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The Hunger Games is proving to be one of the big movies of 2012. What do you think of the film? Write a review in the comments section and let us know.



  1. I also like The Hunger Games,I like the story but I haven’t watch the movie,I guess I will watch it sometimes later.

  2. This is a very touching film,the main charaters had shown how they were brave and had aloving heart.The background of the story was bloody and cruel,set off the ditermination and perplexity of Catniss.

  3. From the day it was released, the Hunger Games movie was determined to be the greatest hit of the year. Even though four years have passed since its debut in the bookstalls, the Hunger Games mania didn’t fade out and the novels ruled over many people’s hearts, including me. What’s the reason behind this peculiar phenomenon, that the series continued to be the first of all bestsellers, and those who had already finished it couldn’t help but discuss it with friends and families? There’s even a movie for it now, nobody can say that Hunger Games are just books for teens. So what’s the point? Below is my analysis.
    For those who are keen to watch gripping stories with a couple of bloodbaths and exciting races, the Hunger Games is specially crafted to perfection for them. Suzanne Collins knows very well what the trend is in the world of literature (and movie maybe), she mixes all the vital ingredients and elements in a cauldron. Firstly, the idea of a killing competition is intriguing, with supreme technology the Capitol owns compared to the poverty and hunger among the districts. Such contrast creates a dramatic opening for the movie, and when we venture deeper into the world of Panem, more amazements follow. From the dull yet powerful Peacekeepers, the cruel and unfair process of Reaping, to the horrible Muttations in the arena, Suzanne succeeds in weaving a breath-taking story where her imagination was fully unleashed. Plus the Hunger Games is an annual televised killing competition, resembling some real-life hunting-for-treasures shows we’ve got on TV. The only difference is that the competitors were kicked out once they failed to finish the task in those programs, but in Hunger Games, if you fail, you die. So the audience was already familiar with the rules, which encourages further watching. And then there were exciting plots like ambush attacks, hand-to-hand combats and struggles for food and medicine and sponsors which everybody longed for, so it’s practically impossible to tear our eyes off of the screen in the cinema. Piles of action and blood, some love and a touch of sarcasm and horror equals to the perfect formula of creating divine thrillers like Hunger Games. The movie can surely satisfy teenagers scrounging for mere shocking film and pure excitements.
    For the movie, I would say the special effect is awesome, and my favourite part is the forest fire when Katniss entered to the arena. It’s like feeling the heat pouring out from the theater. But I don’t like the opening camera shots, they are unstable and the lens keep shaking and I feel extremely dizzy. The actors are all very well, with Jennifer Lawrence the heroine, though the guy portraying Peeta is a bit short compare to the other two lead roles. One point is that the director tries to keep the whole competition in one piece without cutting too many details from the book, and his effort is surely appreciated. I nearly shouted out when I saw Peeta’s arm was transformed into a tree branch, it’s amazing. The most touching part is of course, Rue’s death, and I spent exactly ten minutes to control my emotions and tears. The original song is like a sad lullaby, a final farewell to brave Rue and it actually sounds great. The fighting scenes are quite scary and bloody, but I’m just as timid as a mouse, I know.
    Although the target group of audience for the series is teens, the Hunger Games also tempted young adults. This is because, beneath the story of Katniss and Peeta lies another one, which is the story of society itself. Suzanne has stated clearly what our world look like, where there is absolute government and commands we have to obey; there are unfairness and poverty everywhere we have to tolerate. Of course the case in Panem was exaggerated, but who knows whether we would become like the Capitol or not, if we keep enlarging the difference between the wealthy ones and the poor? Will there be a day that the rich people are powerful enough to torture the poor ones? The thought sent a chill down my spine. Moreover, Suzanne raised another attention about human’s personalities and morality. In the film, youngsters are forced to kill for their own survival, some even treats participating in the Games, that is to say participate in killing, is their most glorious and honorable achievement they have ever made. But in reality, murdering a single person is already an unforgivable crime. How much does it take to pick up all your guts and kill someone? In my perspective, if there is an individual who can murder somebody without getting crazy or at least having nightmares, that’s certainly a miracle. Now, please imagine: what will we become of if our souls are being contaminated so badly that killing is necessary or even transform into a habit, in order to save our dear little lives and enjoy wealth and fame? The situation in the Hunger Games is an utter twist or opposite of nowadays’ social norms, and again people might think: if we do turn into such materialistic people in the future, will we become like the tributes? Will our eyes only fill with the desire of being empowered while ignoring, forgetting our care and love for lives? Will we become like that? Will I become like that? Judge yourself with these questions, and I found it a very long-lasting yet meaningful argument about our humanities. This layer of deeper themes is what really worth for watching the film and discussion, and what (I think) is the vital reason for the popularity and praise of this movie. So besides its appealing and exciting plots, Hunger Games has got some other political and critical issues which attract adults.
    To sum up, Hunger Games has got everything including wonderful storyline, sparkling special effects and ideas and also reflections of the present. You’re not going to miss this epic movie. For the ones who decide to borrow a DVD of the movie or go and get a copy of the Hunger Games, I guess you will keep muttering ‘may the odds be ever in your favor’ in a few days time, and surely hypnotic cannot make you sleep properly (that’s a first-hand experience).
    By Kate 2T (12)

  4. One day, our teacher asked us a question, ‘Can you guess a name of a novel that the title is ended with the word—-Games?’ We all answered, ‘The Hunger Games!’ This is the name of a famous book and a famous movie! In our class, no one hasn’t listened to this movie’s name before. I think it is really amazing after I watched this film with my friends.
    The most moving plot is that the main character—-Katniss volunteered to replace her little sister to enter the Hunger Games when her sister was chosen to join the games by a lucky draw. The Hunger Games is a horrible game that the participants would fight with others and kill others. The only survivor will become the winner of the game. This game was hold once a year and the people in Panem will choose a boy and a girl from each district that control by them to join it. The people which are in the winner’s district can have the food to eat but the others won’t have any food.
    I am really very angry when I see that the people in Panem make this game to be a live programme to have fun. The game even becomes a recreational show for them! I am also very happy to see Katniss and Peeta break down the rules of this game and went to their home, district 12 safely at the end.
    I have heard about that the continuation of the Hunger Games will be showed in the cinema next year. I must go to watch it with my friends at once!

    By Elaine 2T(24)

  5. Many of my friends like watching Hunger Games so much. So I decided to watch Hunger Games with my family. The story is mainly about the country of Panem uses the ‘Hunger Games’ to suppress the twelve districts under its control. Every year, a boy and a girl from each district are chosen to participate in the Hunger Games by lucky draw. They will kill each other until one child remains survive.
    This year, Katniss’s younger sister has been chosen to be one of the participants representing district twelve. Katniss loved her so much, she volunteered to replace her. Peeta, a baker’s son, is the chosen boy from district twelve. Katniss and Peeta have faced many difficulties but they finally win the game(it is the first time that have two winners in Hunger Games).
    I think the plot of the story is extremely exciting and touching. I was moved when Katniss volunteered to replace her younger sister. She is a hero in my heart. It shows that she loves her sister very much. Although their family is poor, the relationship among family members is really close.
    The action scenes are very nice. I even cannot breathe when there are exciting scenes. All the characters in the movie acts very well and I think Katniss is extremely cool when she archeries. She is my favourite character since she is caring and kind. She is good at archery too. Besides, I think she is beautiful.
    This film is really a good film which everyone must watch! Before wathing the film, you should first read the book of Hunger Games since if you do not do so, it’s quite difficult to understand the plot of the story. Moreover, you should also prepare pieces of tissue paper when watching the film since the it is really touching. Hope you will enjoy the film!
    Ava 2T(4)

  6. This is quite a memorable story, and it reflects the inhumanity of human beings in a clear way. The Hunger Games seem to be something happy because of the name ‘Games’ is something that children will play. However, the game is actually not something that the participants play for, but a road leading the participants towards death. There are lots of examples showing the inhumanity of people. For example, some of the participants were well trained and they volunteered to participate in this game to win, it shows the desire of chasing wealth of the people. Besides, during the game, some of the participants formed groups and to help to find other participants and to kill them. And when they first started the game, a lot of weapons and resources are given. It seems to be something good as participants can use these resources to live for a longer time, however participants use them to kill the other participants quickly, and the scene that they used the weapons to kill each other is quite memorable to me. Besides, I think that the whole idea of the Hunger Games is actually cruel and it shocks me, and I can’t imagine what will happen if the world really has this game existing. However, I think that the process of the Katniss and Peeta during the game is too successful, and that might cannot show the actual terror of the game. Besides that, I think that the story is quite similar to another short story The Lottery written by Shirley Jackson. However, I like the idea of the reality TV show, which emphasizes the inhumanity theme of the story, as the people of the capitol are actually very excited of the game. And I like the women host of the game the most, she deeply shows the excite of the capitol people towards the Hunger Games and she is shown that she is crazily happy towards the Hunger Games, and her dialogue ‘May the odds be ever in your flavour’ is also memorable and inspiring. In overall, I like the whole movie a lot, and I am attracted to read the 2nd episode of the trilogy Catching Fire now! 😀

  7. When I first saw the trailer of The Hunger Game, I was attracted by its plot. Seeing more and more people posting the reflection of it on Facebook, I can’t wait to see it and finally I decided to watch with Emily.
    I think this film is really inspiring and touching. It has shown what will the people do when they need to strive for their lives. People are always selfish, the film has shown clearly the ugly faces deep inside their fake nice faces. They could framed the others in order to keep their own lives. Although people are horrible, there are also some exceptions, like Katniss. Once she knew her sister was chosen to The Hunger Game, she devoted herself to be the contribution. This is what we need to learn to protect the one we love.
    When I was watching the scene of the start of Hunger Game, I don’t know why my tears were dropping. I found that humanity is really horrible when they supposed that they will die and when they have nothing to lose anymore, they counld do anything.
    After watching this movie, I knew that I really need to face the difficuties bravely. Teeble can’t help us to solve the problems but making us more weak. I think we are blessed that we live in a city that doesn’t have wars. We need to treasure what we have.
    Really looking forward to the suquels of The Hunger Game!

    “Happy Hunger Game,
    And may
    the odds be ever in your favor!”

  8. I have watched The Hunger Games with my friends last week. I think this film is inspiring and exciting. This story talks about a nation called Panem, which is divided into one capitol and twelve districts. And the twelve districts are controlled by the capitol. And every year the capitol will hold the Hunger Games which is formed by tributes who are randomly picked in every district. Katniss Everdeen’s sister, Primrose, is unfortunately being picked to be the tribute. However, Katniss volunteers to be the tribute because it is only way to save her sister, since her sister has no chance to win the game and she must be died if she joins. I appreciate Katniss very much because she has replaced her sister for saving her sister’s live and she has the braveness to be the tribute which has a very small chance to be the only one to survive. It shows that Katniss loves and cares her sister so much and we should learn the spirit of sacrificing for the others from Katniss.
    As I know that there are two more sections in The Hunger Games trilogy. They are ‘Catching Fire’ and ‘Mockingjay’. These two are the continuing of the Hunger Games’s ending. And I am highly recommended these two books to the people who like The Hunger Games. I am willing to watch the other two films.

  9. The Hunger Games has been highly recommended by my friends before I watched already and the movie is over my expectation.
    It is not as bloody and terrible as I thought but there are some touching parts that I had never anticipated.
    In the movie, it is sad that people who watch the Hunger Games seem really excited and they have never thought about how brutal is that for the competitors. They had never thought how sad when they are separated with their family. They all only have very little chance to go back.
    Therefore, we have to learn the bravery and courage of Katniss. Firstly, she volunteered and to save her sister. Secondly, Peeta and she both are not the winners supposed. Although the game controllers have made things much more difficult for her and hound her to death, she can still be alive. However we must remember, the girl and the man from the district 11 have saved her. The girl even sacrificed to achieve Katniss. After that, I think that everyone need people’s help no matter how strong you are.
    I am quite eager to watch the ‘Hunger Games II’ since the relationship between Peeta, Katniss and her boyfriend in her homeland who looks after her sister is complicated. I want to know how will their relationship develop. Another thing that attracts me to watch the second Hunger Games is what will happen to Katniss and Peeta or their family since they had won but they are not supposed to be. I think that the next release will be great and exciting too.
    I like the movie very much since it has given me a lot of ideas. I hope that more and more people can go to enjoy this excellent movie.

  10. I think the Hunger Game is going to be another big movie series after Harry Potter. The whole story concept is inspiring. The crew worked very well on the movie with good acting. It really touches me and Ashley even cried in the theater.
    I know this is a must watch movie after i watched the trailer. I’ve never read the novel one, but i was quite interested about the Hunger Game, so I searched about it on the Internet. After that, I couldn’t wait to watch the movie.
    The clothes design and the scenes are great, but the movie runs quite fast, however it can still present how human would do for surviving. Some would kill the others, some would not. For example, Katniss and Rue are the good examples.The movie also shows the class division between the capital and the other states. The people not from the capital don’t have human rights, they are forced to join in the Hunger Game.
    Besides those themes, I think Katniss’s boyfriend is quite pitful because Katniss fell in love with Peeta in the Hunger Game. Although Katniss and Peeta experienced many things in the Hunger Game, it’s so poor that the boyfriend watches the girlfriend kissing from the screen.
    I overall love this movie. I couldn’t forget the scenes after watching the movie. I’m looking forward to watching the next piece to release.

  11. I watched the film and i think it’s overall a good film and also an inspiring one.
    I think the director (or maybe the author of the book) has done a pretty good job on designing the clothes. The clothes worn by people in the 12 districts are plain and are somewhat dirty or worn out. It’s a big contrast comparing with the clothes worn by them and the people living in the capital. The people living in the capital wears brightly colored suits or dresses( often with too much color) which you can feel extravagance within the clothes. Also the people in the capital wear wigs and clown white. It showed a huge social gap between the two places in my opinion.
    The food in the 2 places were very different: often plain bread or nothing in the districts but any delicious you could think of in the capital.
    After i watched the film, i think the theme, besides of love, care, sacrifice,etc.mentioned by previous comments, there’s also a theme about government control and ‘big brother’. In the story, the country is ruled under dictatorship, and the Capitol made the show required viewing. There were little basic freedom for people living in the district and the government made people in the district go to the Hunger Games even though they didn’t want to. Maybe it’s pointing to the problems in China about people’s basic rights? Or maybe just coincidence?

  12. This is an amazing movie. It was exciting and touching in the same time. The actors and actresses acted so well and the story was very well planned that it can bring you inside the story and let you feel what the characters are feeling.
    Thinking back the whole story, I find that there are very much for us to learn. At the beginning, Katniss’ sister was chosen. Katniss volunteered to be the tribute so that her sister would not be in danger. This shows the love between Katniss and her sister. It was so strong that Katniss would sacrifice for her sister.
    In the Hunger Games, the 24 boys and girls fought and killed each other in order to stay alive. This tells us how precious our lives are and the winning mentality of humans. Also, Cato, another tribute caught Peeta during the last fight. Katniss aimed at Cato. Although Cato knew he was going to die, he attended to kill Peeta. This shows the humanity of humans. No one want to be alone, especially when you are in a bad situation. In the story, when Cato knew he had no hope of staying alive, he wanted someone to suffer with him. Of course, Katniss and Peeta won at last. Cato was being attacked by a group of monsters. Katniss, instead of letting the monsters killed Cato, she killed him from suffering a longer time. Although killing is not the right thing to do, Katniss took pity on Cato. That’s was the last kindness she could gave to him.
    Though Katniss was not good at communicating with others, she cared for them. This is something which everyone should do so to make this society full with warmth and love.

  13. Yesterday, I watched this interesting movie with my friends. It is really touching and exciting. The Hunger Games is a movie describing every district must choose a pair of boys and girls to join the Hunger Games. They must kill the other players and win the game. In this movie, I can feel that the main character Katniss have a kind heart. First, she volute to be the player in order to save her younger sister. This shows that Katniss will do anything to protect her family. Second, in the game, she cooperate with Rue. When Rue was died under a sudden attack from a player from other district, Katniss felt sorry about that, she thought this was her fault. This shows that Katniss is a person that is care about friends and partner. Also, she chose to help her partner from the same district to get some medicine although it is very dangerous.
    This movie describes the ugly part of humans lively, some players are very cruel, they think killing people is a funny thing. These players were came from the rich district, they only care about themselves and did not care about others. They only think about winning the Hunger Games but never think about the other players’ feelings. These players are so cruel and selfish. Although some players are cruel, some players are kind and helpful. Such like Rue, Rue saved Katniss’s life in the games but Katniss is her “enemy”. When Rue died, Rue still hope Katniss can win the games. When Rue died, I cried because I can see that Rue is a good girl and I hope she can win with Kaniss at first. Unfortunately, she died under sudden attack. She just made friends with Katniss and died, it is really touching and let me feel sad. At last, Katniss and her partner Peter won the Hunger Games. This is a happy ending. (Although I want Rue win too!)
    I will recommend this movies to all my friends as it is interesting and meaningful. The Hunger Games is worth to watch. You will not be disappointed after you watch this movie. If you have not watch it, go to enjoy it. If you have already watch it, recommend to your friends. I am willing to watch the other movies of the series. (The Hunger Games is the first part of the series.)

  14. I think this is a very good movie overall. I was really interested in this movie as I was listening to the new songs of the movie. The story is actually very realistic and touching. It reflects a lot of social problem like the huge wealth gap and people are doing whatever they can even killing each other to win. The main character Katniss has a kind heart. When her partner, Rue died, Katniss was very sad and she put some white flower around Rue’s body and one in Rue’s hands. At the very last, Katniss is not willing to kill her partner from the same district, so they plan to die together, which forces the capital to let both of them win.
    The movie reminded me how horrible humans can be. I’ll learn from Katniss and have a kind heart. May all the people would take a look at the bad things they’ve done and try not to do it again.

  15. I think I noticed the trailer of The Hunger Games about a month ago. Well first of all, I am a super huge fan of Taylor Swift. And so basically, I was looking through her songs one day and I saw a song named Safe & Sound ~ soundtrack of The Hunger Games. Then I searched the song in YouTube. In the same time, that was the first time I knew there was a movie called The Hunger Games.
    I didn’t really interested in the movie at the beginning. However, after I watched the trailer for a few times and knew what’s the movie is about, I was interested in it. I was attracted by the theme of the story.
    Once I read a few pages of the Chinese version of the fiction of The Hunger Games. I was so interested in reading it. About one week ago, I bought the English version of the fiction. I haven’t started reading it since I want to watch the movie first. I am now convincing my mum to let me watch the movie in the cinema. I am looking forward to watching this amazing movie. =]

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