Harry Potter and I

A lot of students have grown up with Harry Potter, reading the books and watching the films. Now, with the release of the final film, the adventure is finally over. What influences have the films and novels had on your life as you have been growing up? How do you feel now that the series is over? What books or films do you think might become the new Harry Potter?


  1. I like the Harry Potter series a lot since I was in primary school. The author, J. K. Rowling is really very creative that she can bring me to the magical world which I have never imagined about it. I really grow with the Harry Potter series as I am a big fan of it and lots of people around me are also big fans of it. Also, apart from great imagination, J. K. Rowling also has a very clear mind that she can link everything in the novels closely and make the series extremely exciting and interesting. It helps improve my writing skills as I can learn from her style and vocabulary. I particularly appreciate the fifth novel, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, most because all the characters of the characters are described in detail but vividly. For example, Dolores Jane Umbridge’s loathness is presented perfectly but describing her dreadful appearance and harsh speech. I think this series is end with no regrets with a fabulous ending though I really hope this series could be continued forever. I will miss this series very much.

  2. I started watching Harry Potter movies in Primary 2. I think Harry Potter is very exciting and meaningful. It teaches me a lot of things, like the important of courage and friendship and also the power of love. In the story, Lily Potter saved her son Harry Potter with her life because of love. Also, Narcissa Malfoy betrayed Lord Voldermort because of love too. Therefore, I think the whole story is about love. I like Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azakaban the best because I am happy to see that Harry can find his godfather –Sirius Black. My favourtie character is Severus Snape beacause I think he is brave and smart. He is a spy of Dumboldore, but Voldermort thinks that Snape is his people. Snape is also a deep feeling person. He is sad after Lily’s death so he promised Dumboldore to look after Harry. Therefore I like him so much. At last, I will miss Harry Potter series.

    1. I started watching Harry Potter movies in Primary4. I think Harry Potter is adventure and meaningful. It teaches me a lot of things, like the friendship and also the power of love.This movie is talking about the life of a young wizard, Harry Potter, and his friends Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley.

      The main story arc concerns Harry’s struggle against Lord Voldemort, a dark wizard who intends to become immortal, overthrow the wizard governing body known as the Ministry of Magic, and subjugate all wizards and Muggles, a reference term that means non magical people.

      According to Rowling, a major theme in the series is death: “My books are largely about death. They open with the death of Harry’s parents. There is Voldemort’s obsession with conquering death and his quest for immortality at any price, the goal of anyone with magic.I so understand why Voldemort wants to conquer death. We’re all frightened of it.”Everyone fears about death,but we can’t live meaninglessly.We should precious that what we have and the beautiful life we can enjoy.Compare with other people who lives in poor and unclean places like slums and garbage dump,our life is much more better!Just like Harry Potter,his family saved him with their life but they still think that it is worthy.

      For this reason,Harry never give up when he faced difficuties.He will share his feelings to Hermione and Ron and fix the problem together.They always help one another without thinking of the benefits because they are best friends and they won’t let any one of them to leave them.

      Harry Potter has experienced so much incidents and adventures,he also need to fight against the Voldemort .It is very hard and tired for him buut he has never complain about it.l really like the series of Harry Potter,lhighly recommend this film to you and hope that you have a chance to watch this film!

  3. I started watching Harry Potter movies in Primary 4. I think Harry Potter is a exciting and wonderful . It talked about Harry and his friend adventures.When I watched Harry Potter film I could know more English vocabulary. It is very useful and practical for improving my English writing skills.

  4. When I was at primary school, I started to watch the Harry Potter series. Each episode has different topics and all of them have exciting and unexpected climaxes. Recently, I have read a book related to Harry potter, that’s—The Tales of Beedle the Bard. This book is one of the books that appeared in the Harry Potter movies. It is regard as the tales of young wizards. The book consists of five different tales. The first one ‘The Wizard and Hopping Pot’ impresses me the most. It talks about a generous old wizard and his magic Hopping Pot. The old wizard always helps his neighbors with the magic power of the pot. After he died, he left the pot and nothing to his son. His son is discontented because he only wants for money. He is unwilling to help his neighbors and rejects all their requests. However, the magic pot makes noises when the son rejects to help others. The noises grow louder every time when the son refuses to help. One day, the son cannot tolerate the noises anymore. Therefore, he goes out with the magic pot and starts to help his neighbors. Gradually, the noises become smaller and disappear. After that, the son lives happily with the Hopping Pot and all his neighbors.
    This story is quite interesting and I think it would be suitable for children to read.

  5. I started to watch Harry Potter’s movies when I was a primary 5 student. It’s a bit late when compared with my friends, but it didn’t affected my enthusiasm in Harry Potter. I was weak in English at that time, I am not able to read the book series of Harry Potter. But then, after I have watched a number of Harry Potter’s movies, my English improved quite a lot.
    My favourite movie of Harry Potter is Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. It may not be he best movie of Harry Potter but I love it so much. Why? It’s because it is the first Harry Potter’s movie that i watched. It impressed me much. I can’t forget it anyway.
    I always imagine that I’m also a student of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I wanna be in Gryffindor and meet Harry, Ron and Hermione. I wanna tell Malfoy and his stupid friends that Harry Potter is the best wizard in the world. I wanna stand next to Hagrid and see how tall he is. I wanna go to the girl’s lavatory on the second floor and listen to the story of Moaning Myrtle. I also want to meet Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore and his immortal phoenix. I wanna get some phoenix’s tears, which have great healing power. Whenever I get hurt, I can use them instead of waiting they recover themselves……
    Now, the series is over. The adventure is over, too. I am very sad and disappointed. But I know, Harry Potter will never die. He will live in our hearts ever and forever. And Harry Potter’s movies will never be forgotten.
    Maybe someday, a movie series will be better than Harry Potter. But, the happiness and influences that Harry Potter’s movies brought us will never change. It will always be my favourite movie series.
    By Kiko Law 2D (8)

    1. paragraph 2: It may not be he best movie of Harry Potter but I love it so much. –>It may not be THE best movie of Harry Potter but I love it so much.

  6. When i was in primary school, I had heard about Harry Potter series.But the books were too thick for a children so the first time I read it is in primary 4.The Harry potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was the first book i read.It interested me when i just read the first chapter.It is so amazing. I couldn’t stop reading this book until I finished the whole book.It had a lot influence on me.It let me started to think of is there really any magic world in this world?It also attracted me to write my own story.When the i knew the series came to an end, i was quite sad because i couldn’t wait the new book to be sold.It was a successful and exciting series.Where could i find similar books after?

    Now,i think the series that can as famous as Harry Potter haven’t appeared but maybe it will be publish very soon.I hope this world can have more and more good books like Harry Potter series.

    By 2D(7) YH

  7. The first time I read Harry Potter was about 3 years ago, when I was primary 6. Harry Potter made a great influence on me. The magical world in the story really attract me. I always imagine that I was Harry Potter and I was travelling around the magical world. I was addicted into the book. I have learnt many things, such as friendship and love, from the book. When the series came to the end, I felt a bit sad.
    I think that Harry Potter must be the most successful series in the world. The series change Rowling’s life, and also me, as a reader’s life. Harry Potter let me learn a lot of things. Its magical world was the most wonderful in my heart.
    Now the series came to the end. I hope Rowling can write more stories that are as good as Harry Potter.

  8. Harry Potter is a successful series , which really amaze many childrens and adults, leading them into fantasies.Influencing the following fantasiy novels, it leads a fashion become a well-known name in families.
    Harry Potter really have a great influence on me. My imagination grew while I was reading.It’s really a pity that the series end.You’ll feel like something has been lost in your deep heart.You ‘ll lost your passions to strive for imaginations.
    Harry Potter remains a high position in the history.Maybe there will be books which can be as famous as Harry Potter.But for now, I must admit that the right choice is not yet here.

  9. The series of Harry Potter is very popular and most of the people like to read the books and watch the movies of Harry Potter.
    I remembered that when I was small, I felt very frightened while I was watching the films of Harry Potter. It was because the plot was entirely unexpected and mysterious. However, I enjoyed to watch the films gradually and I recommended the series of Harry Potter to my friends too.
    The films influenced  me a lot. It encouraged me to create my own imaginative story. Also, it taught me to be kind and considerate towards my friends. 
    Finally, I would like to share the theme song of Harry Potter to all of you. Hope that you will like it.

  10. I read Harry Potter’s film when i am primary.I was interested by the series of Harry Potter that time.I love to imagine things and Harry Potter matches me.It is talked about things happened in the magic world.But we know actually there is not magic in the real world.Harry Potter is just a imagination that come out from the writer’s(J.K.Rowling)mind.And i think she is really brilliant since she wrote such a great series of books.
    When I first read it,i was already attracted by the magic in the book.The plot is realistic and it made me feel like there’s really a magic in our world.
    The main characters in the series of books are Ron,Harry and Hermione.Their relationship is very good and they treat each others well.Sometimes they makes me feel a lot with my friends.
    And it came to the end of the series,I am not willing it go to the end.It is a great series and i will remember Harry Potter forever.

  11. 2D 03
    I like Harry Potter very much. I really love the magical world made by Rowling.I want to be a writer like her.This book series gives me hope and dream. I will read the books or watch the films when I feel upset (just like someone will go to the sea when they feel down) .

    I feel sad when the whole series is finished. I think I have missed so much. I missed the film Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince last summer,Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 last Christmas. I am looking forward to the open of Pottermore and the next book that J.K. Rowling publish. They may finish my magical dream.

  12. I am a really huge fan of the Harry Potter,exept for the first movie,the others i have been watching the movies in cinemas.I was actually influenced by my family because they bought all books of the series.I will be really miss them after all i had been through with it.

    I think J.K Rowling is a very brilliant person,even though she was having a tough life before she published her first book,she can still write this whole series with all of her creativity.

    Every plot has its climax and meaningless,none of them are useless,the movies wouldn’t be a whole if it lost any one of the plots,characters.

    I think while J.K Rowling was writing the story,she put part of her ideal life into the story to make it more realistic so that we can put ourselves into the story.

  13. I think the Harry Potter series are brilliant.The eight movies are exciting and each of them has an amazing plot. I can have a lot of imaginations through watching the movies and reading the books.I almost believe that there is another world which is full of witches and wizards. I think the monsters mentioned in the story are interesting and creative.I wish I can learn magic too.Therefore, I can do what I want to do.
    I hope the series could continue because we all miss Harry,Hermione and Ron very much!

  14. I think it’s very fantastic. Harry Potter has grown with us. It’s very rare of a series of movie can be acted by a exactly group of people. I like the apearance of young Harry more than after he grown up. The writer has rich imagination. She can think of different kind of incident that Harry can experience and can help the story continues. Lord Voldemort is the link of the hole story. Lord Voldemort killed Harry’s parent.Then, Lord Voldemort kept finding ways to reborn.Finally, he reborned and fought with Harry. It’s very exciting and absorbing. It’s a little pitty that the story end like that.

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