Let’s Talk about K-pop

Though I’m greater fan of J-rock, K-pop is becoming more and more popular. Which artists do you prefer? What do you think of the K-pop scene? Are there any singers you would like to introduce? What do you think of the antagonistic rivalries between fans of different groups?


  1. I am a Kpop fan from form one till now. People always ask me why do I love Kpop songs but not cantonese songs. Let me tell you why now !
    Firstly, the Kpop songs are quite brainwashing and i love most of the melodies. The songs can express a message with different topics about our teenager’s daily life. They are more related to our daily lifes.
    Secondly,many students love listening kpop songs and talking about them. So talking about kpop is also a way to communicate with friends and classmates.It may help uis to meet more new friemds too.
    Lastly, I think listening to songs and make you feel more relax and comfortable, you can listen to songs you like when u feel blue or even you are gathering with friends happily too!
    But just not to addict into these popular culture and don’t be controlled by Kpop, and treat listening to kpop songs and be a kpop fan as an interest, it will be fine.

  2. I am a quite “old” Kpop fan. I got into Kpop since I am 4 years old. I remembered when after school, I will watch the music videos from some Korea group in youtube first XD(so I always get scolded by my parents) I listened to GIRLS’ GENERATION and WONDER GIRLS in that time. Then in my junior primary school life(p.1-3)
    , I focused on my study so I stopped listening to Kpop. And in my primary 6, my classmates started to listen to Kpop and maybe because of flock psychology, I started to listen to Kpop again. My favorite group now is EXO, BLACKPINK, WINNER, SUPER JUNIOR and GIRLS’ GENERATION. I see the improvement of their music and Kpop has become more popular than before. Moreover, there are more groups and songs that I have never seen before. However, there are more fan wars, car accident about the idols. Even the antis’ actions have become more furious. For example, a crazy fan poor some acrylate adhesive(super glue) into TVXQ’s member Yunho’s water and his stomach bleed. Although a lot of awful things happened, it cannot affect the fandoms. I think the teenagers can learn something good from the idols, such as their grids. Most of them have been trained in few years to become a pop star. Although they afford a lot of pressure every day every time(afraid spending a lot of time to practice. But still cannot debate), they don’t give up. And some of them are polite, like g-dragon, he bows every time after the performance finished. Also, when other groups get the award(whatever they are his senior or junior)he will stand up and clap for them. I think this can let the teens follow them.

    1. it should be grit not grid
      btw I know a lot of group in Kpop and if u have interest in them, you can reply my comments and ask questions below.
      EXTRA: My first listen to girl group and boy group’s songs are WONDER GIRL ‘nobody’ and SUPER JUNIOR ‘sorry sorry’. They are very catchy and brain-washing and I recommended you to listen to them:)

  3. I love k-pop since 2015 because their songs are great.I REALLY LOVE CLC,since one is a hongkonger(ELKIE) and i find that her birthday is the same as me^_^.I think she is succes because she can debut in Korea and says Korean fluently
    Here is the link of their now song {Where Are You?}

  4. I love kpop since 2015 because their songs are great.I REALLY LOVE CLC,since one is a hongkonger(ELKIE) and i find that her birthday is the same as me^_^.I think she is succes because she can debut in Korea and says Korean fluently

    1. This sounds cool ! Hope you can learn more korean and the local culture in Korea 🙂 I think you should add more contents like why you like kpop besides the hongkonger to korea. well done ! keep it up !

  5. I’m not a big fan of k-pop but many of my friends like k-pop so I can often hear some k-pop star’s singing and dancing like EXO, Girl’s Generation, TWICE, Bigbang. Although I am not some crazy fan ad know really clearly about them, I will still listen to their songs. I appreciate the effort the people have paid. I have heard many stories that the K-pop star practice all days and nights to work for a show. And the dancing of k-pop groups is really good and uniform. However, some of the k-pop fans are so crazy that they may scold other star’s fans or even sneak into the star’s house. This makes people feel bad about k-pop stars because managing their fans is also their jobs. Also, I believe that the develop of k-pop culture let more people know about Korea this country. This may help their economic as this culture can attract some fans to visit Korea. And there many products of k-pop now like the yes-card and posters in Hong Kong. So k-pop also bring benefits to Hong Kong actually!

  6. Actually, I am a fan of TWICE. However,I am not those who are crazy. Somehow, I think the K-pop songs are very brainwashing, like CHEER UP and TT. The melody of K-pop songs always appear in my mind, and I will sing them softly. Although I don’t know what the girls are singing, I can still pronounce the Korean clearly. It is amazing! >o<
    The K-pop stars are teenagers' idols. They are pretty/handsome, with attractive body-shape…Of course everyone wants to be like that! Therefore, people love them. They think their idols are wonderful and perfect. *v*
    Besides, K-pop is popular among teenagers, mostly. The MV dance steps are easily to be remembered.. The fans must know the dance of their idol. : P
    Moreover, I love Korean TV drama too! <3

  7. I am a fan of Twice. I like K-pop because my friends danced and sang the song of Twice one day in my primary school, they told me that the songs of Twice were wonderful so I listen to their songs when I got back home at that day. Even I did not know what were they singing, I was attracted by them! Since then, I love k-pop.
    Listening to k-pop is my favorite now. I feel relaxed when I listen to their songs! They are always charming in my heart!

  8. In fact, I am a fan of EXO. I like k-pop very much because whenever I listen to it, I will sing and dance with the idols. It makes me feel happier and more relaxed. That’s why I like k-pop.
    When I was still a primary school student, I didn’t know much about k-pop. I listened to English songs and I like One Direction. Then one day, one of my friend started to listen to K-pop and asked me to listen to them. As I couldn’t understand what were the Korean idols singing, I was not interest in it at first. However, I love it and listen to it every day. It is awesome.
    For me, I would like to introduce EXO and BTS. It is because their sngs and music videos are great. I like the mv of ‘Overdose’ from EXO and the mv of ‘Not Today’ from BTS. They are fantastic!

  9. I don’t know a lot about j-rock. I like k-pop now but I used to hate it.I have known it since I was primary 4. I used to think the people who like it is crazy and their academic result is poor.

    As what I have heard, k-pop is popular for many years and had ‘invaded’ many countries. But the time of most of the people like to focus on a group only last for a short time because of the trend. Super Junior, it has been very popular before but now there’s fewer people focus on it. The time changing is quick in this period ,Girls Generation,Apink,AOA,Bigbang,EXO,BTS,Twice,etc. Some of them are hot now and the remaining are not as many fans as before. There’s also many causes expect the trend, such as bad gossip, military service or their appearence are not attractive anymore.

    To be summarize, the ‘lives’ of the k-pop singers are usually weak and short , so that their entertainment companies try to use the stars’ power as much as they can, to earn money , how curel! The contend between them are also ‘bloody’ and causes the other members’ unsatisfied, like 4minute, they were seperated finally.

  10. I really love k-pop very much.I didn’t know k-pop until primary grade 3.My friend recommended me to a song of girl’s generation–oh!. So i started exploring k-pop.I think k-pop is brilliant and spectacular.i really admire many of the k-pop groups.My favourite groups are Girl’s Day ,AOA EXID and G- DRAGON.I also like K.will ,he can sing very well .All the idols practised very hard before .All of them deserves what they get know.They didn’t give up during the tiring practise period .That’s why i really admire all of them!

    1. I agree with your view about k-pop. I focus on many, but especially BTS, Bigbang and EXO. Their songs are lively and the beats are strong. They dance well and matches with the songs perfectly. Some of their songs are meaningful and criticize the unfair in the society. Also encouraging, such as being optimistic.

      I like BTS because of my friend’s recommend. After I heard thier songs, especially Dope, I become thier ARMY(fans name).Their dance practices are pretty cool, the steps are complicated.Their rappers are very very attractive! Bigbang, they are very special, they don’t have a fixed states in this group.Their songs are highly recommended, even spread through the other side of world. Each of their vioce are unique. EXO, the handsome boys, but also their vocal are great. Some of them come from China, they must practice a lot for korean and the environment.

      Although in these years, the Bigbang members need to leave for the national service, I will still love them. Also the conflict between the pre-EXO members and the company can br sloved. Hope my favourite groups can do better and better in the future.

  11. I like K-pop very much. When I was small, I didn’t like both J-rock and K-pop. I think they were boring and useless. But one day, my friend recommend me to listen to several K-pop songs. I changed my mind. I thought the songs was brilliant and I enjoyed to listen to it. Nowadays, I like many groups in K-pop such as Apink, Got7 etc. Their songs are fantastic and they have a excellent dancing skills. Eunji is my favorite singer in K-pop. She is beautiful and sing very well. I like her very much. There were many singer in K-pop. Different people like different singer. I think we should respect everyone’s ideas. There should not be any antagonistic rivalries.

  12. Well, in the present, K-pop is a part of our life.(Maybe most of the adolescent) Everyday, schoolmates and friends, even my family are dicussing K-pop! When we walk through the electronic shops, most of the TVs are playing the show or mv of K-pop. K-pop is blend into Hong Kong already. The social norm is we accept this K-pop atmosphere. Also, the Korean stars become the idol of the teenagers. But sometimes they are too engross in K-pop. I always hear my classmates humming the K-pop songs when we are learning. K-pop are very heat in this society but also pay more attention that K-pop will not affect your life.

  13. I think that k-pop is really heat nowadays . i am a big fans of APink. I like them because i think their dancing skill are really high and i think their voice are really good .One of my favourite songs of them is “No No No”.In this song they can show off their skill .Also ,they have a beautiful voice .so I think that K-Pop is fantastic .

  14. K-Pop is getting more and more popular in different places, especially in Hong Kong. Everyone has their own idols. I am also a K-Pop fan. I like EXO and f(x). They are both in SM Entertainment. Their songs and dances have their own style. Some people may love the other teams from the different company or even different countries. Sometimes a part of their fans even disturbed and argued with others. I think it is the freedom of loving which group or member. We should respect others’ choice. Beside,we can also find the strength of other groups. I believe every stars has paid so much effort to their songs and shows for their fans all over the world. We should support them cheer for them.

  15. K-Pop is very popular. It is not only popular in Hong Kong ,but there are many fans in the other country. Like me, I am a K-Pop fan too but I like Bigbang and 2NE1 most. These two group are both in YG enterainment. Unlike the other groups, they have very diffrent style. Not just in their music, but also in their clothes! Somebody can’t accept their style because they think that they are so weird. But I disagree with them because this is the part that I appreciate most.The y have the courage to try new things and refresh the imprreesions of their fans towards them. There ware surprises everytime in their new songs. All of them paid a lot of effort to make remarkable improvement. Besides, their music is brilliant. They are talented composer. The products are fabulous. They lyrics are touching and it can arouse reosnance.

  16. Personally,I like K-pop and J-pop very much .Nowadays,more and more teenagers like to listen to K-pop.I am also a big fan of K-pop,I like EXO and Apink very much.EXO and apink only released their group recently. However,their popularity spread over South Korea quickly.Especially EXO now they are almost as popular than Bigbang.Although,I don’t know anything about Korean language ,I think the lirics makes people infatuated with it.People might think the idols entertain us just to earn more money.In my opinion,the idols work very hard every day to appreciate us and make us feel happy.Therefore,I feel really grateful to the idols.Fighting!To all the idols in Korea.

  17. K-pop is a popular trend and more and more people are interested in k-pop . In fact , I am also a k-pop fans and I am an EXO-L and Sone.
    Many people has misunderstand the reason why we are addicted to k-pop . We always talk about it at school. We always listen to their songs or even sing them out . Of course one reason must because those idols are handsome and pretty . Many people hate them as they think they have plastic surgery and look unreal . But what I want to say is that they may have plastic surgery , and what we concerned is not only their outstanding appearance . We appreciate their hard work on practicing dancing and singing and performing a brilliant stage to all of their fans .
    They are so brilliant that you should not think that all idols become idols just because they want money and become popular . Actually many idols are having a very good result at school or even their family is very rich . They become an idol just because this is their dream – to sing and dance in front of their fans .

  18. K-pop is really popular in the world these few years, and I am one of the fans of k-pop too. They affect people’s life, just like what Jessie said, and changes our fashion sense, the food we eat, and even how we manage our time.
    My favourite groups are EXO and SHINee. They are both under the SM company and are really handsome,let me introduce them to you.
    For SHINee, Jessie has introduced some information about them, a I will make a few remarks. Their music and dances really attracts our eyes and ears, and they are famous for wearing tight pants to dance, though I don’t really know why. Some of their dances are arranged by a famous choreographer, so each of them are difficult to dance but brings us a visual enjoyment. My favourite member is Minho, because he is cheerful and is good at sports, which can fill up my weakness as I am really bad at sports.
    For EXO, there were 12 members in total. They were Suho, Baekhyun, Chanyeol, D.O., Kai, Sehun, Kris, Xiumin, Luhan, Lay, Chen and Tao. However, Kris and Luhan left the group and there are only 10 members left. They are good at both singing and dancing, which is shown by their performances on stage. Each of them has other talents too, such as wushu, playing piano, playing guitar etc. At first, my favourite song is 365, but it gradually changes to First Snow. The point that they can cooperate well even with a large number of members really amazed me. My favourite member in this group is Suho, the leader of the group, because of his kindness and care for other members in the group.
    Actually, I also like CNblue very much, but I won’t talk much about them because the content that Sophy has written made me paused for a second before deciding to let her take the role. My favourite member is Kang Min-hyuk as I have watched the Inheritors and I really like his performance.
    In conclusion, they have paid much time and effort on their job and I admire them for this.

  19. Nowadays, kpop is spreading all over the word. It affects many people.Also, I am a die-heart fan of kpop. Among all the groups and solo singers, my favourite group is SHINee and Infinite. Although they may not as famous as some groups like SJ and EXO but they really can attract me.
    First,let me talk about SHINee. There are 5 members in this group. They are Onew, Taemin,MInho, Jonghyun and Key. The group name is taken from an English word ‘shiny’. It symbolizes SHINee will shine on every stages and performances. I love their dance very much. The dance is usually unique and fantastic! Like ‘Dream Girl’ ,they try to use mic stand to perform and they create many special dance with the mic stand. Also. they could really control the mic stand well. I love it very much.
    Another group that i love is Infinite. It has 7 members. Although they may not be so handsome, they are famous of their uniform dance. They practise for long time and cooperate with the group members well. I love their songs very much, for example ‘paradise’, ‘back’ , ‘be mine’, ‘with’ etc.
    I think they are not just doing well in dancing, they also good at singing. They have many songs that don’t contain dancing but they sing well. I love the main vocal, Kim Sungkyu very much. I think his voice is really good.
    Some people may think kpop idols are famous because they have good appearance but actually they have spent a long time to practise so i think they have gave up a lot.

  20. For me,I am a big fan of kpop. Kpop becomes more and more popular among the world. The wonderful performance on stage, the eye-catching MV and the handsome or pretty face are the reason why I like kpop. I like kpop since this summer. Although I have watched many kpop MV or shows before summer, I still not interested in kpop. But after I saw this group’s performance, I became a kpop fan. Now I am going to introduce them— CNBlue.
    CNBlue is my favourite boy group. It’s different from the other kpop groups because they are a band. They are not showing their dance and I must say,their dancing skills are very bad. They are good at playing musicial instruments. They belongs to FNC Entertainment, which also call “Fish N Cake”. It’s really funny. And their fans name is BOICE.(Blue+Voice+= Boice) At the beginning , I thought that the group name was really strange.It’s different from other groups. After searching them, I know that CNBlue refers to Code Name Burning Lovely Untouchable Emotional. It’s a long name,right? And you must ask,what belongs to Burning, Lovely, Untouchable and Emotional? It’s refer to the four members from this group. ‘Burning’ belongs to Lee Jong-hyun. He is the lead guitar and the vocals. He has a great guitar skills and handsome face. I think he is the most quiet person in this group but always argue with the maknae( the smallest person in the group) for some silly question. Their conversation is extremely cute and amazing. ‘Lovely’ belongs to Kang Min-hyuk, he is the drums. He is good at playing at drum set but also sings song. He sings the OST of a Korean drama ‘Heartstrings’ in 2011. But his voice is not good as the other members,so he becomes to play the drum set. He has te cutest face in the group. His small eyes is a symbol of him. ‘Untouchable’ belongs to Lee Jung-shin. He plays bass guitar and a rapper. He is the smallest member is the group,which is call ‘maknae’ in Korea. He is also the tallest member in the group. He has a model figure,long legs and handsome face. He always says jokes in the shows and daily life. At last,here comes my favourite member, it’s ‘Emotional’, Jung Yong-hwa. He is the lead vocals and the rhythm guitar. He is also the oldest of the group so he is the leader. He is the only 1980s member in the group which borns in 1989.He has a beautiful voice. Although he is the shortest in the group,he stills has 180cm.So tall! He has a good performance in many Korean drama or shows,for example ‘You’re beautiful’,’Heartstirings’ and even ‘Running Man’! He is the guest that perform in the show for the largest time!
    CNBlue’s songs are really good.They have amusing melody and well-matched lyrics .My favourite song is ‘Can’t stop’ and ‘I’m a loner’.
    At last,I think kpop will be more popular in the future and I will keep support them.

  21. It should be like this …
    I like many K-pop stars !!
    1.) 4minute
    I think 4minute is hot & cute~Although there are many news which criticize them but I don’t think so……I think they are beautiful and cute! My favourite member is Hyuna. Actually, she is a cute person. People always criticize her because they think she is too sexy. Her image is bad because of her company but not herself!! I hope you can know more about her, especially Apple Daily:((
    I think the image of fx is so good ! They have a rapper ~ Amber / a dancer ~ Victoria / a singer ~ Luna / 2 actresses ~ Suli & Krystal !! I love their songs very much !!!!!!<3 (especially rum pum pum pum & electric shock & NUABO,they are so great.)The melody,the dance,etc are perfect .My favorite is Krystal because she is so nice,friendly,cute & pretty although she looks like very cool…I like Krystal dance with her sister,Jessica (Tic tok) Love it !
    3.)Key (SHINEE) & Eunji (Apink)
    I like this pair (haha) Both of them are cute and honest.They won't feel shy .They match each others! Hope they can be the main character on "We got married"

  22. I am a k-pop fan since I am a P.5 student.I love K-POP because the song is great.Although you don’t know what they are singing, you can know the meaning of the song in the meodly. The K-POP stars are very beautiful and handsome and they dance very well. I think they are much better than the stars other counties.I love GIRLS’ GENRATION and SHINee. They are the best star I have seen. SNSD and SHINee fighting!

  23. I am a big fan of K-POP. I like listening to K-POP music because there are many different styles of pop songs. I enjoy listening to variety of songs. On the other hand, the MVs of K-POP music are very attractive too. It is because there is always a fantastic dance to match up with the hot song. Actually, I am a hot fan of Super Junior, G-Dragon,f(x) and SHINee. I think K-POP is the best!

  24. I like many K-pop stars !!
    1.) 4minute
    I think 4minute is hot & cute~Although there are many news which criticize them but I don’t think so……I think they are beautiful and cutev<)
    I think the image of fx is so good ! They have a rapper ~ Amber / a dancer ~ Victoria / a singer ~ Luna / 2 actresses ~ Suli & Krystal !! I love their songs very much !!!!!!<3 (especially rum pum pum pum & electric shock & NUABO,they are so great.)The melody,the dance,etc are perfect .My favorite is Krystal because she is so nice,friendly,cute & pretty although she looks like very cool…I like Krystal dance with her sister,Jessica (Tic tok) Love it !
    3.)Key (SHINEE) & Eunji (Apink)
    I like this pair (haha) Both of them are cute and honest.They won't feel shy (I like this point).They match each others! Hope they can be the main character on "We got married" !!

    1. It should be like this …
      I like many K-pop stars !!
      1.) 4minute
      I think 4minute is hot & cute~Although there are many news which criticize them but I don’t think so……I think they are beautiful and cutev<)
      I think the image of fx is so good ! They have a rapper ~ Amber / a dancer ~ Victoria / a singer ~ Luna / 2 actresses ~ Suli & Krystal !! I love their songs very much !!!!!!<3 (especially rum pum pum pum & electric shock & NUABO,they are so great.)The melody,the dance,etc are perfect .My favorite is Krystal because she is so nice,friendly,cute & pretty although she looks like very cool…I like Krystal dance with her sister,Jessica (Tic tok) Love it !
      3.)Key (SHINEE) & Eunji (Apink)
      I like this pair (haha) Both of them are cute and honest.They won't feel shy (I like this point).They match each others! Hope they can be the main character on "We got married" !!

  25. When did I addict to K-POP? Umm…was two years ago.I remember that I weren’t interested in K-POP at that time,however,everything has stated to change since I watched the music video of Super Junior—Sorry Sorry.Their dance is really cool and their voice is very attractive. I like the leader of dance most because he is very charming and hilarous.He is Lee Hyuk-Jae,Eunhyuk. Suoer Junior is the most popular K-POP idol group and I am proud of being one of their fans—ELF. ELF means Ever Lasting Friends.This unique and meaningful name is created by the leader,LeeTeuk.I love their attitude,their voice,their apperance,and their happiness. I love K-POP! (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡

  26. I like K-Pop rather than J-Pop.I am a super fan of Super Junior,SHINee,F(x) etc, so much that I can’t really type in here.I remember that the first time that I get in touch with K-pop…..seems to be last year.The first song that I listened was’ From U ‘(Super Junior).It ‘s really touching that I can’t stop crying for 5 minutes…HAHA!SHINee is the group that I appreciate the most.They have come to HK in July for performing the HK Dome Festival.That day is raining.Many fans of SHINee,BoA,Henry…..has taken a shower during the show.When the members of SHINee were dancing excitedly on the stage,the weather became very bad.But They still keep on dancing but has no notion of stopping!They respect their work and fans.This kind of sprit is rarely appear in this world…That’s why I love them so much~~

  27. Although I AM NOT A K-POP FANS, I still want to share my experience of supporting idols. Please forgive my impulse for replying a K-POP topic as a J-POP fans. I still take a deep breath and post my comment bravely as I really want to express my feelings of supporting my favourite idols and the inspirations they have given to me.

    As I know that no matter which country do the combination belongs to, every member in the combination will try their best to perform their best side to the fans. No matter they are Japanese or Korean, they also put lots of effort and tears in practicing their dancing or singing behind the scene. Some of the combinations even builds up a strong and powerful sense of belongings the team spirits. They treat their members as their family members because they really experience a lot with their precious members— they have come across many obstacles together. When their group is not hot, they keep striving their best in order to sow off themselves to get more support. When one of their groupmates gets hurt or injured, they encourages him/her and tell him/her that they will wait for him/her to stand up again. When they get hotter again, they stand on the same stage, holding hands,saying that they will be together forever…. All of these makes me moved no matter they are Japanese or Korean combination,as their team spirit and love behind is really touching.

    My favourite Japanese combination is ARASHI. As this topic is about K-POP, so I am not going to elaborate their information. However, I want to talk about how they inspire me and what do I learn from them. They are not very handsome. They do not have excellent dancing and singing skills that can shock you. But they have a kind of irreplacable and rare bond that can make you be proud of them. When their member is trapped into gossips, they support each other. When their members have opportunities to step out of Japan, they congratulate him and say that he is the best. When one of their members is injured, they support him and promise that they will always stand by his side…There are so many touching events that can sow their deep bond and these are all the reasons for why I support them.

    I remember a lot of scene that can make me cry. They are all the beautiful memories that they have brought to us. One of them read his letter to his members, cried and promise that they will become the top someday… On their 10 anniversary concert, when their leader talked about his feelings and thanked to their fans, he said that he won’t cry but he actually cried already….They hole each hand, promise that they will stand on this stage, singing their thankfulness to us for hundred years..Lots of these unforgettable become a part of myself,and also a part of my whole-life treasure.

    I don’t know whether I will continue support them when I grow up or get married, but I am sure that the beautiful days will not fade out and this love will keep in my heart for hundred years, just like the song they sing to us. They have given us a lot of positive energy, happiness that motivate us to work as hard as they work and encourage us not to give up easily. Going to their concert has also become one of my target too. Now, I will strive for my best and work harder to achieve my goals. I hope one day, I can go to Japan to attend their concert, singing songs with thousands of fans that have the same feelings as mine, wiping off my touching tears and having one of my unforgettable time which will be in my heart forever.

  28. K-Pop is being very popular throughout recent years. Some of the students even place their Korean idols, portrait in their pencil bag or on their mirrors. They are keen on talk about their favourite Korean pop stars, or discuss which team is better.

    Sometimes I wonder why there are so many people having a crush on them. I am curious about how do the pop stars attract their fans. As I was waiting for an opportunity, I heard a song from a popular team by chance. Although I didn’t finish listening to the whole song at that time, I thought the song is kinda good. It is rhythmical and lively, so maybe it can heip to bestir ourselves.

    After that, I clicked a video and hoped to see how the singers performed the song. While I was watching the video, I could feel the enthusiasm and confidence passing from them. I believed that they have worked very hard on practising their singing and dancing. I appreciate them very much since they hoped to bring the best for everyone.

    I really wish that K-Pop singers will bring good songs and happiness to all of us everywhen and everywhere. Add oil to all of them!

  29. The first time I knew about K-POP is in the last year. Once, I saw a introduction music video of Kara, a very famous South Korea combination, on the home page of Youtube. I was attracted by the eye-catching screenshot and title so I clicked in to see it at once. Therefore, I knew that I had become a member of K-POP fans.

    I think there are really many good combinations in South Korea, such as T-ara, F(x), Bigbang and Super Junior. Although they are all very outstanding, I prefer the Girls Generation most. Girls Generation is an excellent and well-known group, not in South Korea only, but also the whole world. It is a combination with nine beautiful girls (Taeyeon, Yoona, Jessica, Yuri, Sunny, Tiffany, Sooyoung , Hyoyeon and Seohyun) which have their own strengths and charming places. For example, Hyoyeon is the best dancer and Taeyeon is the best singer in Girls Generation. There is one thing that makes me feel surprised—- they have debuted for almost six years but are still very popular and stand on the top of the female day groups! However, after I became one of the big fans of Girls Generation, I realized that people love them not only because of their beautiful faces, but also their hearts, the pure and fiery hearts that loving and striving for the best music. I am very moved to see their efforts nowadays when I have a deeper understanding of Girls Generation.

    Many of my classmates and friends love Girls Generation just like me. I hope they will become hotter and hotter in the future and more people know about the music of South Korea and love them.

  30. I very agree that K-POP is more popular nowadays.When I was a primary student,I didn’t thorough know the things about K-POP . But,I changed during my primary summer vacation.I started to know more about K-POP when I was watching a Korean programme called ‘The birth of a family 2 ‘ . In this programme,every morning will have a alarm clock to make the artists wake up, and the alarm clock is not ‘ ling ling ling…’,it is the songs of the famous group such as girls generation,super junior and 2AM . When I heard it , I felt the strong beats in the song and I enjoyed very much . I started to discover what is K-POP .
    My favourate artist is 2AM. They have called the ‘Korea beautiful voice male group’.Their songs are lyrical,their songs made me feel very relaxed~Their songs are softed but have some strong beat. 2AM has four members: the leader–Jokwon(He is so awesome!!!!) ,Lee Chang Min,Lim Seul Ong,and also Jeong Jin Woon. They melted me when they are singing.I like their songs ‘I did wrong’,’Never let you go’and ‘ I wonder if you hurt like me’ the most since they have a pleasant melody.Their soft,beautiful voice melted me everytime!!!
    I want to know more about K-POP and Korea,I will know by the internet and by some of the books that introduce about Korea.

    By Della Yeung 1H(19)

  31. I totally agree with that k-pop is being much more popular nowadays.It seems that it would be a big hot issue in the society, especially between teenagers.As I see, J-pop and Taiwanese music was the most popular in our class. Seldom people talks about k-pop.

    However, k-pop idols are now the main topics between us everyday! How amazing this is.Not only in Hong Kong or Asian country, k-pop spreads all over the world, even in western country such as American and French.

    For me, I don’t really like j-pop or k-pop before but after I watched a musical drama which acted by korean idols, I was totally trapped in it.Not only because of their amazing outlook, their performing skills are fantastic!Korean idols all need to practise about serverl years before they debut for training their singing and dancing skills.Only the most outstanding one can debut.Therefore, they would practise very hard in order to get a chance to debut.

    My favourite idol group is 2PM.They are called ‘beast idol’with totally six member and two of them are from other countries.I love them because their songs have strong melody and often with fantastic dance.Their teamwork and cooperation are amazing during live performance.Everyone of them works hard on their music, their MV and dancing steps are sometimes created by them.Also, I appreciate the good relationship between them.They seldom argued and they love each other very much.They are as close as a family.

    by Joey 2T 16

  32. In recent years, K-pop has became a popular topic in Hong Kong, especially among teenagers. As many of my friends recommended K-pop to me, I had a try on K-pop music and I loved it at once. Now, I am a K-pop fan too!
    My favourite team is Girls’ Generation. There are 9 members in Girls Generation, Taeyeon, Jessica, Sunny, Tiffany, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Sooyoung, Yoona and Seohyun.I love them all very much. Not only because of their beautiful faces, the biggest reason is that they have great connotation and are talented. All of them know many different languages and good at different categories. They dance very well and their beautiful voices are just like the sound from the heaven! Also, their songs are very melodious and easy to remember so i always hum them when I am free.
    Moreover, I admire them a lot. They have paid great effort to practise the hard dances and songs in order to perform perfectly and not let their fans to be disappointed though they are really tired. Finally, their hard work is acknowledged. More and more people aprreciate their success.
    In addition, they really love Sones, the die-heart fans of Girls’ Generation, and try their very best to protect them. Once, the leader of Girls’ Generation ,Taeyeon, said to the anti-fans of Girls’ Generation,’ Please don’t hurt Sones! You can hate Girls’ Generations but not Sones!’ I was fully touched when I listened these words. It is really warm and proud to be a Sone!
    Besides Girls’ Generation, I also love CNBlue, F(x), T-ara and others K-pop team. It is because I believe that they all work very hard to make their dream come true. Their spectacular dancing and singing skills are without doubts and K-pop is really brilliant! I hope more people will love K-pop and appreciate their effort!

  33. K-Pop is very popular in this few years. Many people love K-Pop very much. I am also a big fan of K-Pop. I love the artists of SM Entertainment, especially Super Junior, SHINee, Girls Generation, f(x) and BoA. It is because I think their songs, dances and rap is excellent. Let’s me introduce one of my favourite groups!

    Super Junior have thirteen members, they are Leeteuk, Heechul, Hangeng, Yesung, Kangin, Shindong, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Siwon, Donghae, Ryeowook, Kibum and Kyuhyun. However, it only has 10 members now. It is because one member, Hangeng dropped out and And also, one of its members, Heechul went to army and he would come back in 2013. The fans name of Super Junior is ELF. That’s mean Ever Lasting Friend. It’s made from the leader of Super Junior, Leeteuk.

    There are some small groups of Super Junior. They are Super Junior-M(Mandarin), Super Junior-Happy, Super Junior-T(Trot), Super Junior-K.R.Y(Kyukyun.Ryeowook.Yesung).

    There are two new members of Super Junior-M and they are not the members of Super Junior. They are Zhoumi and Henry. There are eight members of Super Junior-M. They are Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Siwon, Zhoumi, Donghae, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun and Henry. They usually sing of Chinese songs. Super Junior-K.R.Y are formed by Kyuhyun, Ryeowook and Yesung. They sing very well. I love their songs very much. I think their songs are very pleasant.

    Super Junior-Happy and Super Junior-T are very funny and always make people laugh. Super Junior-Happy usually attract children and Super Junior-T usually attract adults. Both of these two groups have six members. The members of Super Junior-Happy are Leeteuk, Yesung, Kangin, Shindong, Sungmin and Eunhyuk. Also, the members of Super Junior-T are Leeteuk, Heechul, Kangin, Shindong, Sungmin and Eunhyuk.

    Each of the members also has their strength. For example, Kyuhyun, Ryewook and Yesung are good at singing. Shindong, Eunhyuk and Kibum are good at rapping. Sometimes, Leeteuk, Heechul, Donghae will also help them to rap. Eunhyuk, Donghae and Shindong are good at dancing. All of them are very excellent!

    There are also many groups that I love, but it is too many. Let’s talk up to here!

  34. K-pop is becoming more and more popular; many people would like to support K-pop rather than the music of their own country. I am a big fan of K-pop too. I am a fan of 2PM and 2AM. These two teams are both under the same company, JYP Entertainment, but they have different style of performance. 2PM is a dance troupe. Their songs are usually with strong beat and rap. On the contrary, 2AM’s songs have beautiful soft melody and they are good at singing love songs.
    K-pop is really all the rage now. As we can see, lots of idols in Hong Kong or Taiwan would like to have songs which close to Korean style. People usually choose Korean music CDs but not others. Teenagers will try to learn the dance of Korean music and try to follow the news of their idol. Idol’s every action is affecting teenagers too.
    To me, I think K-pop is awesome and I will try to know more about Korea culture but not only there music. Overall, I hope that K-pop can be the hottest music ever after and I will support it too!

    by Kristine 2T11

  35. In these years, when you go out you can see a lo9t of teenagers hearing music. A lot of them are hearing K-pop. Actually, I’m not really a big fan of K-pop. However, I like hearing K-pop as well.
    In nowadays, K-pop is affecting Hong Kong. Almost all teenagers are fans of Big Bang, 2PM, Super Junior, etc. Local pop music is also affected by K-pop. Many songs are copying the Korean style. Some groups also dance as Korean groups.
    Many people like K-pop because the stars are handsome and beautiful. They want to learn Korean, how to dance as their idols and a lot of things about K-pop. This has a serious effect of our local culture.
    I hope I can have chance to know more about K-pop in the future.

    By Amy 2T (1)

  36. In this few years,K-pop music becomes more popular,especially among the teenagers.Why there will be more and more people love the K-pop music and the Korean stars?Mostly I think it is because of the airiness tempo and the strong beat.Also,most of the Korean stars are very beautiful or handsome.They are good at dancing, singing and rapping too.

    Actually,I am a big fans of Big Bang.This is the idol team first debuted in 2006 in YG Family.This team included five members:G-Dragon,T.O.P,Taeyang,Daesung and Seungri.You may also call me V.I.P( the fans name of Big Bang)I think they are very talented, charming and handsome.They almost do not have any weakness.Big Bang’s songs have many different styles,some are strong-beat,some are smooth. And all of them are my favourite.

    I think the most talented one should be G-Dragon.He is the leader of the team.He can compose songs,rap, sing well,dance hip hop,remix songs.He will also choose the suitable and fashionable clothes for himself. So I think he is the most talented person in the team.Also,I admire T.O.P because his rapping is very well.And he has a very handsome face.There are the main reasons that I appreciate him.Sometimes T.O.P will act in the movie.His acting is very great also.

    In conclusion, I hope that everyone can understand K-pop more.I am not pushing you to love K-pop, but at least you should not say K-pop is rubbish.Because every Korean stars have their own values and they try their very best to perform on the stage.In my own stand,I think K-pop in awesome.And I hope that the legend of K-pop can spread to the whole world and last forever!

  37. I used to be a J-Pop fan especially the Vocaloid Family. However, I just become a big fan of CN Blue! I watched a Korean variety show which called Running Man. A lot of artists are invited to join the exciting competition, including many teen idols like Girl’s Generation and BIGBANG. Jung Yonghwa from CN Blue is also one of them. I like CN Blue not just because they are very handsome, but also their voices can make me feel warm. CN Blue usually sings love songs. Although I don’t have this kind of experience, I can feel the sweetness of being love and the loneliness after breaking up. My favourite songs are ‘I’m A Loner’ and ‘Banmal Song’. The style of two songs are totally different and they are very famous.

    Apart from CN Blue, I also prefer f(x) and 2PM. Both of them can dance very well. There is also a singer which can dace very well – PSY. His popular song ‘Gangnam Style’ and the humorous dance which has been highly praised. 246 million of people watched the MV . It has been shared on the internet by numerous celebrities including T-Pain, Katy Perry, Britney Spears, and Tom Cruise, covered by others such as Nelly Furtado and Maroon 5.

    Being a K-pop fan, I really hope that I could have a chance to learn Korean!!!:)

  38. I think K-pop has a quite large influence to many Hog Kong people. Firstly, many Hong Kongers admire Korean stars such as Girls Generation, Big Bang, 2PM etc. and buy theri CDs at once , it surely affects Hong Kong local music. Secondly, there are many Korean shops, restaurant in Hong Kong these few years, I think this is aslo the influence of Korean pop music.Many people love Korean music more than local music,because there are many elements in a Korean song and also there are many types of song that Hong Kong music cannot provide ,such as electronic ,hip hop etc. An other cause is that Korean teen idols are mostly very beautiful or handsome , they also good at dance, rap ! Actually , I quite appreciate Shinee and Girls Generation, their songs are mostly very fast ,after listening to them, i will feel happy usually!

  39. K-Pop is very hit in Hong Kong in a few years. There are a lot of fans of K-Pop groups. I’m a K-Pop fans too! My favourite team is Girls’ Generation. And I’m one of their SONEs. I love their songs and dances very much. They dance very regularly. They are very beautiful too! And most important is, their voice is very mellifluous.

    As a SONE, I’m so glad that they have a very big achievements, that is that is having Japanese version for their Korean songs, in order to have more support from SONE in everywhere in the world. But unfortunately, some people are anti-fans of Girls’ Generation. I’m so sad that those people are hurting my idol. They said that the members of Girls’ Generation had cosmetic surgery when they were young. They even made some fake photos of Girls’ Generation after the so called cosmetic surgery. I think those people are not respecting them.

    Although I love Girls’ Generation and Samsung’s product, I don’t know how to read and speak Korean. It is a pity that I don’t know this language because I can’t understand what is actually telling me from the song. K-Pop songs are having good rhythm and melody with the lyrics. So although I don’t know how to speak Korean, I still can sing the song. It is one of the reasons that I love K-Pop too!

    Except from Girls’ Generation, there is still one singer I want to introduce to you. His name is PSY. He is a 34-year-old singer in South Korea. Recently, he had a new single song called ” Gangnam Style “. The dance in the music video of this song is very funny! I am trying to practise this dance too. And this dance is very famous. His official music video’s click rate have two hundred and forty million! This can show how popular is his song. PSY has a nickname in South Korea. It is “The Prince of Concert”. You will be very excited if you are one of the audiences of his concerts. There are many fun games. If you think PSY is not very hot or famous, then I can tell you that you are wrong. It is because every time when he is going to have his concerts, some famous singers, actors or actress will take a video to support and congratulations him.

    Fans of different groups sometimes have argues. They are debating about the group that the support is better. Actually I think this kind of debating is stupid and useless. It is because we are all loving K-Pop and supporting our idols. There shouldn’t be any discrepancy between us. We should stand together and fight against some people that hate K-Pop.

    I hope K-Pop can be spread out to the whole world and there are K-Pop fans in every corner in the world!

    by VINCENT F.2T 35

  40. I am not a K-pop fan,but I have to agree that K-pop is become more popular nowadays.Lots of my classmates like K-pop.And I really don’t know the reason.Maybe there is something attract them.I found that K-pop is always have a group of singers.Such as Girls Generation,Super Junior and FT Island.There are many members in the group.Maybe this is one of the K-pop’S characteristic.Although I couldn’t understand what K-pop’s song are talking about,I think the rhythm and the melody of K-pop is quite good.

  41. Recently I am really into K-pop. My best of the best K-pop band is Super Junior, followed by MBLAQ, 2PM, Miss A, Girl’s Generation and so on. Every one of the 13 members from Super Junior is unique and absolutely handsome. I think that actually they are all-rounded that I don’t understand why those antis would hate them. Their songs are addictive and the melodies are catchy. Their dances such as ‘Sorry sorry’ and ‘Bonamana’ is popular once it’s released. I love them very much.
    I found one thing when I was starting to love K-pop is that all K-pop songs and idols are osculate: Songs must be easy to remember and in wash-brain style, so people will be addicted. The dance must be those very cool ones. Although a lot of people opposed to K-pop, I can only say that once you get into this K-pop world, you will start loving it<3

  42. I am a huge fans of Girls Generation.I know that there are many anti-fans of Girls Generation.And I am really angry of it.Some of the anti-fans are disagreeable.They always says that Girls Generation did the plastic surgery.They even post some fake photo of the members in the old days.They don’t have common sense.There are a lot of photo to show that Girls Generation didn’t do any surgery.And the anti-fans only follow their mind to anti Girls Generation.

    Some of the anti-fans open some Facebook group of page to attack Girls Generation.They always post a lot of fake news to ”prove” that Girls Generation is bad.But when you look at the SONE page,you will know that the fake news is only a scene of some TV show.

    Some of the J-POP fans are really radical.They always say Girls Generation is bad or cyber bully Girls Generation.Fans of Girls Generation (SONE) always be kind to them and didn’t talk anything about that.Some of SONE are a bit radical but not as radical as the J-POP fans.I saw a case is that a group which is anti-K-POP.The member of the group post a photo is that a friend of the member vote for K-POP and vote for anti J-POP.Then all of the Facebook group members start to cyber bully she and also cut off the friendship with she.I think it is necessary for cutting of the friendship.

    Girls Generation and other K-POP star give out a lot of time and health for being a star.They are not only famous in Korea but the whole world.For example,Girls Generation develop in Korea.When they become the Queen of singer,the develop in Japan with some Japanese songs.They gain a lot of good comments.I got another example of being famous in world.Girls Generation release a new song call The Boys.There are Korean,English and Japanese version.When Girls Generation release the Korean and English version,they got a lot of good comments in Korea and also the whole world.But once the release the Japanese version in Japan.Some people in Japan or J-POP fans started to judge about the pronunciation of Girls Generation.I know that Girls Generation got some wrong pronunciation of Japanese but they are Korean and they only want to share music to all people in Japan.People really don’t know how hard to be a super star to shine in the world.

    Hope the anti-fans can enjoy K-POP and the K-POP fans also can enjoy some good J-POP music.The fans of J-POP and K-POP should be peace.

  43. That’s right. K-pop is more and more popular nowadays. When I was young, I think that K-pop was not very good at all. But when I listen to K-pop this year, I really fall in love with K-pop, especially Girls’ Generation.
    I remember that the first song I listened was Girls’ Generation’s “Gee”. It is a attractive song and I started love Girl’s Generation.
    As a fans of Girls’ Generation, I watched their MV billion of times one day and started to search their information to know more about them. I am so surprise that Girls’ Generation is the most popular K-pop group. They all good at dancing and singing. Also, they started to act this two year! I am looking forward to see their acting.

  44. I really like K-Pop especially Super Junior !They are totally amazing.
    I first came across K-pop when I was in Primary Six. My classmates were always dancing ”Sorry Sorry” and ”Nobody”.I didn’t take notice of K-pop very much then.I am now Form Two and I fell for K-pop at the beginning of the term.My friend came to my house and we were listening to songs on Youtube.She loves K-pop so I decided to try and listen.We listened to Super Junior’s “Mr Simple” “A-cha”,Kara’s “Step”,Beast’s “Fiction” and lots more.Since,I began to fell for K-pop. I watched Super Junior’s MV for many times a day and I really like SJ’s Donghae!Super Junior is one of the best and most famous K-pop group.They are great in singing,dancing,holding shows, acting and lots more.”Extravagent Challenge” is a good example of SJ members Donghae and Siwon acting as the main characters.
    All of the members work very hard and they treat E.L.F.’s (SJ fans) very well.
    TeenTop,Kara,SNSD,BigBang and many other K-Pop groups are also very nice.Bigbang’s new hit “Blue” was a wonderful song.
    I hope more people will listen to K-pop and not anti them.
    K-pop is awesome!

  45. I love K-pop. My friends all know that I’m a super fan of Girls’ Generation. As a huge supporter of K-pop, I would say Korean Idol groups do deserve overwhelming popularity after years of tough training and competition. But there’s really no need bringing up this ‘rivalry’ thing among different groups and between J-pop and K-pop. In fact, nobody is perfect. We all have different strengths and weaknesses, so do our idols. Then what’s the point of bashing other groups when our beloved idols aren’t perfect? Think about what others would say when we do this! Surely our idols don’t want this also because that just make they ashamed and hard to get along with other groups. As devoted fans, we all appreciate our idols and love them with all our hearts. That’s what we should focus on instead of criticizing others, right? 🙂
    P.S. K-Pop isn’t just about dance-pop, its ballads are also impressive! I love solo singers like Park Hyo Shin and Baek Ji Young. Go and check it out~

    Christine (5A)

  46. I like both J-Pop and K-Pop too. I love Girls’ Generation, Super Junior, 2PM, Hamasaki Ayumi, Koda Kumi and f(x). K-Pop is really becoming more and more popular not only in Asia areas, but WORLDWIDE. On the video-sharing website, Youtube, almost everyday most viewed videos are K-Pop music video. The main views, through the statistics from Youtube, are mostly from Japan, the United States and South Korea itself. The popularity of K-Pop is spreading over Japan, the USA, Singapore, Malaysia, China and Australia. It is quite a weird phenomenon since the languages of these countries are comepletely from Korean, but K-Pop is now more popular than even the local pops. Taking Girls’ Generation as an example, they are surely the most popular K-Pop group recently, as they can even release a debut English single of ‘THE BOYS’ in the USA, and top-charted on the Billboard charts for a few weeks. It shows how popular K-Pop is in the USA, the largest music market in the world. The hottest boys’ group, Super Junior, also open their market in China and debuted a Chinese album. Girls’ Generation, 2PM and Kara has made a big success in Japan, cause J-Pop is becoming less popular than before,Girls’ Generation, TVXQ! and Kara even can perform on the traditional singing competition among the singers in Japan, which has never been letting Korean singers to perform on. This year’s Mnet Asia Music Awards also was held in SIngapore, which Girls’ Generation and Super Junior became big winners, only Koda Kumi, the only Japanese singer in the ceremony, can get an award. Besides, China and Australia both hold the Korea-China Music Festival and K-Pop Music Fest in Sydney, showing how big is the influences of K-Pop worldwide. I am a local-born Hong Konger, but I am totally addicted to K-Pop, for my point of view, I think the major reason for the international popularity of K-Pop is its powerful beats and easy-listening melody, and usually comes with some dances. I personally not mind its language, but its melody, that’s why I like K-Pop and J-Pop, just like the other people around the world. One thing people should know is that the composition of K-Pop mainly is not from Korean composers, but from the USA’s, or other foreign composer. So, its success among worldwide is not just luckiness, but the quality of it and the foreign people can accept the melody of it because it’s from foreign composer, for example, Wonder Girls’ ‘Nobody’ and Girls’ Generation’s ‘THE BOYS’, they both from foreign composer, and they both get big successes in the world. I think K-Pop’s success is because of the artists’ hard training and effort. Super Junior and Girls’ Generation’s members both started their training at the age of 11, when they were studying at primary schools!!! But lastly, its success may also because of the ‘idol phenomenon’. After investigating, you will discover that in every group or solo singer, there are maybe 1-3 handsome guys and beautiful girls (it’s quite subjective, but somebody think so). Their success maybe because of their fashion style or beautiful faces. But conclude all, it is a must that they, including the artists themselves, the workers in the company, the composers, or every single person that has helped them, have paid much effort to make K-Pop popular, and they are public-known people, must have someone support them or anti. them. But, K-Pop must have its special features that attracts people and that’s why it becomes so popular, not just because of luckiness or ‘idol phenomenon’ and that’s my opinions.
    Eric Cheung 2E (32)

  47. That’s true. K-pop really became popular these years in Hong Kong. Especially after the songs ‘Nobody’ and “sorry sorry ”, which were sang by wonder Girls and Super Junior respectively, had spread to Hong Kong, more and more people would like to follow the Korean idols.
    I have a Korean friend. She loves the culture of her own country very much and of course the pop music too. We needed to prepare a performance for a graduate camp when we were P.6 and we chose to dance. It is the first time I listen to K-pop since it was the background music of the dance. Their MVs were usually matched with those neat dancing steps. I was amazed by the unification of their steps as I had never seen that appear on Hong Kong singers. Therefore, I started to concern about K-pop although I rarely listen to music before. I liked Super Junior-M before because they tried their very best to learn Mandarin and that is why there is an M after Super Junior. They want to spread their music to China and they have been successful. However, I don’t like them now because I think they only have good dancing skills and nothing else (I don’t judge a singer by their appearance). The songs sang by them are all about love. It is empty and meaningless to sing so many this kind of songs. They should use their influence on teens or public to do more meaningful things. Anyway, they are hard-working and I still appreciate them.
    On the other hand, antagonistic rivalries between fans of different groups are so ridiculous. There are many factors of a singer who would be famous. These factors are not only due to their appearance but also the efforts they have put in. You can’t ignore it. No matter how bad a person is, if he/she try their best every time continuously, he/she would probably improve and become better and better! Just give some time to them and point out their weakness in a proper way (Not to simply ANTI them). Otherwise, there would be so many rivalries against each group and that will probably be a confusing problem for the groups as they can’t work together peacefully. As a whole, try to understand others and appreciate the strength of different groups.

  48. Recently, I came across something called “MR Removed” videos. These are videos of live performances (mainly of K-Pop stars) with most of the background music digitally removed. The idea is that you can then hear the singers’ real voices more clearly. I just watched one video by the Wonder Girls, and the performance was atrocious. What do you think about these “MR Removed” videos?

    1. MR… It’s probably what K-Pop idols are most criticized of. Indeed some of performances are horrible, but think about this: they are dancing to heavy beats while singing! I’m not trying to defend them, but let’s just say that leaves them room for improvement^^

  49. Oh, I am so impressed by Tracy’s comment. As I had been her neighbor for about a month, I see how K -pop affect her. When I saw that she wrote about “the handsome guy”,I burst into laughter, as I know about the handsome guy she mentioned.
    I believe that it is a nice topic to discuss as you can find another K-pop fan. Recently,especially these few months, I’ve been feeling that K-pop music is all around me. My sister played them at home, Tracy sang the songs during lessons and recess, the CD stores played them, even the girl who sit next to me on the MTR train listened to K-pop music, and played them so loudly. I think my life have been “invaded” by Korean music.
    I don’t listen to Korean music. But I think the most tempting is their dancing. There is no doubt that they are all amazing dancers, and most of them have a trim figure. However, I think that not every member or party can bring out their own character. The way they act, the impression they given to people, look very much alike.
    K-pop music is becoming more popular. However, if they want to stand out from the parties or even to become world-wide popular, they must carry their own character, but also keep the tradition and speciality of Korean music.

  50. In recent years,more and more teenagers are crazy for worshipping the singers or artist in Korea.in their eyes,the artist just like gods.They pay a lot of time and money to buy the CDs,magazine and something like photo album.Usually,they are quite expensive at all.It is ecause of the transportation charges and the value of limited eddition.But the teenagers still keep on buying them.So you can see how much influence K-pop has.
    I do like Korean artist also because of their fantastic dance and songs.They are really attractive.Their fans can be found in every places .The group ‘2NE1’ is one of my favourate.They have enormous potentiality.There is a meaning in the name.It means ‘to anyone’.The leader ,CL,knows English,French and Japanese well.It leads the lyrics of their tracks have different style.CL is responsible for songwriting in groups.Also, she is a rapper too!Bom is main vocal.She has an attractive face.I like Dara the most.She was a actor before.Her voice is sweet!For Minzy,i think she is the most talented dancer among all the Korean female singers.Her dance is awesome!
    2NE1 has many followers in the world.The followers always imitate their dances in MV and upload to youtube.Actually,the members are not as beautiful as the other singers in Korea like ‘the girls generation’.But they pay more and more than the others.They never rely on their faces to gain popularity.But they do a lot on the effect of stages,the designs of clothes ,the dances and the songs!I really show appreciation on their works.
    Of cos!The others deserve to be appreciate too.They lead the trend of world in different aspects,for example the style of songs,the accessories and especially in the clothings!

  51. “I want nobody, nobody but you…” The song “Nobody” sang by the Korean artist, Wonder Girls, was so popular in Hong Kong a couple of years ago that we could almost hear it wherever media players are available. I guess this piece of music help Hong Kong people get familiar with the K-Pop and gradually become interested in it.
    However, I don’t really get to know more about K-Pop by the promotion of “Nobody”, but through the discussion about the Korean singers among my classmates. Whenever there are new K-Pop albums are released, many friends of mine who are K-Pop lovers, will usually refuse to have lunch in order to save money for purchasing them. Later, when they’ve got the album, they will be absolutely obsessed with the songs and keep on singing them in every recess. This shows that K-Pop music can sometimes drive people mad, haha!
    In fact, I’m not a great fan of K-Pop. I reckon that the most important feature of a song is the lyrics. I personally think that it is quite meaningless for me to sing along by just memorize the pronounciation of the lyrics without any understanding. Therefore, as I can neither speak nor write Korean, so I rarely listen to K-Pop. Recently, I listened to a song named “Mr. Simple” by Super Junior because of the choosing of songs for participating in a dancing competition. To be honest, I don’t really like the melody but I do appreciate the way the talented artists dance.
    I am forward to the coming up of some more outstanding K-Pop music with beautiful melodies and lyrics!

  52. Blow your mind, K-pop will definitely blow your mind.
    It is no doubt that more and more people is obessed with the Korean pop music. You can see K-pop fans anywhere around the world.The K-pop artists are just getting more and more successful and famous.For example the SM Town in New York,BIGBANG winning the EMA worldwide artist award,Girls’ Generation having fan meeting and interview in the US etc. These just showed that the world is paying more attention on those K-pop artists.So why is there so many people in love with them?What are their attractions?
    For myself,I used to have no interest on K-pop music.I always couldn’t understand why people were so into it.But there was one day,I was wandering around YouTube.Then I clicked into a MV of a K-pop song,and I found myself being attracted by those neat dance steps.I was like wondering how can a group of people dance so uniformly? And this dragged my attention and I started to search in YouTube to see more videos about them.Then I found myself being enthralled.
    I have to say,I really admire all these K-pop artists.Most of them were trainees in their company and trained for dancing,singing and acting for years.Such as Jokwon in 2AM had trained for 8 years and Jessica in Girls’ Generation had trained for 7 years until their debut. They worked so hard on every aspect so that they can be chosen to be a member in a new group.Such determination is really admirable.And therefore, i cannot understand people saying these Korean artists have no strength,they cannot sing,or even saying that all of them had plastic surgery.(maybe some,but definitely not all.)These saying simply showed their ignorant.
    Also,another major factor that makes K-pop a hot issue around the world is the marketing of companies.Like the SM Entertainmet.Although we have to admit that they treated their artists badly,- – they really know how to promote a new group and making them famous,not only in Korea but in Asia.They are willing to put a bunch of money to train,promote,and making them a superstar.This is nothing can be compared in Hong Kong music industry— it is impossible for us to see a Hong Kong music agency investing so many money on training a new artist.
    Talking about antagonistic rivalries between fans of different groups, I simply think that is stupid.=_=
    We call them anti.They oppose a group maybe just because the group is getting too close to their own idol.For example,BEAST’s fans will oppose Goo Hara in KARA just because she is dating Yong Junhyung, the rapper in BEAST.(and i found that this phenomenon happened most in female fans,they just cannot accept their “oppa” dating others.) Or because of the competition between two groups with the similar style or achievement.Like Girls’ Generation and Wonder Girls. Or some antis will even make up a story to attack artists that they dislike. These antis not only created an unpeaceful atmosphere,they also affected their own idols’ image.Other people will then started to scold at the idols because of their fans’ behaviour. As not to hurt your own idols,please do not be a anti!
    Finally,hoping more people in our class could have start to listen to K-pop music.And try to appreciate all these artists’ hard work!
    PS. Happy to see f(x) finally “daebak” with danger and hot summer this year ^^ They really worked so hard and although I am not a huge fan of them,I still feel glad to see their excellent result this year!

  53. Although I am A big fan of Taiwanese music, it is no doubt that K-pop is becoming more and more popular in nowadays. More and more Korean troups and idols are becoming popular in recent year.
    A lot of people around me are addicted to K-pop. Some of them are used to be a fan of occidental idols, such as, Taylor Swift, Britney Spears,etc. Some of them are also used to be a big fan of local singers or band. However, most of them have become a fan of K-pop now. Their idols have been changed into Girls’ Generation, Super Junior, etc. These are some of the hot Korean troups in nowadays.
    At first, I could not understand that why they are attracted by those Korean singers. It seems to be difficult for us to understand the Korean, which is not our mother language. Nevertheless, there is really a magic of K-pop. Therefore, many of us are tempted by it.
    I think the reason why K-pop has become more popular nowdays is because of it catchy and tricky beat. You would like to sing-along and dance while you are listening to K-pops. Furthermore, interest in the fashion and style of the Korean idol groups and singers might also be one of the reason why K-pop are widespreading.
    People could enjoy K-pop through the presence of Facebook fan pages, availability on iTunes, Twitter profiles,and also music videos on YouTube. Therefore, K-pop can reach a previously inaccessible audience through the Internet. By now, 2011, K-Pop had become popular in Japan,the Philippines, Taiwan, Singapore, France, China, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States, etc. It is well-known around the whole world.
    The first time that I listened to K-pop was because of my idol. Although he is a Taiwanese, he has always been dancing and singing Korean songs, which are the newest and latest. i think the melodies of those songs are quite catchy and the beats are strongs so I was forced to search for the songs. I start to listen to K-pop since that. Notwithstanding I start listening to K-pop, I am not really a big fan of it. I will only know about the hottest songs. Mr.Simple, Mr.Taxi, and Bubble Pop are some of me favourites K-pop. The mainly reason that I know them is also because of my Taiwanese idol.
    Still K-pop is really magical.
    By Charisse Yim (31)

  54. Originally,I didn’t listen to K-Pop.But K-Pop become more and more popular.Many K-Pop music programme,such as K-pop and M!Countdown,are also played in Hong Kong.I watched them and I was addicted in K-pop because of their special dancing steps and sharp costumes.And the melody of the songs were attractive!!! I think the K-pop scene is colourful .It also matches with the music very much.The entertainment company,such as SM Entertainment,has spent many efforts on the production of the K-pop music videos and the training of the artists.Although I like many artists,I prefer Super Junior most.It’s because the styles of their songs are wide.The dancing steps and the melody of the songs are impressive and easy to remember.Sorry Sorry and Mr.Simple are good examples.Also the members of Super Junior are professional.Although the dancing steps are quite complicated,they practice hard and do very well.They are not only good at singing,but also have many strengths such as acting and dancing.That’s why Super Junior has many fans around the world.It’s difficult to prevent the antagonistic rivalries between fans of different groups.Each group of fans only want to support their idol,but they should respect the others.The fans should appreciate the strengths of different artists and it will make K-pop become more outstanding.

  55. There is no doubt that I am a big fan of the k-pop music.I have been attracted by it on the last two years. Differ from many teens , the first k-pop music that I got in touch with were not ‘sorry,sorry’ and ‘Nobody’ ,which were performed by Super Junior and Wonder girls respectively.My first k-pop music is ‘I Hope’ that performed by FTIland .I am addicicted with k-pop music since that moment.

    Besides the captivating smiles ,fair skins and good looking of the korean singers can greatly lead to the popuplarity of k-pop, its strong rhythems,unique dancing steps and addictive lyrics are the most important factor leading to k-pop success.

    Also ,the promoting way of the korean groups goes a step further to enhance the popularity of the group. Super Junior is one of the example.Super Junior has developed branches ,such as SJM,SJT,SJKRY and SJ Happy. They added in new sigers in the branches.These new members can attract more fans, it pushes Super Junior to a higher achievement.

    In the view of this result, some of the other groups inJapan and Korea imitate their way of doing. The famous Japanease big group,AKB48 is tne example. Same as SJ, it contains 48 members and they are distributed to different teams.

    To the above reasons ,I conclude that that’s definitely why k-pop and j-rock music can be so hot around the asia and maybe also around the world.

    1. There is no doubt that I am a big fan of the k-pop music. I have been attracted by it in the last two years. Differ from many teens , the first k-pop music that I got in touch with were not ‘sorry, sorry’ and ‘Nobody’ ,which were performed by Super Junior and Wonder girls respectively. My first k-pop music is ‘I Hope’ that performed by FTIland .I am addicted with k-pop music since that moment.
      Besides the captivating smiles, fair skins and good looking of the Korean singers can greatly lead to the popularity of k-pop, its strong rhythms, unique dancing steps and addictive lyrics are the most important factor leading to k-pop success.
      Also , the promoting way of the Korean groups goes a step further to enhance the popularity of the group. Super Junior is one of the examples. Super Junior has developed branches , such as SJM,SJT,SJKRY and SJ Happy. They added in new singers in the branches. These new members can attract more fans, it pushes Super Junior to a higher achievement.
      In the view of this result, some of the other groups in Japan and Korea imitate their way of doing. The famous Japanese big group,AKB48 is the example. Same as SJ, it contains 48 members and they are distributed to different teams.
      To the above reasons , I conclude that that’s definitely why k-pop and j-rock music can be so hot around the Asia and maybe also around the world.

  56. Nowadays, teenagers in Hong Kong are mostly addicted in foreign music, especially for Korean music. As I am also a big fan of K-pop, I think I can explain why this could happen. Firstly, the music in Hong Kong mostly is talking about love but the atmospheres are totally sad and most singers are not well at singing. But the Korean music talks about different aspects and the themes are definite and the songs are lively and catchy also. We will be quickly addicted in these. To suppose that the Korean singers are not well at singing too, however they will be trained for a few years before they become singers, they will be well at dancing. This depends on the Korean Entertainment, particularly for the SM Entertainment. Girls’ Generation and Super Junior are some successful examples. The Korean singers are serious to their jobs and absolutely smile to the cameras although they are tired. They are all professional and left audiences fancy. By the way, the first chance for the people to get in touch with the singers is the MVs on YouTube. Korean music MVs are always containing colorful and attractive melodies, lyrics and dancing steps. This is the reason why they would success also.
    To conclude, K-pop is outstanding and all people would love it I think.

  57. I agree that K-pop is becoming more and more popular in recent years. Just take our class as an example. Last year, not many of us liked Korean idols. Amy Kwok, who liked Girls’ Generation, was one of the few who were already addicted to K-pop at that time. I used to laugh at her every day because of this. However, the situation changed after the summer holiday. Now, many of us are attracted to K-pop and almost all of the topics that we talk about are related to it.
    In the past, I didn’t have any feelings towards K-pop. I found it difficult to understand why people were so in love with Korean music. We could not listen to Korean, nor could we speak Korean, so what was magic of K-pop that had driven people all around the world crazy? I kept on wondering until one day I saw a photo with a good-looking guy on it. I tried hard to remember his name and searched for videos on YouTube. There came up a number of clips that were from a popular variety show in Korea. While I was watching them, I laughed very hard. I began to understand why people were so in love with K-pop.
    My favorite group is Super Junior. Their song, “Sorry Sorry”, was a great success. It brought them fame and popularity. A few months ago, they released their fifth album, “Mr. Simple”. The title song, “Mr. Simple” has a very catchy beat and is rather a sing-along song. You will definitely want to dance when listening to this song. Super Junior’s dance moves are always very enthralling, too. Their dance is always the aim of imitation of people all over the world. They are also very humorous. They tell amusing jokes and act jovially on TV. I enjoy watching their shows.
    I have to admit that wherever there are different groups, antagonistic rivalries between fans will be resulted. This is inevitable. In most cases, these rivalries come from comparison between different groups. I understand that every single fan supports his/her idols, but it doesn’t mean that we have to vilify other people that are not our idols. In fact, we should try to appreciate each and every one of them because I’m quite sure that every one has his/her own style and passion. Even if one really doesn’t like them, there’s no need to calumniate. You can just ignore them and don’t pay any attention to them. If you start slandering them, it will just make you seem uneducated.

  58. In the past, I was a little bit resist to K-pop. I love listening to all kinds of music but I couldn’t accept any K-pop.( I still do not know the reason why till now;p) I was addited to occidental pop and country music when I was a primary student. Besides, I appreciated local singers at the same time. However, one day I watched a K-pop music video in Form two accidentally. The way they dressed and the unification of their dancing steps totally shocked me at that moment. After that, I was really obessed with K-pop music and now I become a big fan of K-pop. I reallly appreciate the making of their music video. The music scene is always very colourful and fantasy. I ‘m sure every girl will love how they decorate the background of the music video.=) My favourite group is Girls’ Generation since I really love their attitude towards their work. They do their best everytime and try not to make their fans dissapointed. By the way, they are really talented as they are good at being hosts and even being actresses. Other than Girls’ Generation, there are many great artists and groups in Korea such as Super Junior, F(x), 4minute etc. K-pop is famous for the groups so you can listen to them first.

    About the antagonistic rivalries between fans of different groups, I think it is not a proper way to express our devotion to our idols. I believe that there are many rivalries between different groups. However, this is an important condition in the entertainment industry as it can be a impetus for the artists to improve themselves. As a fan, we support our beloved idols but not to slander the other artists. The rivalries doesn’t help anything but only creat another problem for our idols so just stop doing these kinds of silly things anymore.

  59. I am a huge fan of K-pop. K-pop always has additive dances and impressive songs,also handsome boys and pretty girls .Those makes me love K-pop. Also, Korean singers needed to have a long-term of training before debut,which makes them more hard working and professional than some of the singers in other countries.
    I like Super Junior the most. It is because i think they sing and dance very well .Also,their attractive appearances are also one of the important factors :P. They are very hard working too. Although they have many shows and practices everyday,they have never shown their tired faces to the audience.
    They are all professional artists.
    Since there are so many groups,conflicts have come up between their fans. Some fans,who are more impetuous,may post some rude comments on the internet or show their resent through destroying the singers’ posters and cds .I think those bad behavior are unacceptable and disrespectful. We should show our respect to everyone. Also,we should be a rational fan.:)

  60. Yes, this is the truth. K-pop is really popular, especially among teenagers. Well, I think most of the teens love the pop songs with airiness tempo and strong transcription and K-pop is just what all of us want. You can always see some teens are willing to wait at the airport to chase after their favorite K-pop stars. That’s why they do so. K-pop stars DESERVE us to love and value them.
    In another words, to be honest, I have a huge crush on K-pop and my forever favorite Korean idol team, is the BEST in the world—BIGBANG! This is the idol team first debuted in 2006 in YG Family 10th Anniversary Concert. Their first debuted song is La La La which is in rap and hip hop style. The team includes 5 male members: G-Dragon, TOP, Tae Yang, Dae Sung and Seung Ri. They are very talented, charismatic and handsome and they almost do not have any weakness! They are strong (practice break dance), well-prepared for their future(always rehearse their show at night to make sure to have the perfectest show) and humorous(joking and making fun every second). I am such a great fans of them and may you please call me VIP(mean fans of BIGBANG).How can I tell you their talents? For an example, I will pick G-Dragon. Actually he is the leader of BIGBANG and can compose songs, beat box, rap, sing well, dance hip hop, remix songs(what the DJs do) and choose the suitable and fashionable clothes for himself. Do you find G-Dragon is freaking hot when he is with his blonde hair? Anyway, I prefer BIGBANG for those who have not known K-pop yet because their songs including the deep-meaning lyrics can hit everybody’s heart and inspire you in a different way.(I experienced it!) One of their hit songs Sunset Glow even is in the music textbooks in Korea! I am so proud of being a VIP!
    2NE1, also in YG Entertainment with BIGBANG, is also a nice Korean idol team. All the female members in the team know how to express their feelings and emotion through music and dance. Their new song I Am The Best is very catchy, as the same with their style.
    Why the K-pop stars are so popular nowadays? Surely, they were all being well-prepared during their childhood. When we are confused about choosing societies, they are already trained for being a star in the future. Sing course, dancing lessons and all the things are full of their childhood. Plus, we can see that mostly the more popular Korean artists, the earlier they were being trained, e.g. G-Dragon was trained since he was 8. You may not be able to imagine it but that is what they faced.
    Usually, K-pop songs are with easy dance steps so that the fans can remember them easily. Girls’ generation is a good example. Their Oh! and Gee are very famous for cute dance moves and well-arranged steps. And all the sones(fans of Girls’ Generation) around the world dance these to express their support. This is also the difference between K-pop and HK-pop.
    K-pop can spread to the whole world easily too. Their catch melody and nice dance moves are the reasons to success. Like BIGBANG, some of their fans are even French and British! This is the legend of pop and I think and hope sincerely it can last forever.
    The antagonistic rivalries between different idol teams are very ‘normal’ to happen in Korea in fact. Koreans are addicted to chase after pop stars so they will care about how the artists behave and they will express their anger and strong feelings to the artists. Girls’ Generation, one of the idol team suffered from many antis because of their bad behaviors. I don’t think they were poor or else and I do think to should take the responsibilities to what they have done (like being impolite to others). Therefore, I agree the antis to anti the idols who do not behave well but they should do it in a peace way.
    To conclude, I hope that everyone can understand K-pop more through reading this. I am not pushing you to love K-pop, but at least you should not say K-pop is rubbish. It is a music style that you will soon be additive to it and want to get more about it. Lastly, please try to value K-pop and Korean artists. They deserve to be famous because they really paid effort on their quality of show.

  61. I like both J-Pop and K-Pop.I think they are both very succesful and popular among all ages. The preparation before they started their career was done well and each group have their own style.
    I like G.na and F(x) from Korea. G.na’s voice is quite surprising and sweet.G.na’s song’I will get lost, you go your way’ is great! I like F(x)’s style and their songs. Their dance moves are like ”WOW!” and their songs are very catchy.
    SCANDAL is my favourite band and YUI is one of my favourite singers.SCANDAL is special in their own way and the members are very nice and friendly.Their songs and team work are amazing. They write some of their songs and I think they are brilliant in writing lyrics and the melody.Their songs are often used as movies or anime’s theme song.

  62. I like FTIsland and Super Junior. FTIsland has their unique voice and great songs.Super Junior’s songs and dances are addictive! I also prefer f(x).Their style is cool and playful. Their songs are always easy to remember and ‘wash-brain’!
    I think the Korean Entertainment Company(such as SM Entertainment) trains the artists well. This is a reason of that why does K-pop become successful. Some of the artists have been trainers for two to three years before they start their career. Some of the companies have their specific casting system to choose trainers to ensure the quality of each singer.
    Moreover, the clothing;styling;matching;dance of every song have also well considered.

    1. I am not a fan of K-Pop, but yes indeed K-Pop is now very popular. Especially among teenagers. We can see many K-Pop stars’ advertisement in front of many shops. One day, we were going back to school on the school bus after our choral speaking competition. Many classmates were happy and relaxed and they started singing Korean songs. Although I don’t know the song but I have heard many friends sing it before. However, I don’t know why it is so hot. I tried to search in the internet of the mv of those songs. I was shocked by those amazing dance and costumes the K-pop stars wore. Their dance were tidy and the music of the song is enegetic and lively. I also found out that before the K-pop stars carrer, they have to do a lot of training. They have to train in the company for eight hours every day. Also, they have less time to go home. Even in some special holiday, like Christmas and New Year. After watching these information of K-pop, I really appreciate the K-pop stars for their effort .The great performance on stage needs a lot of practice and hard work. I leant that if we want to do something well, we have to pay a lot of time, effort to finish it. I will learn from their determination attitude.

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