybody can have chance to learn more about our own country. You may say that it is not enough while students can only know about the modern China but Chinese History is one of the major subject for us to understand the ancient China and also Chinese culture and even let us judge whether the history is good or not. These two subjects can help students have an all-round learning. If National Education Curriculum is a must to be contiued, it will waste the resources and may bother the schools while they have to rearrange their teaching scheme.

    Besides this reason, I think that everybody will know what is the next. As you see on the news in the last few days, some teenagers held assemblies, demostrations and they even refused to eat so as to show their discontent and anger. They let people know their determination and seems that many people join and support them. From these evidence, I think that the National Education Curriculum is totally opposed by the majority.

    Most people said that the syllabus is not clear. People said that the resources for teaching is not objective. It mainly talks about how great China is and what fabulous contribution China has done but it just ignores something disgraceful or not good to be mentioned which may harm the image of China. This is obvious not fair for students to learn things with only one side. It is better for students to learn from failure and mistakes. Although some history of China is not suitable to teach deeply, it is all right to talk about the apparent facts and these facts can be found in the subjects we are learning now. If the syllabus only includes positive events, it may cause brain-washed and this is the principal worry of the society.

    No matter how the government explains, it is useless and the government should give us a difinite answer whether Hong Kong’s National Education Curriculum will be cancelled or not. I conclude that this curriculum actually makes a mess because the governmernt does not plan well and have never given a direct response to us. I only know that this plan is postponed but is not cancelled. I wonder what will happen three years later if some schools continue teaching while some schools keep on refusing to make am attempt. It is no doubt that I have an objection to this plan. I hope that I do not need to try this subject in the coming year.

    By Mabel 2T(27)

  15. During these few months, the ‘national education curriculum’ has been discussed among both the society and the students. It’s been a long time before the Hong Kong government finally backs down a mandatory ‘national education curriculum’ after vast protests from the local people, including going on a hunger strike among some of protesters.
    What I believe is, such education will only continuously adding pressure to both the teachers and students. First, there are already at least twelve subjects for the junior secondary school students to study (Chinese, English, Mathematics, Liberal studies, Integrated Science, etc.) Lists of homework and exercises are as long as the Tsing Ma Bridge. The amount of homework is as high a mountain. If this national education really reveal, we won’t be able to breath due to the new-coming homework. We don’t have enough time to do our revision. The marking scheme of the exam remains unclear.
    Besides, the teachers will have more curriculums to prepare and more homework to be marked. These not only lessen the time for the teachers to stay with their families but also augmenting the teachers’ pressure. This will absolutely arouse the dissatisfaction of the teachers and the students.
    When it comes to the national education, I can remember as clearly as though it was just yesterday that in primary school we had had already a chapter named ‘Today China’. There has been a chapter about the China in primary school already .Then why do we need to study it once more?
    Moreover, the government never ‘gives up’ although there were ninety thousand people walking out the street to protest. The government totally disregards the opinion of the society. This won’t leave a good impression in the local people’s mind.
    Overall, the government must not push out this national education mandatorily because of the factors shown above. I really do hope that the government will listen to the society’s voice and care for the students and the teachers in order to form a good impression among the public.

  16. The ‘national education curriculum’ had been widely discussed among the society in the past months. Assemblies and demonstrations, ATV Focuses’ bias, hunger strikes… Both pro- and anti- national education parties exist, but why is the majority of the public anti-national?
    In my opinion, such kind of curriculum is unnecessary. We can already learn about our country through Chinese History, Liberal Studies, and Chinese. Chinese History is taught in the majority of Secondary School; while the latter two is core subjects of the NSS, which means that all Secondary senior form students will have a chance to know about China all through the current education system. Chinese History tells student of the history of China, LS of Chinese’s policies and ways to judge them critically, and Chinese of Chinese cultures and ideologies. That proves an all-round knowledge students will get.
    On top of that, after the back down of the government, she leaves the choice of form, and material of teaching such curriculum to the school. That may leave partiality of schools. Schools with different sponsors may have different stances in teaching this subject – since the sponsor has the greatest influence to schools. Pro-Beijing sponsors may teach only of the greatness of the country, while anti-Beijing may teach only of the corruptions. In this way, the students may not get a fair and overall view of the country.
    As a whole, I don’t think it will be necessary for such ‘national education curriculum’ to run. Instead, integrating the idea into relative subjects like Chinese and L.S would be better. I hope that the government can give a better solution than now, since it still causes dissatisfaction of some people, while the public should express their opinion to the government so that they could know of your point of view.

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