The Best Footballer in 2011? (Closed)

FIFA has announced the shortlist for its Ballon D’Or (Golden Ball) awards for the most outstanding footballers of the past year.

Who do think should win? Who is your favorite football player and why?



  1. I think C. Ronaldo deserve the award as his presence in the field shows difference.His techniques are so good and his scoring ability is so great and he also assists his club in scoring many of their goals resulting in great victories.

  2. I think Luis Suarez shoud win this award!!!! It is because he has many skills to destroy the defender. He always scores when he has a chance. However he doesn’t always lucky. Th eball he shot sometimes hit on the gatepost sohe only scored ten goals in the league. But he always passes well to produce chances for his team. Therefore, I think he should win this award for his abilities.
    Although I don’t think he could get at the end, I will still support him. The another one who should win this award is Xavi. Since he is good at passing and control the cadence of the match, he lets Messi to have chances to score. We can see that, Messi doesn’t do well in his national team because he also needs a player like Xavi to help him. If Xavi wins this award, I won’t have any objections.
    Good luck for every players:P!!

  3. I think Ryan Giggs should win this award because he is good at long or short passing. Although he is 38 years old, his technique is the best. His experience can teach other young footballer. Also he can be the keyman of the midfield , when his team is losing .
    My favourite football player is Ryan Giggs too! Because he never change to any football club since he was 14 years old. He had played over 900 games in Manchester United.

    By 2D (27)

  4. I think Messi should win the award because he has an extremely fast sprinting speed and his sense of observing the whole match is very high and the top among the world. Messi scored a huge number of goals and helped Barcelona to won the European Champions League and the La Liga. He could be capable for the award because he has the fastest speed and the best sight of observing the match to receive passes.
    My favourite football player is Christiano Ronaldo because his skills in handling penalty kicks is the finest among the world and he scores a lot in matches. His ability in assisting and scoring are both high so I regard him as a all-rounded football player.

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