Dear CY (closed)

Write a message to our incoming Chief Executive and let him know what you think he can do to help improve Hong Kong.



  1. Dear CY,
    Congratulations to your winning of the Chief Executive election.I think you can be a good chief executive.But I think that you should listen more the people opinion.To more improve community life.Take care the elderly and the poor people.Let more people to stay in Hong Kong to investment.Improve the population policies.

  2. Dear CY,
    Congradulations of winning the chief executive in July. I hope you can really be a good leadership, ardour, modesty and listen to citizens in Hong Kong and make changes in order to be a good leader of Hong Kong and HK’s government. However, I knew that you are telling lies to the citizens because you build some non-ruled constructions. Hope you can tell the truth next monday to convince the citizens that you are an honest leader and let people to trust you.

  3. Dear Mr. Leung,

    Congratulations to your winning of the Chief Executive election, and become the most important and influential person in Hong Kong for the coming five years. I do hope that you can bring lots of changes to the people of Hong Kong in every aspects of living. As you have known that citizens in Hong Kong have great expectations on you, hoping that you could listen to our appeal, and improve everyone’s lives, I would like to suggest you that the following aspects are the major concerns of Hong Kong people that you would need to pay extra effort to address:

    Firstly, the social problem which has affected the people most is inflation. Citizens really find it dear to purchase things, even basic necessities like food and clothes. Furthermore, even the middle-class couldn’t afford the burden brought by inflation, let alone the grass-root.

    Secondly, the price of flats is unreachable by most the people in Hong Kong, due to the insufficient lands to accommodate 7 millions of people. Reclamation is a way to solve, yet we should strike a balance between improving the living environment, and preserving the nature at the same time. Hence, consultation seems to be a must.

  4. First of all, I think he can increase the medical resources in Hong Kong. It is well-known that doctors nowadays have to work very long hours due to the lack of manpower. It is actually quite dangerous to the patients. Much malpractice has happened and it is believed that doctors without enough rest is one of the major causes of it. In addition, I think he should increase the number of hospitals which are established and maintained by the government in order to ease the pressure, so that patients won’t have to wait for a few years to have a surgery.
    Secondly, he can urge the government to build more public housing estates. As the government is now demanding people to remove their unauthorized building work, many people may lose their home. However, they may not have enough money to buy or rent another flat since the land prices in Hong Kong are very high. With more public housing, the number of people who need to live in bedspace apartments or cubicle apartments will be lowered, thus people’s living standard will also be increased.

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