The Foshan Hit and Run Tragedy (closed)

The incident in Guangdong in mid-October in which a two-year-old girl, Yue Yue, was run over twice and left lying in a pool of blood by around twenty passers-by sparked outrage in China and around the world.

Some commenters attributed the lack of inaction to a lack of ethics among people in China nowadays, some people attibuted it to recent court cases on the Mainland in which innocent people who helped strangers (also known as ‘good samaritans’) ended up being punished and some said it was simply a result of a psychological phenomenon known as the bystander effect (if a lot of people witness a crime and accident, everyone will assume that someone else should take action.

What is your opinion?


  1. I was angry and surprised by this news. Same as many people, I had no idea why people could be such cold-blooded and cruel. The little girl bled but nobody helped her. Although she was sent to the hospital at last, her life didn’t be saved. If the passersby could help and sent her to the hospital eariler, she might be saved and might not be rolled over by the second car. Unfortunately nobody did that. They just passed by and seemed they didn’t see the girl.

    After this piece of news was spread all over the world, a pedestrian told the reason why he didnt help the girl. He said that he wanted to help her at first, but he thought he might be misunderstood by some people, that he hurt the little girl. So he passed by at last. He was crying when doing the interview. Actually there were much more this kind of incidents in China. People don’t help each other because they want to avoid trouble. Besides there is a traditional idea of Chinese that “being part of a network of personal relationships that that is all that matters. What goes on with a stranger is not their business.”

    As a conclusion, I think China should improve, not only the city development, but also the conduct of people. We should care about others and give a helping hand when they need us.

  2. As shown above, everyone feels unhappy, angry, and feels that this case is inhuman. These cases have been repeating lots of times, and I think that it’s somehow normal to have such a case posted, just because this case has been reported to the police and the mass media helped to spread out the case, and there is death caused in this accident, so that it raises the awareness of the world about the case.

    Nowadays, we always think that China People are impolite, with strange actions like pee and poo on the ground. At first, when I heard of these actions and this incident, I really feel strange and sad, as they really did something wrong. However, to think deeply, those were something that were influenced by their living environment. China is such a place now, people are not polite to others, and the country is not democratic enough as the government doesn’t accept citizen’s opinions.

    Actually, in this case, I think that we need to think more about why the 18 people didn’t come to rescue the 2-year-old girl. In their point of view, I AM SURE THAT THEY FEEL UNHAPPY AND HAS A DESIRE TO RESCUE THE GIRL, however in China, if they had done such actions, they would have been scolded and criticized by China people, who said that they wanted to be famous, acting like humane but actually not. According to Mencius, the goodness of people always stays whenever a people was born. I think that the 18 people were only affected by the environment and to be forced to put down their kindness, and I believe that everyone treasures every life as everyone has a family, which consists of lives also.

    To solve such kind of incidents, education is really, REALLY, R-E-A-L-L-Y important. Education is the start of everything, and it can solve the problem effectively. However, it also requires the help of the government, as if they can just accept the opinions of citizens, and to make the country more democratic by punishing people or departments with corruption. That’s the way to solve this incident.

    To conclude, I really feel sad after this incident. However, I think that it’s something that can raise the awareness of China people, and it’s good overall to China people.

  3. After I read this news, I was shocked and disgusted. I felt very diasappointed with China. Why the passers-by couldn’t rescue her, couldn’t dial 120 or 110 or couldn’t help to stop vehicles either? If they were willing to give their hands, the little Yueyue wouldn’t been run over by the second car.

    With the modernization, Chinese people should be more educated in every aspect, including ethics.However, the world disappointed with Chinese after hearing this news. The Chinese turn their blind eyes and showed their indifference to the people in need. Does China nurture heartless and cold-blooded people?

    Many similar news make the world sad in the past few years. I remembered a news posted months ago. A man saw a pickpocket going to steal an elderly’s wallet. He wanted to stop thef and grab the pickpocket. However,he failed to do so. The elderly fell onto the ground during the chaos. The kind-hearted man helped the elderly woman to get up. However, the police misunderstood that he was the pickpocket. The kind-hearted man was beaten by the police immediately and without warning. This tell us that the police in China are not well-trained in managing criminal events.

    In my opinion, the Chinese still lack education. The Chinese government should put more financial resources in education. I hope the Chinese could be full of mercy, grace and ethics after years of well-structured education.

  4. This news may be shocking,but if you pay more attention to the newspaper,you will find many similar incidents.Many people claimed that they will not ignore the injured girl if they were there. In fact, there were eighteen passerby and none of them helped her to call an ambulance.You may be angry
    at them and said they were cold-blooded.But have you ever heard of this news?
    An old man fell down on the ground and a kind boy went to help him.However,he was later accused of pushing the old man over.
    What do you think now?Do you still think that those eighteen people cruel?I am not trying to defense for them,but this may not be their sole responsibility.They may be considering if they should help her.What if it was a trap?
    However,what made me very disappointed was some of the comments criticizing that the old woman
    who helped Yueyue just want to be famous.I think that was ridiculous. There are many ways if she wished to be famous.Even if she only wants to be famous,at least she had tried her best to save Yueyue.
    Finally,I hope such incidents will not happen again.

  5. I was shocked when I heard the news of this incident. Life is valuable and it should not be ruined in any different ways. My first feeling about this horrible incident is that the witnesses were totally cold-blooded. They knew that a little girl was being run over by cars. However, did any of them lend her a helping hand? Besides, the two drivers had to bear part of the responsibility. After they had run over the little girl, at least they had to apologize although they were afraid being arrested by police. However, ”you should not be afraid to admit what you have done”, as those drivers had the courage to do this inhuman thing, they should not hide from the public.

    Nevertheless, should only the witnesses and drivers undertake the responsibility? I think the answer is NO. In fact, this kind of incident happens in everyday and everywhere. The interesting thing is that we know only this one which happened in Foshan. Through this, we can know that the central government has the outstanding ability of controlling and prohibiting news from leaking out. By forbidding that news being reported in mass media, many bad things about the country will not be reported. People will also think that those bad things are not so serious, encouraging them to do more without feeling guilty. Therefore, I think that the main cause of this incident is because of the media monitoring system and political structure. In addition, I think that to avoid next “Yue Yue” being killed, education is very important.

  6. In my opinion, I think the morality in China is getting poorer and poorer. Since we were in kindergarten, we have learned that we should give a helping hand to others. However, the Foshan hit and run tragedy showed the lack of inaction to a lack of ethics among people in China nowadays. I can’t imagine that the bystanders turned a blind eye to Yue Yue’s life. They just passed through Yue Yue’s body and didn’t send Yue Yue to the hospital. I think they were extremely cruelhearted.

    Yue Yue’s death let the Chinese to rethink the ethics in China nowadays. China has become one of the most powerful countries in the world. China’s economy and technology develop very fast nowadays. However, the morality in China makes me very disappointed.

    There is another news that shows the bad ethics in China. A doctor saved a baby in Shenzhen. However, the family members hit the doctor instead of thanks to the doctor. The reason is that the baby may have mental disabled in the future. The family doesn’t want to afford the expensive fee on medical treatment. Therefore, the family didn’t want the doctor to save the baby. They wanted the baby would die. The doctor’s responsibility was to try his best to save the baby. However, the family hit the doctor.

    This news also showed some of the Chinese were extremely cruel. They don’t think that every life is precious. In Foshan, 18 bystanders didn’t save Yue Yue’s life. In Shenzhen, the family didn’t want the little baby alive because of money. Why there are such cruel people in the world?

    This time, we need to rethink of the morality in the society. Everyone should love and care about others. We should not be selfish. We should hand in hand to build a harmonious society. I hope there won’t be such tragedies happen again!

    2E(9) Sherry Chui

  7. It is obvious that the incident of Yue Yue in Guangdong is terrible and inhuman. Firstly, the drivers who ran over Yue Yue did not stop but left the scene at once, nobody called the police. It was impossible that they evaded their responsibility and did not think about the little girl. Secondly, the 20 pedestrians were abnormal. They should not be afraid of the police and the government. They need to stand up to express their opinion and save the people in needs. The results of lack of ethics among people is due to the education of Mainland China. They do not have a good education system which results in many problems, such as the blockage of news and the wrong trial to the people who protected the human rights like Ai Wei Wei and Liu Xiaobo. Besides, it is also impossible that the police will block and punish people who want to save the victims. It may create a phenomenon that helping others is not a right action. I hope that the Mainland China can change their political policy and avoid such kind of incident happening again.

  8. Certainly, what had happened in Guangdong was a tragedy. The little girl was run over by cars but no one was willing to help her till a street cleaner came and lend her a helping hand. This kind of incident is not expected to be seen in civilized countries like China. People around the world, includung me, was shocked and disgusted when watching the news. Some people said it was a result of a psychological phenomenon known as the bystander effect and I totally agree with them. When there is an accident, most people will choose to walk away and pretend to know nothing because they are afraid that something may happen to them. However, is this related to the ethics of the people in China? I do not think there is a big relationship since I believe that the passers-by who witnessed the incident were not cold-blooded enough to just ignore the bloody scene. Maybe they were not sure about what they should do and were too timid to be the first one to help the girl so they just let the incident happened. Even if it was up to me, I could not guarantee that I would walk to the girl and pick her up. I think I would call the police for help. I think it is the sense of justice that Chinese people should achieve. If they had it, they might well had saved the little girl. There is a lot that we can learn from this incident.

  9. After I saw this news in the newspaper, I was deeply impressed by it. The news article showed that the people who didn’t rescue little yueyue was ‘more cruel and hard-hearted than cold-blooded animals’. But actually, have you ever thought about who was the real murderer? Was it the driver of the white van which hit little yueyue or the 18 passengers? To me, the bad general mood of China causes this matter.

    I have heard a ruthless news long before. A worker’s hand was injured and went to the hospital. He found that he didn’t bring enough money for paying the bill after doing surgery. Without thinking, the doctor removed the plaster and wire without using anesthetic. Saving others’ lifes is the vocation of doctors. Although the patient didn’t have enough money to pay, the behavior of that doctor was not really proper.

    China has become more and more corrupt. Everyone doesn’t want to suffer loses. People can do things without caring others and even causes danger of others’ lifes. When everybody was doing the same thing and having the same belief which they need to be selfish in order to get bigger benefit, others have no choice but following them so that they can survive in the society.

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