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Steve Jobs passed away on 5 October. How has he influenced your life? Has he inspired you in any way?



  1. At first, I am so sorry for the death of Steve Jobs. And he died because of gastric cancer. Everyone was so proud of him as he changed the whole world by his design. The development of surfing the Net on different smart phones has been improving since Steve Jobs sold his first product……

    He built up Apple— this company which produces numerous high-tech products. And the well-known products are i-phones, i-pads and i-pods. To his astonishment, the number of the products that are selling out in one week was increasing rapidly. Almost all people had their own Apple product. Of course, Apple earned a lot of money. Although I don’t have one of them, my mum had one. He has influenced my life owing to the fact that I can download a lot of interesting games on it for entertainment when I have my leisure time. I was barely addicted to them.

    He had a joyful life, however, he died at the age of 57. When this news spread out all through the world, everyone felt miserable and sorry for it. And all of us remembered his contribution and his name forever by watching their own Apple products. Moreover, finding another person to be the leader of Apple was a big problem. And it made a big loss of Apple company.

    He has inspired us anyway. He told us not to give up, but we should bite the bullet. So we can have better achievements. We should not proud of our possessing knowledge, but learn and try continuously. When you are afraid of something, go from strength to strength. When you hesitate something, ask teachers or parents. When you loses some competition, remember `Failure is the mother of success.’

    At last, hope that the new leader of Apple can produce more useful and interesting products and administer it properly and well. Moreover, contribute to the world with his heart like Steve Jobs.

  2. I am sorry for Steve Job’s death.He is a brilliant man and his ideas and products are wonderful.iPad, iPhone, iPod are all good invention.His death is a great loss to Apple and even to the world.Steve’s death inspires me that a visionary leader who made contribution to human would earn resperts from the world and even his rival.People say that iPhone4S is a tribute to Steve since “4S” can be read as “for Steve” and a lot of people bought it.It can show how respectful Steve is.However, I am afraid that after Steve’s death, Apple can’t keep the leading role in the phone and tablet market.I hope that Apple has a new leader that is as great as Steve and continue Steve’s great work.

  3. Steve Jobs battled cancer in 2004 and underwent a liver transplant in 2009. Finally he died peacefully in 2011 at the age of 56. He has actually died young and his fans consider his death to be the end of an era of innovations.

    I think Steve Jobs is a great innovator. He invented i-Phone and i-Pad. He also invented many new functions for the computer and put them into the phone. The functions are user-friendly and people from 2-year-old to more than 60-year-old can learn to use the functions without problems. He was the first one who designed a mobile phone that allowed people to surf the internet. He has made mobile phones and tablets a must in people’s life. His inventions and innovative ideas have really changed the world a lot.

  4. Steve Jobs has changed the world.

    Thirty years ago, who has ever expected that you can see a person in another country by a mobile which is even smaller than the palm of your hand? Steve Jobs has done something incredible.
    By his creativity, people can do ‘everthing’ with their iPhones nowadays. Not only the invention of iPhone, but also the idea of it. More and more smartphones are being sold.

    People feel so sorry that Steve Jobs passed away. Although it is definitely a pity, I’m really glad that he has been this world and brought us lengendary ideas. He pushed the whole world to a further level of civilization.

    Not only giving us convenience, but also some golden verses which encourage people a lot. For example, “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” It encouranges people to be creative, don’t afraid of being fail. It is worth to try, because there’s no innovation unless there’s an attempt.

    We should thank him for the innovation and also the encourangement.

    “We’re here to put a dent in the universe. Otherwise why else even be here?”—Steve Jobs.

  5. Steve Jobs influenced the whole world. He lead the trend of smart phone and computer. He created many apple products such as iPhone and iPads. He is the legend and a great person of this world. Nearly every people have one apple product and it shows that Steve Jobs make our life more convenience. These apple products enhance the quality of our life. His death is a big loss of this world.

    Steve Jobs inspired all of us a lot. In 2005, Steve Jobs had speech at Stanford graduation ceremony. He said one sentence that inspired a lot of people. He said ‘stay hungry ,stay foolish’. If you stay hungry you can eat more. If you stay foolish you can learn more. We should have the intiative to learn more. Also, we should be modest. Moreover,he said ‘do you want to spend the rest of your life selling sugared water or do you want a chance to change the world?’.the sucess of Steve Jobs let me know that if we work hard, we should work out our dream. Although it may be very difficult, our dream may come true. We also have the power to change the world if we know how to treasure every chance.

  6. the apple that Steve Jobs had invented has influenced the whole world and highly promoted scientific and technological development.Many people’s idea were also influenced by his products.
    products of the apple brand are well organised and in diverse image.

    the first product of apple that i have heard of is the ipod classic.At that time not many people had ever heard of it.however now,apple products are well known around the world.Exept for the ipod,apple brand also released iphones,ipads and notebook etc.these products increased the ways of contacting,our interpersonal relationship became better.

    Steve Jobs himself has a really high requirements,products came up by him matches what ordinary people said ‘perfection’.

    From him,i learned that we shouldn’t be trap in a small box,our creativity can be best of the best if we play an active.We can be anyone we want us to be if we just believe in ourselves.

    Innovations distinguishes a leader or a follower.—-Steve Jobs

    You will be remembered.

  7. It was really a great loss to the whole world that Steve Jobs passed away. It was also a pity that such a genius had left us. I felt sad about his death too, although I am not a faithful Apple fans. However, I think Steve Jobs is a powerful and clever person, not only influenced my life, he has influenced all people’s lives. He had made many creative, useful, and user-friendly Apple products such as iPhones, iPads, iPod and MacBook which improve the communication between one another and enhance the quality of technology. These products have changed many people’s lives and made their interpersonal relationship become better communication became more efficient. Also, these products have enhance people’s quality of lives since people can have more enjoyment. Steve Jobs successfully turned smartphones into products for the masses.

    The success of Steve Jobs has inspired me and people especially the designers, and companies. Other phone companies also follow the trend of iPhones and iPads. Many people are creative and have their own brillant ideas, Steve Jobs also. However, they don’t take the efforts to work out. Steve Jobs had put this into action and finally made many Apple products which have changed the world. His seriou attitude is worth learning and his story has told us if we have our own dream or idea, we should work it out no matter it will succeed or not.

    Finally, we should learn from this marvelous and influencial genious — Steve Jobs.

    ‘Stay hungry. Stay foolish,’

    Rest in peace Steve Jobs.

  8. Steve Jobs… what can I say about him? It seems that he had many strengths, such as being intelligent and clever, having great creativity, could give charming speeches, etc. But at the same time, he was often said as a cruel, harsh and impolite boss. Before I read the biography of Steve Jobs, I thought that Steve was a perfect person and he did things brilliantly in every aspects. However, after I finished the book, it changed my impression on Steve. He was not so perfect after all. 😀

    Undoubtedly, Steve was an amazing genius. He was wonderful at selling products, making businesses and giving presentations. Every time when he gave an introduction of i-products, he had always prepared a surprise for audiences. He spent a lot of time on preparing a presentation of maybe just 5 minutes. He strove for perfection endlessly and he never wanted to see any small mistakes. That’s why he always looked so confident and attractive on the stage. He had spent a lot of energy and time on it in order to make it perfect.

    As I said before, Steve was not perfect at all. To be honest,his EQ was quite low. He did not cooperate with his colleagues well. He often gave his colleagues a rap on the knuckles. When he did not like the designs of the products, he would just dump them onto the floor and shouted, ‘It is a total rubbish!!’ He liked humiliating people. (Oh my God!@^@) He seldom gave respect to others. He thought that he was the best and looked down on the others. That’s why I said Steve was not perfect at all. He did not know how to appreciate others.

    Although Steve had his weaknesses, I still appreciate him very much and I learn a lot from him. From the speeches he gave on different occasions, I learned a lot more about life and death. Steve once said,’Death is the best invention of life.’ When we were born to this world, our lives started to count backwards. Death reminded us to treasure every second, every minute, every hour to make us live to fullness. That’s why it was the best invention of life. Another inspiring quote is ‘stay hungry, stay foolish’. We stay hungry as to gain more knowledge since it can help us in many aspects. We stay foolish in order to learn from other people because sometimes they may have greater ideas than ours. Nevertheless, I think this quote is quite sarcastic because Steve seldom listened to other people’s opinions but he told us to stay hungry and foolish.Interesting! 😀

    As many people knew, Steve was not raised by his born parents. He was adopted. He knew about that when he was pretty young and he did not know the real reason of his born parents dumping him. There were times when he was in deep valley of desperation. Can you imagined the feeling of being abandoned by your own parents? Being unwanted by anyone? I am sure it is quite hard to imagine because nowadays, children are treated like they are princes and princesses. How can they be abandoned?

    My main point is that I am very lucky already when I compare my family with Steve’s. I have excellent parents and I have a lovely family. What else do I lack of? However, I complained to my friends about my parents very often, about being too harsh or always annoying me. But now I know that the reasons behind these actions are that they love me and they care for me. Before I never thought of this. Steve’s experience reminds me that I should treasure the things that I have now. Complaining less, praising more can make me or even the world become better.

    Steve’s death was definitely a great loss to the world, but everyone need to go through life and death, no matter you are wealthy or poor. Finally, Steve had to leave us one day. However, think about the lessons he left for us. These lessons can affect some people very little, but for some people, they can change them totally. His body will become ashes, but his spirits will never die and stay inside our mind forever. It can leave us shined and warmed eternally by its afterglow.
    Farewell, Steve. I wish you all the best in the Heaven.

  9. Same as you,I also don’t know anything about Steve Jobs before 5th october.Two days after his death,I read the newspaper ‘am730’ and saw a text of commencement address delivered by him.

    He told three stories about connecting dots,love and loss and death.Same as Sherry,the story of death impressess me most.Steve Jobs was diagnosed with cancer.Luckily,he had the surgery and recovered in a few years.As this was the closest he’ve been to face death,he started to think about life.He said ‘No one wants to die.And yet death is the destination we all share. No one has ever escaped it.’

    I totally agree what he said.Our time is limited.And our lifes will surely end one day.We should treasure every moment for surviving.No one knows what are going to happen in the next second.So all we need to do is to ‘have the courage to follow our hearts and intuitions’.As Steve Jobs mentioned,we can treat everyday as the last day of our lifes.That can lead us to use our time properly.Remember that our time is precious.If you don’t want to leave pities,do what you love and what you want to do.

    ‘You’ve got to find what you love!’

    Celia 2E(18)

  10. Actually, I don’t have any ‘Apple product’. By the way, although I don’t have any ‘apple product’,I think Steve Jobs had changed the whole world. The whole world has a great influence from him. When I go to school or after school every day, I can see nearly everyone are holding their ‘i-phone 4’ on their hands. That means many people are changed by the ‘Apple products’.

    Steve Jobs has passed away already. I think everybody in the world will not forget him because of his great influence. I am not a fan of the ‘Apple product’, so it isn’t influence me a lot. However, I think he has inspired me by the creativity of the technical products. He could think of the idea of ‘i-phone’,’i-pod’,’i-pad’…

    I learn that I shouldn’t give up when I encounter difficulties. I need to face to the problem instead of give up.

  11. I think it’s a great loss to the world about the death of Steve Jobs. Although I seldom use the products of Apple, I think he is really an intelligent person and a genius in designing products.

    I’ve searched many information about him on the internet after his death. I found that he had a low tide in his live. However, he didn’t give up. After his back to Apple, the business of Apple increased again. We can see the importance of Steve Jobs to the Apple. Although his life came to an end, the whole world will never forget him. He was still working hard though he knew he would left the world soon.

    Many people buy the Iphone 4S to grieve over him. I think they could use a better way to commemorate him since the faith of him was simple and useful.His inventions improve the whole world. Most of them are unprecedented. Although there are many products similar to Steve Jobs nowadays, they are mostly designed under the ideas of him.

    ‘Never regret about your life!’

    Morrie 2E 31

  12. Same as May and Caleb, I don’t really know who Steve Jobs is until he has died. I’ve read lots of news about him in these few days. He is really an awesome and intelligent person or even a genius in technology. I really admire what he did for Apple although I am not a fan of it.

    Though a lot of people indulge in the products of Apple, I don’t think that these products have such a ‘magic power’ that make the ‘Appleholic’ spent such a lot money on chasing the newest products of Apple. Actually, they could spend the money on other ways to help the one who needs help. Secondly, it will make a lot of electronic waste.

    Oppositely, the qoutes of Steve Jobs inspired me a lot. “Your time is limited, sodon’t waste it living someone else’s life.” This sentence inspired me a lot. Sometimes, we always live under other people’s expectation, we always do what they want but not thinking about ourselves. It makes me think back of my life and know that doing what I want to do is important that we might regret when we died cause we had lots of things that were yet to finished.

  13. Steve Jobs is a really talented person. He invented a lot of high technology products and brought convenience to us. His death is a big loss to the world. He always strives for perfection and makes him be success. I admire him because of his wisdom and the products that invented by him. He is a really successful person and the words he said inspired me a lot. The products that invented by him attracted a lot of people to buy and bring convenience to us. He is so adorable and awesome!
    I think his speech has inspired most of the people including me. ‘Stay hungry. Stay foolish,’ a sentence said by Steve Jobs that has inspired me. We should stay for hungry to chase knowledge. Knowledge has no limitation. Also, we should stay for foolish to consult others. After consulting others advice or opinion, you can improve yourself and learn more.
    Instead of ‘Stay hungry. Stay foolish.’ I think another inspired sentence is brilliant too. That is ‘If you leave each day as if it was your last, someday you’ll most certainly be right.’ It makes me reflect what I have done since I born. If tomorrow I will die, will I have any regrets? Yes, I will. I haven’t tried a lot of things yet. Therefore, we need to do our best everyday and don’t regret what we have done.
    In conclusion, I think Steve Jobs is a brilliant person and what he said in the past were very useful for all of us. I will try to learn from his words and follow what he has said.

  14. “3 apples changed the world: The Adam and Eve’s apple, Newton’s one and the Jobs’s one.”
    To be honest, before 5th October, i really don’t know who Steve Jobs is, but of cause everyone knows him now, so do i. I’ve read lots about him in these few days, in wiki, Yahoo! news, facebook etc. He did change the world we’re living in, have you imagine that we need to use our 10 fingers to use our phone? He brings us that new idea. If we are outside without an iPad, we’ll feel nothing to do when waiting. But actually i don’t have any apple product, maybe he didn’t influence me much.
    I admire him very much, not only because of his influence to the world. In 1983, Jobs lured John Sculley away from Pepsi-Cola to serve as Apple’s CEO. In 1985, the Apple board of directors instructed Sculley to “contain” Jobs and limit his ability to launch expensive forays into untested products. Jobs believing Sculley to be “bad for Apple” and the wrong person to lead the company, and had been attempting to organize a boardroom coup. On 24 May, he called a board meeting to resolve the problem. Apple’s board of directors sided with Sculley and removed Jobs from his managerial duties as head of the Macintosh division. Jobs later claimed that being fired from Apple was the best thing that could have happened to him; “The heaviness of being successful was replaced by the lightness of being a beginner again, less sure about everything. It freed me to enter one of the most creative periods of my life.” He then founded NeXT Computer, and finally back to apple in 1996. He didn’t give up after he’ve been fired, he think very positive, that’s why i admire him, and what i need to learn from him.
    Miss Steve Jobs forever!

  15. I think Steve Jobs was an intelligent genius that had a great contribution to the whole world. His technical products don’t have a great influence on me because I’m not a big fan of Apple products. However, his experience influenced my life.

    Same as Natalie, I also searched for his information in the Internet. Steve Jobs’ speech in in a university graduation ceremony impressed me a lot, too. The most unforgettable part of his speech is about his third story of death. He has looked in the mirror every morning and asked himself: “If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?” And whenever the answer has been “No” for too many days in a row, he thought that he needed to change something.

    This part of speech impressed me because it is very meaningful. Time is limited in our life. We should not do something which is time-wasting because we can’t use the time machine to go back to the past. If today is the last day of my life, I would treasure every minutes and even every seconds to do something which is very important. Time won’t wait us. The past will be our memory. The future seems very uncertain. We can’t predict what will happen in the future. Yesterday was history and tomorrow is a mystery. Therefore, I need to use the time well. I don’t want to have so much regrets in my life.

    Besides, Steve Jobs inspired me that creativity can make our life better. He used creativity to chase his dream. The time was limited in his life but he had unlimited creativity. I learn that if I never give up and never stop in believing myself, I can also achieve my goal.

    Sherry Chui 2E09

  16. I have to admit that I am not one of the Apple fans. I knew nothing other than the name Steve Jobs when he was still alive. After his death, passages, videos and logos for remembering him could be seen everywhere. His death, leading to much attention from the mass media and people, however, made me curious about him.

    With curiosity, I searched for his name in Google. A speech of him in a university graduation ceremony impressed me much appeared.

    He talked about three stories which are actually about his life. In short, he had a legendary life that he did what he wanted to do. He said,” I’m convinced that the only thing that kept me going was that I loved what I did. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do”. The speech reminded me how important DREAMS are in my life.

    In my opinion, his life reminded us a very important thing. We might have forgotten to do whatever we like, whatever we truly want, not just following the trend. The media might be a bit over, but at least Steve Jobs’ death encourage me to have the courage to follow my heart and intuition – as they somehow already know what I truly want to become.

    Natalie 2E (06)

  17. I agree that the death of Steve Jobs is a tragic loss to the world. However, I don’t think it deserves that much attention of people.

    I admit that I’m not really into the technology world. I don’t even who he is until he passed away. But I can clearly notice that, after his death, the whole world is “feeling so sorry about it”. It’s all over Twitter, Facebook, or even radio programs. However, is it that important of his death to grab the whole world’s attention? In my opinion, definitely no.

    In fact, I think his talent is somehow a bit overrated, too. I don’t think those Apple products have made such great influence to the world. People have even been depending more and more on technology products after the release of Apple goods! It is not really a good thing. Crazier Apple fans may even spend a lot of money on those products, just to ‘chase the trend’.

    It may seem that his death means nothing to me. But actually, he inspired me in another way. Yesterday, I saw an interesting and also meaningful quote on the Internet, **”One dies, million cry. Million die, no one cries.” Although Steve Jobs himself didn’t inspire me a lot when he was alive, after he died, he inspired me in an even greater way.

    I think it is time for us to rethink about our lives: “Are we caring the ‘right things’?”

    **Quote Picture URL:

  18. Steve Jobs was a creative genius in the world. He invented a lot of amazing technical products. For instance, Apple I, iMac, iPhone and the latest iPad.He changed the communication system of people.At first, there were no ‘smart phone’ and ‘tablet personal computer’.But when he made the iPhone and iPad,he made our life more convenient and start a ‘smart phone revolution’.
    ‘Stay hungry,Stay foolish.’ Steve Jobs pursued perfect in his life.I think Steve Jobs inspired me that ‘Creation is unlimited’. You can create anything you want with your great imagination.

  19. He definitely influenced my whole life. He’s death is a really great loss for all of us. His ideas, products and quotes inspired me in different ways. ‘Stay hungry, stay foolish.’ is a really inspirational sentence. I learned from Steve Jobs that we should always chase for knowledge because there is no limit for knowledge. The quote also teaches me that we should be modest to anyone we know because they must be better than you in some ways. Other than knowledge and modesty, the most important thing I learned from Steve Jobs is creativity. He showed the world that creativity can achieve your dreams. We can tell from his products such as iPhone, iPod and iPad. ‘Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.’ This is what he said about creativity. At last, he makes me want to be a better person like him.

  20. I think Steve Jobs has a great contribution in two sides :Philosophy and Technology.
    First about technology,He designed the new electronic i-proucts such as ‘i-pod’,’i-phone’ and ‘i -pad’,etc.These designs has huge inference to our life.The i-pod creates a new form of media player.The i-phone changes the trditional phones’fashion,which make a new type of phone-‘smartphones’.The i-tune is a new software that not only provide games, but also provide videos and games.The i-pad leads the technology into a new time of ‘tablets’……
    In philosophy, he have many useful words to teach people to live.The most famous ones is “Stay foolish.Stay hungry.” which means we need to be hard-working everytime, not only in our study times.It really inspired me inmy academic and lifes’attitude.

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