Linsanity (closed)

What do you think about Jeremy Lin’s sudden emergence with the NBA’s New York Knicks. Is he ‘the real deal’ or just a ‘flash in the pan’ (this phrase refers to someone or something who is hot for a brief moment and then fades away)? If you are a Lin fan (a linatic?), how has his success inspired you?



  1. Linsanity, a new term that has been widely spread in 2012. In the last year, Jeremy Lin has wowed people all over the world, he has been a model for us to learn, from nobody to somebody. In the past, people couldn’t even know who he was, but his hard-working characteristics and determination led him to success. Also, his religious belief helped him much in his basketball career. He had a wonderful season with the Knicks, scoring a career-high 38 points against the Lakers. After a few stunning games, some new terms like ‘Linpossible’ have been created due to his brilliant performances.

    In the 12/13 NBA season, Jeremy had made a quite surprising decision, leaving the Madison Square Garden, and joined the Houston Rockets. His performances really caught my eye, as he could hand in splendid statistics every game. James Harden, a pure scorer, has been a great partner with Jeremy and this combination has been one of the greatest ones in all time.

    Undoubtedly, Jeremy has bee an idol in the world. In my opinion, his characteristics are the key to make his day. If he haven’t been so optimistic, he could already given up his NBA career in the Golden State Warriors, as he could not earn a spot in the team, If he had given up, will there be Linsanity? At last, I believe, if Jeremy could continue to work hard, and could handle the pressure by the media well, he will become one of the greatest player at all time, like Kobe Bryant.

  2. Linsanity ! It means the heat caused by Jeremy Lin. It is because he played extremely well in the first few matches. The total points of his first three matches is the highest in the whole NBA. But his success is due to to his perseverance and his the effort he paid.
    He moved to America when he was young. Then he studied in Harvard. After he graduated, he joined the tryout of NBA but he failed. But he didn’t give up. At last the Golden State Warriors signed him. Then he was tranferred to the Houston Rocket and New York Knicks. In the New York Knicks, he played greatly in the first match as a sub. He scored 25 points and helped the New York Knicks to win the match. After that match, Lin became an important player of the team.
    Although he is injured now, he is still one of the first players in the world.

  3. Jeremy Lin plays in the New York Knicks now.His position is Point Guard.He has been playing in the Warriors and the Rockets,but these two teams didn’t think he is a good player so they trade Jeremy to other team.
    Now he use his activity to prove his value.He get his career high 38 points in the competition with the LA Lakers.Although he can get 38 points,Ithink he is not good enough.He always have a lot of fouls in the competition.I hope he can improve this.
    I know that Jeremy Lin was hurt in a competition.He need to do the surgery.I hope he will recover soon and join Knicks’ competition.

  4. I think Jeremy Lin is the real deal. Although he is a new star in the basketball court, he could show some fantastic skills and score for his team. Although he may need some improvements, his talent was seen by the world.

    Don’t think he is the normal basketall player and do nothing exept playing basketball, he is studying in Harvard! Before he is known by the world, he has been playing basketball for a long time. He kept practising and practising. At first, his parents didn’t let him to play basketball. They just wanted him to study hard and get into a great school. But he didn’t give up, his fire is still burning, he just want to play basketball.

    Jeremy didn’t let go of a chance. He kept playing some basketball competition when studying in Harvard. Finally, the chance had come. A guide discovered his talent and invited him to his team. It was a good start. After that, he had changed his team for a few times. Finally, he was in the New York Knicks. When he beat the Lakers, everyone knew his name.

    Jeremy Lin is the deal. He never give up and he fights for his dream. His will power and talent are shown. All we need to do now is to wait for the next game he win.

  5. I think Jeremy Lin is ‘the real deal’’ due to his well performance on the basketball court. A few months ago, many people didn’t know who Jeremy Lin is. He was not a famous basketball player. However, he had treasure the chance that he could show off his talent on the basketball court. He had put a lot of effort and tried his best to break his own record and helped New York Knicks to win.

    Jeremy had been in other teams before. He couldn’t show his ability but he didn’t give up. Although some people would think that he could have a better future if he changed to other occupation, Jeremy still believed in himself. His ardour to the basketball supported him to continue his professional career. He could either find another jobs or continue his professional career but his perseverance supported him to play basketball.

    In my opinion, Jeremy was a legend. His effort has been seen and many people now appreciate his performance. It inspired me that everyone should have perseverance and be confident. Everyone has different talent and we should use it well. We should treasure the talent that we have and show our ability.

  6. Linsanity has been stopped due to the leg injury of Jeremy Lin, the Point Guard of New York Knicks.

    3 months ago, when you asked ‘who is Jeremy Lin’, most of the people could not answer you. However, due to the injury of Anthony, he finally got a chance to show off. He got an extremely amazing total score, 136, in his first 5 matches played in NBA. It was the best record ever since 1974, held by John Drew. People began to called this ‘Linsanity’.

    I think all of the teenagers should follow him as a good example. Everyone would have a ‘low tide’ in his or her life. We should be confident to ourselves and do not give up. Just like Jeremy Lin. Although he was always a ‘substitution’, sitting by the side of the court, he never complained for that. Instead, he keep on practicing and the result was shown–an extraordinary score!

    Never give up, a better future!

  7. Jeremy LIN, a well-known basketball player now. He played in New York Knicks now. His position is PG (Point Guard). He has been played in NBA for 3 years. He joined the teams of Warriors and Rocket.
    Many people asked why he did not study in Oxford for more years. He used his ability to answer. He is the most important person who heped Knicks to have a chance to go to playoffs. When Anthony was hurt, he finally had a chance to show off.
    The best game he played is Knicks VS Lakers. He got 38 points in this game. However, he is now hurt and could not play the following games! It is a very bad news for all of us. I hope Linsanity can recover quickly.

  8. Jeremy Lin, an American professional basketball player of the NBA, the point guard of the Knicks. He was still a nobody when he just started his professional career. But now, he becomes a global stardom because of the striving he paid in this few years.
    I’m a big fan of Lin, his success and also his effort really inspired me a lot. I remember that our school principal Ms Leung has mentioned Jeremy in her speech in the Farewell Service of the graduates, talking about Jeremy’s effort leading to his success today.
    Lin loves basketball very much, and his dream is playing in the NBA, he really did it. He faced a lot of difficulties before he could play in the NBA. In order to continue his basketball career when he graduated to college, he made a DVD of highlights of his high school basketball career to all the Ivy League schools. At the end he got into Harvard that guaranteed him a spot on its basketball team. Once he was marked as a Division III player of the National Collegiate Athletic Association, but he impressed coach Holden in a much more competitive game then Holden changed his impression on Lin. In 2010, Lin went to the 2010 NBA Draft, and he was undrafted. The NBA had not drafted an Ivy League player since 1995. Of cause Lin didn’t give up, he joined the Dallas Mavericks for mini-camp as well as their NBA Summer League team in Las Vegas. He performed really excellent in five Summer League games. Finally he received contracts from a few teams including his favorite team growing up, the Warriors.
    In Lin’s path to success, he even meet some discrimination. Some people joke about Lin’s race. Lin has regularly heard bigoted jeers at games during his college career. Also many hypes from the mass media because he’s Asian.
    Jeremy Lin overcame all of these difficulties and became the starting lineup of the Knicks now, he’s extremely famous. A Magazine named Lin one of its top eight influential Chinese-Americans. In the Linsanity, he does not become very proud, he is still very humble. This is what we need to appreciate Lin too.
    Unluckily Lin was hurt recently, he needed to be out for about 6 weeks. This is surely a big challenge in his professional career. I’m sure he can also overcome this. Is Jeremy Lin just a ‘flash in the pan’ ? Let’s see in the coming offseason!

  9. Lin’s way towards success taught me a lesson:Never give up. According to journalists, Jeremy’s performance is quite good, but not extremely good, and there might be hundreds of people who have the same potentials as he has, and we have known that Jeremy had a quite pitiful past since nearly no team required him, and he just went bouncing from different teams, forfeiting his self-esteem. But what supported him? What makes him stay inside NBA, where he couldn’t find his living? The answer is, his perseverance and his affection of basketball. So i was astonished when i heard about Jeremy’s success, because i never realized that one’s will power can make such differences, and can lead one to success. He’s the real deal, because he didn’t blame anyone or having the thought of giving up when he could not find his way, and he used his own power to rewrite his fate.

  10. I was shocked when I heard that Jeremy Lin had a good performance in NBA. Since Yao Ming left NBA, there are no Asian players can have a good performance in NBA. I think he is the real deal because he paid a great effort on it. Although he couldn’t play the matches at first, but he still practise every day and even practise more than the others. Finally, he got a chance to play in the match and try his very best in it. Therefore, he got high scores and Linsanity appeared. I was inspired by his spirit that even though don’t have good factor to sucess but still try the best to do what he can. Although he has been hurt, I hope that he can continue his legend.

    By 2D (29)

  11. Although I’m not even a fan of basketball, I’ve always been hearing about him these days. I don’t think I have the ability to judge whether his basketball skills are great or not. But in my opinion, his effort paid around these years are definitely undeniable. He is a lucky boy, who made his dream come true. And I think it already doesn’t matter if he is a good basketball player or not, since his success has already inspired a lot of people around the world. As long as we have a dream, and strive for it, everything is possible!

    As I know, Lin has been hurt and hasn’t been playing for a while. I don’t know if he can play that well like he used to after he recovers, but I sincerely wish him all the best, and I hope that he can continue to amaze us in the coming years!

  12. I knew Jeremy Lin when I saw a youtube video that he versus John Wall in a Summer league game. He shows some great offensive skills, such as spin and layup. So, when I know he was undrafted in the draft, I thought this guy is just an underrated player and is ignored due to his race. Luckily, many teams are interested to him after watching his performance. Finally, Jeremy decided to sign with Warriors. In the second NBA game, his performance made me impressed. He got 2 points, 3 assists and 4 steals in only 18 minutes. From this game, I surely thought this Asian had very great potential.
    However, since there are two excellent guards– Stephen Curry and Monta Eills, he was waived by Warriors as they want to lower their salary cap. And at last he was also waived by Rockets as they want to sign Dalembert. Although his NBA road was very hard, he still paid perseverance in each game. He was signed by Knicks at last and they wanted to waive him too. However, as the point guard was injured, he got the chance to perform again. And he made all people excited, 25 points and 7 assists. He led the team win and he was the new starting point guard in the team! After that, the still played well included getting 38 points vs Lakers and beating the buzzer beater vs Raptors. His success was not a fortuity, was due to his perseverance. He inspired me to work hard on everything and perseverance can changes to success. Nothing is impossible if we want to do the thing!
    Now, the linsanity gradually disappears because he was injured and needed to recover for 6 weeks. But he was still a real deal and the linsanity gets lower can help him to lower his pressure. Some people said,’ he is just overrated and Rose is the best point guard in NBA.’ Don’t forget, this season is only his second season in NBA. He has great potential and his improvements made me surprised too. He has many scoring ways and he played very well in this season. His shooting is faster than Ray Allen. His field goal percentage in critical moment is the best in the league, and even better than Kevin Durant! I have been the fan of Jeremy Lin for a long time and I believe that he will the Top 5 point guards in NBA very soon.

  13. I think Jeremy Lin is a real deal .He works very hard before he became famous . He tried to do what he wants – be a NBA basketball player. Although he faced some frustration at first , he didn’t give up and continued to fight for his dream.
    Finally he succeeded. Actually he is not perfect and he needs some inprovement , but his spirit of not giving up inspired me a lot. I will try hard to face the problems
    and solve them and don’t let them block my way.

  14. I think his performance is not good enough.Although he has scored 38 before,he is not good at defensing.He just let players to go past him and score.He has played about 10 games already,but not all the games that he has played has won.That means he needs to practise more to improve to become a greater player.

  15. In my opinion, I think Jeremy Lin is the real deal .He has done a great job at every single game. I think he is not famous before as he is actually a rotation player but not a star. So , everybody don’t care about who he is. Although maybe he is a good player at that time, he couldn’t play until someone is injured. And now he has even become a well-known basketball player.
    If I am a Lin fan, I really can learn a lot from him that we should never give up all the time.
    If Lin give up to play basketball before, he must not be so successfully like now. Also, I have learnt that actually everyone can do the same things. If we try hard, we must do it one day like Lin.

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