Pop Music 2012

Which English-language singers and bands do you recommend? Adele has recently had great success at the Grammy Awards.  What artists do you think are deserving of more recognition?


These days, I tend to listen to softer music like the French duo Cocoon or Abnes Obel, a Danish singer. As for indie bands, I also recently bought got two interesting CDs, one by Canadian band The Dears (Degeneration Street) and another by Brazilian band CSS (la Liberacion). There is a lot of interesting music being produced outside of the Britain and the United States.


  1. One Direction (“1D”) is my favorite band. They are an English-Irish pop teenage boy band with five handsome guys. All the boys took part in the British television music competition, the “X-factor”, but failed to reach the final stages of the competition individually. However, one of the judges who was a producer in the music industries saw the potentials in the boys and made them into a group. Their good looks, charm, honesty and down to earth approach to life turned them into a teenage sensation that started in the US which quickly spread across world. My favorite 1D song is “Forever Young” from their first album because the melody is good and the song expresses their wishes of staying forever young and fulfilling their dreams.

  2. These days, I tend to watch more British show channel like the X-Factor. And that’s how I learn to listen to more English song like Call Me Maybe, Stronger, If I were a boy and Baby I love you…Since these songs are really good, I try to explore more songs of the singers. I love Tiffany Alvord and Avril Lavigne the best although they are in very different style.
    Tiffany Alvord voice attracts me a lot because her voice is very soft and I feel her voice is crying sometime for the sad love song. Especially ‘Baby I Love You’, ‘ Just Give Me A Reason’ and ‘My Heart Is’. There are really good.
    Avril Lavigne attracts me with her sexy strong voice and her smile. Maybe some of the people may think her a bad girl as there are pretty much foul language in her songs, but who cares. I just like the way she is in. My favourite song list of her is ‘ Wish You Were Here’, ‘Innocence’, and ‘Everybody Hurts’ ! Hope I can find a soul mate soon.

  3. These days, I tend to watch more British show channel like the X-Factor. And that’s how I learn to listen to more English song like Call Me Maybe, Stronger, If I were a boy and Baby I love you…Since these songs are really good, I try to explore more songs of the singers. I love Tiffany Alvord and Avril Lavigne the best although they are in very different style.
    Tiffany Alvord voice attracts me a lot because her voice is very soft and I feel her voice is crying sometime for the sad love song. Especially ‘Baby I Love You’, ‘ Just Give Me A Reason’ and ‘My Heart Is’. There are really good.
    Avril Lavigne attracts me with her sexy strong voice and her smile. Maybe some of the people may think her a bad girl as there are pretty much foul language in her songs, but who cares. I just like the way she is in. My favourite song list of her is ‘ Wish You Were Here’, ‘Innocence’, and ‘Everybody Hurts’ ! Hope I can find a soul mate soon.
    By Kelly

  4. My favorite singers are Avril Lavigne and Taylor Swift.They are both pretty and their voices are beautiful but in different styles.Although there are news which criticize them,I still like them.
    Avril Lavigne’s voice is attractive,don’t know why,when I hear her voice,I usually stop and listen for a long time.I really like her smile,her smile is magical ! She likes a goddess when she smiles ! I like all of her songs,such as,”Here’s To Never Growing Up”,”Rock N Roll”,”What The Hell”,”When You’re Gone”,” Wish You Were Here”,”innocence”,”girlfriend”,etc.(Since I really like her songs,I put a lot of songs here and hope u to listen them) The songs’melody is memorable and her songs are hard to sing !
    Taylor Swift’s voice is so sweet and like an angel ! (especially in “Safe and Sound” ) She is cute and pleasant.I like her pure look (without putting on lipstick) ! There is a big difference …….
    I also like her songs.For example ,”We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”,”You Belong With Me”,”red”,”love story”,”mean”,”mine”,”a place in this world”,etc.
    If you once listen to their songs,I believe you will love them and be a fan of them ~~

  5. In recent years Korean pop music, more commonly known as K-pop, has emerged into international recognition. I hold great disdain for such synthesized, superficial type of so-called “music”. It is an undeniable, and quite regrettable, fact that most pop music nowadays rely on auto tune, a program that can magically turn a spoken paragraph into any sort of musical, catchy piece of work. Anyone who has the slightest knowledge of this particular technique knows just how overused the software is in the industry of Korean pop music. It relies heavily on appearance and packaging, instead of real talent and determination (PS: my own opinion).

    Undoubtedly, the United States remains the leader of pop culture, and although it might not be the healthiest of music industries, it is still relatively more respectable. Thanks to sites such as YouTube and various social networking sites, various talented individuals have come into the spotlight and become much-loved international pop idols. The megastar Justin Bieber is one such example. He was discovered by an agent on YouTube, singing songs and playing guitar. Talent shows also serve to encourage to-be artists to strive for their dreams, and to bring talents into the limelight, examples being America’s Got Talent and American Idol. The western pop industry has a variety of music, from R&B to metal, and electronic to rock. I myself have had a bit of a taste of each sector, and here are some of the artists and songs that I think deserve more recognition, and might eventually be the next superstar.

    Rap is now an increasingly essential part of pop music, in almost every single hit is a rapper raving about lost love, wanton love, unrequited love… or in some cases, money, also known simply as “paper” in the slang term. What they say might not necessarily make sense, but they do have a way of getting into your head and refusing to back out until you’ve grown positively tired of it. And even then it might still be stuck in your mind. Eminem is the world’s favorite rapper, his songs are always resentful, and at other times encouraging. An all-time favorite is Not Afraid, I need a Doctor and, of course, Love The Way You Lie, featuring Rihanna.

    Country comes in great contrast to the aforementioned heavy, at times slightly insane genre. Taylor Swift is a beloved country singer, and her platinum hits such as Love Story and You Belong With Me have been heard by virtually everyone. Lady Antebellum is another country group with soothing, relaxing music, my favorite being Just A Kiss.

    Indie pop is another increasingly popular genre, garnering enough attention to bring the group Fun. on top of the Billboard chart. They have produced numerous hits such as We Are Young and Some Nights. They are songs that you can dance to, sway to, or simply close your eyes and enjoy in. An emerging artist in this particular genre, who has just released an album Born To Die early this year, is Lana Del Rey. Her songs, as can be seen from the title of her album, are more than usually mellow, at times even dark. They do have an oddly soothing air to them, although I would advise you not to watch the Summertime Sadness music video if you were incidentally feeling particularly depressed. Having an classically Americana atmosphere to them, Lana Del Rey’s music has a way of bringing nostalgia to listeners, for a place you might not necessarily have been, for a time you may not know.

    Indie pop aside, dance music is of course another genre holding great attention from the music-craving public, especially fun-loving teenagers looking for party hits. Everyone, apart from those who have been, for some particular reason, living under a rock for the past year, has heard the insanely played hits Party Rock Anthem and Sexy and I Know It by group LMFAO, an uncle-and-nephew duo. Their songs have been played in parties, discos, shops, commercials… and the music videos have quickly gone viral on the internet, with the line “every day I’m shuffling” becoming a catchphrase. I also enjoy LMFAO’s dance in the MV, which is, too my own opinion, quite interesting(especially the robot in yellow box). Another group is Maroon 5, with its lead singer Adam Levine capturing the hearts of many teenage girls and the admiration of teenage boys. Moves Like Jagger and Payphone are only two of their bestselling records this year.

    Pop music, however, is nothing without its classics, the long-surviving music that has penetrated different generations of music-listeners and in some cases, decades. The group Westlife has just disbanded, after 14 years of music making. They have always been a favorite of mine, and as the saying goes, their music never grows old. Some of their international hits include You Raise Me Up and Uptown Girl (season in the son and I lay my love on you are one of my favorites too), those who have had the fortune of attending their concert in Hong Kong this year would know that their songs are genuine. I attended both of their concerts in Hong Kong and I think that they were really splendid. Every time Westlife issues an album, I will buy it without any hesitation.
    Celine Dion is another legend. No one can forget her Titanic theme song My Heart Will Go On. She has collaborated with many other legendary artists, and although she has kept a relatively low profile, her more recent single with the operatic pop group Il Divo named I Believe In You (Je crois en toi) has still gained much attention from tasteful audience.

    Pop music, by definition, is popular music, and ranges from different cultures and tastes to various languages and countries. It is forever developing, and although we do not necessarily have to keep in pace, it does serve us well to know and experience enough of it to pass judgments of our own, and distinguish good music from bad.

  6. For pop music, I can actually talk about it for MANY MANY hours. Do you know why? It’s because I am interested in listening to music, especially the western ones.
    In fact, there are many excellent singer that I appreciate a lot, such as Avril Lavigne, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomaz, Miley Cyrus, Bruno Mars, etc.However, my personal favourite is still Taylor Swift.
    Although she is only 22 years old, she has become a well-known American singer-songwriter. Almost all of her albums have great effect around the world. She has a sweet and fascinating voice, like an angel!!! You will feel really confortable when you are listening to such a beautiful voice!!! Besides, she is very good at playing guitar. She looks cool but elegant when she is playing it. Moreover, her songs are really fabulous and spectacular!!! I’m also the one who has been inspired be her song since I’m a primary school student.
    There are many fantastic songs in her albums and singles, yet most of them are really good, like ‘White Horse’, ‘Love Story’, ‘Sparks Fly’, Teardrops on my guitar’, ‘Mine’, ‘Tim McGraw’, ‘The story of us’, ‘Enchanted’, ‘Haunted’, ‘Back to Becember’, ‘You belong with me’ , etc (sorry for writing so many songs……actually I can type even more^^”). You can feel her ardour when you are listening to them. She does all the things sincerely and by her heart!!! Her ambition is to be a singer when she was a little girl. And now, she is totally a successful superstar. I appreciate her toughness of chasing her dreams!!! We should learn from her, overcome our fear and all challenges!!!
    Talking about favourite band, Westlife is my favourite, of course. It is a pity that they decided to disband. Although I didn’t watch there farewell tour concert, theis songs will also stay in my heart forever!!! They also have many great songs, such as ‘my love’, ‘you raise me up’, ‘what makes a man’, ‘Swear it again’, ‘I lay my love on you’, ‘Fool again’, etc. The melody of them are soft and attractive that you can’t stop repeating them!!! All the 5 members (including Bryan) sing really well!!! I wish I would have one more chance to watch their concerts!!! 😦 There is another boy band that I appreciate a lot. It is One Direction. ‘What makes you beautiful’ is an extremely adorable song!!! I hope they will be the next legend after Westlife.
    Let’s listen to English songs together. I am sure you will fall in love with them very soon!!! :p

      1. Oh poor Jeffrey, I’m sorry that I didn’t type my name wrong so u can’t tease me about typing mistakes . 😥

  7. In recent years, I began to listen to Western pop songs. It is because one of my best friends introduced me a Western song, so I started to be interested in this kind of music. Also, I can learn some vocabs from the songs. Among all the Western singers, my favourite is Taylor Swift. You may ask, why do many people love her? I can tell you, she is the real singer, a singer to sing by her heart. Actually not many singers really love music.
    In the childhood of Taylor, her dream was becoming a singer. To make her dream comes true, she never gave up a chance to sing for everybody. Because of her will power, she finally became a pop singer when she was fifteen. She also got good results in her first three albums. She always tells us about her life in her songs. Like ‘Dear John’, this is written for a man who laid her before and she hates him. And ‘Better than Revenge’ is written for a girl who loves her boyfriend and make her broke up with her dearest. We can always see her sincerity of music and her feelings in her songs. Her songs can always inspired me a lot. I think she is not just my favourite singer, she is also my idol. Taylor Swift has a fresh image and she never smokes and drinks alcohol. Comparing among those Western singers, she is the model of children, adults and elderly.
    I hope more and more people love Taylor Swift and enjoy her inspiring songs.

    By Joanna 2T(15)

  8. I love the western music so much too. I love a lot of English-language singers, but my favourite is Taylor Swift. I am a big fan of her. She is an American singer-songwriter. Although she is only 22 years old, she gets a great voice. Her sound of singing fills everyone’s ears. Taylor Swift sings like an angel, her songs always get a big influence in my mind. I think she is the idol of every girl. It is because she is beautiful and young. I also like different kinds of English songs and different singers. For example, Adele’s ‘someone like you’ is so great too. Pop music and sentimental songs are available for me. I just enjoy listening to the English songs, especially the ones of Taylor Swift. 😉 ❤

    By 2T (17) Lily

  9. I enjoy listening to western music very much, the melody of the songs is very variety. My favourite singer is Taylor Swift, her voice is very great and she looks very beautiful. I can’t stop listening to her songs! She can sing all of her songs sentimentally. My favourite songs are ‘Teardrops on my Guitar’, ‘You Belong with Me’ and ‘Back to December’. The types of them are different, but they are all very attractive. My friends and I always listen to Taylor Swift’s songs together as we like her songs very much. When we listen to her songs together, we always think of the blissful days between us. There are also many singers that I like, such as Avril Lavigne, Justin Bieber and One Direction. Some of their songs are absolutely great! I like listening their songs while I am free! 🙂

  10. Talking about western music, I absolutely fall in love with it. One Direction is a popular boy band recently and I am one of the ‘OneDirectors’ too. However,my favourite isn’t One Direction. It is Westlife—an Irish boy band formed in 1998 and disbanded in 2012 after almost 14 years.

    Westlife is one of the famous band in UK and they have sold over 45 millions of records. Westlife has become so much more than a band,it also reoresents the incredible and amazing music that bring to us. When I heard about the split, I was shocked and nearly cried since Westlife have given us lots of memorable memories and have encouraged us with the melodious music. My favourite song is ‘My Love’. The lyrics are touchable and the melodies are beautiful. My friends and I both love this song and used to sing together.Now,when I listen to it, I always think of the blissful days and marvelous friendship between my friends.

    I have got along many great days and have come across many difficulties with the songs of Westlife. For me, Westlife have become a pain in my heart. However,they are also the most fabulous memories in my heart. They really give me plenty of encouragement through their warm voices and I extremely want to say: You have raised me up, My Love.

    By Pinky 2T(23)

    1. I like westlife very much too!!! The melody of their songs is absolutely great!!!! Shane has a fantastic voice!!!Besides u raise me up and my love, there are also many fabulous songs for westlife, such as ‘I lay my love on you’, “what makes a men’, ‘fool again’ etc.Westlife is a legend for me!!! I ❤ westlife!!!! Moreover, I like one direction and Taylor Swift very much!!! For one direction, 'What makes u beautiful' is certainly the best!!!! For Taylor Swift, I like most of her songs (she's my favourite singer ^^)!!!!

      1. Mark’s voice is better lol!!! Also, it is “what makes a mAn”, but not “what makes a mEn”, quite not acceptable to a person who LIKES westlife….==

        1. sorry, just a typing mistake(I swear it again and again^^”)……and Jeffrey, u don’t need to be so MEAN. Everyone will have some mistake. I don’t think u will never make a mistake!!!

    2. I found Westlife songs educative and touching. “You Raised Me Up” is a good example. When I first listened to this song, I wanted to cry. It is a pity that Westlife, the band, has stopped its “career”. The last song, perhaps the last released song, I listened, is “Beautiful World”. I agree with the lyrics and the melody too! It is a nice ending song!

      1. Yeah I think that you like Westlife songs becaz it is not pop and have quite smooth rhythm, at least not like Lady Gaga’s or others. 🙂

        1. okok, I mean I think that you don’t like the songs that are popular these days, am I correct this time???

  11. I think this year’s popular songs are not as good as non-popular songs. Some I think is one of the worst I’ve ever heard. For example: Kanye West ft. Jay-Z – Otis and Flo Rida – Whistle. “Whistle” advertises “cannot be seen” things and the lyrics are offensive. I don’t think this song should deserve the 1st in Billboard Hot 100 and even the top 10. The song is bad for children and I don’t think we should hear this song. “Otis” has bad melody and awful rap and I feel like vomiting when hearing that song. However, non-popular songs like some songs which lost the Eurovision 2012 is a good song. “La La Love” and “Never Forget” are among my most favourite songs of 2012. These two songs are music to my ears and an impressive song with touching lyrics and melody in “Never Forget”. However, I do think “La La Love” is better because of its electronic and smooth melody and its beautiful costume in the music video. Once I hear it, I want to replay this song again. Because of this, “La La Love” becomes my most favourite song of mid-year 2012. What is competing with my most favourite song of mid-year 2012 (or you can say my second most favourite song of mid-year 2012) is Midnight City. Its ambiguous, electronic and somehow hypnotic melody dominates the theme of this music. I really like the saxophone part at the end because of its comfortable and fabulous finale. The third one is a mashup which I think the artist has done well in mixing the two songs completely, making me think that this is another song. I didn’t realize he uses the “Skrillex – Kill Everybody (Bare Noize Remix)” as the base of mashing “Adele – Set Fire to the Rain”. This “mixture” is “saturated” I think because he did do something to “get along” with another song. I don’t think a better version could replace it. The artist is “ca715al1v3” which nobody here could even heard his name and the song name is “Set Fire to Everybody”.

    If you wanna ask me for recent hits, here are some suggestions:

    “David Guetta ft. Sia – She Wolf (Falling to Pieces)”
    – Not all people will like this song but it is worth a listen if you like electronic with pop. Its catchy rhythm will make you dance and also its lyrics are quite impressive and I think the mood is like calling for help. The singing is majestic as Sia uses diaphragm to sing this (I think).

    “Zedd ft. Matthew Koma – Spectrum”
    – This song is quite of like a remix. The solo part of the synthesizer is terrific with some powerful bass notes and good melody. However, the music video is a little bit of mediocre and I don’t suggest you to watch it.

    “Florence and the Machine – Spectrum (Say My Name)”
    – This powerful song is sung by Florence and the Machine! It is one of my favourite bands. The powerful singing is done by Florence Welch (of course it is done by her everytime). The music video is very good too with some sort of like “jig mixing with ballet” dance (except for the messy part). The melody is quite music to ears and this song is a little bit of soul, so people who don’t like soul are not recommended to hear this song.

    “Pim Stones – We Have it All”
    – I don’t know how I can find this song but this is superb! I think nobody has ever heard of Pim Stones except me. The touching melody is one of the reason I want to share this song to you. I think no song like this can be that touching and majestic.

    “PSY – Gangnam Style”
    – This song has invaded (not “brainwashed”) US, UK, Korea, Japan etc. and now to Hong Kong! I think the alternative and its catchy rhythm can beat down “Nobody” by “Wonder Girls”. I like the dance actually and I think its not hard to imitate. To me, this song has been one of the best K-pop songs I’ve ever heard.

    “Ellie Goulding – Anything Could Happen”
    – Last but not least, Ellie Goulding is back with her original alternative style, this time she made her lead single to be gentler and electronic. I think you can accept it even though it sounds a little bit of creepy. (743 WORDS???!!!!!!) :O

    By Jack 2T (32)

    1. Hahaha, not surprising with 743 words… 😀
      I think that Whistle is quite good and I like it …(In my opinion) And how come it is offensive??? Lots of popular songs contain such content, some may even have some foul language in them (which to my opinion is accepted by many people, or why will they be so popular)?!
      Also, if we know how to distinguish good or bad, we can listen to these songs, it doesn’t mean that if we hear some bad words and we will speak them everywhere!
      ~No offence~

      1. Yeah, I think I am with Jack on this one. I think too many artists are trying to attract attention by being . . . well . . . sleazy. It’s really an unfortunate trend. The whole focus of the music seems to be on the shock value of the lyrics. Last year, I bought albums by Niki Minaj and Christina Aguilera for the English Corner but after listening to them, decided not to bring them in (sex, foul language, more sex). Whistle is an excellent example of that . . . the artist is trying for a clever double entendre (using words with two meanings), but the meaning is just too obvious to be clever (maybe Jeffrey is innocent). The end result is a catchy, kind-of stupid, really sleazy song (with a music video to match).

        1. I think Whistle is one of the song which its target is offensive. Other songs have the similar content but the target is indirect. “Birthday Cake” is also another example and in some extent, I do hate its lyrics. Because of that, I kind of lean to not so mainstream artists and songs. Ivi Adamou, Florence and the Machine, Carly Rae Jepsen, Karmin etc.

          I don’t want the trend to continue but instead the trend of electronic music is fine though a little bit of “anti-classic”. Therefore, I prefer electronic and all other interesting music with no sex or foul language or drugs or any metaphors for those “cannot be seen” things.

  12. Foreign pop songs are my favorite 🙂
    Adele has become more and more popular these days. I think her voice is pretty special and distinctive. Her songs like “Rolling in the Deep” are hits that I quite like. However I’m not a big fan of her and her style. If you ask me about my favorite singer, it has to be Avril Lavigne. She’s famous for punk and rock style, but what caught my attention is her ballads. Songs from her album “Goodbye Lullaby” like “Everybody Hurts”, “4 Real”, and ” Remember When” makes her voice pop out. It shows that she’s flexible as she can do both rock and expressive songs.
    Singers like Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato are also some of my favorites. But one that I can call my “favorite” is Charice, a young Filipino singer. Her voice is so big and strong! “Thank You” is one of my favorite songs sung by her. I like both the melody and the lyrics of the song.
    In recent years, more and more people have posted covers on Youtube. I really like discovering new cover singers with huge potential. Singers like Christina Grimmie have very nice voices!

  13. Talking about my favourite English-language singer, I will recommened you Taylor Swift! I have became a great fan of Taylor for 1 year and I was toally fascinated by her gorgeous voice.Her songs are always very melodious and easy to remember. Thus, I always hum taylor’s songs all the time! Besides, I appreciate Taylor very much as most of her lovely songs are created herself. Although she is young, her music and singing skills can be compared with the singers who are rich in singing experiences. Personally, I love “Love Story” most among all of Taylor’s songs.It talks about Romoe and Juliet and it is also one of her most popular songs.
    Anyway,let’s have a try on Taylor Swift songs and you will find they are brilliant. Hope you will enjoy them! =]

  14. Talking about my favourite singer/band, I would choose One Direction definitely! Recently, I started listening to their songs, and I was totally spellbound by their voices. I don’t think I can be considered as a “directioner” yet, but I am so excited and hypnotized whenever I listen to their songs. By the way, the songs are also pretty good, with melodies and lyrics which are so easy to remember. Although there’s not many songs of them up to now, but still, One Direction rocks! Among their songs, I like “What Makes You Beautiful” and “One Thing” the most, since the melody is so gorgeous and the song is really perfect. What else can I say? They are gorgeous! They are so amaZAYN, fabuLOUIS, phenomeNIALL, brilLIAM and extraordinHARRY! I really like their song! All I want to say is–” One Direction, you ROCK!”
    But other than One Direction, I also like other singers, like Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber…etc. Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars’ songs are also some songs listed on my “must listen” list. When I was thinking the reason why I would like the singers mentioned above(including One Direction), I guess the answer is probably because their songs give me a comfortable feeling. But why not Arvil Lavigne? Personally, I don’t quite like rock songs, so she’s not my cup of tea, though I still appreciate her voice and sometimes I also listen to her songs.
    But anyway, I just want to say that please listen to One Direction or Taylor Swift’s songs, I’ll bet you like them! 🙂

  15. For certainly,my favourite boys’ band is Weslife 🙂
    They go attactive voice and make me always stick with their songs.
    I like ‘ I Will Reach You’ by Westlife. Especially of the lyirc,’If you got a candle you’d better light it now;if you got a voice you’d better shout out loud’.
    thats impress me a lot and encourage me a lot when I am down.
    My favourite singer is Pitbull.His rapping is gorgeous!
    I love ‘On the Floor’ by Jennifer Lopez ft. Pitbull version.
    Actually,I prefer US more than UK.
    But Weslife make me to appreciate the Welsh culture 🙂
    hope you guys can search up their songs and have a look!

  16. Abslutely, I love listening to the songs of Taylor Swift and Arvil Lavigne. Taylor Swift has a soft and lovely voice. She sings every song sentimentally. I really enjoy listening to her. I like ‘Back To December’ he most because she can actually express the feelings of herself, nowadays not many singers can do this.
    Arvil Lavigne is a rock singer in my mind. She always sings love songs like ‘When You Are Gone’. She edits many albums. The albun,’Let Go’ is one of my favourite albums. My friends like her too.
    At last I hope they can have a beautiful future in music. 😛

  17. Doubtlessly, my favorite singer is JUSTIN BIEBER for sure, for his amazing and addictive voice. For the first time I heard his single, “one time”, I was totally obsessed with it, turning to a “belieber”( bieber’s fan)
    The genre of music he sings are pop and R&B- in addition to his unique voice- have the power to hypnotize the audience.
    Also, he is always a good role model for both teens and the poor, with his personal mottos- family first and NEVER SAY NEVER. Who have ever imagined that an originally poor and regular child can become a superstar, becoming almost every girl’s heartthrob? Every time when you were listening his song, “ never say never” , you can feel a cloud of guts and courage are inciting you to follow your dreams!
    Moreover, he has always promote charity activities, for example, organ donation. He is always donating, donating and donating.
    Last but not least, he was trying to give the audiences something new and fresh, for his voice has changed.
    Justin bieber is a singer, who can grow up with you , show the world that diligence really changed everything.
    ❤ Justin xd

  18. My favourite singer is Taylor Swift. Her voice is very sweet. I can’t stop listening to her songs. For me, my favourite song is Sparks Fly. The melody of the song is really attractive and the lyrics are meaningful. After listening to Adele’s song, I think she has a powerful voice. I think I will try to listen to her other songs.

    1. One Direction’s songs are also very good. Most of their songs are lively. The lyrics are easy. These two things make the songs very brainwashing. My favourite song is What Makes You Beautiful.
      ❤ 1D ❤

  19. For me, Taylor Swift is my favourite siger. When I was in primary six, one of my friend asked me to listened the song ‘You Belong With Me’ and watched the video of ‘Love Story’. As I did so, I found that english songs were not as boring and difficult to understand as I thought before. Therefore, I always listened to english songs from then on. Of course, Taylor’s songs are my favourite.She used easy and simple word to create her great songs. Although I was just a primary six student and didn’t good at english,I could still understand the lyrics easily. Her great talent is so impressive that mede me really fell in love with her musics.
    I love the song ‘Enchanted’ the most. Its a song full of romance and the song really showed out her beaytiful and unique voice. I could not stop listening to the song when I first heard it. What a great job that Taylor has done! The song ‘Mean’ is also a good job done by Taylor . I really liked and agreed with the message that Taylor wanted to say through the song. Its quite meaningful.
    Also, I think I love the image of Taylor than Lady Gaga’s. Taylor Swift is more like a neighbour girl than a super star so she seems is more friendly and being more intimate with the public.
    However, I think Taylor Swift’s great music talent is the main reason that loving her and her great works by me and most of the people.^^

  20. I can’t stop listening to Justin Bieber’s songs! I love him very much! His voice is impressive. I also love the songs which are R&B style. In addition, Bruno Mars’s songs are very special that I will think about many thing s after I listen to his songs. Lady Gaga’s rock is also good.

  21. I like K-pop the most but I think English pop songs are also quite impressive. Recently, Adele became an eye-catching singer for her crazy hits “Someone Like You” and “Rolling in the Deep”. Actually, I think Adele’s voice is quite special and her singing skills are brilliant. These differences between her and other singers make her stand out from them this year. My favourite foreign singer is certainly Taylor Swift. Her country songs are soft and easy-listening, like “Safe and Sound” and “Love Story”. However, she can sing pop songs too, the one that attracts me the most is “You Belong with Me”, once I kept listening to it every day! Lady Gaga’s songs are better like dance songs. They are all easy-listening but I think they are a little bit to ‘rock’ for me. I listen to Justin Bieber since last year, I like his songs because his songs are quite suitable for teens like me. A new group called One Direction is pretty good too, their hit “What Makes You Beautiful” make me addicted this month because of its melody. Katy Perry and Avril Lavigne’s songs are always my favour. Katy Perry’s songs are softer dance songs than Lady Gaga and I think Katy Perry’s voice is a reason that makes me love her songs too. Avril Lavigne’s songs are soft punk, but the main reason that makes me addicted to her is her ballad like “Innocence” and “When You’re Gone”. Rihanna’s voice is great that makes her songs great too. In those rappers, I like Eminem more because of the lyrics and rhythm especially in his songs. Robbie Williams and Justin Timberlake are also of those I like. For the new songs, Lana Del Rey’s “Born to Die” and Fun’s “We are Young”. But of course, the English song that I like the most is Girls’ Generation’s “THE BOYS”!!!:)

  22. I think Lady Gaga is deserving of more recognition. Her songs and music performances are different from other singers. For instance, one of her songs called ‘Born this Way’, she came out from an egg when she started to sing the song. It is very unusual and a creative idea to sing and perform a song in this way. Secondly, her music videos contain many innovative ideas and always give surprises to all of us. Also, her songs are very popular all over the world and she has many fans all around the world, so I think Lady Gaga is deserving of more recognition.
    Apart from it, I think Adele will be one of the greatest singers too. I think her voice is strong. She can sing the songs with very high pitch and other singers cannot sing in this way. She can sing the songs with her lovely voice well and her songs are great. The style of her songs are quite unique too.
    Besides this, I think Beyonce and Taylor Swift are deserving of more recognition. Their songs are special and can attract many audience to listen to their songs.

  23. My favorite is still Taylor Swift. The new release ” Safe and Sound” and “Eyes open” is pretty good. Some other young female singers are also great such as Adele and Charice. They have a gifted powerful voice.
    Country band such as Lady Antebellum have fresh voice and unique style of their music. Coldplay is still the king of rock band.They have produced lots of meaningful and catchy song such as “Paradise”.

  24. I think Taylor Swift has a very nice voice and her songs are great.”Haunted” is one of my favourites.Justin Beiber has also a good voice but I don’t quite like his MV’s.Singers from Disney like Demi Lovato,Vanessa,Selena and lots more are also full of potential.One of my favourite’s isSterling Knight’s “Hero” ,since it is a meaningful and sweet song.

  25. These days, I tend to listen to the theme songs of Disney cartoons. They just bring back so much childhood memories!!! As I listen to them, I’m simply amazed at how these songs live in our hearts all along and they never seem to grow out-of-date. Each song has a message that means a lesson of life. Where else can u find such meaningful songs these days? =v=

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